Achievement of Bohras in last 50 years

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Achievement of Bohras in last 50 years


Unread post by Hussain_KSA » Mon May 04, 2015 9:12 am

I received it via email by somebody. I don't know the author but whoever has written is hit the nail.

What have been the achievements of Bohras in the last 50 years? Here's a list:

1. Wow, what a transformatio n. A docile community has metamorphosed into a chest beating behemoth intent on taking Jannat by storm. They want to announce to the world that they too have arrived and are as zealous in guarding their religious turf as any of the 'beesra loko'. They too have a rich Moula much more well off than the run of the mill dime a dozen Babaji. They too can be as loud as the other community and will give them a run for their money when it comes to creating a ferociously nonsensical hullabaloo. Hero worship has reached new levels.

2. An unyielding, invisible religious wedge has been driven between those who want to think rationally and those who don't. Families, friendships, partnerships & relationships have been broken. Common logic has been sacrificed at the altar of religious fanaticism - a logic that does not allow its proponents to recognise their own flesh & blood when push comes to shove. Moula and his every word and wish are gospel of the highest order and no frivolous thought or idea can survive this unrelenting onslaught of mental slavery. Those who don't subscribe to this like the PDBs are of no consequence any more. They are a minuscule minority anyway.

3. Masjids have additional duties now. They double up as theatres where soft core syrupy kitsch is shown with the single minded and only idea that Moula is the greatest human being alive. That he is the master puppeteer from whose hands dangle the ropes connecting him to his puppets and they dance to his tunes. Every leaf, worm, bacteria, germ, fish and human are alive because of him and will not survive without him phooking them. Masjids have now become collection centres too. After every namaaz & religious function, neatly dressed and labeled collection agents do their thing. Since their namaaz and prayers do not guarantee them a safe passage, Bohras fall on each other to pay their way into a glorious future that awaits them post death. To further help them with a safe passage, now, they can worship and kiss stones embedded in their walls. Masjids now are a far cry from what they were intended for.

4. Every nouveau riche Bohra's dream is to be feted with an exciting title and to be seated next to his Moula. The title comes at a hefty price. But, what the hell? After all what use is his wealth if he cannot shower his Moula with it or purchase a seat in the front namaaz row. Most of them though realise much later that the title is like Diabetes - once you get it you are stuck with it and has to keep shovelling out more money if he does not want a Barakati kick in his ass for not toeing the line. But that's how it is in the Bohra world - what goes up never comes down.

5. Right from their basic education at Jamia, the idea that Moula is the know all and be all of everything is deeply ingrained in the minds of aspiring students. Like clay, their minds are moulded in preset notions. When they grow up into full fledged Aamils, they naturally speak like, behave like and obey Moula. In fact their transformation into Mini Moulas is complete. As they venture out on Amaalats where years of subjugated Bohras are ready to embrace them in warm financial hugs, all they have to do is continue the traditional forms of governance. The Vasuli routine is so well set that they hardly have to raise a finger. And to help them in this, their wives, the Bhensaabs, are ready with their Queen Bee act.

6. The Japanese have been asked to develop a Robot which will continuously beat its chest 24/7. And one Robot will be placed in front of each Masjid. Seems far fetched? But that's exactly what we have become - robots. Everywhere, every time we are doing it. Earlier Maatam was only in the month of Muharrum. Now it seems we want to show our sorrow at the drop of a hat. By over doing, we have trivialised it. The heart and soul with which we used to perform this ritual is simply not there. On the impressionable minds of the children this registers as a sacred protocol done to purify a ceremony, which it never was intended for. The very purpose of Maatam has been unrecognisably twisted and misused. It's purpose has been cleverly recognised as a tool to engage the Bohra mind in a sorrowful event leaving them unprotected and vulnerable.

7. Kothar has metamorphosed into a multi billion dollar corporate entity. It's various departments and functions are administered very much like a MNC. With prime properties in the heart of Mumbai and commandeering vast unlimited funds & political patronage it's run with ruthless precision. The whole institution works on popularity of one entity called 'Moula'. His every word and move carefully orchestrated by a coterie of dedicated players. History is what they sell.

Caught in the middle of belief and disbelief, the common male Bohra is in a bind. With the monkey of 'Ehsaan' riding on his back forever, there is little he can do except grin and bear it. On the one hand he wants keep himself moored to his religious duties and on the other hand he has to contend with the garish show of the Moula band wagon and does not know what to make of it. His choices are pretty the 'deep sea or the devil' type - swim with the tide or be left stranded.

Some achievement that.

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Re: Achievement of Bohras in last 50 years


Unread post by HighFlyer » Sat May 09, 2015 10:59 am

biggest blunder of bohras in last 50 years is forgetting teachings of Quran and life of Muhammed(s).

and it was all systemized by a group of people.

today 99% of bohras have no knowledge about life events of Muhammed(s). they just know dates of urus and salgirah.