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Muffy got Reward from Modi

Posted: Mon Apr 13, 2015 9:41 am
by Hussain_KSA
News was there that Muffy has been appointed Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University. This was expected as lot of money was given to Narendra Modi and BJP from the fund collected through, Najwa, Fakhir salam, Ziyaafats, Sila Fitra etc. Modi wanted to reward his pets for their supports during and after election like, Muffy, Zafar sareshwala and few others. Muffy got chancellorship of Aligrah Muslim University and Zafar Sareshwala got chancellorship of Maulana Azad National University.
However, common Muslims knows real faces of these black sheeps and a public movement started upon their selection and appointment. I am quoting one of those emails in this regard.
Dear Sir,
Let us re consider sincerely and objectively the merits of appointing chancellor of this prestigious and historical university – Muslim Aligarh University.
1. Currently Mufaddal Saifuddin is religious head of Dawoodi Bohra Community, and his position as Head (Also Called “Dai”) of the community is under challenge in Mumbai High court by his Uncle Khuzema Qutbuddin.
2. The Dai is absolute ruler and he rules the community with iron fist. No dissent or questions allowed and if anyone dared, then he is excommunicated and family harassed- in violation of Indian constitution and Supreme Court rulings.
3. The Dai makes atrocious claims, e.g. always tell the community followers that only his father late Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin can guarantee entry in to Jannat. Without full loyalty and obedience to the Dai, Jannat is forbidden to any bohra or for that matter any person not giving full and total obedience to the Dai and his farmans.
4. How can one become a chancellor of this historical and reputed learning centre founded by great Muslim statesmen and visionaries if the chancellor in his private Majalis and sermons curses the 3 rightly Guided Khalifas. He and his other priests including the newly appointed chancellor refer to them as , Awwal, Thani and Thalith- referring to these noble companions of the prophet(SAWS).
5. There is huge money laundering and extortions and all sorts of money extorting schemes. Titles of Shaikh or Mulla are sold; huge monies asked if you want to invite him and his party- known as Ziyaafat.
a. No accounts are kept for these collections done in the name of religion.
b. Such monies are also spent on personal luxuries and life styles.
c. He goes to Africa for Wild Life Hunting – in violation of Islamic principles which prohibit killing of animals for fun.
d. There is wholesale violation of many countries foreign exchange regulations and all these country’s tax evasions and other crimes – all these being justified in name of Islam.
6. Always belittles other Muslim beliefs=both sunnis and shias alike, very frequently you hear him and his priests making fun of other Muslims beliefs.
7. He and his previous 2 Dais call themselves “Haqiqi Ka’ba” and who possess angels who will go to any Bohra’s help if he or she did tasbeeh for them.
8. Always curses banking institutions and many Bohras working in good positions in banks were pressured into leaving the banks or face excommunication. Ask the Dai and his clergies whether they call working in Banks haram, and if the answer is yes, All such accounts should be closed and no banking facility be extended to them.
9. The Dai and his clergies have created so much fear and havoc in the name of religion and in the processed amassed crores of rupees wealth – all unaccounted and undeclared. It is a brutal state within secular India. Yet nobody raises any criticism because even journalists are bribed into silence.
Its reported that a campaign will be started on social media to register protest upon appointment of Mufaddal Saifudin on the Chancellorship. Number of emails already started circulated to Higher Authorities of Aligarh Muslim University and government.

Re: Muffy got Reward from Modi

Posted: Mon Apr 13, 2015 9:58 am
by humanbeing
it would be fun to see muffy maula giving a lecture or a speech to AMU students ... can he ? even with all writing and back end support ...

Re: Muffy got Reward from Modi

Posted: Mon Apr 13, 2015 3:07 pm
by Hussain_KSA
He would open a roti making department in AMU

Re: Muffy got Reward from Modi

Posted: Mon Apr 13, 2015 7:30 pm
by ghulam muhammed
humanbeing wrote:it would be fun to see muffy maula giving a lecture or a speech to AMU students ... can he ?
After listening to his fairytales of his dead brother Huzefa talking with him from the grave and the conversation of Imam Hussain's Ghoda followed by rotis served from the 'Shifa no aato', the students will pull their hair in despair !!

