Bohra dispute over Dai resolved

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Bohra dispute over Dai resolved


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Bohra dispute over Dai resolved

According to the sources close to Mufaddal Saifuddin it has been learned that the more than a year-long dispute over 53rd Dawoodi Bohra Dai has been resolved. Sheikh Saleh Mohammed from Badri Mahal, the Bohra administrative headquarters in Mumbai said that Mufaddal Saifuddin has conceded the Daiship to Khuzema Qutbuddin. The latter had filed a case in Bombay High Court challenging Muffaddal Saifuddin’s claim to the seat of Dawat.

The details of the neogtiations have not emerged but Saleh Mohammed said representatives of two parties met in Cairo last week when Mufaddal Saifuddin was visiting the city. Saleh Mohammed believes that his Maula Mufaddal has finally decided to take the high moral ground and let his uncle – who is his respected elder and was the Mazoon of the 52nd Dai for fifty years – be the successor to his father. In the interest of the unity of the community, my Maula has given up his rightful claim, he said.

When asked how the ownership of the community properties and collection of money from the followers will be handled, Saleh Mohammed did not have any clear information, but he said he had heard from insiders that Mufaddal Maula and his brothers will still be in charge. A Bohra shopkeeper Murtaza Chittalwala in Bhendi Bazaar when told about this news expressed surprise. He said it is good for the community that it will remain united, but felt pity for Khuzema Qutbuddin. He said he will just be a figure head. The power will still reside in the hands of Mufaddal and his brothers. He said he was happy that the roti-making madness will not come to an end.

- MumbaiMonitor

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Re: Bohra dispute over Dai resolved


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Re: Bohra dispute over Dai resolved


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