12 Adabs of Masjid

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12 Adabs of Masjid


Unread post by Right » Thu Apr 08, 2010 4:23 am

Dear All,

We have learnt 12 Adaabs of Masjid in Madressa

I remember one of the Adab of MAsjid is , "We should strictly not to talk about business / money in the business".

But in many Masjids Jamaat And Amil sells the Masalla spaces of the Masjid and making a Masjid into business house. This way their earning money and creating differences between rich and poor.

How valid these transactions are ?

Abdes who are going in sabaks can please throw light on the same or you if you have guts to ask this question to your Aamil can you ask ?

And does Syedna Saheb know about the sell of Masalla Spaces ?,If yeshe knows about this then what steps has been taken by him to stop this ritual and if no he doesnt know then he does not have Gayab nu ilam.

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Re: 12 Adabs of Masjid


Unread post by who2trust » Thu Apr 08, 2010 7:09 pm

Whenever one enters the Masjid, one should remain conscious of these etiquettes:

It is more virtuous to sit in the first row. However, if place is not available, one should sit wherever he finds place. It is not permissible to leap over the shoulders of people in order to advance forward.
Do not make noise or disturbance in the Masjid.
Do not enter the Masjid after consuming anything which gives out offensive smell, e.g. tobacco, raw onions and garlic, radish, etc.
Do not indulge in worldly talk. Do not engage in any activity which disturb those engaged in Salaat or Zikr.
Do not engage in buying and selling of any kind in the Masjid.
Do not distract those who are already busy in Tilaawat and Zikr by greeting them. However, if someone not occupied in Zikr, etc, turns to you on his own accord, then there is no harm in greeting him.
If one desires to perform Sunnats , one should perform them in a place where there is no likelihood of anyone passing in front him whilst in Salaat. Some people begin their Salaat in the back rows, when there are places vacant in the front rows in front of them, due to which people find it difficult to pass. It is not proper to cause inconvenience and harm to others. If someone is compelled to walk across such people performing Salaat, the sin of this walking will be upon the one performing Salaat.
When Jamaa’at begins, the first rows should be completed first, with both the right and left hand sides balanced equally. It is improper to stand in a back row, if space is vacant in front.
Engage in Zikr and Tilaawat silently, if people are performing Salaat.
Neither spit nor stretch your legs towards the Qiblah.
Neither search nor make announcements for items lost outside, in the Masjid.

S. Insaf
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Re: 12 Adabs of Masjid


Unread post by S. Insaf » Fri Apr 09, 2010 2:23 pm

This is how our Haq na Saheb keeps 12 Adabs of Masjid:

Inviting and honouring the butcher of Gujarat Narendra Modi inside the Masjid

Inviting the politicians like Shushil Kumar Shindhe, Murli Deora, Motilal Vohra (Congress) and Chanrakant Padwal (Shiv Sena) inside the Saifee masjid – Bombay and that too on the day of Ashoora and awarding them costly gifts keeping the narration of Shahadat at hold. See also the young generation watching the scene.

Putting up huge TV screens to display the relay of Haq na Saheb.

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Re: 12 Adabs of Masjid


Unread post by mumin » Fri Apr 09, 2010 3:14 pm

masjid is no longer a place of peace and tranquility away from the worries of the world but a bussiness center. No wonder the kothar is very eager to build masjids. IUt means free lodging and boarding for the Amil, free food and a place to harrass mumineen for money.

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Re: 12 Adabs of Masjid


Unread post by ozmujaheed » Fri Apr 09, 2010 5:45 pm

Hey this is a new trend that started with the UN criticized election thug Kenyan president visiting a muharam vaaz, and now the butcher of Gujarat ?

Do you notice the powerful psychological message for manipulation, B seats on his thrown and the guests raise their hands as his subordinate..the stuff that goes in Abdes mind is he is King of Kings.

The video screen has replaced the Kibla very soon they will be doing global synchronized Imamat namaz behind their Diai to get the 1000s of sawab...

Why am I so cynical ...over time I have learnt never say never !

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Re: 12 Adabs of Masjid


Unread post by hasim » Thu Jul 11, 2013 7:06 am

nowdays more importance is given for maula relays...amil only spent his energy to collect maximum croed for the relays so that he score good marks in his report card which is evaluated by kothar for their promotions.

