The moral authority of various SXX

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The moral authority of various SXX


Unread post by Biradar » Thu Jun 22, 2017 9:59 pm

The question we may ask ourselves is: do the various da'is, or claimants to the post of da'i, call them SXX for short, have any moral authority any longer? There are four branches of Bohras now: Muffy, Fatemi, Alavi and Sulemani. For now, let us focus only on the first two as they impact us more than the others.

It is clear from simple observation that at least Dawedar Mr. Muffadul Saifuddin (DMMS) is an anti-intellectual misogynist buffoon. The organization he leads, i.e. the Kothari Mafia, is after two things, and two things only: (a) power, and (b) money. His angry rants are (in)famous and his lack of intellect is legendary. He views women as chattel, who must sit in the corner of the house, study only home science, cook, sew and take care of the kids. On top of it, they must also mutilate themselves and their daughters. His brothers and uncles are money hungry greedy dacoits, who have been gorging on the community funds for decades.

However, the problem did not start with DMMS. As we also know from observation, SMB was also in love with luxury and did not miss any opportunity to have his picture taken with the rich and famous, or collect as much money as he could. He let his children run amok and looked the other way while the community was humiliated, robbed, fleeced and turned into submissive sheep. He tried to impose top-down control over every aspect of the community, increasing Kothari power exponentially. The end result of his policies was the usurpation of the community and its properties by Muffy, and such total control that Muffy Bohris can't even decide their own menus or cook food in their own homes. Menus are centrally planned, and thali is compulsory.

In addition, under SBM, even more than STS, the persecution of Progressive took a decidedly violent turn. We have read horror stories of old men being attacked, women being beaten in public, families torn apart and people's lives ruined for simply expressing an opinion contrary to one held by SMB. Many Progressives, including Dr. Engineer suffered greatly from the cruel edicts of SMB and his Kothari Mafia.

Only one more example will suffice: SMB pronounced a fatwa against people working in banks. Many people were forced to leave bank jobs and essentially lost all means of livelihood. The trauma suffered by these people and their families are hard to imagine. They not only lost a means of supporting themselves and their families, but lost confidence and self-respect. The human tragedy was great. Yet, we know from historical documents that STS took and gave interest, and we know for a fact that every Shehzada has bank accounts and extensive financial interests managed by bankers and other financial consultants. STF is a hedge fund manager, but, to his credit, does not condemn in others what he himself practices.

SKQ himself kept quiet for a very long time. He did not raise his voice against the atrocities committed by the Kothari Mafia, and, worse, enjoyed all the perks that went with his position and office. He ensured good education for his kids, including expensive boarding schools in far-away foreign countries, a good house for himself and a nice and comfortable life. It is possible that he had little choice and was forced to keep quiet, but that actually only makes him a coward at the best, and a man with no principles at the worst.

Hence, it is clear that none of the various SXXs have any claims to moral authority. If they can not forgo the love of luxury and find it more prudent to remain silent in the face of adversity rather than speak up, then what authority do they have to tell the rest of us how to behave, what to think, what to eat, how to dress and how to live? They themselves are corrupt, of weak character and lovers of luxury and power. As such, they naturally loose all right to lead or command any moral superiority.

As such, each of us should rid of the yokes that they have put on us, and decided matters of religion and morality on our own. Yes, we can study and learn what is prescribed by scripture, but eventually we ourselves need to make decisions on how to be good, how to live our lives in the best way we can, and how to interact with the larger world around us. Our decisions may not always lead to the outcomes we desire, but at least we can say we tried, and we can take responsibility for our own actions. We don't need some SXX or his cronies giving us guilt trips and then shamelessly demanding large sums of money the very next instant.

Perhaps, the time has come to become enlightened in the true sense: i.e. to determine the course of our lives on our own. This does not mean we disengage from the struggle for reform or stop participating in social or religious events, but simply that we do it on our terms and not bend and fawn in front of every two-dime Aamil and half-wit Shezada. Perhaps that is the best gift we can give ourselves and our families this Eid.

