Bohra Robbers of Saify Mahal

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Bohra Robbers of Saify Mahal


Unread post by Nafisa » Sun Oct 09, 2016 4:42 am

In Dawoodi Bohras, robbers of Saify Mahal under the command of Mufaddal Saif Ala Deen hiding themselves in the name of Khidmat of Mumineen and the Dawat. These misguided Mullahs are robbing in the name of Islam and Panjatan by fooling and misusing sentiments of the devotees at large. Building more and more Masjids, luxurious residences of Aamil, Muallim,Jamea and other blood suckers, gifted palatial bungalows to rulers while poor community members are facing Economic Crisis and BAD Health & Education are killing them. Poor ladies are forced to do prostitution to run their houses but Ayyash Dai has no concern with them and he remains busy in his luxurious tours or his resorts. Be alert from these Thugs by reading translation of the Quran and Nahj ul Balagha if one does not understand Arabic Language.

Greedy Qasre Jaali of Shayateen fooling and looting Bohras, spending millions of dollars for self glorification, so that they can rob billions of dollars of taxpayer’s money. Many of such paid servants of Badri Mahal and Jamea Saifyah could be just making TA/DA allowance for which they could be going for more and more foreign trips etc. for showoff, while spending millions of dollars of taxpayer’s money, and no one is there to catch them including four sons of the Lucifer Y. Najmuddin, because they are directly involved in sharing those billions of expenses and after such money minting festivals of merry making they immediately runaway to other countries and their seven generation could live with those without any hassle.

Those who suck them have no concern with Panjatan because after knowing their crimes why they are kissing their asses. Devotees of Moula al Husain are expected to stand up against tyranny where ever it happens, because Zikr of Husain prepare them exclusively to declare Nafrat with all possible manner with all kinds of corruption. The important message of the Imam al Masum is to stand up against the tyranny and support the oppressed. We are, as a true follower, supposed to lead by an example. One should never be impressed with any worldly power or show of strength of the media. We need to continue to believe that we can overcome and continue to fight, rather than give up saying that the Taghut(Mufaddal) is strong and we cannot achieve anything by ourselves, except Dua. One can at least begin with one’s own family and then the surrounding environment; know and discharge your duties with whatever is in your capacity and leave the results to Allah.