Syedna"s 93rd Birthday--

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Syedna"s 93rd Birthday--


Unread post by MOHD HUSSAIN » Mon Jun 07, 2004 9:37 pm

A grand celebration is taking place in Pakistan on the occasion of Syedna's birthday and they have bought out a lot of Pakistani officials during this visit so once more they can suck the community dry of it's wealth and get as much out as possible ! A lot of advertisements and news buletins have gone out both in India & abroad depicting Syedna saheb as "Shantina DOOT" meaning -Angel Of Peace--I have not seen Syedna Saheb taking any role in any of these current disputes & war going in middle east and between _India & Pakistan! One such news has appeared in Akila -a Gujarati News Paper from Rajkot in which two Sheikhs of Rajkot have written to the News paper describing praises & works of Syedna calling him an angel of peace--Please write a protest letter to the editor giving him the real facts about Syedna saheb--E-mail address is""

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Re: Syedna"s 93rd Birthday--


Unread post by humble_servant_us » Tue Jun 08, 2004 4:02 am

peace be upon u all,

In today Times of India mumbai dated 8june'04 there is a supplement titled "harbinger of Peace"...It is abt Sayedna and all the good deeds he has carried out in his life...The supplement also includes photographs of sayedna with dignitories of various countries...Here there is one photograph which has awed me..It is the meeting of Sayedna with queen Elizabeth II..The picture depicts sayedna shaking hands with the queen...

A small food for thought

"Is shaking hands with a na-mehram woman permissible in Bohra Islam ?".

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Re: Syedna"s 93rd Birthday--


Unread post by MOHD HUSSAIN » Tue Jun 08, 2004 7:21 pm

Here is the copy of one of the xcellent letter written by Mr Saifuddin Insaf to Editor of Indian express---Similar letters of protests can be wrtten by any of you to these News papers - To write to Akila News paper is

The Central of Dawoodi Bohra Community,

9B, Himalaya Appt. Sixth Road, Santacruz, Munmbai - 400 055
Phone: 26630085 / 2567 24 82 E-mail:


The Editor,

Indian Express,

Express News Service

Sub: News Item “To Pakistan, to wish Dr. Sayedna happy birthday” in Mumbai Newsline dated June 3, 2004.

The above news item, presumably as usual inserted by the Sayedna establishment, with comments from Dr. Saifuddin Bapai and Saikh Abdeali Bhanpurwala, both henchmen from the same establishment, was really shocking, especially because it found a place in a prestigious newspaper like Indian Express.

The news item claims “Sayedna is regarded as a highly respected leader worldwide. He always promotes the secular image and values of India.” Far from this claim the truth is that Sayedna Mohammed Burhanuddin is a highly autocratic leader who suppresses the human rights of his own followers on a large scale. Two inquiry commissions, Justice Nathwani and Justice Tiwetia Commissions, have already established this truth. Indian Express had written the editorial “Religious Intolerance” dated 18 Feb. 1981, on the shocking report of these commissions. The editorial along other things says “ Nathwani Commission has confirmed grave allegations of extraction of money and swearing blind allegiance to the Sayedna.”

In fact we the members of Dawoodi Bohra Community known as Reformist Dawoodi Bohras are demanding democratic functioning of community affairs and Sayedna tries to crush our voice of dissent ruthlessly, often with murderous attacks on us. He promotes violence openly and many prominent personalities including late Jayaprakash Narayan have written letters to Sayedna to stop this violence but their letters were not even acknowledged, which is enough to show the height of arrogance.

Your correspondent has apparently not bothered to find out whether Gen Parvez Musharraf had sent a special plane and made Sayedna a state guest of Pakistan. Musharraf is a Sunni leader. What interest does he have in Sayedna who curses Sunni Muslim khalifas openly?

Sayedna invites highly communal leaders like Shiv Sena chief, Bal Thakrey and Narendra Modi and presents them valuable gifts in order to protect his self-interests.

In this democratic age and in democratic country he calls himself Sultan and his children as prince and princess and lives a luxurious life in palaces, known as Saifee Mahal and Badri Mahal. Not only this he commands that his followers should consider themselves as his slaves and write before their names as Abde-Sayedna, meaning Slave of Sayedna. So much for his claim of promoting India’s secular image and values!

In UK, USA and other countries government inquiries have been going on with regards to bogus trusts set up by him for illegal transfer of money. He was expelled from Tanzania for such illegal transfers.

By spending crores of rupees he manages to meet world leaders and then publishes books with his colour photographs with world leaders and distributes them widely again to impress some more world leaders and game goes on. This is done for his glorification and to impress and compel his followers for further submissions to his dictates. He or his establishment also does this to discourage officials in various government agencies who are inquiring into misappropriation of community funds.

