Saudi Arabia Scene /Muharram

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Saudi Arabia Scene /Muharram


Unread post by Hussain_KSA » Mon Oct 05, 2015 6:38 am

After a Madina Jannatul baquee episode the Saudi Arabian Authorities will keep special eyes on dawoodi Bohra community during Muharram.
Ali Asghar bin Qaid Johar has tested the power of Saudi Police and got released declaring himself as Insane. He wanted to prove himself as loin but became rabbit after perfect dhulaaee. It’s said he was not even visible during haj rituals in Arafat or Mina. May be still recovering from nightmare and wounds.

The local jamaats in Saudi Arabia are trying their best to organize Majales from 2nd Muharram in day time following the dictate of Muffy:

- As organized in other places, the local mas’ouls have visited houses to take promise the people will take leave from offices and schools and attend the majales without fail.

- As the situation in Riyadh is not conducive after closing down of the markaz recently, the abdes and amtes their were asked to go to their watan or other places where waez would be held.

- In Makkah the waez will be arranged in different houses where they will accommodate the people from Jeddah.

- In Dammam and Al Khobar, they will be arranging waez in private houses or farm houses. It will be a risky affair as there is a ban in Saudi Arabia on congregation or assembly of people in private places and in hotels too, such gatherings be pre-approved. Especially, when people will gather in the day time on working days, the police will get alerted.

Recently a massage was sent to Dammam bohras as follows:

V Imp msg;
Baad as salaam
Ummeed che ke
Sagla Biji taarikh si waaz maa qabl wakt hazir thase.
Dammam ma rehnar mumeneen waste elan che ke dammam maa waaz nu time savare (morning) 8 AM chhe. Waaz Location ni khabar ba'ad ma karwa ma aavsey.
Jeh sagla ye haji sudhi azam likhavaj nathi ye mane contact kare (yaani Janab saheb ne).
Jeh Mumeneen yeh pehle Ashara Azam form ma multiple options likha tha te sagla havey waaz ma kaha jase te exact location ni khabar aape. Mu Murtaza bhai kaka na whatsApp (0500545520) per:
Potana naam, ejamaat number, mobile number aney kaha waaz attend karsey (city na naam sathe) nond karave. Ehna elava ghar maa kitna members che (including children) te sagla na bhi naam, ejamaat number ane kaha waaz ma jase ye bhi nond karve.
Sagla tomoro Sunday fajr ma 10 am pehle Mu Murtaza ne information moklave. This is very important.
Juzer mohammed Ali

It would be more appropriate to write letters to the Mayor of Houston and the White House about Muffy's visit to USA (email address: or

H.E., Annise D. Parker,
City of Houston

Your Excellency,

You might be aware of the impending visit of the leader of Dawoodi Bohra community from India and gathering of over 80,000 people in Houston to listen to his discourse to commemorate the battle of Karbala.

We would like to highlight a few issues that will reflect the autocratic manner in which the so called high priest of the community, Muffadal Saifuddin and his coterie rules the community and indulge in human rights violation and sex discrimination:

- The high priest, Muffadal Saifuddin, has ordered all of the members of the community to take leave work, businesses, schools and colleges without fail and attend the congregations from 13 October to 22 October, 2015.

- The local priests and their accomplices have visited houses of individuals in their localities in India, Pakistan, USA, Gulf states, ordering them to attend the congregations which will be held in local mosques for 10 days without fail and that their attendance will be recorded by means of swiping of ID cards.

- Wherever possible, the local leaders of the community had visited the schools and colleges and filed leave applications for all of the students of the community.

- The high priest and the coteries who practice the system of ex-communication or social boycott against those who do not follow the orders and dictats of the high priest fully have advised and implicitly threatened the members of the community that if they would fail to attend the 10 days rituals and congregation in full will face disciplinary action including ex-communication from the community and social boycott. In many cases, the families are broken and not allowed to speak to their siblings who do not follow the dictats.

- After Muffadal Saifuddin took over the reins of the community three years ago, he is restricting womenfolk from working in professions which require interaction with men and enforcing all women to wear only the dress prescribed by them in public and no other dress be worn by them.

- The leaders force the members of the community to fork out monies on different pretexts and honorific titles are given to the members of the community against hefty amounts.

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Re: Saudi Arabia Scene /Muharram


Unread post by SBM » Mon Oct 05, 2015 10:12 am

Welcome Hussain Bhai after a very long hiatus. Hope to see more postings from you.