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Fatimid and Ismaili texts, articles, books, publications- Readings and Thoughts

Posted: Fri Dec 08, 2017 1:46 pm
by Shams
Hi All,

I am creating this thread with the intention and hope that we as a collective share our thoughts, readings and moments of epiphany in various Ismaili, Fatimid and Shia islamic scholarly texts, articles, translations and publications which have been created by scholars such as Ivanow, Henry Corbin, Madelung, Dr. Poonawala, Dr. Hamdani etc. This is by no means meant to be a review of the texts, merely your interpretations and understandings of the same. Humble request to keep this topic relatively bickering free.
All too often we have been told to not read any 'dawat texts' by ourself as they will 'corrupt our minds' and advised to go to sabaks which are nothing but another tool to spread 'state approved propaganda'. My motive in doing this is also selfish in nature as I will be prompted to read more. Despite the kothar closely guarding and usurping a lot of manuscripts and texts in their personal library, there is enough material out there, both historical and spiritual in nature to keep ones reading list full for a very long time. Anybody who understands basics of research and resources for the same should have easy access to these.