The New Terror Amil Of Coimbatore.

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Re: The New Terror Amil Of Coimbatore.


Unread post by Rising Star » Mon Feb 11, 2013 12:18 am

what is wrong with rida dhadhi and topi? after all they are sunnah of Prophet Muhammed(s)....

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Re: The New Terror Amil Of Coimbatore.


Unread post by rang » Mon Feb 11, 2013 4:00 am

Abu Jahel used to wear a Turban , and had a Beard. He also wore the same type of dress as Rasual Allah ( SAW) Worn. Was he following Sunnat ? Sir, Sunnat is Secondry but Farizat is must. First Perform Farizat and Then Sunnat. So first Build your Character as per the God will and when u are satisfied that I have done what Allaha Talaha Ordered me , then Perform Sunnat, because without Farizat Sunnah is of no use. Now the whole problem with our and many other muslim community is that we want a short cut for every thing. We don't want to be a true muslim but we surely want to look like a true muslim. The problem lies here. Keeping Dadhi and wearing Topi is an easy task. But Performing Namaz on Time, Speeeking Truth and Dealing Honestly and spending our leftout days on earth according to God's will is very Hard. So we take a short cut and adopt all the thing first which has to be adopted in the Last. For Example If you take the Addmission in a medical college, you have to spend 5 years in University with score of tasks and after 5 years when you are tested and found Ok then you get the Tag of DR on your Coat. Just imagine how would it work if you get the Dr's Tag in the 1st year. Would you be liable to call a Dr.? or would you be performing as a qualified Dr. ? This Dadhi and Topi would not change your character , it is your deeds and your AMAL.

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Re: The New Terror Amil Of Coimbatore.


Unread post by think » Mon Feb 11, 2013 11:39 am

for certain , never judge a person by the clothes he or she wears. Know of a mulla who did wazu and then spat right in the sehan of the masjid where little non misaak children prayed.