Re: Muffy got Reward from Modi

Posted: Fri Apr 17, 2015 5:09 pm
by ghulam muhammed
The below quoted article shows the manner in which unscrupulous elements are given decorative positions provided they do chamchagiri of Narendra Modi, just like the Bohra Dai :-

Zafar Sareshwala & Jamia Urdu: Dying for acceptance

But Aligarh has its share of Ibnul Waqts, time-servers. They are shameless opportunists ready to worship any rising Sun. You never know to what levels they can stoop. They will always surprise you.

ZAFAR SARESHWALA has been trying to sneak into Jamia Millia Islamia in New Delhi and Aligarh Muslim University in Aligarh. Without a students' union for a long time, Jamia Millia Islamia seldom sees any Student-Administration conflict emerging as a big protest or strike. So, for Sareshwala and his admirers, Jamia Millia Islamia was a cake-walk.

But students of AMU are different. They were able to cancel his proposed lecture in their university. A few days back students stopped and searched each car entering the campus as BJP’s controversial Bijnor MP Kunwar Bhartendra Singh, an accused in the 2013 Muzaffarnagar riots, was supposed to participate in the AMU court meeting as a member. Earlier this year, the BJP chose such a controversial person to nominate him from the Parliament quota as a members of the AMU Court.

But Aligarh has its share of Ibnul Waqts, time-servers. They are shameless opportunists ready to worship any rising Sun. You never know to what levels they can stoop. They will always surprise you.

Jamia Urdu, a private society in Aligarh, is neither associated with Jamia Millia Islamia as the name might suggest, nor is part of Aligarh Muslim University. It is infamous for the way it is run like a family fiefdom ever since a clerk, late Anwar Saeed, managed to become its “registrar’ some two decades ago. He slowly took over the institution and hired local goons to protect him. These goons later took over the institution and one of them is now its “Officer On Special Duty” (OSD) who was once externed by the local administration from the limits of Aligarh. This OSD appointed his wife in 2005 as “registrar” and the duo now run the institution as private property, without any chancellor, vice chancellor or pro-vice chancellor as used to be the case earlier. They have hired some local faces for public relations and to gain acceptability. Once respected, the institution’s diplomas have now lost their sheen and have even been derecognized by some institutions and states due to rampant corruption in award of diplomas and appointment/sale of examination centres which are infamous for rampant copying by students during exams, surrogate writing of exam papers and self-assessment by centres as a result of which illiterates now hold Jamia Urdu certificates.

A “Jamia Urdu Bazyabi Committee” committee, headed by Saiyid Hamid, was formed in 2001 to salvage the institution but it failed to bring about any change.

To cover up their sins, Jamia Urdu usurpers keep on aligning with the ruling powers. This includes hosting fabulous parties, holding conferences and offering honorary doctorate degrees which have no value since this private institution is not authorized to issue them. Their welcome to Zafar Sareshwala is part of this strategy to keep on the right side, especially in view of his alleged proximity to the Prime Minister which is much publicized by his hangers-on.

According to a Times of India report, Sareshwala will be conferred an “honorary doctorate” on 17 April by this private society which in its current state is nothing but a questionable institute mired by litigation and enquiries about misuse of funds. But birds of a feather fly together, as they say. Modi’s Muslim face from Gujarat is an investment crook whose company, Parsoli Investments which was delisted by Bombay Stock Exchange in 2010. Once a sharp critic of Modi, he later joined the winning bandwagon and became a great apologist for the Hindutva icon. He was lately made MANUU Chancellor, a ceremonial post which bestows respectability on him. He is ever on the move from institutions to TV channels to defend his master.

It is time U.P. and Union governments took note of the state of affairs at the Jamia Urdu. A national asset has been reduced to a private fief by an OSD and his wife. ... acceptance