Today Sayedna is 93 years old and he celebrates his birthday on a grand scale every year since last 50 years spending crores of rupees from community funds. He also spends large amounts on media advertisements with false claims. With violence he has terrorized entire community which follows his dictates silently and gathers in large numbers wherever and whenever they are called.

Sayedna Mohammed Burhanuddin is a religious leader of a microscopic community of 10 to 12 lakhs Bohras world over. A most insignificant number of followers in comparison to other religious leaders. Other religious leaders like Pope Paul, Shankerachariya, Dalai Lama, Aga Khan and all other Sunni or Shia leaders, with much bigger followings never find need to make such Tamashas every year because their work speaks for them. The Sayedna’s intellectual or financial contribution in social, national or international affairs is nil. Whether it is the Babri Masjid dispute, Gujarat riots or Iraq war he has never spoken against misdoings and injustice. His mission is only his self-glory and not to heal suffering from his own community let alone humanity at large, which should be a basic role of any religious leader.

Saifuddin Insaf

Executive Gen. Secretary,

The Central of Dawoodi Bohra Community

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Re: Syedna"s 93rd Birthday--


Unread post by Z » Tue Jun 08, 2004 10:22 pm

well well, mails like this borne out of jealousy towards someone else's rising stature...were only to be expected from you guys,,,especially since you consider yourselves to be highly "principled"..:-))

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Re: Syedna"s 93rd Birthday--


Unread post by ali197026 » Wed Jun 09, 2004 5:34 am

Syedna Birthday Song


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Re: Syedna"s 93rd Birthday--


Unread post by mumineen » Wed Jun 09, 2004 8:09 pm

What about writing to the innocently ignorant and gullibel or bribed Government leaders and officials and newspapers about his support, in guise of Islam, of

- the cruel and barbaric FGM - Female Genital Mutilation of very young Bohri girls. This is not only unIslamic but also breach of women's human rights, among other rights, including the right to choose, the right to control the natural processes of their God given bodies;

- the cruel and oppressive process of 4 monts and ten days of Iddat, for the widows. Although this is somewhat Islamic but not how the Bohri Kothar is regulating it; viz. for very old ladies who have reached their menopause, and for the period of Iddat to be blocked out of society like the prisoner in jails in solitary confinement - can't even talk on telephones, watch TV or look herself in the mirror and not even look at liitle male children who are not her blood relatives;

- compelling the male followers to keep their beard, not trim them and give an image of an unkempt Muslim to the whole wide world and being ridiculed by the society;

- also compelling the Bohri males to wear their religious attires like topis(caps) and long sayas in public;

- compelling the Bohri females to wear their psychedlic ridas(chadors) - cultural attire all the time in public;

- extorting all kinds of dues from the gullible followers (or else the threat of excommunication and banishment and shunning from the community) to satisfy the criminal greed of thousands of the so-called "royal family' members to live off the community members in literal Palaces (Mahals) as parasites and sycophants;

- delusion of grandeur to massage his ego and hoodwink the followers:
instead of meeting world religious leaders, meeting the political leaders of the countries where he visits, bribing them with the community's ill-gotten gains for photo opportunities;

- In absence of payments of exorbitant payments of tithes by the followers, the priests of this High Priest, refuse to conduct religious ceremonies like the "baptismal" services of newly born; Misak (oath of allegiance by adolescent Bohri youths); solemnize wedding ceremonies or officiate at funeral services;

- there have been numerous examples of the High Priest's henchmen burning the dissidents to death, unearthing the corpses of reformists from their graves, and fatally beating up the non-compliant members. Some of the Government Commission of Inquries appointed by the Government of India have documented numerous examples of torture by this High Priest's representatives;

- the Head Priest was deported from the Republic of Tanzania during the early seventies for contravention of foreign exchange regulations. Only after heavily bribing the new and corrupt political leaders, the deportation order was lifted after a few years;

- during the same years some of the Branches (Jamaats) in East African countries were deregistered by the some of the countries for harassing and creating havoc among the community members in these countries. Only after heavily bribing the new and corrupt political leaders, the dergistrations were lifted after a few years.

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Re: Syedna"s 93rd Birthday--


Unread post by Mal » Fri Jun 11, 2004 3:48 pm

........ and the list goes on and on and on .... when will bohras wake up, are they such a fools and cannot read ......... we all are somewhat educated and even if not, is it so hard to notice what these Royal Family Looter and Thugs are doing ....... they are all Prices and Princess with a King and Queen ...... and we are all Slaves ...... WHY WHY WHY ...... Revolution has to come from within. Bohars have to wake up, first and foremost, STOP paying these ppl, stop going to their mosques and maderessas, if they can use the tool of BARAT on us, the people, we can use this on them... why don't we all BARAT them, no talking to Mullas, Shaikhs and Bhai Sahibs ...... no to all types, sorts and ages of Princes and Pricesses ....... NO to Ziafats...... No no, just everyone has to take himself and herself off quietly......... and they wil die on their own........