Gareeb bimaar mumineen no free ilaaj karo

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Re: Gareeb bimaar mumineen no free ilaaj karo


Unread post by mnoorani » Sun Jul 15, 2012 3:13 am

Trader wrote:simple solution to all problem, EARN MORE MONEY AND SUSTAIN YOUR SELF.

rule of jungle applies in this world, ONLY STRONG WILL EXIST.

You are all wong.
Only MOLA will exist. Why are you so hell bent on free Ilaj. It was never stated during the construction or the money gathering schemes that Saifee Hospital will have fee ilaaj.
There never has been free in our community. Mola knows best. If anything is offered free then people will become lazy. So nothing will be free . Even when there is burial we have to pay for the grave land.
When we take money from the dead then what makes you think that we will not take money from the living?
And just see the videos I have posted.,courtesy of Rabeha Solar. You will see what we do to people like you.

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Re: Gareeb bimaar mumineen no free ilaaj karo


Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Mon Jul 16, 2012 7:16 pm

Supreme Court of India's final order on 3rd Feb. 2000 in the matter of Civil Apeal No. 5682 0f 1999

2. 30 (Thirty) beds in the proposed Saifee Hospital shall be reserved for the treatment of members of the Dawoodi Bohra Community free of charge. Such beds and treatment to be provided to economically needy Dawoodi Bohras regardless of whether they have the Oath of Alligiance (Misaq) or not and regardless of whther they have been excommunicated (Baraat) or not. The criterion of ecomonic need shall be as determined by the Maharastra Government for other charitable hospitals.

So for as Saifee Hospital being a charitable hospital and Supreme Court of India’s order to it to provide free of cost beds and treatment to poor and needy Dawoodi Bohras regardless of Misaq and Baraat is concerned, that order is quite clear.

Now question is whether the Supreme Court’s order is followed by the hospital or not?

I personally know one recent case which throws some light on the honesty of Saifee Hospital.

One Bohra lady, Nafeesa Zainul Lokhandwala arrived in Mumbai for attending Sayedna Saheb’s vaiz in Marol on 16th Dec. 2010. She came to Mumbai with her two kids by train and got down at Bandra Railway Terminus. From there she went to Bandra local train station to take a train to reach Marol. When train arrived she hurriedly climbed on the train but realized that her two kids could not make it due to normal rush. She quickly got down from the train. But she fell down on the platform as her legs got entangled in the Rida that she was wearing. She fell down and had serious head injury.
She was rushed to Saifee Hospital at Charni Road. She was treated in that hospital for three days and thereafter her husband, Nasir Lokhandwala was given a bill by doctors of Saifee Hospital, which he found beyond his reach. So he took his wife back to Godhara and admitted her in Neo-life Hospital where she died after struggling for few days.
The doctors in Saifee Hospital had also said there was no chance of her survival. ... 6&start=30

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Re: Gareeb bimaar mumineen no free ilaaj karo


Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Mon Jul 16, 2012 7:31 pm

S.Insaf wrote :-

The earlier 'Dream project' was that of taking control of charitable "Sir Adamji Peerbhoy Sanatorium", demolishing it and constructing a commercial public "Saifee Hospital" on its land. I was closely associated with grandsons of Sir Adamji, Advocate Abid Merchant and Mansoor Jani who fought the Sanatorium Case up to the Supreme Court of India for 30 years. It was then that I came to know the various frauds played by the criminals in holy garbs. They had played frauds with Bombay Municipal Corporation, Charity Commissioner, several banks and even with law courts and were likely to find their place in Jail. But with their power of purse they managed to skip.

In Sir Adamji Peerbhoy Sanatorium case the unholy trustees (Yusuf Najmuddin, Saleh Safiuddin, Ali Asgar Kalimuddin etc.) had shown a Bank on the place where Sir Adamji's Masjid exists and a ladies lavatory in place where Sir Adamji's Turbat exists on the plans submitted to BMC for constructing a "Modern Commercial Complex". Those plans got rejected as the unholy trustees had shown the backside Bohra graveyard as parking space, the graveyard land was BMC's property. These plans were quitely submitted to BMC for approval when the Bohras were kept busy celebrating "Ali-Day" in Bombay.

I wriring a book on the entire case exposing various shoking frauds played by the unholy trustees of Sayedna with photographs and plans after plans submitted in the court in some showing "Saifee Hospital Trust as the owner of the Sanatorium land, in some showing the Sanatorium as Nursing home for pre and post operation patients, in some including the graveyard in Sanatorium land etc. ... 6&start=60