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Re: 12 Adabs of Masjid


Unread post by ammar » Fri Jul 12, 2013 5:13 am

i noticed that "gossiping" is widely spread in bohra masjid..bohris are famous world wide for gossiping :mrgreen:

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Re: 12 Adabs of Masjid


Unread post by badrijanab » Fri Jul 12, 2013 6:09 am

ammar wrote:i noticed that "gossiping" is widely spread in bohra masjid..bohris are famous world wide for gossiping :mrgreen:
(1) Majority Jamat and (2) 'Mutah lover Jamat' are famous world wide for eating tobacco in mosque.

Al Zulfiqar
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Re: 12 Adabs of Masjid


Unread post by Al Zulfiqar » Fri Jul 12, 2013 4:08 pm

all these12 adabs of masjid are ancient and no longer in 'fashion'. that was all fine centuries ago, but has now been consigned to the dustbin of history. in the modern abde bohra world, the 12 adabs have evolved. this is in line with what the fanatics tell us, that every dai has the haq to alter and change things as he likes. you are no one to question his judgement and wisdom.

here are the NEW 12 adabs:

1. when you enter a masjid, forget about reciting any dua to allah, just think about getting your smart card scanned by the volunteers stationed at the door
2. also have your entry pass scanned and then be told which color coded section of the masjid you have to be seated in
3. be prepared to pay 'voluntary compulsory' hoob, hoob for what, is not yours to question, but pay you must or face eviction, public humiliation and future degradation
4. watch movies on safar mubaraks of mola or mansoos, relays of past bayans or his meetings with politicians, celebrities, actors, leaders etc
5. pray only fard namaaz, sunnat namaz be damned. although maatam is a must
6. listen to fake and bogus mojizas of mola and sycophantic bayans from the local amil, eager to create hype and human-worshipping around mola so that he can get plum postings in bigger and richer towns where the pickings are plentiful, chances to accumulate wealth are stronger and he can retire early after amassing great fortune
7. have a nice and pleasant nap and be woken up when the zakereen or amil suddenly raise their voices into shrill shrieks, which is a cue to break out into frenzied maatam. once the short bouts of hysteria are over, fall into a warm reverie again...zzzz
8. once all the mandatory yelling, shrieking, gesticulating and deadly maatam are over, rush to form thaals, looking frantically for your usual thaal gang as if it's a matter of life and death
9. fall upon the niyaaz jaman as if there is no tomorrow, like hungry wolves who would tear apart the volunteers from limb to limb and rend them asunder. demand more boti's, icecream, kharaas, etc from that close upri friend of yours, specially cultivated for that purpose
10. follow the namaaz pecking order, i.e. do not encroach on the 'reserved' spaces of the milk shaikhs, mullas, jamaat committee and tanzeem members, amil's chamchas, the wealthy and the privileged etc etc. know your place, you fool!
11. participate in devotional shows by kids and adults who fall over and compete with each other in demonstrating their love for mola, with huge greeting cards, cakes, madehs, winning the tulul umr dua max. no recited etc etc.
12. and finally, lining up in front of the dreaded amil for annual payment of wajebaat, where you will be publicly shamed and humiliated, belittled, reduced to a quivering jelly, a nervous chattering wreck, returning home in tears, your pockets and bank account lightened by a few thousands

these are the new burhani/muffy adabs of the masjid in the modern era. if you dont agree, bloody well go jump in the lake and commit suicide. you dont deserve to live for questioning the haq na saheb dai-uz-zaman.

