As I see it

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Kaka Akela
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As I see it


Unread post by Kaka Akela » Sat Aug 25, 2012 1:32 pm

n my opinion the biggest problem of our community is the surgical removal of the Dai from the general public and the notion that the Dai should never hear anything critical or bad happenings in the community. There are so many layers between the common man and the Dai that a man with a complaint and a heavy heart is screened out by any of the layers in between. This scenario is created not by Dai himself but by the underlings who have created a position and a job for themselves. In times of Rasulullah SA and Maolana Ali SA people had easy access to them and used to complain to them directly about misbehavior of his appointed Governors, and then these Governors would get a banging letter from Maolana Ali SA many of which we can read in Nahj ul Balagha today. Even today The King of Saudi Arabia has couple of day for public audience every week or month where any poor person can go and complain about anything to the king directly and his complaint is addressed and the wrong is rectified. Our Dai is also a Temporal head and he doesn't even have a dept. where we can write a complaint and get any resolution. You write a complaint about something wrong in your jamaat and one of the layers faxes back your letter to your aamil who beats you up some more and humiliates you and you are his target forever until you are totally destroyed, then he is happy and satisfied. is this anyway to tend to your flock. Dai is now 92 years old and may not have the energy to attend to every ill everywhere but Mansoos is younger and can issue instructions to his Aamils to not be corrupt and greedy and to be loving and caring. But no one in Qasr e aali has time from daily ziafats to care for the ordinary bohras. Can you imagine ever getting close to Dai without a big fat envelope of salaam, along with many envelopes for the layers in between, if the in between layers are not fed, they don't let you proceed to the next layer up. this has evolved into a very sick money oriented system and everyone has become greedy and corrupt.

Another bad thing is the prohibition about asking questions about money. Grant you that I will never ask the Dai for any accounting but now it has come to level of not allowing us to even question the Aamil or secretary or treasurer of the jamaat, Why? Instead of waiting for us to ask they should report or put it on the bulletin board the hisaab of money taken from the common people under many pretexts. They all act like unapproachable, when you ask, they turn around and ask you "why do you want to know?" Now they are collecting every Friday night the monies for Taher or Husain Qardan Hasanah and they have no idea how much they are collecting and when you ask for qardan the pet answer
is your need is not in one of our priorities and you are made to feel disgusted and have no access to the funds collected. If you ask them where is the list of the people who got the qardan and the response is "none of your business". So what is going on?

The Jamea educated sahebo now have a very big head because one of the Imam's have said that the Ilm of aale Mohammed encompasses all ilm.
They insult anybody and everybody saying you may have gone to Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, etc. but our alumnis are Doat who went to Jamea.
Well, they should perform there own heart, brain, surgeries and their own rocket science, design their own cars and technologies. There is so much proliferation of Jamea graduate that now every small town has one or two under the aamil to beat up the people verbally and shame them constantly into doling out the money, I feel they need to be reigned in a lot, they all are like a replica of Y Najmuddin the ex-rector of Jamea who was very much of the opinion that Dawat is all and momin is nothing.

If the Mansoos can correct some of these ills in our religion, I think our religion will be the best in its dogma and practice, it already is but people are leaving in droves due to these evil happenings practically in every jamaat at some scale.

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Re: As I see it


Unread post by Muslim First » Sat Aug 25, 2012 6:11 pm

Nothing is going to change. More innovations will be invented and enforced. Remember every day more mouths are born in priestly class.

Have Sabr. Just grit and bear.

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Re: As I see it


Unread post by asad » Sun Aug 26, 2012 2:11 am


Dai was never approachable, not even when he was young. So where is the question of him being not approachable because of his age.

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Re: As I see it


Unread post by ozmujaheed » Sun Aug 26, 2012 7:39 am

Kaka, do you think the Diai is not ultimately responsible for corruption and oppression in the community!

I would want my leader like my Prophet and his family to protect the faith and the ummah at all costs.

If he or any diai really cared for the people, not pretending to care so that people can shower praise and money, and the spirit of true Islam he would have given his life to the cause , or stood aside.

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Re: As I see it


Unread post by mnoorani » Sun Aug 26, 2012 8:17 am

Kaka Akela ni Buddhi Chamki
Oz Mujahid ni khopri bharki.
Forum par machaave shore,
Masjid ma na nikle bol.