The 4 Castes in Dawoodi Bohra religion

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Kaka Akela
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The 4 Castes in Dawoodi Bohra religion


Unread post by Kaka Akela » Wed Feb 06, 2013 4:14 pm

We all know that the indian and Pakistani Dawoodi bohras are converts from The Hindu religion, and we brought many rituals with us into the our adopted religion, i.e wadhawanu, folding hands in Namaste fashion which Yemeni bohras never practiced until 10 years ago but now they are used to it as well, Another ritual we brought with us is the caste system, among Hindus they have 1) Brahmin 2) khastri (or chathri) 3) Shudar 4) Dalits (or untouchables. Among Dawoodi Bohras, we have 1) Qasre Burhani/ Aali 2) Baite Jaini 3) Abnaul Jamia (graduates) & Muntasebeen (Jamia flunkies) 4) the Hoi Polloi (Regular Momin). Each of these caste have their rigid invisible boundaries and if anyone cross that invisible boundary there is great sonic boom and the person is immediately caught and reprimanded or kicked out. The top three castes are the ruling class but solely dependent on the finances of the 4th caste. When money is needed there is immense pressure from all 3 upper castes on the Hoi Polloi(s), but the Hoi Polloi (S) are not allowed to enjoy any previleges or pleasures of their own money. Even the masjids the Hoi Polloi(S) make with their hard-earned money is absorbed by the 1st caste in the name of Waqaf. These castes also exist among women as well and probably observed with much gusto. All the 3 ruling castes live in luxury with homes, cars and other amenities provided by the jamaat of Hoi Pollois via sabeels, exorbitant madressa fees, fund raisings all through the years and other donations demanded in the name of khidmat, granting of titles, salaams (not reported to IRS), ziyafats etc.etc. Hoi Pollois are the equivalent of the Untouchables among Hindus that explains why they always want a rumal between the hands of Hoi Polloi and the upper caste when doing the talaqi.
In France and England when the atrocities of the ruling castes became too much there was a revolution now known as French revolution against all the ruling castes, Someday there will be a revolution among the Dawoodi Bohras as well, as the sucking up of the money has gone unchecked and getting beyond the bearing capacity of the Hoi Polloi(S), I only hope that day will come soon.

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Unread post by asad » Thu Feb 07, 2013 12:22 am

Thanks Kaka for looking at it from another angle, you are very apt in your observation.
Though the general populace can graduate to being sheikh or even can get some high titles but they are never good enough to graduate to a higher caste, they will always be in the fourth category, born to die as a shudra only exception can be for some women i.e. if they are married in higher caste and that too is very rare. you might have noticed that higher castes sometimes marry women from lower castes but a women is never given in marriage to some one from lower strata of castes. Only thing that lower castes can do is toil and toil hard to build the palaces of Firoun.

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Unread post by Safiuddin » Thu Feb 07, 2013 4:47 pm

The top three castes are the ruling class
And WHO gives them the power to rule?

Kaka Akela
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Unread post by Kaka Akela » Thu Feb 07, 2013 5:16 pm

You and me the Hoi Polloi(s) do. More correctly our women do, I know when my wife when she was alive, she was so devoted to these zadas let alone Aqa Maola that I used to wonder why is she worshiping them? their shit stinks like ours, they put their trousers one leg at a time like we all do, what makes them so special. I think more correctly it is the fear of akherat that they create in our hearts, also it is the fear of our losing our heritage or religion of forefathers or losing our relatives/ friends in the community is what gives them the power, or is it the plot of qabar that we bought and paid for in our kabrastan (and they hold the title to it) is what keeps us in line and gives them the power.

My friend, it is a very complex question with a very complex answer which no one can provide satisfactorily.

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Unread post by humanbeing » Fri Feb 08, 2013 11:06 am

Greed & Fear gives these kotharis power to rule.

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Unread post by think » Fri Feb 08, 2013 11:52 am

they rule byuputting fear in the hearts of the bohri's. it is the fear factor that reduces their trust in Allah . They should trust Allah more and morla less.

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Unread post by SBM » Sat Feb 09, 2013 11:29 am

When the fear of Allah is lost, all the other fears set in.........
Kothari fear Modi and Thackrey more than they fear Allah

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Unread post by Starwars » Wed Feb 13, 2013 9:56 am

This is a community / club for the rich.

