bohri boys deprived of god given sexual enjoyment

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bohri boys deprived of god given sexual enjoyment


Unread post by mumin » Wed Aug 04, 2010 10:59 am

Girl/Female Khatna custom was not practiced by Prophet’s immediate family and has no basis in Qur’an. There are no records or riwayat even in Bohra (followers of Shi’a sect of Islam. They Follow of Fatimi Imams of Egypt and Indian Dai or the inviter called Syedna) literature that female members of prophet’s family were ever circumcised. During prophet’s time, almost all women were non-Muslims who then converted to Islam. If female-circumcise was an Islamic injunction then there would have been a huge information in Islamic literature about circumcise of women; however, no authentic information exists.

Please read the following study by Bhai Hakim.

Let us analyze this whole subject dispassionately first from the angle of science and then come to Islam.

There are several different types of procedures which can be carried out as part of female genital circumcision.

1. Clitoral hood reduction or clitoroplexy: this usually involves a highly delicate and precise partial reduction of the clitoral hood, a thick prepuce of skin, which covers and affords protection to the extremely sensitive organ which is called the clitoris, sitting at the top junction of the labia minora and being an inherent part of these external genitalia. this surgery affords enhanced sexual pleasure and feeling of well-being to its recipient, improves genital health as it reduces accumulation of secretions and resultant bacterial growth and odor. it also leads to better hygiene and maintenance of the same.

2. Clitoridectomy, also known as clitorectomy: this could mean partial or total removal of the clitoris in childhood and necessarily, partial removal of the labia minora or labioplasty. This type of procedure almost always will never be performed by a licensed professional as it would be against the principles of medicine and surgery, unless warranted by some mitigated circumstances, which is very rare. such a procedure will not only remove much of the delicate and sensitive nerve receptors that make sex enjoyable for the female and allow her normal human responses, but will in fact cause her pain and accompanying psychological trauma, distress and revulsion from a normal sexual act. Most women will learn over time to disguise these negative feelings for sake of marital bliss and harmony, but are in fact being cruelly deprived of their god-given rights to enjoy that which Allah has guaranteed them.

3. FGM or female genital mutilation: this is procedure no. 2 carried out in the extreme, i.e. total excision and removal of the clitoris, almost the entire labia minora, and sometimes the addition of internal suturing to reduce the size of the vaginal opening, enough to allow only the passage of menstrual fluids. This is practiced by many African tribes in the Sudan, Somalia, central and west Africa and up until recently in North Africa as well. this would often lead to serious health complications, severe internal and external bleeding, disfigurement and crippling infections with life-long disabilities or death as the result. a female who has undergone this will no doubt suffer in silence, but develop feelings of hatred and disgust towards men, society and the sex act. Ayan Hirsi Ali is a victim of such cruelty and it is only the opportunity of freedom in the west which has given her the courage to speak out.

4. Vaginoplasty: the recent modern craze of 'enhancing' the natural appearance of female genitalia, by a combination of labiaplasty, slight clitoral hood reduction and plastic surgery to balance and achieve a more symmetrical look in length, size and color of external genitalia. a lot of this is man-made hysteria whipped up by commercial clinics and unscrupulous doctors who specialise in corrective surgery, but is purely a matter of choice and affordability.

what is being practiced by Bohras is procedure 2 in various degrees, depending on where they live and who is carrying it out. as most of the traditional old women practitioner of this procedure in our community are dying and gone, we have Bohra lady doctors surreptitiously practicing this, who would be carrying out partial clitorodectomy and labiaplasty. From most of my experiences and knowledge, most Bohra women from the previous generation were being subjected to an almost 75% clitorodectomy and labial reduction. The newer generation perhaps up to 50-65%, i guess. Many liberal Bohra parents are opting not to subject their daughters to this.

Now, finally coming to Islam, how can a religion which has throughout the Quran and in the life and conduct of its prophet, enjoined equality between men and women in terms of piety, endeavor, modesty, work, rewards, punishment, justice, and all the other human values, inflict cruelty on one gender for the selfish interests of the other? The reasons why male circumcision is prescribed in Islam is well-known. If health, hygiene and marital pleasure were prescribed for the male, would the females be prescribed its opposite? Pain, cruelty and slavery? deprivation of all that is her right in beauty and delight by Allah? Just so, that she remain subservient and docile and open to abuse by male chauvinists as an object of sadistic pleasure? So she can remain captive and not experience the pleasures and therefore not ask for her rights in marriage?

Who else but an insecure male chauvinist, unable to perform or satisfy his wife fully, who wishes to subjugate her as chattel and thus prop up his fragile male ego, who has long-entrenched misogynistic views, would come up with such barbaric cruelty which is being practiced in the name of Islam? this is another shameless attempt to malign Islam by backward and pagan societies who wish to practice those very tribal customs which Islam came to remove.

N. Hakim

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Re: bohri boys deprived of god given sexual enjoyment


Unread post by aqs » Wed Aug 04, 2010 1:13 pm

This topic finds its way back time and again.

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Re: bohri boys deprived of god given sexual enjoyment


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mumin..dont you have anything else? this is disgusting..why are you so bothered?? nobody cares ok!