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Re: 12 Adabs of Masjid


Unread post by SBM » Fri Jul 12, 2013 6:08 pm

The Old and New Bara Adabs of Masjid
1-Jamnu Paga Aagal Karey
1-E Jamaat or IT CARD aagal Karey
2-Masjid Maa Awata Bismillahh---Ibade Saleheen Pade
2- Masjid Maa Awata phela-Saya-Topi aney Dadhi nu Khayal Rakhe
3-Masjid Maa Aawey Teyare Tahayat-el-Masjid ni Be Rakaat Namaz Padhe
3- Masjid Maa Aawey tu Syedna /Mansoos ni Tulul Umar ney Be Rakaat Namaaz Padhe
4-Masjid Maa Qibla Naa Samney Besey
4-Masjid maa tamari wajebaat aney Chitti na hisab sey besey
5-Masjid Maa Koi Chiz Jati Rahey tu Dhonde Nahi
5-Masjid Ma Aaamil na Wastey Salaam Nu Cover Vagar Aawey Nahi
6-Masjid Maa Koi Chiz Wechey and Kharidey Nahi
6-Masjid Ma Wajebaat aney Aney Najwa bara maa bargin karwey nahi
7-Masjid Maa Thuke Nahi
7-Masjid Maa Aamil na samne Hath Jodi ney Ubha Rahey
8-Masjid Maa Hathyaro Lagare Nahi
8-Masjid maa Moula and Mansoos na SHIKAR Ni Taarif karey and Mubarak naa Naara Lagare
9-Masjid Maa Hud Mare Nahin
9-Massalla Na paisa na aapa huey to Masjid maa Awey Nahin
10-Masjid Maa Unchi Awaz Karey Nahi
10- Masjid Maa PURJOSH Maatam UNCHI AWAZ se Karey
11- Masjid maa Imam Sathey Qirat Padhey
11-Masjid maa Imam Na Chamchao ney Masko Marey
12-Masjid Takhi Bahar Nilkey to Dabo Paag Aagal Kaey
12-Masjid Takhi Bahar Nekley to KHUDA NU SHUKAR ADDA KAREY

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Re: 12 Adabs of Masjid


Unread post by genesis » Sat Jul 13, 2013 7:36 am

All ok except a small correction in the 12th adab :
12-Masjid Takhi Bahar Nilkey to Dabo Paag Aagal Kae12-Masjid Takhi Bahar Nekley to KHUDA NU SHUKAR ADDA KAREY
It should be "Masjid takhi bahar nikle to MOULA NU SHUKAR, KARAM ane EHSAN ADA KARE "
Su eni nirali shaan che - Masjid ne evu wakaf kare che ke , it gets transformed within seconds from a prayer hall to a theater, an auditorium, a collection center, a meeting hall, a mourning hall, etc.,etc.

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Re: 12 Adabs of Masjid


Unread post by godmoney » Sat Jul 13, 2013 7:20 pm

What adabs are you guy talking abt..

In hussaini masjid the amil is just like he need money and all money no talk abt any thing else only new fund raising scheme..The latest one is karjat hassanat fund,,,He never teach anyone what how to behave in masjid,

There is some bhaishaheb who come to pray daily in hussaini masjid mumbai come like 7:20 or margib is delay as he arrived late,What other work do this so call bhai shaheb have coming at masjid at 7:15 - 7:20pm. He is paid for this work but still he find it difficult to manage
After he arrived then only azan is said out,

2 days back there was a huge fight in masjid Bwhich was in 2nd last row of the masjid the fight was so big the khambhati brother were abusing all bad word which no one wud like to listen it in masjid at the time of prayers,and it was so loud that the 1st floor ladies section could heard that and were looking frm up. one khambati brother was in chamcha giri committee .. My question over here is was it not amil duty to ask who abuse in the masjid and teach him what wrong and what right.Everyear this khabhati brothers abuse and fight with everyone and everyone know this but amil is least interested in it ,Him main moto is to collect fund as much as possible as he has a cut in it.The bhai shahed who was praying namaz cud also hear abusive lang but was least interested in it as he also get it cut

And the fight was started during margib namaz and as soon as margib farz got over this abusive language was used,and ifari was also not done so you guy sud think just after margib farz this start,the khambhati brother were fighting with old uncle in the mid 70 and the neighbour .

So i dont think amil or so called bhai shaheb is interested in adabs of masjid,they have make masjid as a commericial business place to get as much income they can get.

This is second huge fight btwn chamcha n general public,The chamcha feel there are the most powerful person in the masjid... the power is given by amil who get chamcha work on collecting fund,Chamcha force ppl to pay volenturary fund.

I dont understand why do they need to force.Do dena hai dil se they will give as per there status,Does amil or chamcha come to help at there bad times, if some one say he will pay wajebat 5000 why do chamcha and amil have to ask pay 20000 ,do the amil and chamcha know the problem that guy faces daily and how his he giving that amount,from where his he getting the amount from,

Srry for bad english but my blood burn to see this...Masjid ni toh kai kadar nathi aa amil ne chamcha logo ne

ghulam muhammed
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Re: 12 Adabs of Masjid


Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Sun Jul 14, 2013 6:49 pm

While on the subject of Masjid, I would like to reproduce a post drafted by the master craftsman, Bro.Al Zulfiqar which appeared on the forum some years back :-


A bohra masjid is not for muslims.