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Unread post by Al Zulfiqar » Wed Feb 13, 2013 10:58 am

this is a mind-numbing cult. pure and simple.

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Unread post by shapur » Wed Feb 13, 2013 11:19 am

With psychological prowess as their main weapon and asset, they prey upon an already non-sensible mind and numb it out altogether, reducing it to a programmed robot performing at their beck and command.

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Unread post by Al Zulfiqar » Wed Feb 13, 2013 5:20 pm


welcome to the pdb forum. please continue contributing your views.

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Unread post by shapur » Thu Feb 14, 2013 12:19 am

Thanks AZ. I have been particularly enjoying your posts packed with punches and wit.

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Unread post by rang » Thu Feb 14, 2013 3:58 am

kAKA Akela quoted: Someday there will be a revolution among the Dawoodi Bohras as well, as the sucking up of the money has gone unchecked and getting beyond the bearing capacity of the Hoi Polloi(S), I only hope that day will come soon.

Sir, As far as I have observed, I don't think or hope for any revolution among the Bohras. These peoples are so much brained washed, particularly the young generation that they only think of Mola and Mola ... no one else, not even their Parents. Just 2 days back on 12.Feb.2013, A Young Bohra by the Name of Idrees Bhai Rangwala was shot and killed at his Sanitary Shop at Gulbahar Colony Nazimabad. His Brother Critically Injured was rushed to the Hospital. 2 other people at his shop who were normal customer were also shot dead in stray Firing. I was at the time in the Market for shopping. I came to know that the deceased person was from Haidry Mohallaha. After Magrib Namaz I went to Haidry from my home in Clifton, just to get some detail news. When I reached Haidry I was shocked to see that every Bohra is going toward Masjid for Tabudat Amal and Darees . No one was interested to talk or hear about the dead person. Our community has become what we call in URDU ' BEY HISS' When they wake in the Morning they start Talking of Maula, Tabudat,Jaman, Niaz and Kothar and these topic ends till they go to sleep.
Last Year in Feb. 2012 More than 1400 Bohras and their Companies were caught in Sales Tax Fraud. Out of these 340 Bohras Individuals were involved in Making Fake Input and Output Invoices including Fake Bill of entries and Custom Documents. Other Bohras were the Peoples who were buying the input invoices for claim with the Government. It came into notice when suddenly the FBR (Federal Bureau of Revenue) found that their Server were Hacked in Lahore and Billons of Rupees Fraud made through Fake invoice. They with the Help of FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) and CID start probing the matter in detail.
Raids started and 350 Bohras were caught and FIR was launched. They were thrown in Main Central Jail with strict interrogation. Other 1000 Bohras were issued notice to Deposit the Fraud amount into the Government Treasury. Many with the big amount of 20 Corer and more were asked to pay in 12 installments with advance cheques. FIA and Police Raided Bohras Home in whole Karachi between 2 to 5 am in the Morning and Handcuffed the Bohras and took them to interrogations cell from where their they were took to the High Court and to jail. 90 % Bohras had a Long Beard and Topi. The FIA official abused them and gave vulgar remarks on the communal activities. They said that “ You people make frauds of Billions of Rupees and give money for charity to your community in the form of Zakat , Niaz and wajebat” Don’t ever your Mullahs ask you where these huge amount comes from ? It is interested to note that Burhani Guard youngsters were also involved in selling the Fake input invoice and they were also in the Lockup.
The FBR and Police with Special Guns and Commandos raided Bohras Shop and took Many Mian Sahib to the CID Office where they were tortured and then ordered them to issue the cheques in 12 installments, because these Mian sahibs were involved in more then 80 – 90 corer frauds. I want to confess that I was also issued a notice to pay 10 lakhs. I did astakfar and for 40 nights I Prayed Bihori namaz and 1000 Astakfar. I cried in Sajda and asked GOD to forgive me, though I had done a small crime in comparison to other Bohras but I know that Wrong is wrong and theft is theft no matter the amount. I know that what is done can’t be undone, but from that day I am trying to be honest and since 1 year I am paying the actual Tax to the Government from what I get.
Out of 350 Bohras, many ran for Dubai and Malaysia in one night. Mulla Tahir Bhai Karimi , and His brother Muhammad Bhai NKD ( Godhrawala) were sent for special interrogation to Islamabad, Once when I went to the FIA Cell to meet one of my friend I saw some Horrible scene. Bohras Youngsters along with Burhani Guard Youngsters were kneeled down and were crying and praying to God Almighty to help them and forgive them. Many were doing Matam and some were reciting Yasin. Farman from the Kothar came that Mumin should avoid wearing Topi when they are Taken to Court. Kothar also said that we can’t do anything as Crime has to pay.
The Head of CBR Karachi Division was Mahnoor Baluch. He was the Man of Principal. Bohras offered him millions of Rupees to release them just for a day or two so they may take the flight to Dubai, but he refused. Instead he interviewed many bohras and recorded the statement. He said when I interviewed the Bohra People some of the Youngsters said that they don’t get any sorts of help from their community. They said that the community asks them for some sort of Wajibat and Sabeel (Other taxes) which they are unable to pay, so to survive in the community they have to adopt these types of Fraud. Some said that they have to go for Ziarat and 10 days Muharam with the Pir Saheb. Many Big Mia Sahib confessed that they have to offer Ziafat and pay more than the normal people so they have to take the Fraud Path.
In the End the Head of the CBR said that Someday I will go to Mumbai and Visit the Pir Sahib and give him the recording of his followers.
After 2 months in Jail all the Bohra’s were release from the Jail on Bail which minimum amounted to 25 Lakhs per Bail and 3 + Corer for each person to pay in 24 months. After getting out of Jail the Bohras asked the High Court for stay order as they are unable to pay the amount. I have come to know that names of these Bohras have also been placed in the Exit Control List.
No one can challenge me or my statement as I was Myself involved in this case, but as I was the input buyer I and many other Bohras were protected by the SUPREME Court Judgment , which is true in the eyes of our law but I know that I am ‘ GUNHAGAR’ in front of my GOD .
I want to mention that 100% Bohras Businessman were involved in this Fraud. Even the Jamat Secretaries or the Bhai Sahebs with individual Business were issued notices.

