Amil refuses permission for burial

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Amil refuses permission for burial


Unread post by Admin » Fri Sep 30, 2016 1:08 pm

We received this message by email, and reproducing it below as is:

Writing this story to have some of my crucial questions which remained unanswered and it was suffocating for me to think over the incident which took place around a year ago on the death of my cousin ageing in 40s. His death was due to multiple organ failure and was a natural death. He was separated from his wife and children and was temporarily residing with his father and mother. He was a known man in the entire colony having a physical disability of partial deafness and weak eye sight, however, he use to do all kind of work, given plumbing, carpentry, painting, masonry etc you name it and he was ready to do any work as long as he is getting paid and managed to earn his daily living.

On his death, we brought his body to the masjid where he was residing temporarily with his father and mother, (remember he was born in the same area and lived through his life until he was married and shifted with his wife and children to other location).
The masjid Aameel asked for the dead man e-jamaat card number to verify (verify what? whether he is a bohra or not?). His father, mother, brothers and rest said to Ameel that the decease is our family and is residing with us. Since, he is separated from his wife and children, and may have lost the e-jamaat card.

Ameel wasn't bugging off to listen and he asked us to take the body away and cannot afford to keep in their Gusulkhana.
Ameel also instructed not to give gusul to his body and take him away where ever we find it ok, but not to keep in this masjid & also called Hizbul huda not to allow his burial in the nearby qabrastan.

We ran from pillar to post and pleaded to keep his body for some time where we can make an alternate provision. It was more than 30hours, matter wasn’t resolved and finally from somewhere someone managed to get the raza to shift the body to another area where someone will perform Gusul.

Later, that was also withdrawn on instruction from Ameel as he came to know from his chamchas and we were left with only option to bury him non Bohra qabrastan. This was a shame. Now, it was 36hours and body started to stink and required immediate resolution. The entire colony of more than 500 homes knew this man and he worked in every house . No one stood by his dead body and pushed Ameel to give permission for gusul and burial. Finally we managed to get a raza to perform his Gusul at the masjid after pleading , running around, calling to influence from Kothar/Badri mahal. But the burial was permitted to be done in outskirt qabrastan which was miles away.

Mr. Saifuddin Insaf said in his article, as per the 900 years tradition and tenets of the community everyone who was born as Dawoodi Bohra has his/her birth-right to make use of the community’s properties like masjids, mazars, jamatkhanas, musafirkhanas, qabrastan etc. without any undue restriction.

This didn't applied here and we were left helpless running with a dead body in pell mell.

What a shameful act……..!!!!

Why e-jamaat card is such a mandate even for death formalities?

What are we preaching by such behavior where Ameel’s and the other heads can’t accommodate the basics of the human rights.
They preach of brotherhood, where do their brotherhood go? Does Islam teach you such practice? Islam isn't growing a beard and wearing quami libas or giving misaaqs at regular intervals to renew the oath.

Allah is all seeing and all knowing, lets do the right things and when things go wrong, do things right.

ghulam muhammed
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Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Fri Sep 30, 2016 4:47 pm

Admin wrote:What a shameful act……..!!!!

Why e-jamaat card is such a mandate even for death formalities?
The white robed religious mafias insist on E-Jamaat card so as to make sure that all the dues are paid..... The Dai (including 51 and 52) are nothing but KAFAN CHORS who don't even spare the dead ones. It is surprising that inspite of knowing such facts, the spineless abdes still make a beeline and do reverse sajdas to such inhuman creatures instead of giving a kick on their backsides !!

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Unread post by trvoice » Fri Sep 30, 2016 9:30 pm

Still fail to understand the mindset of "have to" buried in bohri qabrastan. Death is inevitable, plan ahead. Invest in buying some space ahead of time, arrange money for your own funeral. Have a will and instruction in place what you want to be done with your body when you die. Even a simple lawyer can handle all these and it will leave no burden on your family.

P.S I say if you can afford go build yourself a mausoleum cause why not

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Unread post by zinger » Mon Oct 03, 2016 12:13 am

Admin, i noticed some absolute basic details like name, location, Masjid, colony etc have been missed out. this could have been used to easily verify the authenticity of the post. else, it is just a made-up story

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Unread post by dal-chaval-palidu » Mon Oct 03, 2016 1:17 am

zinger wrote:Admin, i noticed some absolute basic details like name, location, Masjid, colony etc have been missed out. this could have been used to easily verify the authenticity of the post. else, it is just a made-up story

I agree, some details have to be provided. I believe this is not impossible in the Bohra world, but how can we be sure that this is true?

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Unread post by kseeker » Wed Oct 05, 2016 2:18 pm

I sympathize with the author...

However, while reading it.. it made me realize that the biggest reason why the bohra community members put up with this corruption and evil of the 'jamaat' is that they want a place to be burried 'properly'... as if this is what is going to decide their afterlife.... people forget that it is what you do while living that matters.. not the way your leftovers are dealt with... well yes, there is a proper burial ritual which should be followed... but not at the cost of drowning in shirk and haraam activities.... how are we any different from the pharaohs or the cesars....

May Allah guide us towards the path he wants us to be on....

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Unread post by think » Wed Oct 05, 2016 3:37 pm

There is no proper way or good way or bad way for burial. some are cremated and their loved ones walk out with a little sachet of dirt , while some burn their dead and think that the more precious the wood the better (i.e. hindu custom). some die in fires and some drown in the sea and some die in plane crashes where their remains are no where to be found. Allah gives life and he takes life. One needs to understand that bohri kabrastan burial does not mean jannah and such immense importance for the dead is uncalled for. The more importance bohris give to this burial the more they will give power to the kothar mafia. Just bury your loved ones somewhere either here or there, makes not an iota of difference as to what they are going through 6 feet under. In cases in the west although it is a bohri kabrastan per say but the dead body is still in a casket and is kept over the dead body and then filled with dirt all around the casket. This is done so as not to contaminate the soil. One thing for certain, which ever way you leave this earth and buried or not it is only and only your deeds that will matter.
Since it is moharram , need I remind that horses were run on the bodies of the shohoda and hands and feet scattered all over the place on the burning sands.Talk about bohri burial.

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Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Wed Oct 05, 2016 5:00 pm

I have written this before but as it is relevant to the subject thread I would once again like to reiterate for the benefit of new members on the forum...... I am a witness to the KAFAN CHOR activities wherein I saw a close relative of mine paying Rs.2.52 Lacs for burial in Naryalwadi Qabrastan, Mumbai wayback in the 90s. The person could have buried his relative even in Charni Road, Kurla or Kausa Qabrastan where the "Market rate" of Kothar is much less but he chose to bury in Naryalwadi just because it is supposed to be a "Prime" location. It is like Manhattan for them. The corrupt Dai and his henchmen exploit this mentality of abdes to the fullest. Needless to say that burial grounds are given FREE by the Indian government to every religious community yet we have the Ilahul Ards, Natik e Quran and Ambassador of peace making a lucrative business out of it.