Houston Jamaat, Its time to kiss Burhanuddin's Ass!

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Houston Jamaat, Its time to kiss Burhanuddin's Ass!


Unread post by Guest » Wed Mar 07, 2001 3:33 pm

Although Burhanuddin was sick recently in India,inspite of earthquake in Gujrat,even at his old age he still want to travel to North America just for the temptation of mighty Benjamins. It's feast time for all the fanatics.People gonna waste lot of their time and money but the beneficial will be the kothar. People, open up your eyes!



Unread post by Guest » Sat Mar 10, 2001 1:15 pm

No point in them opening their eyes as they are blind anyway.<br>A lot of these blind followers have emigrated from Africa/India,where they have accured their wealth, with of course hard work, hopefully, but how they got this wealth out of the country is questionable, as none of these countries allow money to be transfered overseas officially.This is the case in America and more so in UK, where they have bought property around the London Mosque. But then of course with Burhannuddins blessing,the money ending up in his bounty, its all Halal.



Unread post by Guest » Sat Mar 10, 2001 8:03 pm

Asalaam Aliekum, Puff Daddy and the rest of ya'll,<br>Now I know you ain't gonna like this, coz I tell it like it is, and dude you tell it like it might be, so here goes. <p>You are ready to judge others yet you claim to be "progressive", "reformists." Sounds very HYPOCRITICAL, doesn't it? Who gave you folks the right or the priviledge to interprete the Holy Quran? Don't you know the FUNDAMENTAL concept about us Shia(i.e. ASSUMING you still believe in being SHIA) is that of NAS! Don't you know what happened on Eid-E-Ghadir-E-Khum? Where in Shiaism do we EVER have electoral process like those in our Sunni brethrens? I mean, I hope you guys aren't so lost that you now even question the existance of the Imam! <p>You claim this site is supposed to respect all views....how is calling anyone KOTHAR doing so? I guess where ignorance is bliss, it's folly to be wise:-)<p>So, let's address the question of money. FIRST, IFyou EVER pray, you know



Unread post by Guest » Sat Mar 10, 2001 8:23 pm

Sorry for that..lemme continue...If you ever pray, you know that there is NO compulsion in religion....AYAAT-UL-KURSI...check it out, it's enlightning! So, NOONE is forcing ya to do anything, man! BUT, in any society, one pays taxes etcetc..that is part of a COMMUNITY...check it out it happens in all Chruches, Temples, etcetc....is this concept so hard to grasp, or is being stupid now a norm?:-) Even then, when have you heard ANYONE being punished for not doing salaam to Aqa Moula w/o money? <p>Seems to me that you, Puff Daddy, have an infatuation with the Benjamins. ANWAR, again, who gives you the right to judge how Bohras (and MANY other people) from Africa got their money out-or even how they live their lives? No one seems to care and is concerned about how you live yours, so why not adopt the same principles....again is this too complicated for ya'll? I mean, since when has petty and completely irrelevant things like this become important in determining someone's faith?<p>My only request for you guys is this .....God Lifts you out of the Darkness, into the Light...Ayaat-Ul-Kursi.....to each their own faith, so why not let it be that way, and life goes on? <p>You have NO rights to criticize the way Bohras live their lives, when yours is far more miserable:-) See the light..Allaho Noor us samaawate wal ardh!<br>Maasalaama!<p><br>