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Unread post by shapur » Thu Feb 14, 2013 5:39 am

Such a major upheaval has been succesfully kept under wraps and not found much publicity in other districts. Though the story and the modus-operandi narrated is a blue-print which is adopted almost all over ( which is how and why the abdes cough up whatever sums demanded because the money is not theirs anyways). Only in other districts, they are lucky not to come under the scanner and the admin. dragnet. But, it could happen anywhere and the bubble and label of " big-time money-earners through lawful trading " will burst soon and the fake-filling, double-billing, duplication, and all the other methods get exposed. Abdes- tighten up your izaars, it could fall anytime !!

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Unread post by Starwars » Thu Feb 14, 2013 6:28 am

The bubble is not about to burst, regretfully. Methinks, not yet! As long as there are willing givers who enjoy absolute domination there are ready willing takers. The winner takes all. :roll:

Bohra spring
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Unread post by Bohra spring » Thu Feb 14, 2013 7:53 am

Rang I am really impressed with your confession .

I can only say that the corrupt culture that the Sayedna has created over 50 years where they his family have displayed absolute greed has bred a culture of dishonesty and bohras have as a consequence grown up to be least respectful for societal law and civility.

The community is beyond simple repair , it will take over 2 to 3 generations to repair the damage STS and SMB has left behind.

Regarding revolt there is hope but not now we have to wait as people still have emotional loyalty to SMB, but after his retirement or departure...there is enough disparity to topple the kasre mawali.

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Unread post by JC » Thu Feb 14, 2013 10:46 am

I fully endorse what Rang has written. I also KNOW the people who have been doing this and one informed person had narrated this whole story to me too - this is 100% TRUTH ...........
We can hope and pray after SBM departure, there will be lesser emotional attachment to Muffi (though currently they are thrying to portray him as GOD day in and day out) and abdes would THINK and WAKE UP ....... it is good that non-bohras are getting to know more about wrong doings in the community (at leaset in Karachi).
It is high time for Mazun Sahib and Co to ACT and start sending messages to Karachi Community - they can offer 'alternative' - they have to start their campaign NOW .......

