Hal Mun Muzeed" - I Want Still More

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Hal Mun Muzeed" - I Want Still More


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Hal Mun Muzeed" - I Want Still More
According to Qura'n a voice constantly emerges from Hell "Hal Mun Muzeed". Its' in Arabic which means "I want Still More". Thousands of sinners thrown in hell does not satisfy the Hell fire.
It is to covey that those persons whom Allah has given wealth if they are happy with it and desire more and more wealth their lust and greed for more and more wealth will make their lives hell as well as make the lives of other people a hell.
This is reason that Islam has emphasis to live with simplicity. The excellent example of this simplicity is the life of holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (A.S.) and lives of his Ahle-byte.
Dais of Dawoodi Bohras period to Syedna Taher Saifuddin followed on footsteps of them and lived a simple life. They never depended on the money of their followers. They believed in their own legitimate and honest earning, they spend their lives in imparting religious education to their followers and writing books for their guidance. The Bohras and Jamats were quite independent in their functioning. Dawat was in true sense Dawat-e-Hadiya. Their was peace everywhere in community. Incidences of physical and mental voice was unheard. There was no infight in Dai's family, because of that the Bohras could excel in bossiness and philanthropy, especially during first and second world wars, when honest and enterprising Bohras got government contracts.
Then wealthi businessmen like Sir Adamji Peerbhoy, Seth Abdul Ty/yeb Maskati, Seth jivanji Moriswala, Mamuji, Kinkhabwala, Dholkawala, Bootwala, Machiswala, Tawawala, Jhanjaria, Alavi, Muchhala etc. Thousands of Bohras built with their own money Masjids, Musafarkhanas, Mazars, Schools, Hospitals and Charitable Trusts for education and medical help of the Bohras and also for other country men. That not only elevated the life of common Bohras but set an example for others. Dais of their time never interfare in phyllantrophic work of Bohras nor they tried to take undue credit for themselves. This was the reason that the community could have its own Masjids, Musafarkhanas, Mazars, Schools, Hospitals, Rubats, Sanatoriums, Hostels and Charitable Trusts practically in all major cities of India like Bombay, Burhanpur, Calcutta, Masras, Surat, Ujjain, Udaipur, etc. but also all over the world where ever Bohras resided. They themselves were not much educated but were aware with the need of changing times. Therefore they struggled to spread modern education in the community. That produced several Alims, Writers, poets, doctors, engineers, lawyers, even high court judges, dedications and others. Even the most Dawoodi Bohra girls were educated.
The modern high education had made Bohras aware of their social and individual rights. They were upright and courageous.
Then in 1915 Syedna Taher Saifuddin occupied the seat of Dawat and immediately left Surat city and landed in the commercial capital of India, Bombay. In 1916 he utilized the cash offerings of the Charity box kept at Chandabhoy's grave and purchased the Badri Mahal building. This action of the Syedna was against the objectives of the trust therefore sons of Sir Adamji Peerbhoy gave notice to the managers of "Yusuf Ali Ebrahimji Bandukwala Charitable Trust". They replied that they should ap The then Bohras served a notice on the trustees of the trust for misuse of trust money. The trustees ask them to contact the Syedna. Ultimately Bohras appealed to the advocate general, who was incharge of the Charity then. It is to be notrd that the appealed was signed by more than 15,000 most prominent Bohras with sons of Sir Adamji Peerbhoy. The signatories included Mr. A. M. Kazizi, Bar-at-Law, Bohra Judges of High Court, leading Bohra solicitord, Bohra lawyers, doctors, principals of School and Colleges and prominent business men.
The arrogance of Syedna Taher Saifuddin compelled the Advocate General to file a case against him on 28 August 1917. That case is known as Chandabhoy Galla Case. The Syedna was so desperate to win this case that he made fantastic claims which were against Islam and tenets of our Bohra faith.
1. That he is the master (Malik) of Boy, Mind, Saul and property of Bohras,
2. That he is Alah-ul-Ard (God on earth),
3. He is accountable to non.
5. He is entitled to take any property from Bohras, whether that of trust or of private, and cancel the trust.
6. That there cannot be such thing in the Dawoodi Bohra Community as a permanent irrevocable trust, whether it is established by deed or by a scheme of the court. But he lost the case as he could not substantiate his claims.
Inspite of the court ruling he want on usurping the community's properties and to eliminate his opponents Bohras he invented a dangerous weapon of "Jamat Kharij" (Social Boycott) expelling those who opposed him. Thus he discouraged the upright Bohras and gradually enslaved the entire community.
He became a monster and inflicted the mentality of "Hal Mun Muzeed" in his family. The community wealth and property of the community which was for the benefit of the community are now utilized only for the comfort and glory of the Syedna family.
This so-called Royal family has extorted such huge wealth from Bohras that their ten generations can live in luxury without doing any work.
The Syedna's family has become the sole-owners of the community properties and trusts. Still for constructing new or renovating these property the fund is collected from the community, the expenses for providing comfortable life to Amils, Mullas, Bhaisahebs and Moallims are born by the community, expenses Ramzan, Moharram, Eid, Milad, Urs, Zikra, the Syedna and his family members travels, Niyaz feasts etc. functions are arranged by funds collected from Bohras. The family members of Syedna do not spend a single paisa from their pock but collects crores of rupees and dollars from the community in the name of Wajebat, Sabeel, Najva, Ikram, Qadambosi etc. Plus the cash offerings from several gallas of Mazars goes in to coffers of Syedna. Still the voice of "Hal mun Muzeed" keeps on coming from the hell of Saifee Mahal.

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Re: Hal Mun Muzeed" - I Want Still More


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In a few days Bohras across the globe both Mufadali and Qutbi will cut cakes and celebrate STS milad and birthdays.

However for true blood reformists we will grieve. Why?

STS started an era where poisoned the Bohra culture

He forced his Surat culture globally
He eliminated free thought
He demonised secularism
He alienated and demonised western values
He replaced free transparent governance with corruption
His era produced zombie looking STDs
His dynasty praised priests and overshadowed cobtributions by Bohras of all walks like art, entrepreneurs, academics, humanitarian achievement
His era produced cults inward looking fanatics
His era produced a sect isolated and adrift from mainstream Islam
His era chased away people away from community while Islam globally was growing
His era did not build bridges with our Alavi, Suleimani or Jafferi Shia brothers or sisters but made us rivals
His era built moseleums and monuments for self glorification but not creativity and intellectual development

Therefore we celebrated our short commings...

We celebrate the fact that we have ended up with the option of SMS or STF but not Sayedna Alim from Mamuli khandan