2nd FGM letter to all Aamils in USA

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2nd FGM letter to all Aamils in USA


Unread post by babdeen » Tue May 24, 2016 8:14 pm

Dear friends: The following letter on FGM was sent to all USA Aamils and also communicated to US federal authorities.
The authorities have also been requested to investigate audio proclamation by Muffadal to continue female FGM in secret.
In our opinion it amounts to Farman of Dai and an order to all USA Aamils to secretly support FGM. Please forward this to all Bohras and all office holders of very Jamaat. Thank you.

To: Aamils:
All USA Jamaats of Dawoodi Bohra Sect

Several of you have produced letters asking your congregants to not engage in FGM. It is encouraging to see that you and your Jamaats have taken this step. However, the reason suggested in your letters for this action avoids condemning this barbaric, un-Islamic and unlawful act. We have also heard a speech by Muffadal Saifuddin from Saifee Masjid (Mumbai) earlier this week which says that FGM will continue and western countries including USA cannot stop it. He claimed: We are not afraid. I suggest you must be afraid of any illegal FGM activities and associated consequences.

It is very important that all of you consider taking the following actions to comply with the USA law and assist your congregants.

(1) Announce that there is no basis for FGM in Quran. And, declare FGM is against Islam in addition to the USA Laws.

(2) The USA law bans all forms FGM as practiced by Bohras regardless of various FGM interpretations or directives from your high priest in India.

(3) You must immediately report any known cases of FGM to federal authorities. Please include names of the victims, parent(s), name of the authorizing local Aamil for each case and the person performing the illegal act.

(4) You must also report any directives you and your Jamaat has received from high priest or his office in Mumbai which requires FGM.

(5) It is of utmost important that all victims of FGM (minors when subjected to FGM) be identified and given the due medical and psychological help.

Once again we emphasize that you must report all FGM crimes: past, present and planned. If you need assistance connecting to appropriate authorities, please send us a request. We will help you connect with the authorities.