Kaka Akela
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Unread post by Kaka Akela » Thu Feb 14, 2013 1:37 pm

OMG !!!! I am shocked to read the Rangwala account of the 350 bohras in Jail and the bigger shock is that no one out side of Karachi knows about it. It is amazing how much control the kothar has on the community. None of abde sites mention anything about it. So sad, they don't serve the community.
What we call Kothar is the tail that is wagging the dog. The dog is the zaadas who rule the religion. The kothar is nothing but the 3rd caste of our religion, the jamea graduates and the flunkies, they are the ones ruling, thats why they are opening more and more Jameas, the latest being in Nairobi, Africa. We need more of these idiots like we need a hole in our head. Zaadas and their children are basking in the luxuries and don't know or don't care to know the religion and the Jamea idiot tell them what to do, where to sign and the 3 rd caste rules. All they learn in Jamea is that the Dai is God on earth and how to re-gugetate every word of dai and call it noorani kalema.
We need to start beating up these 3rd caste goons as they are the ones who is brain-washing the whole community to think their way, specially they have a hold on our women creating fear in their hearts.

Kaka Akela
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Unread post by Kaka Akela » Thu Feb 14, 2013 8:24 pm

What we need is a website/ Forum run by the Dawoodi bohras who are very much in the jamaat, e-jamaat card holder, sabeel & wajibaat paying and have contacts in the inner circles of Saifee Mahal and also have in-roads with people of Jamia who would run this forum for the momineen only but run it anaoymously so no one can find out who they are and it is not bound with the shaclkes of Raza, or it could be a group of bright college students with computer expertise. this forum will expose what is going on around the world within the bohra world, and other momineen will not be averse to coming to it as it is not by the progressives. Momineen shy -away from this site due to the name which is connected with Asghar Ali Engineer and Noman Contractor and promotes rebellion against the current administration in the Dawat. The new group will be from within and of mukhliseen and may attract a bigger audiance and it should not promote any rebellion, then momineen will be encouraged to submit the Kothari Atrocities, money demands under the veneer of religion, and incidents of callousness among the momineen and Kotharis and any other happenings around the world in our small community. The current DB sites are all run with Raza and are only allowed to sing the praises of Dai & Qasre aali and kotharis otherwise their raza is null & void.

Bohra spring
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Unread post by Bohra spring » Thu Feb 14, 2013 10:55 pm

KA...just because this site is associated with Engineer you dont like it...But facts are facts..the purpose is change...not a power struggle

Even if you create a new site and disclose the insider crooked activity...if you do not want change or is pointless if it is only a gossip corner !

Do you relise that you are so brainwashed that you have used muklis cleverly....are you saying there are abdes who want to remain orthodox and democratic and retain the administration ...only do not want to be forced to pay and stay law will you do the same with the current family members of SMB ?

Kaka Akela
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Unread post by Kaka Akela » Thu Feb 14, 2013 11:43 pm

Sorry if you got the impression that I am calling myself mukhlis or abde DB or was condescending towards this forum in anyway, as I have been coming here for several years now, so that makes me not a mukhlis. but what I meant was that there is a history of bad blood between youth group (as progressives are known) and the abde DBs. And Kotharis openly preach for people not to come here. My intention was to attract more abde DBs to a site which is not associated with progressives , and thats all.

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Unread post by Fateh » Fri Feb 15, 2013 12:18 am

Yes i am also agree with ka,as he said this site attract only few dbs who are daily or occasionally use internate .But large population of our dbs are not using net & not educated,not know English very well can not explain their view in English.So they may be not take part or even read the topics of the site.So admin or we all should think how we can increase dbs viewers who are not knowing English.Its my humble suggestion as i also some time can not explain my view correctly in English as my mother tongue is Gujarati.

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Unread post by humanbeing » Fri Feb 15, 2013 1:07 am

Rang, your confession is remarkable and Believable as you were also found guilty. But what makes this more believable is corrupt business practices are happening in every country.

Many bohra traders in India hardly pay income taxes and misrepresent accounts, well not only bohras, but many businessmen across all religions do it, so its more of commercial problem.

However, hypocrite kothar is step ahead, at one face they preach obedience of laws of the land and other face they indulge in money laundering through “hawala”

Prominent big players of hawala are given sheikh titles and their businesses are covered under electronic & foreign exchange shops.

Illegal acts are validated by kothar as long as it fills their pockets. Members of Kuwait jamat openly admit about bribing government officials to keep bohra activities running, they take pride is serving the daawat !!

