Udaipur jamaat contstitution

Constitution of Dawoodi Bohra Jamaat, Udaipur

  1. Name of the Jamaat shall be 'The Dawoodi Bohra Jamaat'.
  2. The Office of the Dawoodi Bohra Jamaat shall be situated in Udaipur.
  3. In the constitution the word 'Jamaat' wherever used shall mean the Managing Committee of the Dawoodi Bohra Jamaat to be elected as per article contained in the constitution.
  4. The aims and objectives for which the Jamaat is established are incorporated in the constitution of the Central Board of the Dawoodi Bohra Community, Bombay which are as under:
    1. To provide democratic and socio-economic set-up in the community.
    2. To disseminate and promote the growth of the rich heritage of the Dawat-e-Fatimi.
    3. To undertake activities conducive to the welfare of the community and its harmonious growth.
    4. To undertake activities with a view to promote better understanding, harmonious living and integration among various sections of the highly stratified Indian Society.
    5. To safeguard personal liberties of the members and provide facilities to enable them to enjoy all the rights and privileges guaranteed by the constitution and law of the land.
  5. Apart from this the Jamaat shall manage the properties of the Dawoodi Bohra Community in Udaipur.
    1. Properties as under:
      • Educational Institutes
      • Dispensaries and Maternity Homes
      • Mosques
      • Jamaat Khanas
      • Graveyards
      • Saifee Bagh
      • Dawood Bagh
      • Khanjipeer Saheb Bari
      • and properties of the Jamaat located at Udaipur and elsewhere belonging to the Dawoodi Bohra Jamaat Udaipur.
    2. Incur expenses for management of the properties as above and for the growth of rich heritage of Dawat-e-Fatimi at Udaipur and for welfare activities of the community.
    3. Collect Sabil funds as per old practice prevalent in the community from the members of the Dawoodi Bohra community and dues on marriages and other functions such as aqiqa, deaths and other fees which may be considered leviable in future by the Jamaat.
    4. To maintain an account of income, expenditure and to prepare balance sheet yearly.
    5. The money for funds of Jamaat would be kept in a scheduled Bank to be operated on the signatures of two persons.
  6. Membership - All Dawoodi Bohras who take part in religous-cultural activities would be by virtue of their being Dawoodi Bohra be a member of the Dawoodi Bohra Community. A child born in the community shall be Dawoodi Bohra and shall continue to be Dawoodi Bohra until such time as he renounces the faith by expressing declaration to that effect. By virtue of the child born being Dawoodi Bohra he/she would be a member of the Jamaat.
  7. Member's Rights - Every member shall have a right to enjoy free access to all the premises of the community at Udaipur and elsewhere, to be present at all the functions of Jamaat and also be entitled to draw benefits from the welfare activities of the Jamaat.
  8. Election - The Jamaat shall consist of 21 elected members having attained 21 years of age to be elected by all members of the community who have attained 18 years of age. The members so elected would co-opt 11 members from Dawoodi Bohra Community in Udaipur. The members and co-opted members shall also prepare a list of 9 special invitees who would participate in the deliberations of the Jamaat; but would not be entitled to vote.
  9. The term of the elected members of the Jamaat would be for a period of three years from the date of being elected.
  10. The authority of the Jamaat shall, in all cases and matters be supreme and binding on the executive committee or any sub-committee.
    1. Executive Committee of the Jamaat - The executive of the Jamaat would consist of:
      • Chairman - one
      • Vice Chairman - two
      • Secretary - one
      • Joint Secretaries - two
      • Treasurer - one
      • Accountant - one
      • Members - three
    2. All these would be elected from amongst the members of the Jamaat by the elected members and co-opted members and hold offices for a period of three years with effect from the date of election of the members of the Jamaat and they would not be entitled to any remuneration for the jobs performed and would render honorary service. Quorum of General House shall be 9.
