The Quran on hunting and killing of animals for sport

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I Rizwan
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Re: The Quran on hunting and killing of animals for sport


Unread post by I Rizwan » Fri Aug 19, 2016 11:31 am

Wajid wrote:Salaams to all,

Latest rehmat na baarish on the baby elephant calf in Tanzania. What can one say !

This is burhanuddin in the pic.

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Re: The Quran on hunting and killing of animals for sport


Unread post by Moiz_Dhaanu » Sat Sep 10, 2016 1:09 am

This is how MS and gang do bravado ( see the video in the link)

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Re: The Quran on hunting and killing of animals for sport


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since it is HALAL for the murderer muffadal moron to do shikar of wild and endangered species of wildlife in africa: elephants, lions, cheetah, leopards, water buffalo etc, it has been decided that this ashura the blood-thirsty mufaddal will spend a few days in advance of the ashura tamasha and picnic in tanzania. frantic war-like preparations are underway for his hunting and killing spree with luxurious tents, vehicles, high-powered telescopic rifles, bohra caterers and large reefer trucks so that all the tons of meat stripped from the carcasses of these magnificent animals can be stored at frozen temperatures. this meat will then be used during the moharram niyaz jamans and fed to fawning abdes/amtes.

bohra caterers, superbly supported by african chefs, have been ordered to conjure up innovative dishes using these meats. it is reliably learnt that elephant no sukko gosh, lion biryani, buffalo aaloo kheema, leopard ni tarkari, hyena nihari, wild boar haleem etc are being fine tuned for abde palettes. giraffe paya and vulture kebabs are among the other possibilities being strongly considered. a recipe of ice-cold sherbet from diluted cow's blood (a la' the masai) tempered with choke-choke and passion fruit has already been perfected.

for dessert, hippo cream na saghla baghla, rhino na honey-sweetened penda, ostrich na beda no mehsub, rabbit no mithho halwo etc are on the cards.

all fanatic abdes/amtes who vehemently and vociferously support their waqa mola's hunting should have no qualms about wolfing down these exotic dishes in the name of imam hussain and the band of 72 who perished most miserably on the hot plains of kerbala. if mola can delight in shikar, then surely abdes will delight even more, nay, they will rejoice in savouring the dishes for which mola himself has done such hard work? this is the first time in the annals of moharram that bohras will tanawul such noorani and mubarak food, personally and graciously provided for them by the beshumaar ehsaan ane karamaat of their waqa mola..

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Re: The Quran on hunting and killing of animals for sport


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Bohra spring wrote: Sat Jan 31, 2015 2:42 am
Bohra spring wrote:836 signatures reached. ... l-wildlife
I am the author of the petition and I intentionally set the limit of 1000. I could have set it 10,000 or 100000. petition is closed. You have given me an idea why not start it again ?

I got what I wanted from it and most of the petition signatories are non bohra . Mission accomplished! He can not brag about it he has to hide his bad habits .

I was pleased the recent Indian media used my petition as opening.