Unread post by Guest » Mon Mar 12, 2001 2:19 pm

Warm Welcome at Houston <br>Shehzada Malekul Ashtar Bhaisaheb welcomes Aqa Moula (TUS) in Houston Over 400 Mumineen Receive Aqa Moula (TUS) at Houston Airport Houston Mayor Pro Temp Rev. Jew Boney Presents Key to the City. <p>There was an electricity in the air at Terminal D of the Houston Intercontinental Airport. Just after noon on 8-March-2001, Mumineen started trickling into the designated area. By 1:30 PM, the entire arena was packed with Houstonians, and Mumineen from all parts of America and around the globe. Every face of Mumineen, Muminaat, and the many farzand gathered there glowed with joy and anticipation. With the co-operation of the airport authorities, arrangements were made for Mumineen to sit on the carpet in Shakelat of Majlis. After all our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) was arriving to celebrate Idd-e- Ghadir-e-Khum, and InshaAllah, Ashara 1422 AH in Houston, Texas (USA). <p>At about 2:45 PM, the airport authorities informed the excited crowd that the Lufthansa plane had landed. Aqa Moula (TUS) disembarked first, followed by the kafla of Shehzada Sahebs, Shezadi Saheba and othet Khidmat Guzars. Moula (TUS) was welcomed by a bouquet of flowers as soon as He got off the plane on the RED CARPET that lay along the air corridor. Aqa Moula (TUS) was escorted by dignitaries and officials to a special VIP room in the customs area where Shehzada Saheb Malek-ul-Ashtar Shujauddin Saheb, Husain Bhaisaheb Saifuddin, Abdeali Bhaisaheb Shujauddin, and Taha Bhaisaheb Shujauddin were waiting to welcome Moula (TUS). Special Immigration and Customs officials were on hand in this VIP room to process the papers, and this was done in a matter of minutes. <p>Outside, the crowd that waited with bated breath for Aqa Moula (TUS) to come in through the door. Among those gathered were dignitaries including Mayor Pro Temp of the City of Houston, Rev. Jew Don Boney, Indian Counsel General Ringzing Wangde, Mr. Lutfi Hasan, Member of President George Bush's Commission to Central Asia, Leaders of the Aga Khan Ismaili community, other community leaders, and business men. <p>A few minutes later the Golden moment arrived. The door opened and Aqa Moula (TUS) came though the door followed by Shezada Malekul Ashtar Bhaisaheb and others. Almost instantly Mumineen started doing Matam of Imam Husain. There were tears of joy streaming down the the eyes of one and all including the many dignitaries gathered in the area. The Amil Saheb and Members of the Anjuman-e-Shujaee Jamaat of Houston did istiqbal with a bouquet of roses, and the Counsel General of India instantly sat down at the feet of Aqa Moula (TUS). One and all were in inspired awe drawn by the magnetic yet serene personality in the center of the room. Amongst the cries of Moula! Moula! one could hear the distinct strains of Ya Alo Taha Rida which was prayed in unison by the crowd. Truly a moving experience! <p>Aqa Moula (TUS) then graciously received Houston Mayor Jew Don Boney. The Mayor presented Aqa Moula (TUS) with a gold key to the City of Houston. This honor is reserved only for the most special Heads of State, and there was sustained tabassum in the chehra of our beloved Moula (TUS). Aqa Moula (TUS) read the inscription on the key in detail. In his address, Mayor Boney looked to Aqa Moula (TUS) as being a true International Ambassador of Peace and Goodwill. Grasping the enormity of the moment as the Mayor viewed the Mumineen gathered in front of him, the mayor remarked addressing Aqa Moula (TUS), "The world needs more leaders like you". In presenting the Key to the City, the Mayor said, "Your Holiness, I present you this key to the city. It is not only to the city but a Key to our Hearts!" The Mayor celeberated the fact that Houston is a city of diverse faiths and people, and congratulated the Bohra community on being a most engaged, organized, and progressive community. Aqa Moula (TUS) asked the Mayor if he had ever been to India, and when the mayor replied that he had not, Moula (TUS) graciously invited him to visit the country. The Mayor said that he wished he would do so. <p>Then Aqa Moula (TUS) proceeded to the waiting Rolls Royce Silver Shadow escorted by four motor cycles and a pilot car of the special Intelligence division of the Houston Police. As Aqa Moula's (TUS) car drove off, the pilots turned on the lights and stopped all traffic to make way for Moula (TUS). This honor too, is only reserved for Heads of State. Though it was rush hour, Aqa Moula's (TUS) motorcade had priority passage to Shehzada Saheb's house. The Dai had arrived to America! <p>Report by:<br>Abde Syedna{tus}<br>Zohair Amanat ali<br>Aamil Houston {USA}<p>



Unread post by Guest » Tue Mar 13, 2001 12:06 am

<br>Salaams:<p>Zohair has written as follows about the Syedna's houston entrance:<p>"A few minutes later the Golden moment arrived. The door opened and Aqa Moula (TUS) came though the door followed by Shezada Malekul Ashtar Bhaisaheb and others. Almost instantly Mumineen started doing Matam of Imam Husain. "<p>This is digusting and blasphemous. Matam is given towards entrance of the syedna now?? <br>What is happening to the people. There is no way any person deserves "Ya Hussain" matam wherever they walk. <p>



Unread post by Guest » Tue Mar 13, 2001 5:12 am

<br>Zohair,<p>The way you described Burhanuddin's arrival at Houston airport is nothing new and ludicrous. His luxurious life has been taking place for the past fifity years at the expense of the Bohri public. He's riding in Rolls Royces and a red carpet is laid out for him like he is a dictatorial king. What is this? Burhanuddin and the Kothar take advantage of Imam Hussain's name by imposing matam year round and worst of all making money off the bloodshed of our holy Imam. <p>What kind of disrespect is this to the true Imams of Islam!! How dare we follow our corrupt Burhanuddin and help him increase his astounding wealth by abusing Imam Hussain's name. Wake up and realize the sacrilegious crimes you people are committing!