    3. Quorum of the Executive Committee of the Jamaat - The Quorum for the meetings of the Jamaat shall be 4.
    4. Functions of the Chairman - The Chairman shall preside over all the meetings of the Jamaat and the Executive Committee and shall have general supervision of the wording of the Jamaat and shall do everything which in his opinion, may attempt to maintain and promote the interest, prestige, property and the welfare of the members of the Dawoodi Bohra Community in consultation with the Executive Committee.
    5. Vice-Chairman - The vice chairman, in the absence of the chairman, shall have the powers and perform the duties of the chairman.
    6. Secretary - The secretary shall maintain all the records of the Jamaat and shall convene meetings of the Executive Committee or the general meetings of the members of the Dawoodi Bohra Community and shall maintain the minutes of these meetings. The secretary shall also perform such other duties as assigned by the executive committee from time to time.
    7. The Joint Secretaries shall assist the Secretary in performing all the duties and will discharge the duties of Secretary in his absence.
  11. The Executive Committee shall have powers regarding the management of affairs, business, funds and properties of the Jamaat, powers to frame rules, regulations and by-laws for day-to-day functions with a view to promote the objectives of Jamaat, but would not introduce adhoc rules without reference to General Committee.
    1. The Executive Committee shall have the powers to appoint, remove, suspend clerks, agents, servants in order to carry out the functions. They will have powers to fix salary, wages, commission, emoluments, etc.., in instances which arise and which they think fit.
    2. The Executive Committee shall have powers to purchase articles and things from time to time which may be required by the Jamaat and make payments for the same, to purchase any property rights and privileges which may be conducive to the welfare of the Dawoodi Bohra Community, Udaipur.
    3. The Executive committee shall realize rent for properties rented out by the Jamaat and see that the properties are well looked after.
    4. The Executive committee will have powers to invest and deal with the money of the Jamaat not immediately required for activities in connection with the welfare of the community.
    5. The Executives will have powers to borrow or raise or collect through donations money for the welfare of the members of the community.
    6. The Executive Committee will be authorized to appoint Sub-committee for carrying on day to day functions and to look after the various institutions viz. Mosques, Musafir Khanas, Durgahs, Schools, Dispensaries, Bagh- bari, shops etc.
    7. The Executive Committee shall keep regular books of accounts, supported where possible with vouchers and receipts. An annual balance sheet showing assets and liabilities of the Jamaat shall be drawn and shall be audited by the auditors at the previous General meeting.
  12. General Meeting - There will be a general meeting of all the members of the Dawoodi Bohra community in Udaipur once a year. Every member of the Dawoodi Bohra community who has attained the age of18 shall be entitled to attend it. At every general meeting of the community there shall be laid on the table the annual report of the Executive Committee and audited statement of accounts alongwith auditor's report. The annual budget prepared by Executive Committee will be laid before Jamaat for approval.
  13. Extra Ordinary General Meeting - The extra ordinary general meeting of the members of community can be requisitioned either by the Executive committee or 150 members of the Dawoodi Bohra Community with one month's notice at such time and place as may be determined by the Executive committee.
  14. Quorum for General meeting - 200 members of the community present in person shall be a quorum for a general meeting. Failing to have a quorum, the general meeting shall adjourn and shall be held at the same place as notified on the next date. The adjourned meeting may transact the business for which the meeting is called for.
  15. In case of any vacancy created by demise, resignation or otherwise from amongst the members of the Jamaat, executive to sub-committees, the vacancy so caused would be filled up by election, franchise to be exercised by the rest of the members of Jamaat.
  16. In case the chairman resigns he will tender his resignation to the vice-chairman. In case of other members of executive resigning, the resignations would be tendered to the chairman. He will put it before the Jamaat for acceptance.
  17. Vote of no-confidence against the President, Vice President, Secretary, Joint Secretary and office bearers could be brought by a requisition of at least 21 members of the Dawoodi Bohra Community. The vote would be treated as carried if the two third majority of the Jamaat give their approval.
  18. The Executive committee shall meet at least once in every month and General Committee at least 3 times a year.
  19. Amendments of Rules: No rules of the Jamaat shall be amended nor any previous resolutions suspended or rescinded or modified except in any extra ordinary General meeting and is passed by 3/4 majority of the members present.