Legacy of Muawiyah in Saifee Mahal.

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Re: Legacy of Muawiyah in Saifee Mahal.


Unread post by Shabab » Sat Nov 28, 2020 10:41 pm

Okay fair enough ;)


anything which is based on lies and cheats cant be Haq.

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Re: Legacy of Muawiyah in Saifee Mahal.


Unread post by Sheikh_Sajjad_Husain » Thu Dec 03, 2020 11:31 am

Shabab wrote: Thu Nov 26, 2020 9:13 am I think there were multiple times when Dai has not appointed any sucessor but the hudood of that time managed to point someone pious to take the seat and continue the seat.
Very interesting point, can you please elaborate on this.

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Re: Legacy of Muawiyah in Saifee Mahal.


Unread post by Shabab » Thu Dec 03, 2020 10:40 pm

Sheikh_Sajjad_Husain wrote: Thu Dec 03, 2020 11:31 am
Shabab wrote: Thu Nov 26, 2020 9:13 am I think there were multiple times when Dai has not appointed any sucessor but the hudood of that time managed to point someone pious to take the seat and continue the seat.
Very interesting point, can you please elaborate on this.

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Re: Legacy of Muawiyah in Saifee Mahal.


Unread post by bohraspy » Tue Jan 19, 2021 4:17 am

AbdeYamani wrote: Sun Nov 08, 2020 8:37 pm
bohraspy wrote: Sun Nov 08, 2020 5:15 am AbdeYamani

Thank you for sharing this detailed information. I have also heard that SKQ was to receive nass but YN threatened to spill the beans, and YN stopped it.
I didn't know it was this deep.
Please share more!
STS had clearly directed SMB to nominate KQ as next in line, KQ was groomed for the position.
Everybody in the Qasr e Aali, Many top most Mashaikhs and Ustaads were privy to this information.

Hence, terminology specifically indicating that of a Dai to be were used for KQ in his Early decades of Mazoonship.
Also, he was specially addressed in Risalat of STS.

It is said that KQ mother was a beautiful and highly cultured and from a rich family and quite younger to STS.

When STS proposed her for marriage she agreed on few conditions one of which was that STS would nominate one of her off-springs as 53rd. To which he agreed.

of all the sons STS had from her KQ was most charismatic and capable.

YN also had cordial relations with KQ and was infact teacher of KQ, but problem with KQ was arrogance signs of which can be clearly seen in his children... and at times he tried to outsmart YN which was his biggest mistake.

In his early days KQ was in rather powerful position. nor was he a mazoon but was also given lucrative jamiat of Udaipur as part of his fiefdom. He had 3 full brothers 2 half brothers(sons of Wazira Aai) Mukasir Saleh bs and Financial Manager and brother of STS Ibrahim Bs full support, also Saifee Mahal and many other properties were under his name. Dawat Lawyers Haidermotas were his maternal cousins..

So YN did not attack him straight away... YN went for a long con. He was head of Jamea so he used that position to his advantage to completely rewrite the creed(belief system) of Dawoodi Bohra... were he utterly degraded and destroyed the significance of position of Mazoon and Mukasir and those pupil trained under him spread the same message across the world.. he was also head of amalat department so all the amils also sang to his music.

Many people are not aware of this but even the revolt and following fitna that happened in Udaipur had hands of YNs politics in it. which destroyed the most lucrative and influential Jamiat under Khuzaima's control for long period of time.

After the death of Mukasir Saleb bs, Ras al Hudud Ibrahim bs KQ lost key supporters and after the death of sons of Wazira Aais sons KQ lost those who hated YN more than he did and were his natural alies...

what was left after that were his real brother Hatim, Abbas and Mohammed Baqir.. Mohammed Baqir was an addict wholived most of his life in Paris and his only son was married to daughter of Shehzada Qaid Johar and Abbas Bs and Hatim Bs were no match to YN, Qasim and Ali Asgher. and both of them through marriages and money were eventually bought out. Most of the Mashaikhs and Ustaads except for Sheik Yahya Pardawala were either bought out or silenced. Things were so bad between Hatim Bs and KQ that in his last years they were not even on talking terms.

By the time all this happened SMBs sons had grown up and ready, and YN was the most powerful person in the Dawat politically and financially and handled press and public relation very efficiently. Also his four sons were now grown up and ready and by the marriage of SMS to Daughter of YN were very close to him. These four sons like father were and are equally vile and ruthless.

thus by the time episode of East Africa happened KQ was already in a very weak position and that's when by the help of hebatullah who was doing his own politics had vested interest against another powerful and wealthy family of africa Ganijees gave the final blow to KQ aspirations of ever becoming a Dai.

