Any one watched the live telecast on 2 Muharram 1433

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Any one watched the live telecast on 2 Muharram 1433


Unread post by ozmujaheed » Mon Nov 28, 2011 5:48 am

I had the peek into the live telecast and I really fel sorry and sad what Burhanudin is puting up with either at his own will or his own zada encouraging it. He is frail, speech is inaudible, mobility is non existent, not surprising for 100 year old man.

What is he trying to prove? Why can he not relinquish control to the 53rd

At what point does the Diai stop been able to provide service to the community and his imam, and at what point is he just a ceremonial figure head. He may live a long life that his creator now controls but can we not let him retire in peace and the new future direction of the community be known.

The state of mind and sermons format was creepy. I am more sympathetic than objectionist in this case. If my grand dad was in the similar state , i would not turn him into such a scene. I suspect there is a sinister agenda by the zadas, and burhanudin is unable to make rational judgement to have presented himslef in that way.

Is that appropriate for the Muharram where rather than Husain and the tragedy being the centre of attention, Burhanudin courage and state is becoming more relevant as sign of sacrifice and stance.

What did others think

Ala maqaam
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Re: Any one watched the live telecast on 2 Muharram 1433


Unread post by Ala maqaam » Mon Nov 28, 2011 7:23 am

it is true that syedna is not well and he shud rest,I think there can be few points which dont let him seat at home.

1)all of his life he had trips world wide,so may be now it is not possible for him to seat in a corner coz he is so habituated with other way of life.
2)he dont have confidence in his son.
3)kothar knows that lots of sentiments are attached with syedna,so better keep him in lime light,and try to create position infront people for 53rd dai.
4)53rd dai is still not ready to handle public.