Stages in Leaving a Cultic System

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Re: Stages in Leaving a Cultic System


Unread post by qutub_mamajiwala » Mon Dec 25, 2017 9:45 am

good analysis of how cult works and why people dont leave it

some excerpts from it--which can be applied to nowadays bohras also

"Cult leaders and cult recruiters tend to capture the hearts, minds, and souls of the best and brightest in our society,"

He made us believe he was one of those rare living gurus of our generation. He told us that if we prayed to him, all our wishes would come true,"

Going against the guru is the greatest of sins, they were told. They would repent, not just in their current life but also in their coming lives, if they did so. They would suffer, suffer horribly.

And the best way to prevent a revolt is never give it a breeding ground in the first place.

Cult members were always overworked with assignments and had strict deadlines to follow. "We hardly had time for anything else. We were extremely exhausted and sleep deprived as we slept for not more than four hours a day. No one had the mind to question anything," she says.

If someone did question him, they would immediately be outcast. Threats and intimidation were also used to shut victims up when needed.

"Only the rich were allowed to personally meet him. If you weren't bringing him business, you were of no use to him,"

cult groups resort to thought-reform processes and persuasion to control people’s minds.

Even though cults mostly don’t use physical restraint on their members, there are several psychological barriers stopping them from walking away. This includes their beliefs, peer pressure, fear or even confusion. ... guru-64524