Myths of Sabaq

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Myths of Sabaq


Unread post by SBM » Sun Nov 25, 2018 10:59 am

I am starting this thread here to dissect the Myths taught in Sabaq. As everyone knows people who attended the Sabaqs are given Oaths not to discuss even with their parents or spouses but the word always leaks out, So let us put those leaks here and ask some of our learned people on this forum to dissect the myth
Myth One
Zoroastrian or Parsees are Ahle Kitab. just like Christians and Jews.. This is according to Sabaq
Checking with other Islamic Scholars there is no such mention in Quran, only Christians and Jews are considered as Ahl e Kitab
The reason according to Sabaq givers that Hazarat Ibrahim was a Zoroastran
I will post Myth # 2 later

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Re: Myths of Sabaq


Unread post by momeenbhai » Sun Nov 25, 2018 11:08 am

Quran says Ibhrahim was nothing but Muslim

Quran 3:67

Abraham was neither a Jew nor a Christian, but he was one inclining toward truth, a Muslim [submitting to Allah ]. And he was not of the polytheists.

Where is the question of him being Zoroastrian or whatever. :roll:

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Re: Myths of Sabaq


Unread post by Ozdundee » Sun Nov 25, 2018 5:23 pm

Wow is that what they are claiming in sabaqs. No wonder they want to keep it secret.

They keep it secret for several reasons. I asked a neice ( names concealed intentionally) of SMB some few years ago. I suggested if they can be publish it as Ismaili Foundation does( which is very careful)

If Bohras published their secret books that Jamia selectively dishes out to their talibs, Bohras would be annihilated by whahabbi and shias. One reason why Aurangzeb was uncomfortable with when he received reports. The British and secular India protects Abdes to practise it. These books are only safely stored in Surat, not even Karachi should there ever be raids.

It is so potent that Ahmediya would be saints in comparison. I have had a glimpse, it was real concoction of pagan , druz and some Hindu traditions poured on very trouble extreme Shia stuff that seems to have been made up over 1000 yrs.

In 20th century the ustads of Jamia are churning more theories to add to these mystics.

The zadas and zadi get a special dose during private classes away from the rest. That is extremely difficult to comprehend and only possible when they start conditioning their minds at 6 to 7 years old. In these special tutoring the zadas are trained to also look at abdes as not pure bred, abdes are ghulam offcourse that is what it means, and they will receive blessings or sawab and it's imams khidmat to keep abde on straight line. This way no zada or zadi even imagine rebelling or opening up to commoners. If they do they will be in financial and social consequences. There are special ustads who extract the doses and there are old zadas who agree what is to be taught. The kids feel honoured to have been taught by a diai, mazoon or mukasir.that is for the elit club. After that the zadas and zadi occasionally attend normal classes but it's for irrelevant courses and association with commoners. They also add university arts degrees for show so they are not treated as nutcases.

If someone as polluted with worldly knowledge and access to Ummah knowledge as reformists try it we would really choke.