A muslim masjid is made for worshipping allah.
A bohra masjid is for worshipping dai, watching films on his travels and bayans and celebrating his birthdays with singing, cakes and banners, placards and lavish feasts.

A muslim masjid is ready for praying from the day that its 4 walls go up.
A bohra masjid is ready for praying only if its consecrated by the dai, who injects life into it - a la the hindu ceremony of praan prathistha, no matter how many months it remains locked awaiting his arrival. even allah cannot accept yr prayers in this masjid, if dai has not inaugurated it.

A muslim masjid does not require lavish decorations or fanfare for its opening, no fat sums of money exchange hands to have a celebrity inaugurate it.
A bohra masjid is extremely expensive to inaugurate. dai has to be paid hefty sums, his pup zaadas have to be dined and felicitated and a tyrant amil has to be installed with fancy accomodations, so that he can terrorise meek and naive bohras.

In a muslim masjid, prayers take place.
In a bohra masjid, prayers are the least of the priorities. most important is majlises, maatams, bayans, dareeses, misaks, live relays, sitaabi's, top secret sabaks, and of course labrez jamans after every occasion, whether sad or joyous.

In a muslim masjid, there is no singing, idol worshipping or rhythmic maatams.
In a bohra masjid they sing kufr filled songs glorifying their dai, do sajdas to him and undertake weird hypnotic voodoo type dances in circles, wherein they indulge in senseless self-flagellation and offer it to their dai as a form of devotion. they ostensibly do this in remembrance of the austerity, integrity, sacrifices and slaughter of the prophet's progeny, but fall like hungry wolves upon lavish feasts afterwards!

In a muslim masjid they meet happily, pray and disperse.
In a bohra masjid, they socialise, but hardly ever pray, and are in constant dread of being summoned by the amil and committee members to cough up huge amounts on demand. bohra masjids have a warren of offices wherein the king is in his counting house counting all his money and devising new schemes to lighten the pockets of timid bohras.

In a muslim masjid upon the call of prayer, muslims rush for prayers, do wudhu and start praying In whatever clothes they are in to answer the call of allah.
in a bohra masjid, you are ejected if you are not in proper uniform sanctioned by the dai (not allah) and its ok if you pray only maghrib fardh or zohar fardh prayers only. the rest is a nuisance.

Al Zulfiqar
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Re: 12 Adabs of Masjid


Unread post by Al Zulfiqar » Mon Jul 15, 2013 2:19 am

thanks bro gm, for resurrecting that post!

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Re: 12 Adabs of Masjid


Unread post by porus » Mon Jul 15, 2013 3:01 pm

Primary adab of masjid for Bohras:

Do not begin praying until Aamil or Shazada turns up. When he finally turns up, stand up to do obeisance by bowing down in tasleem (submission) to him. The sun may set for Maghrib but the Azaan cannot be performed until he permits it.

ghulam muhammed
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Re: 12 Adabs of Masjid


Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Mon Jul 15, 2013 3:24 pm

Last Ramzan, Malek ul chuster who performed Imamat in Kandivli masjid used to come late practically everyday as he used to spend his nights at the picturesque sprawling bungalow of the his father at Khandala. Due to the heavy peak hour traffic he used to be late by 15 to 20 minutes by which time the maghrib was kazaa !!

Al Zulfiqar
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Re: 12 Adabs of Masjid


Unread post by Al Zulfiqar » Mon Jul 15, 2013 5:47 pm

porus wrote: The sun may set for Maghrib but the Azaan cannot be performed until he permits it.
a slight correction porus.... the sun may appear to have set but maghrib occurs only when the amil or zaada deems it should, as per his own convenience. the azaan is a mere vexatious formality to be done and over with, so is the fard namaaz. what matters is only the salaams, majlis and purjosh maatam followed by labrez jaman. sunnat namaaz, all other prayers etc are a bloody nuisance.

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Re: 12 Adabs of Masjid


Unread post by think » Mon Jul 15, 2013 7:00 pm

godmoney, yours is not the only case. here in states even such kind of fighting is seen among the africa bohras and indian bohras and pakistani bohras. the chamchas of the goonda committee of the amil try to corner evryone into doing full niaz even after big dollar amounts have been given. atlanta, south carolina and north carolina are small jamaats of about 20 families but still no peace of mind in prayers. the amil incites his goonda chamchas but since it is u.s. people fight back . fighting all the time. no time for allah's ibadat.