Extortion in schools: Bohra man threatens hunger strike

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Extortion in schools: Bohra man threatens hunger strike


Unread post by Reporter » Thu Jan 26, 2017 11:54 am

Syednas put names of their family, like Taheri, Burhani, Jamali, Saifee, etc. for honoring past three Gadi occupiers. Reading such names, other communities and government officials think Syedna is an educationalists and that he runs those schools. However, these schools are big businesses like tiffin, ziyarat resorts, etc. are. They are part of commercial empire earning tons of money.

In dahod, now for many years, Bohras run various Burhani-Jamail English medium schools. From June 2017 they have raised school admission fee to Rs. 21,000. Over and above, they also will charge Rs. 950 per month fee and Rs. 1850 term fee; a huge increase.

Most Bohras can not afford such huge fees as their disposable income is sucked by Zakat, Najwa, wajebat, Salaam, Muharram-Ramadan Masjid jaga fee, continuous collections during Syedan and shehzada visits, and so on.

A courageous Bohra named Anees Ranapurwala is planning to go on hunger strike for drawing government attention towards this collection, which is illegal under RTI act 2009. He will start his hunger strike from Jan 30, 2017, and has submitted notices to various government regarding his intention. Following is his notice in Gujarati.
- Asghar Vasanwala

I Rizwan
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Re: Extortion in schools: Bohra man threatens hunger strike


Unread post by I Rizwan » Fri Jan 27, 2017 10:14 am

Bohra institutions are expensive....

function halls
even kabrestaan are expensive.

(Nothing I repeat nothing is free in bohra world)

normal poor bohras cant afford to live or die.

Thanx to burhanuddin and his greedy family who ate up every thing like a parasite.

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Re: Extortion in schools: Bohra man threatens hunger strike


Unread post by Nats » Mon Jan 30, 2017 7:15 am

Why should we pay for the space in qabrastan? I heard they get this space free from the government. Also most of the bohra cemeteries are not even maintained...like the one in sewri and kausa.

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Re: Extortion in schools: Bohra man threatens hunger strike


Unread post by humanbeing » Mon Jan 30, 2017 8:41 am

Kudos to Anees Ranapurwala for taking this step. Hope pray and wish him all the best. Those in India in The same town can at last come out in support of him and protest about these greed and loot.

Actually best is not to go to such school, they are lousy and lack secular spirit in first place. Even if these thugs may be providing comfortable infrastructure that would be flashy for a parent to admit their children in these schools. They are breeding next generation of slaves in fancy set up and salves financing their own subjugation.

Let rich and amazingly stupid abdes admit thier wards in these schools of slavery.