Eid Mubarak to all, and may we all be blessed with the inner strength to do what is right and take responsibility for our own lives.

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Unread post by SBM » Fri Jun 23, 2017 6:24 am

Br Biradar
A good analysis but let us take a step deeper
The moral decay of our community was put in motion by Sydena Taher Saifuddin and here are my reasons for that:
STS was a very intelligent, scholarly and shrewd person. Being an intellectual, he realized the importance of having power and wealth centralized. Following the footsteps of Pope, he started centralizing wealth and power of the community.
STS used his power of Oratory to mesmerize the common person of the community while tightening the noose on elite of the community.
He took control of many Charitable Organizations and Musafir Khanas from the Bohra Philanthropists but also used his shrewd and manipulative mind to do a great PR scheme of creating failed institutions like Saify Technical High School and Burhani Medical Clinic.
STS also knew the importance of having a tight control on his followers while doing a great PR with outside community. I remember his famous words which won the hearts and minds of General Muslim Community during the attack on Al Aqsa by Israeli Forces. During a mass protest in Mumbai, he not only encouraged his followers to participate, but he viewed the protest march through windows nears Mercantile Bank and issued the famous statement " Al Aqsa per Hamla. Musalmanoon key diloon per Hamla hey"
Using this strategy of great PR to outside community, he started controlling of his followers and their wealth. He was smart enough to know how far can he tighten the screws. There was no such things as STD, Rida, Qadamboosi, Pagla during his time. His Mazoon and Mukasir were easily accessible but the decay of the community was put in motion
During SMB tenure, being not as shrewd or lack of better term, cunning, he got manipulated by his own brothers and extended family. During SMB's time, a liberal, educated community started decaying, liberation was replaced by Abdeism and education was replaced by mundane business ownership with no growth into other fields.
Unlike STS, he created a biggest ruckus with Muslim community when he cursed the Caliphs in Public and had to apologize publicly.
By starting this Saya, Topi, Dadhi as well as Rida, he started a CULT and created a cult mentality within a very liberal, educated and highly successful community.
To complete the subjugation of minds and soul of the community, he used religion by invoking MAATAM at the drop of hat. Anyone who disagreed with this became MUDDAI and used Baraat liberally. and
finally now having a total incompetent leader sitting at the top of throne has put in motion the downfall of once very bright, thriving and liberal community in all of the Muslim World. Once touted as bright smart group amongst mostly uneducated Ummah, we have now become laughing stock of the world.
What is the solution. I want to hear from others but I do have some ideas which I will discuss next.

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Unread post by bohra_manus » Fri Jun 23, 2017 8:54 am

Br Biradar & SBM,
Very well said. I might add to this.
STS started the ruin of the community
SMB accelerated it
SMS is finishing it

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Unread post by Biradar » Sun Jun 25, 2017 9:06 am

Yes, SBM is partly correct. S. Taher Saifuddin started on the path of centralization. However, it is not clear to me that it was done at first with a malicious intent. One has to remember that when STS became da'i India was under British rule. The superiority of the British lay in their centralized organization and disciple. Hence, it is not surprising that STF, and for that matter many other people, felt that centralization and systemization was the answer to the traditional weakness in Indian society.

Hence, STS started to consolidate and make uniform rules and regulations for things like nikaah and misaaq, inheritance rules, charity disbursal etc. However, there was a dark side to this: STS's children were more interested in power and wealth. The creation of the Kothar meant a permanent priestly class that wanted their own power to increase. The only way they could do this is by exaggerating the position of the da'i and, by association, their own power and position. This has led to the intense veneration of the da'i and the exponential increase in the power of the Kothar, turning it into a mafia organization. Even Fatemi dawaat people are not free from this over-the-top exaggeration of the da'i. It is absurd and comical. There is nothing in the Qur'an that allows for such exaggeration. In fact, the Qur'an almost exclusively focuses on individual goodness and piety as a way to salvation, not bending in front of some human.

