If you are in Dawoodi Bohra fold, DAI is must.

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If you are in Dawoodi Bohra fold, DAI is must.


Unread post by fustrate_Bohra » Wed Oct 29, 2014 3:09 am


After reading many articles from this forum one thing is confirmed that as per our Dawoodi faith, you have to obey dai and walk the path where our dai directs. In short you are NOT dawoodi bohra without dai infact our religion name itself derive from DAI name SYEDNA DAWOOD.

My question to all the forum members(who are open minded and want reform) how can we remain in this fold without accepting DAI? I know very well from the bottom of my heart that our dais are corrupt and preaches us unislamic thing (thanks to this forum who enlighten us by giving references to authentic book) but than what can we do? Let us assume following scenario

1) Our dai realizes his mistake and improve himself, so no issue.
2) Our dai will never improve himself and keep on oppressing us and on the other side he keeps on winning all political battle.
3) Downfall of our dai

Out of the above 3 scenarios 1st one is not possible with this dai. In 2nd scenario which is more likely to happen what can we do? On one side neither we can call ourself dawoodi bohra whole heartedly (due to non acceptance of dai) nor we can accept him as dai and lastly even if the downfall of dai happen than again we are without dai.

In both 2nd n 3rd scenario we(who wants reform) will surely loose our religion a religion which we love to be in because of the preachings of all earlier truthful dais.

Having said this it doesnt mean i dont want reform or i will stop contributing no matter how small it may be. This was just a thought and i think many of them may be having this feeling.


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Re: If you are in Dawoodi Bohra fold, DAI is must.


Unread post by haqniwaat » Wed Oct 29, 2014 9:25 am

You are with the wrong "Dai", that's why you feel this way. If you knew Syedna Qutbuddin personally, you would know the difference.

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Re: If you are in Dawoodi Bohra fold, DAI is must.


Unread post by think » Wed Oct 29, 2014 12:17 pm

dawoodi bohras do ot need dai what they need is an honest religious leadership from all the amils and mullahs and down the line.
here in surat bohris are boasting that there are 2.5 lac people from all over. the hotels in surast have a capacity of 4000 rooms and are all fully booked. surat is making a lot of money.bussiness is booming , bohris flock to different restaurants for food. such is the mela and variety program during the 10 days of ashura . one may ask who is minting the money. ofcourse it is the modi gang in partnership with the bohri kaka ji's and this was the whole reason why modi saw m.s. and why m.s. is entertaining modi reps in plain clothes. It is all about you scratch my back and I scratch yours.
right or wrong kakaji's will never give up praising m.s. as long is their bussiness flourishes and muffy plays the cards right. they do not mind givong him ziafats and najwas because it is pennies compared to what they make cheating the ordinary bohras and their quick money schemes.

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Re: If you are in Dawoodi Bohra fold, DAI is must.


Unread post by Rebel » Wed Oct 29, 2014 9:21 pm

The concepts of Imam and Dai are part of Fatemi doctrines, perhaps 100 years ago our Dai may have been spiritual individuals with care for humanity but 51st, 52nd, 53rd turned out to be Satans.