Bohras of Morbi protest against Kothari land Mafia

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Bohras of Morbi protest against Kothari land Mafia


Unread post by Reporter » Tue Jul 26, 2016 1:45 pm

Courageous Bohras of Morbi, Gujarat, are protesting against Kothari land Mafia.

I have lived in Morbi during my Engineering studies. Before partition, it was a princely state. It is a beautiful well-planned town with 2 huge Mahels of ruler Lakhdhirsinh.
Bohra community of this town is very welcoming and generous. There is Molai Raj Dragah that has a large Musafirkhana and a big Qabarstan. During my stay, I heard many Bohra criticizing the system especially the Amil and Jamat.

These days Kothari land Mafia are after community properties as land prices have soared and builders are bribing big for grabbing Bohra Community real estate. They demolish historical assets for constructing malls and shops.

Bohras of Morbi didn’t want their beloved community property demolished overnight. They have gathered tremendous courage protesting with banners in open on streets. I think this may be the first such Dharna protest conducted by both Bohra men and women.

Bravo and salute to Morbi Bohras for taking bull by its horn. I am really delighted to see them protesting. I urge Bohras of all towns and cities protest against Kothari land Mafia who are grabbing their historical buildings and demolishing them for making quick buck.

Vas Salam
Asghar Vasanwala
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