Of course, STS and then to a greater extent, SMB loved the power and wealth. They did not miss any opportunity to make themselves look good and did not leave any stone unturned in getting more and more power and wealth. Sadly, they both displayed the typical human weaknesses of lust and greed. Bohras, being submissive of nature, fed these weaknesses till, like Bakasura, the Kothari turned into a insatiable monster. Now, for every single event (every single one) one is ordered to bring faakhir najwaa, contribution to this or that scheme, donation to this or that cause, all the while genuflecting and fawning in front of the half-wit local mullah.

My point of the original post was that lessons of morality can no longer be accepted from various SXX. They themselves are immoral and hence have lost the right to preach to others. Although some SXX are better than others (and everyone is better than Muffy), the best person to inform one about morality is oneself. Sadly, this involves taking responsibility for one's own actions, but, there is no other way to live a happy and fulfilled life.

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Unread post by SBM » Sun Jun 25, 2017 2:47 pm

Now let us talk about how this can be solved
Of course getting out of community is one way but there is another way which can satisfy both the Abdes and Kothari Mafia
So far Kothari Mafia has followed the Vatican Model of ruling but there is another model which may not be perfect but is wonderful
Iran which has both Theological as well as democratically elected govt. Kothar and specially STF can create that model. Here how this can work and I am going to use STF as every one calls him pragmatic and more progressive
STF can have local Jamaat members elect their own government while Aamil is an appointed person who should be relegated to Theological side of the affairs paid by local Jamaat while elected Jamaat Members would be responsible for management side of the affair and would be responsible for revenue and expenses sides. Every elected president of local Jamaat will become a representative at the central level and they would elect a governing body while STF can stay as Head like Aytullaha Khameini is
Unfortunately this will require relinquishing power over all the Wajebaats and other worldly wealth but it is something which is doable
let us hear your comments

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Unread post by Biradar » Sun Jun 25, 2017 3:16 pm

SBM wrote:
Sun Jun 25, 2017 2:47 pm
Unfortunately this will require relinquishing power over all the Wajebaats and other worldly wealth but it is something which is doable
let us hear your comments
Doable? Only if one believes in fairy tales and tooth fairy. Not even STF will give up his wealth. These people are used to a life of luxury and great riches. Why would they give it up? Also, who does not want everyone to bow and fawn in front of them? You must be consuming some spiked brownies on Eid to think this is doable. Big no no.

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Unread post by SBM » Sun Jun 25, 2017 5:28 pm

You must be consuming some spiked brownies on Eid
More like Sheerkhurma :)

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Unread post by Mkenya » Mon Jun 26, 2017 12:04 am

When STS visited East Africa (Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania) in 1963 he approved the constitution of the East African Bohra Central Council. Among the powers it was granted were collect the revenue from its real estate portfolio and spend it on the maintenance of mosques, jamaatkhanas, kabrastans, etc. Also it was given power to decide on the salaries of Amils and Mullas imported from India. The revenue being substantial much of it was spent on scholarships, maafi of school fees, supply of 'ration' to poor and needy families, assistance with medical bills, free dispensaries, free text books and so on. After dissecting the fine points of the constitution STS with YN (murdered in Cairo) embarked on visits to various towns and cities and formed splinter groups with the sole purpose of swaying the populace that the constitution was signed under duress and that STS was not pleased. This resulted in a clear cut feud between the constitutionalist and devoted Abdes. YN instigated a 'day of grief' in Mombasa, Kenya and hipped up passion among the Abdes resulting in open boycott of businesses of Councillors, unfounded accusations and propaganda. The Constitutionalists faded under pressure and STS revoked the constitution. A major group was lead in Nairobi by Shk Fidaali Hebatullah (just a money Sheikh) ably assisted by the Hebatullah brothers. Barat was invoked on all Bohras in East Africa and a drama was re-mishak was instituted. Male members all over East Africa attend a special majlis where allegiance was sworn to STS and his farman. It was a grim occasion where former councillors were forced to swear twice, sometimes three, to STS. A few renegades did not attend for obvious reasons. Thus started the process of tightening the noose and gradually took control. In the following couple of years all revenue properties were sold off, housing donated by well wishers were liquidated, land was sold off, and so on. School Maafi, 'ration' for the needy, medical assistance, etc. all terminated overnight. Abdes are a unique breed in that it forms the backbone of Kothar. Pious and gullible that they are there is no force on earth that can shake them from their 'faith' in Dais.