All of this, along with various rumours of KQ womanizing were successfully spread and then we all know about Zahir Batin website and what they use to teach in Sabaq About him..

At the same time positive propoganda about SMS started and him getting Laqab of Aqeequl Yaman along with full machinery of YN at his disposal put him in spotlight.

It is said that KQ and his children have some signed documents of STS and SMB that confirms their claim but they have not put it as evidence yet, and sms side is aware of this hence, if you will follow the case closly you will find out that they are no more fighting the claim that Nass was not done of KQ rather that Nass was changed and can be changed.
and both sides are fighting most aggressively on this point. KQ side claiming Nass is by Ilham from Imam (as) and can never be changed and SMS side claiming that yes it can be changed to prove their point they have gone to extent of saying that Nass was changed from Imam Ismail(as) to Musa Kazim.. Both of them cannot openly tell what the truth is because it would expose a lot of claims and exaggeration they make in regards to office of Dai al Mutlaq.

Truth is Nass of Dai is not similar to and does not have same level of Ismat(protection) as Nass of mustaqar Imam on another Mustaqar Imam(as), and can very well be changed. But one side is denying this and other side is trying to prove this but instead of accepting inferiority of Ismat they are making false claims on Institute of Imamat itself. Both of them are lying by equating the Nass of Imam(as) to that of Dai al Mutlaq. Nass of Mustaqar Imam(as) on successor Imam(as) is and can never be changed It goes in a straight line...

SMS is not academically that qualified an army of scholars headed by Shz Jafar al Sadiq prepare Waaz material for him.
His extempore addressing which people love about SMS became a matter of headache for SMS camp when he asked everyone to come to masjid on eve of Ghadir e Khum in the early days of corona pandemic hence, you must have noticed that in last global waaz on Shahadat of Imam Hasan (as) whenever he went off the script they mute his broadcast. SMS side also clearly denied that SMS would ever come to court of law for any hearing or take the stand, because his sons and lawyers know very well that the truth about his lack of knowlefge will come into light. Soon Nass wil be conferred on his son Shz Husain Bs, who is very well groomed and far better person character wise as compared to Taher. and he and his brother's will definitely face Taher's lawyers competently.

Personally I have heard good things about Husain Bs and hope he will bring lot of good changes in the community.

In short... This Dawat is no doubt Dawat al Haq and is mansub towards Bani Fatema(sa).. so we should stick around rather than becoming wahabis, athiests or Ithna Asheris.. but things have gone wrong in the past 200 years... and to counter the false and exaggerated narrative that has been developed around the institute of Dai by claiming most of attributes and powers specific to Imam(as) for Dai al Mutlaq in Dawr Satr and turning people into brainwashed fanatics. big injustice has been done...and I know that disclosing these facts do not make any difference to any fanatics.. but Kothar and ruling family should know that there are still people out there who know the truth and will keep exposing you to try to keep your ego and actions in check by whatever little they can do... such as write this article to put lot of things on record.
What I heard was different. That STS was that STS had already nominated SKQ as his own successor and SMB & YN threatened to disclose information withheld, and then canvassed the change to SMB.

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Re: Legacy of Muawiyah in Saifee Mahal.


Unread post by AbdeYamani » Fri Jan 22, 2021 12:03 pm

AbdeYamani wrote: Wed Nov 04, 2020 4:54 pm My grandmother is a cousin of late Mazun Husain BS. Therefore we know many secrets of the Qasre Aali. They are worse than vultures. People know well that it was Muaviyya who established and introduced the department of poison from where high potency of the toxin was provided to administer to his enemies. Similarly, 47th Janab Abdulqadir Najmuddin Saheb followed the practice of Muaviyya, and this evil deed was inherited in 51st Janab Taher Saifuddin Saheb. He enjoyed the seat of Dai after giving poison to his full-brother Tayyeb Bhaisaheb Zainuddin, who was appointed Mansoos by 50th Janab Abdullah Badruddin Saheb. When Taher Saifuddin Saheb became King, he found many Ulama, who kept a strict vigilance on his financial policy contrary to the religion and criticized. Taher Saifuddin Saheb tactfully poisoned his critics, through paan, sharbat, fateha sweets, etc and didn’t even spare his wife and mother of 52nd Janab Muhammed Burhanuddin Saheb. It was Ishaq BS Jamaluddin who announced that Nikah of Janab Taher Saifuddin was impossible with the Bhanji of Husaina Aaisaheba, therefore Taher Saifuddin Saheb tactfully removed her (Husaina Aai).

