HOW to stop corruption in JAMAT?

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The Mukhlis
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HOW to stop corruption in JAMAT?


Unread post by The Mukhlis » Sat Dec 04, 2010 6:33 am

progressive bohras should visit each and every city and should search people who are ready to appose all this shit because i think this can only be uprooted by we all Bohras we should appose together....

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Re: HOW to stop corruption in JAMAT?


Unread post by mumin » Sun Dec 05, 2010 2:05 pm

educated bohris are all over the world and their estabishments are in birmingham, london, new york, philadelphia(where even a retired reformist bohra subdivision exists) and many other places around the world. whoever got the idea that there were only a couple of them on this web site. they should look and will find them everywhere where there is truth and respect for human beings. they have their own community halls and many more activities other then "moula, moula" and act like lunatics.

Al Zulfiqar
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Re: HOW to stop corruption in JAMAT?


Unread post by Al Zulfiqar » Sun Dec 05, 2010 2:49 pm

1. the best way to stop corruption in jamat is to stop paying money to them, or atleast reduce the amounts to the minimum.
2. go only when the occasion demands and keep your participation to the minimum.
3. boldly question any dubious 'farmaans', refuse to take the crap about 'mola ni khushi' and ask to see dai's instruuctions in writing.
4. stop being sycophantic, scared and over-obedient to any and all bull they dish out. show some spine.
5. mix with people you know who are like you, form an informal group with them and take common decisions with a united stand.
6. refuse to conform to their diktats of dadhi, and sometimes show up without saaya. take little baby steps at showing your resistance, make excuses like ' just came from work' etc.
7. boycott the amil's thaal and refuse point blank if you are asked to sit with him.
8. lastly, do not look for outside help. you are your own best help and the only person you can trust. there are no miraculous dragons or angels who will come to your help, your fighter is inside you. train it, strengthen it and arm it with knowledge, bravery and good character. trust in allah.

the progressives do not have the unlimited resources of the syedna and the resultant power and influence with crooked politicians and govt lackeys to purchase. they also will not resort to the unethical tactics, cruelty and evil of the kothar. they are not your knight in shining armour atop a silver steed, followed by a battalion who can come galloping to rescue you from your weakness and terror.

you have 2 choices, put up a fight to the death or leave.

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Re: HOW to stop corruption in JAMAT?


Unread post by seeker110 » Sun Dec 05, 2010 5:25 pm

Beat the hell out of em,Right time right place.

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Re: HOW to stop corruption in JAMAT?


Unread post by like_minded » Mon Dec 06, 2010 1:12 am

Again... an excellent post by Alz bhai!

Keep it up bhai!

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Re: HOW to stop corruption in JAMAT?


Unread post by Jamali » Mon Dec 06, 2010 4:49 am

Asalam Alaikum.

I read the above posts and although, correctly put, i beg to disagree on this line of action.

The Bohra community over the years have accumulated alot of wealth and power thanks to its members itself and resisting wont help..That would be a losing battle considering the amount of brain washing that is going on within the community. We have to realise that a majority of the bohra members belong to one of the following:
1. The Fanatics: whose world revolves around the Maula.
2. The Blind followers: Whose status in society is more important than anything else.
3. The Users: Many professionals who can afford to cough up the demands of the jamats as they have the money and utilise the community when needed.
4. The Understanders: but have no power / guts to do anything so resign to their fates
5. The Resistors: who have been kicked out and are branded as reformists.

U think by resisting you will be able to change the minds of the the first 4 categories..Its a losing battle and you will end up as a post in the forum..
Dont forget this atrocities have been going on for years and it has only gotten worst...Resistance was there in the 70's in Udaipur but the community still thrives and has grown stronger based on the first 4 categories.

I believe that if you truly want change in the community then u will have to support the community more...Increase the wajebats and Sabils, enforce stricter conditions, bring out more taxes...By doing so you will be opening the eyes of the other category of bohris and then u will see change. Imagine someone paying 100 dollars a month now cause he can afford it...What if that 100 becomes 1000 or 10,000??? Trust me when these atrocities become worse there will be general revolt and then u can expect change... Therefore i believe we should encourage jamats to actually get tax returns of its members and based sabils and wajebats on individual incomes...Why would a person earning 100,000 want to revolt if he has to pay only a 100 or 1000... but imagine the jaamat charging him 20,000 or more based on the income!!!!Trust me he will be the first person resisting this change...These are people who can help you bring the change!!!

Therefore encourage Jamats to ask their members to submit their annual tax returns and then see how things change. I dont see a reason why a member should not submit his income statements to Maula as after all its because of his blessings that they are successful!!!! This way you will actually help the needy bohris who truly cannot afford these taxes.

The new slogan: Maula neh tamaro income statement dikhao ane tame wathare malse Maula ni dua se!!!

I rest my case