Unread post by Guest » Tue Mar 13, 2001 1:47 pm

O.K. ALEEM, it's a HOLY day today, it's Eid-E-Ghadir-E-Khum...and I wish you all a Blessed Eid. So, I'll refrain from speaking my mind about you folks today....till tomorrow, Inshallah!:-)<p>Do you know why the Mumin were doing matham for Imam Husein (A.S.)? They are requesting the Dai-El-Mutlaq to perform Ashara in Houston! It's most certainly is NOT a mockery of the Ahlul-Bait. How can you mock the Imam, when his Dai is standing right infront of you? Again, I really hope you guys aren't so lost that now you even don't believe in the Imamat and the Dais'?!?!?!<p>"His luxurious life has been taking place for the past fifity years at the expense of the Bohri public. He's riding in Rolls Royces and a red carpet is laid out for him like he is a dictatorial king. What is this?"<p>PUFF DADDY, my bro, you need to think before you leap.......a Red Carpet welcome is customary for religious Dignitaries. Aqa Moula was given all the priviledges reserved for someone like the Pope, or a visiting Head of State. The Pope rides in super expensive cars and gets a Red Carpet welcome....does this make him a dictatorial king? The Pope makes tons of money in Vatican...does this now make him a Dictator? Aqa Moula (TUS) was given this honor by the CITY of HOUSTON...they weren't forced to give him this welcome....or you think the Mayor of Houston is scared of Bohras?:-) And the High Commisioner of India? How about the Aga Khan's representative? I guess all these guys are also brain-washed, right?:-)<p>Maasalaam......again, I urge you today on this Holy day, when the rest of Islam questioned ALI, where are you gonna stand? The Siraat-E-Mustaqueem is never straight.....don't get lost in your own fantasies, your Dai is ready to take each and everyone to the Path of the Righteous....the Path of the Imam who will show us the Path of Allah....



Unread post by Guest » Tue Mar 13, 2001 9:17 pm

Interesting reporting on Moula´s trip to Houston,U.S.A.But can you please explain why, such a V.I.P.dignitary, who as you said "had the honour only reserved for most special Head of States" had to go thru the costoms and immigration formalities?About 400 mumineen,muminaat and farzand from all parts of America and around the globe came to welcome moula. The question is where were the rest of Bohra population, from the region mentioned above, and why did they not turn up?You have a card system of different denomination for entering and placement in the Jamaat.Has this system any security,religious monetary or what is it based on? Once again thank-you for visiting this Progressive Dawoodi Bohra sight,and for uppdating us ,who cannot be there for various reasons, on the happenings in Houston.I hope your moula does not know you visited this sight or your raza vill be cancelled and this applies to masaai too, but then he is hiding under some fancy name so you are, I guess, safe.And as for you masaai, lets keep our house in order without caring about what type of reception the Pope gets and how much money he makes etc.If you care how much money he gets, then ask yourself what he does for his people too.



Unread post by Guest » Tue Mar 13, 2001 10:06 pm

ANWAR, I think I've already explained why I'm using the name Masaai....I guess if you just can't read, then I really can't help ya:)<p>As for keeping our house in order...the House is in order, how is yours? And again, before you ask me to explain it, lemme enlighten you...the house you should be concerned is your soul, my friend. Allah says, "For those who doubt, I will take them from the Light, into the Darkness. When has the Dai ever said you don't belong to the community if you don't give him money?:-) Surely, even you don't believe he is responsible for the state of what happens at the LOCAL level! <p>"Ask yourself what he does for his people too." Well, I KNOW for a fact, he personally sent a lot of help to Africa during crises to help Mumin who were in trouble. He's alwys ready to put the mumineen first...why else would he come to Houston? You do know he is/was very ill? And ANWAR,et.al. don't give me some adolescent remark like he came for the money.....dude, if you want to argue a point, use your head first, not your heart.....it really betrays your ignorance!<br>



Unread post by Guest » Thu Mar 15, 2001 5:16 am

<br>Zohair,<p>Let me ask you this question - Did you do salam and took "raza" from your Burhanuddin to come to this website? How much "green" forcibly collected yesterday by you fanatics on Eid -e- Gadir day and what percentage of that loot pocketed by you?



Unread post by Guest » Thu Mar 15, 2001 10:19 pm

Asalaam aleikum, PUFF DADDY, my friend, let me quote Imam ALI A.S. This is how a MOOMIN should behave, among the MANY attributes.... <p>A MOOMIN IS :<p>THOROUGH IN HIS KNOWLEDGE.<br>COMPREHENSIVE IN HIS LOGIC.<br>SPEAKS BY WISDOM.<br>HE UNDERSTANDS BY KNOWLEDGE.........<p>Need I say more:-) Uttering unsubstantiated stuff really, really betrays your illiteracy and ignorance! Be thorough in your knowledge, comprehensive in your logic, dude! Let Aqa Moula show you the right path, the path of the Imam-us-zamaan, the ONLY true and right path:)<br>Maasalaama