In his Sabaq Halqas, Miansaheb Fidahusain Yemeni uttered many secrets, which ultimately disturbed YN & Brothers. He criticized Taher Saifuddin Saheb that he declared several Talaq against the Fiqh and suggested a renewal of Nikah after Halala. He offered his services voluntarily for Halala only to gorgeous women and enjoyed as long as he wished. It was his young day’s favorite hobby. Many Surti and Mumbai families know this fact but how could they share this horrible info that their Nanima or Daadima was purified by Halala on the bed of 51st Janab Taher Saifuddin Saheb. It may be new for readers but not for those who know secrets. The remaining women approached Shaikh Ibrahim Yemeni and company for the Halala act. Shaikh Sajjadhusain and his group, Mohammad BS Badruddin and his group, Yusha BS and others whenever discussed YN and his orders they didn’t say Yusuf Najmuddin, rather they said: “wo tabbakh na lunda no order che.” The reason was that Taher Saifuddin didn’t give due time to his wives, rather he enjoyed Halala honeymoon. A young neglected wife in the peak of her youth found some comfort zone to fulfill her natural desire. Aaisaheba was involved with Qurbanhusain Tabbakh (Bhatyara). There were many resemblances in faces and bodies of Yusuf BS and Qasim BS with Tabbakh, who also loved them and gifted toys. It was a common practice of the children of Taher Saifuddin Saheb that in travel if they saw any gorgeous women they tried to attract her through religious sentiments and approached her in seclusion for blessings.

Mazlum Marhum Aamilsaheb Miyasaheb Ghulamhusain was the brother in law of Maqtul Marhum Miyasaheb Sajjadhusain Sarangpurwala. Sheikh Ghulamhusain was a successful Aamil during the time of 51st Janab TS and Early Period of 52nd Janab MB, he was a pious and kind person, a scholar par excellence, and an expert at Islamic Occult-Science. When the four learned Ulema were persecuted by She-zada YN (LA) during the same period, She-zada Qasim Hakimuddin (LA) had arrived in Karachi for fun and feast in the garb of Saheb e Dawat. During Qasim’s stay, Sheikh Ghulamhusain committed a deadly mistake, once while having lunch with a bunch of his Kothari friends he revealed a dirty secret about Qasim Hakimuddin. Those who were presented at his lunch were Sheikh Amiruddin Kothari, Sheikh Sajjad Husain Shujauddin, Shaikh Ibrahim Bhanporawala, Sheikh Mohammadali Moyyadi, Sheikh Abdul Karim Nader, Sheikh Fidahusain, Mulla Mohammedhusain Nemachwala. Mullah Mohammed Husain Neemachwala was not very high up in echelon and used this opportunity to gain favor with Kothar at least for Hadiyyat. Qasim Hakimuddin like many other Baite Zaani and Kachra e Aali was a notorious sexual predator. Once a family approached Sheikh Ghulamhusain for Nikah and he said Raza is in the hands of She-zada and he will conduct the ceremony. Qasim Hakimuddin solemnized Nikah and his Diwan called Dulhan for Qadambosi of She-zada. Unfortunately, the evil eyes of Qasim fell on the young bride who was extremely beautiful. During those days, Bohra woman would never do hand kiss style salaam which is very common these days even to Aamils, but Qasim through his Diwans forced the Bride to do so, and instruct her that post Nikah before Zafaf she should come at the residence of She-zada so he will give her some special tabaruk. The poor Dulhan went along with her newly wed husband. However, when they reached there. Qasim had already instructed the security to not let the husband come in. Therefore the innocent bride went inside alone. After two hours when she came out, her clothes were without cress and she was profusely crying. Qasim BS Hakimuddin had brutally and sexually molested her. After this, the guy refused to accept as wife and divorced her. When some news leaked and before the issue got hot, Qasim and his touts in return started character assassination of the innocent victim lady. After hearing this secret from the mouth of sheikh, M. M Hussain Neemachwala informed Qasim BS regarding Sheikh Ghulamhusain’s revelations. Qasim did not take any action immediately. He waited for a couple of days and then one afternoon in Jamea there was a majlis followed by Ziyafat. Shk Ghulamhusain use to stay opposite to the Jamea Saifya. All of sudden after Majlis rapist Qasim BS, announced Sheikh Ghulamhusain as Inqetai and munafiq and declared that he was Kachrapeti (stinky garbage) that should be thrown out of mumineen’s mohalla. Thus all the fanatics and opportunist mullahs immediately left majlis and attacked Sheikh Ghulamhusain’s House. They did all kinds of Zulm on Miyasaheb and his family, which I cannot dare to write. Thus, just like that, like many other innocent Mumins, Sheikh Ghulamhusain was also tortured and destined to a life of misery and Zulm by the Evil Baite Zaani aka Kachra e Aali just to hide their own misdeeds and scandals.