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Unread post by Ozdundee » Mon Jun 26, 2017 1:07 am

The moral authority of a Sayedna is solid.

SMB through YN was able to implement a very masterful strategy , which has been able to plant the ideology in Bohra minds the concept of absolute authority over mind soul and material belongings is Diai. No amount of internet, scandals or rejection of oppression has loosened the kothari grip. Reformers or objectionists continue to be minority. I believe sane people are living not looking back.

Majority of Bohras both professional and young have accepted it or brainwashed beyond reason. The jamia, madrassa and regular majalis have repeatedly indoctrinated that life without a diai is impossible and faith is incomplete and happy to equate his status to diety . It is so serious that recent coup from FD was unsuccessful and the rise of DBWRF groups are ready to spring up to prevent any internal reform or change. Literally women are happy to undergo FGM and not a few but in 100s and 1000s. This is the best example of moral authority of SMS over the community. The orthodox majority are happy to follow their leader into hell if be it.

STS was architect of modern Bohra ideology , SMB perfected it and SMS will milk it and SJS the next will do so if we see his accent . SKQ was completely made irrelevant during SMB era and SMS or his brothers would have never allowed the uncles or cousins take the farm away. I mean common as if we are surpised SMB did not want one of his sons QJ or MS to inherit the farm. Further what does SKQ do is pass it on to his son STF. The inheritance is a major political trap it has troubled Shia Islam all through its 1400 years . The amount of splits between families have continued so often that I would not be surprised we only know of obvious large splits and not the minor ones. Now regarding sxx we talk about it because its fresh.

So the topic of moral authority 90% of Bohras accept it and love it. They take oaths under no duress, they are happy to qeue for paying levies and haggle. Run to every location for Ashara. Call reformists mudai. They are happy to complain about extortion but at same time stampede to kiss the hand of princes , eat from FMB or gossip with the latest news on FGM case and what's app every SMS joke.

But ask them to join the fight they will leak your motives and cast curses on you if asked to. As our lost senior leader AZ used to say are Bohras worth wasting time reforming yes they are. Why do we do it...hope that may be I am wrong .

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Unread post by think » Mon Jun 26, 2017 11:47 am

Agree what is going on in bohri religion is wrong. whether it is any of the syednas from sts and onwards into the future and Allah only knows how many more break ups into different bohra sects will happen.
The one and only way to stop this corruption is to educate the people and by educating I do not mean sending them to the jamia of the bohri's. This is a difficult process . \Firstly only the families of poor folks send their children to bohri madrasas because they cannot afford a good school. Secondly on the average the poor bohri family is blessed with more children. This being the case, the future moula, moula saying brats are prepared in these schools and is 100% insurance for the dai mafia that no matter how corrupt the next dai , trust and support will always be there ready for him.
This is also one of the main reasons the clergy prevents one from reading the quran with translation(since most bohris do not understand Arabic).
The result of a good education can be seen in the west. The new generation educated in the u.k. and american public schools is not afraid to ask questions and when they are not satisfied they have second thoughts. they may attend a majlis or two in a year because of the parents.
I suggest laying utmost importance in educating the children from poor homes .