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The one and only free public forum for Bohras. The focus of this forum is the reform movement, the Dawoodi Bohra faith and, of course, the corrupt priesthood. But the discussion is in no way restricted to the Bohras alone.

To the Admin


Unread post by Guest » Sun Mar 11, 2001 9:32 pm

I have a suggestion for you,restrict this message board for bohras only both orthodox and progressive.We dont need sunnis,shias (12 immamers)and others on this board.We dont have a issue following from Ahle-e-Bait till Immam tayaab and most of the dais.Create a password or something that only bohras know to register.<p>



Unread post by Guest » Mon Mar 12, 2001 1:24 am

Dear Mukhlis,<p>If you do not wish to have non-Bohras on the board, you can just ask them politely and most will leave. Also, one can do with a disclaimer on the website.<p>Such crude (and rude) measures are only taken when things get out of control.<p>Best,<br>Musalmaan



Unread post by Guest » Mon Mar 12, 2001 1:32 am

And for those who discriminate amongst Muslims, check out the url<p>which states, <p>How could you enslave people when their mothers had born them free! <br>- Omar Bin Al-Khattab <p>Also, the question on succession to Imam Jafar was asked by an Ismaili. If no body wants to have discussion on the issue, then do not. If someone wants to have it, you can ignore the thread, which is quite obvious from its title.<p>And if you just do not like non-Bohras on the message board, like I said before, send a public message and most people who do not like to be disrespected will leave. I will surely be one of them.<p>Best Regards,<br>Musalmaan



Unread post by Guest » Mon Mar 12, 2001 5:02 am

Mukhlis:<p>The spirit of this message board is freedom of speecch - for all. Bohra/ non bohra/ sunni/shiah/ christian/ jew.<p>This is an open forum to discuss ideas, be obkjective, be critical be open minded to all.<p>Of course qith freedom of aspeech you will find some dirty mouthed people who do not understand that with freedom of speech comes RESPONSIBILTY of speech. But for the majority who do understand, they also understand why ALL must have access to the message board.<p>IT IS AN OPEN FORUM



Unread post by Guest » Tue Mar 13, 2001 2:55 am

mukhlis<p>How dare we mortals presume to judge others? The development of the internet is the first time in history that all people have been give an equal voice regardless of age/sex/creed. This message board is the only place to have an uncensored (and often intelligent) discussion. To bar anyone from it would defeat the purpose. <p>"Great minds often encounter violent opposition from mediocre minds" Albert Einstein<p>"Freedom is actually a bigger game than power. Power is about what you can control. Freedom is about what you can unleash." Hariet Rubin



Unread post by Guest » Tue Mar 13, 2001 3:10 am

Mukhlis,<p>There is another possibility, I do not know if Admin would be willing to do that. You might need to write to the admin directly.<p>I believe that the software this website uses can entertain multiple message boards. Which in turn can allow us to have message board with titles such as "Bohra Community only", "Muslims in General" and "Non-Muslims" etc.<p>That way many can join only the message boards they are interested in.<p>Regards,<br>Musalmaan