Dawoodi Bohras should learn a lesson from these horrible facts. For God sake never never ever trust these She-zadas, Bhaisahebs, and Kotharis, Baite Zaani & Kachra e Aalis and allow meeting with their wives and daughters.

Shaikh Fidahusain Yemeni was well aware of such kinds of nasty facts. Which he revealed in his final phase of life, thus he was peacefully killed by poison, injected by Dr. Shaikh Tyyebbhoy under the instruction of YN. Shaikh Rajabali was also departed from this world through Rahmat water, because he supported Khuzaima Qutbuddin, as he was one of the witnesses of Nass of 51st Janab Taher Saifuddin on 53rd Janab KQ.

Dr. YN was like other intellectuals, ignored principles of Sharia and enjoyed private life lavishly. Russian Vodka was his favourite, which was served to him by his loyal Godhrawala servant who carried it always in a thermos, and on his signal presented him in a cup with words: “Saheb Dawa Nu Time Thaee Gayu”. Renowned Dr. Z. Ansari was also his partner in his private meetings, where both enjoyed. He was P.R. of the Dawat and stayed adjacent to Saifee Mahal. YN visited the Ambassador hotel to remove his tension, and some Hurries got Sharaf of his Qadambusi and relaxed him. His sons, grandsons inherited their bawaji/grandpa’s habits and today they are enjoying with Bohra ladies, who have less value of chastity. Bohra women consider them “holy”.

List of the crimes of Yusuf Najmuddin is long, however following are his achievements:

1. Yusuf Najmuddin degraded the value of the Quran and Islam in the Bohra community only to make the position of the Dai most strongest, so they can dictate over community.

2. He devalued the Ulama and declared Ban on reading Books, other than Jamea syllabus.

3. He introduced category systems, She-zadas, their children, Qasre Aali, Bait e Zaini, Kuthar Mubarak, Ummaal Kiraam, Muallimeen, Mustafideen Jamea, Khidmat Guzars, etc

4. Charged money for every activity in community, the list of Najwa is very long and published several times

5. This Pharaoh granted enormous power to his own family

6. Forced transferred properties of philontropists and charitable institutions of community to his own name

7. Cheated his step-brother, Mazun KQ and turned him

8. He was a master orator like other cheators

List is tooo long of his blunder and wrongdoings.

Dr. Yusuf Najmuddin was a seasoned criminal, who himself murdered his two stepbrothers, one sister, some senior members of the Baite Zany, former principal of Surat Jamea and eventually himself got killed mercilessly when a deal went wrong with the Land Mafia of Egypt. Following are some of the references from Newspapers and periodicals confirming his suspicious death:

Daily newspaper Al-Shaabi, reported on 04-22-1987 as under:
“Deal resulting in Death
On ill-faith 20th morning at around 6 a crushed body was spotted by a Sudanian Arab visitor, lying in front of Hotel Conrad. It was hurriedly collected by Hotel management and handed over.
Brother of Daudi head was here in Cairo since 13th Feb visiting and throwing parties to several government officials. Unconfirmed reports point to some Land-deal. He also had an audience with the President.
No official comments so far.”

Al-Heddaf Daily
"The Prince’s death concealed
The dead body found on 20th April in front of a luxurious hotel said to be that of Naib Sultan Yusuf Najmuddin from India. It was in “broken” condition, unable to fly to his native country. Hence buried here. The Prince was seen having some meeting last night with some land-dealers in the 4th floor room. It is suspected that he fell down from there. The investigations by police are going on.
The Prince's brother Sultan Mohammad is in London.

News in brief had also appeared in Akhbarul-Hawadis and Weekly Jaridatul-Fajar.

But News-Magazine Rosal-Yusuf wrote a detailed article describing the “strange practices of tiny sect of Shiite”, the story of harassment of the followers quoting from the report of Nathwani commission, damage done to the Egypt heritage by the desirous person of Fatimid glory and finally questioning the secrecy about the death and a complete silence on the part of the government. And why was the body buried outside the general cemetery?

His secretary, Shaikh Hayderali indorwala weepingly said after YN’s death:

“Zalimo Ye Apna Jisam Na Tukra Kari Dida. Aap Shaheed che.”

A sweeper indicated his dead body which was found in garbage. Such was his tragic death, a divine punishment, no doubt.

