where are they?

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where are they?


Unread post by abde53 » Wed Dec 12, 2012 7:52 am

What happend to all who started the scheme of Helping Bohras in Ahmedabad.
Where is Bohraji Bhai, Hussain Bhai,SBM Bhai,Aqs Bhai,Mustafanalwala Bhai,Strange Bhai and Ahmedaplumber bhai
What is the final results of helping the poor mumineens of Ahmedabad and Surat.
Did Kothar took any notice and did they started helping, does any one knows about it?
May Allah Taala with the wasila of Panjatan Pak and our shafiq Bawa TUS reward all these people and Admin and every one else who helped in this noble project and May Allah Taala opened the eyes of others who questioned and ridiculed this noble cause and questioned the honesty of these people..

Al Zulfiqar
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Re: where are they?


Unread post by Al Zulfiqar » Wed Dec 12, 2012 3:17 pm

abde53 wrote: May Allah Taala with the wasila of Panjatan Pak and our shafiq Bawa TUS....
abde53, although your sentiments are admirable, one would have to question why you would needlessly bring in the shafiq bawa and take his wasila? what has he done for the poor bohras and how does his wasila help alleviate poverty or influence allah to shower his blessings on all those who so generously helped?

why not take the vasila of let us say, the prime minister of jamaica, or maybe mother teresa? atleast she helped millions of the poorest and dying.

right now the shafiq bawa needs your vasila to continue being alive. ghanu jeevo anyone?

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Re: where are they?


Unread post by bohraji » Thu Dec 13, 2012 9:06 am

Salaam Alaikum Abde Bhai.
Alhamdolillah ,by the grace of God we are all here. I am in contact through PM with most of the members that you have mentioned. Mashallah we had collected a significant amount during Ramadaan to last us six months. One donor had contributed RS 70,000 and requested that it be used before Eid. Some amount is also lying with the Admin. The ground workers are still working and helping the needy in day to day life. The poverty amongst the Bohras is the same. I am sure that the kothar has noticed as they have paid members for this site. Unfortunately nothing has been done about the betterment of the fellow brethren. Through PM's I have come to know that there are confirmed reports of unfortunate Bohra girls being forced into prostitution because of sheer poverty. There are cases where people cannot afford basic medicines. I have been told that similar poverty is in Mumbai and many places in MP. Many places are the ziyarat spots, but the rich zayreens prefer to pay the mulla saabs.
We do need money now as the funds will soon be drying up. And I hope to start another fund raising drive soon. Many want to help but they are afraid. I got a PM from a jamaat Sethia who was ready to give money, howver he was too frightened to pay through the forum ! It is really sad that performing Zina seems much easier to these Abdes then helping a fellow Mumin in need. This site has changed the views of many. People are questioning te running of things. I personally know of a die hard abde from the forum, who has taken haqiqat sabaqs. He now refutes the beleifs of modern day Bohraism. I live in a Gulf nation and you do see the bearded bohras at bars in the evening. Plus many are now fed up of the sheer lust for money of teh Kotahr. The Karachi bombing and the subsequent running away of the Mansoos to attend Ziyafats in Sri Lanka has shamed the meekest of the bohras. An ex die hard Abde told me recently. What the bohras practice today, is not Islam.

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Re: where are they?


Unread post by think » Thu Dec 13, 2012 1:27 pm

yes, this is so true. during my visit to the middle east I was shocked to see these dawat khidmat guzars in bars and night clubs and some even have a mini bar at home to entertain their friends. Pathetic and hypocrite is the life of a bohri mulla muffi khudaprast. They wine and dine and then shout "moula moula" and pay money nazrana to muffi and think they are going to heaven.