New Zealand Bohras to kick out Amil

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New Zealand Bohras to kick out Amil


Unread post by Reporter » Sun Aug 13, 2017 9:55 am

*Posting as received*

New Zealand Bohras are in process of kicking out the new Amil Mustafa from the country, under Harassment act.

Dear Friends,
Roots of Dawoodi Bohras are in Hurrat al Malika of Yemen. She is called Mother of Indian Dawat. It is she who had directed Molana Zoeb to look after Jazeera of Hind, Sindh, and Yemen; thus our Indian Dawat stared. Imams had sent other Dais in other parts of the world. Indian Dawat cannot interfere in countries other than Hind, Sindh, and Yemen. According to this edict, Mufaddal cannot take charge of other countries such as New Zealand. Mufaddal cannot appoint any Bhaisaheb, Amil, Mullah, etc. in New Zealand and cannot collect any Zakat, Salam, Wajebat, etc. He cannot visit countries which are outside of his authority because there are other Dais there; they remain hidden like Imam himself. It may be noted though Kothar celebrate last three disastrous Dais with fanfare, but do not celebrate Hurrat al Malika. It is their male chauvinistic attitude. There no female Ustad or Amil or an authority in Bohra community.
Right now, Mufaddal has spread his tentacles in New Zealand and is harassing Bohras for Wajebat and stupid rules of Dari, Topi, Kurta, Izar, Rida, Darees, marathon Matam , Mola Mola, and make them listen boring Waez and senseless Mojeza.
New Zealand Bohras are tired of local Amil’s Zulam and Zabar-darsti. They are ready to take legal action against local Bohra priest Mr. Mustafa, kick him out out of New Zealand, and take management in hands of local Bohras. Please read following email I have received from New Zealand.

Email #1

New Zealand is a peaceful country but we are unlucky to have a horror Amil.
New Zealand immigration authority issues visa for religious purpose in the category of Religious worker expecting them to meet the criteria set by the authorities. Bohra Amils have breached those criteria set by government and have not complied with the standard set by immigration authorities.
Last year a new Amil Mustafa was sent by Syedna Mufaddal with a special hidden agenda. This guy is a dodgy character. He is using fear and horror stories - grave, death to scare community members i.e. after death serpents and scorpions will attack those Bohras who did not comply with Mufaddal wishes. Especially gullible women get very scared and cannot sleep at night thinking how to comply Mufaddal wishes.
New Zealand Momineen are suffering from Amil Mustafa’s harassments. There are number of Bohras who are suffering from of his fear mongering trauma. As per New Zealand Harassment act of 1997, anyone found harassing others will be liable for prosecution in New Zealand court.
We have video recordings to show how Amil Mustafa scares Bohra community with fake and cooked up horror stories telling Bohras how non-compliers of Syedna edicts suffer and how those who carry out Mufaddal’s Farman are spared or rewarded.
We have approached Federation of the Islamic Associations of New Zealand (FIANZ), a Body set up by authorities to look after all Islamic associations in New Zealand.
We are in process of contacting current ruling National Labour Party and Mr. Winston Peter (New Zealand First).

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Unread post by Ozdundee » Mon Aug 14, 2017 4:25 am

NZ needs to take tips from Australia your mates across the ditch.

Look how successful we are. Amils unable to get visa in Melbourne and Sydney.

Saheb sent have to have EU or US passports and come on visitor tourist visa.

And even that is being monitored by the federal and state authorities.

If NZ wants reformists help send a private message.

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Unread post by think » Mon Aug 14, 2017 5:08 pm

good point. If in the time of huratul malika whose real name was Biquis and she had directed dai to preach in India and yemen then there is no need for them harrassing mumineen of africa and most importantly Pakistan which was not in existance at that time. Needless to add we had a ver peaaceful and loving community of bohris in Multan the encore of islamic roots from Mohd bin Qasim and all the small towns and cities of Karachi but the jahalat spread by Tahir saifuddin has led to luteraas and people who cannot get a job easily enter the kothar mafia for free food and respect they get because of mafia tactics.austrailia , thumbs up, keep up the good work.