The current ruling family of the 53rd Janab Mufaddal Saifuddin was trained under Y. N and inherited all his evils. Just a few years ago poisoned was injected to Shaikh Muhammed Shakir Burhanpuri, teacher of 53rd Janab MS, when he criticized the wrong policies of MS children. Shaikh Yahyabhoy Pardawala was also teacher of 53rd Janab MS and his mukasir QJ, who is known as “King maker”. He didn’t care of so -called Qasre Aali, and treated them just like Beggars, because of his power as head of the Qaza department. He often discussed half knowledge of She-zadas in humiliating style and uttered repeatedly that even Burhanuddin Saheb is dependent on him. The Mufaddali lobby (YN family) was deadly against him thus they beat him ruthlessly on the base of his nineteen pages long charge-sheet against she-zada MS which he had submitted personally to Burhanuddin Saheb. In the absence of Burhanuddin Saheb this charge-sheet file was stolen by MS. Shaikh Haiderali and Shaikh Muhammed Poonawala started an operation against Shaikh Yahya and took full revenge for their old enmity. Shaikh Yahya threatened Mufaddali lobby to disclose the secrets or else he warned that he had recorded his statement in three different places, and in case of his sudden death these secrets will be published and police will register murder case against MS, Badruljamali and Brothers. Thus Shaikh Yahya is still surviving. Recently Shaikh Mohammadhussain Poonawala and Shaikh Hayderali indorewala expired suspiciously. Indorewala was MS teacher, while Poonawala was teacher of his children, the future head of the community. Even these greedy families of MS did not spare the old Burhanuddin Saheb and offered him venom twice during his last five years.

My father once disclosed:

“Moula gave Rahmat water for Bu (grandma), who was severely ill so don’t drink from it and take care of it, otherwise the one who will sip it will die”.

I asked my father, is something mixed in the water?

In very low voice he replied

“zhar milu huwu chy”.

Perhaps it may be shocking for readers but not for me. Everyone knows in Saify and Badri Mahal that the son of Burhanuddin saheb, Huzaifa BS Mohiyuddin was killed by poison. All burden of his death is upon the shoulders of the one who is enjoying now his portfolio. He was a moderate person and always tried to accommodate people. He paid due respect to educated also, which was against the policy of Mufaddali lobby. Everyone was well aware in the Saify Mahal that Huzaifa BS had a close relation with K. Qutbuddin(one of the reasons why he was not mentioned as Nass-Witness) as compare to his other brothers, and one can say that only he was his supporter and behind his suspicious death perhaps this factor was involved Dr. Moiz injected venom and killed him. Soon Dr. Moiz will leave this world as a forged Nass witness and carrier of many secrets. Dr. Moiz BS and his notorious son, Abdulqadir BS, known corrupt and womanizer, have built their empire outside of India.

YN’s children, Queen Johrat and her children, daughter no 2 Maria’s children, BJ, Saeed, Kausar and Juzer and their puppies are tirelessly trying to present Yusuf Najmuddin as saint, therefore his speeches often air on various occasions. Kinana and Qusai, both sons of Maria, daughter of YN today have enormous power in today's Bohra community. Qusai took over the charge of the office of international finance, which was earlier in the hands of his father in law, Qaidjoher.
Greedy Kinana and arrogant Qusai represent two satanic figures of Saify Mahal, one is Y.N another is King David (Dawood BS), terror for each Bohra Zair and Hajis. Everyone sent upon him curse. Dawood did not care of 52nd Janab Burhanuddin when he visited Saudi Arab and said this is my jurisdiction and Burhanuddin have to follow his orders. Kinana is enjoying life like other tops of Saify Mahal.His father mudar is Aamil of Surat, proud of so called knowledge. Anyway, a seprate white paper is required to discuss the crimes of YN's children. This satanic family has submitted Egypt government a redevelopment plan of the mausoleum of the great companion of Ali, Malik ul Ashtar at marj, near Cairo. In the cover of redevelopment of the mausoleum they will include the grave of Yusuf Najmuddin inside the room. Current 53rd already declared his father in law as saint, so they will construct his Zaree and a Gulla would be placed there for Bohras to put Fakhir amount in it, which may help the family of MS in buying lucrative properties in Egypt. After all, YN spent around 40 years brainwashing the community and now it is the right of his children to enjoy it. His great contribution has written with gold that he made dawoodi bohras “mad”. Change the basic creeds and coined new creeds, one of which is “only moula moula Jaano si Aalaa”.

Dear Mumineen, be careful and don’t take food and drink offered to you as a Tabarruk by these devils as it may contain poison.

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