Recent Ponzi scheme in Kuwait, where big names from Kuwait jamaat were involved up till Kuwait aamil and his lousy son-in-law, was all brushed under the carpet.
Kothar rules on ignorance, illiteracy (deeni & duniya), fear, greed, superstitions of bohra populace. Most of them being traders and businessmen from rurals areas of india. Limited access & interest to technology.

However this forum has its desired affects amongst netizens in the abde community, either changing their attitude or atleast spark a sense of reason no matter how blind he/she is.

Kothar is content to rule over bunch of ignorant rich fools to keep their finances, moreover they can treat these abdes like slaves.

Bohra spring
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Unread post by Bohra spring » Fri Feb 15, 2013 2:07 am

KA no need to apologise but I am not understanding how a separate website will resolve Bohra issues without regime change...associated with Engineer or not is not enough excuse for Abdes to remain oppressed. Engineer did what he could and I am not going to qualify if that was right or wrong. If we had a better plan we should have done ...but results are deppressing as there are still majority abdes who have not made any effort to seek logical and conscious.

By saying that I mean unless abdes want change change will not happen...and by this majority abdes are ok to be oppressed, treated like sheep, pay taxes, etc because they have complete and utter faith in their Diai...that is the price they are prepared to pay for the belief they have earned heaven

When they discuss being conned and humilated we have said before their is no need to be sympathtic because they have earned the humiliation...

this website was intending to create momentum , which I agree have not, but those few who do not accept the zada suppression can discuss and formulate ideas how to resist being over run, calibrate their faith so at least we regain some dignity as free human beings, know that Islam is not bad at all as Bohraism potrays itself

I cannot see how zadas will suddenly one day decide to be honorable and kind and caring...They need to feel threatened that their power will be taken away if they do not change. Until we do what has happened in all normal oppressed society we will remain like North Korea

The best method is let the pain and oppression continue until it reaches a point that it is untolerable and you will see heroes who will come up and say enough is I have said before there are a few years to go before we reach that point

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Unread post by Maqbool » Fri Feb 15, 2013 6:24 am

Dear Rang
I found this, Is this is the same fraud? If it is this then the name given does not looks like bohras. Please clarify. It is almost same period

Federal Board of Revenue unearths tax fraud

IMRAN ADNAN Tuesday, 6 Mar 2012 11:13 pm | Comments (0)

LAHORE - Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has unearthed Rs500 million tax evasion scam in which some eight companies are involved that helped 600 taxpayers in claiming illegal tax adjustments, Profit learnt on Tuesday. FBR officials disclosed that on receipt of tip off, Lahore Directorate of Intelligence and Investigation, initiated probe related to a tax fraud on the basis of fake or flying invoices and identified eight fraudulent companies, including Sunny Traders, Elahi Traders, Faisal Enterprises, Shalimar Trade Links, Rehman Paper Mart, Shaheen Trade Linkers, Heaven Trade Lines and Azure Enterprises. Initial investigation reveals that these companies issued fake or flying invoices to over 600 other taxpayers to enable them to claim inadmissible or illegal input tax adjustment, causing a loss of nearly half-a-billion-rupees to national exchequer. Official summary made available to Profit indicates that M/S Sunny Traders has caused a loss of over Rs135 million, M/S Elahi Traders Rs71.105 million, M/S Faisal Enterprises Rs66 million, M/S Shalimar Trade Links Rs50.862 million, M/S Rehman Paper Mart Rs29.703 million, M/S Shaheen Trade Linkers Rs28.990 million, M/S Heaven Trade Lines Rs19.140 million and M/S Azure Enterprises 72.661 million. Lahore Directorate of Intelligence had also lodged FIRs against these fraudsters, on Monday, for investigation, prosecution and ancillary in these causes. To recover the tax amount from fraudsters, FBR sources disclosed that over 600 beneficiaries would be investigated to recover the government revenue. The board has also constituted special teams to expedite the investigation process. ... tax-fraud/

Al Zulfiqar
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Unread post by Al Zulfiqar » Fri Feb 15, 2013 7:04 pm


the report you have filed here is shocking and mind-boggling! how come no one knows about this? i have many close friends and family in karachi and pakistan, yet i have never heard a whisper about this.

if this is indeed the case, as you claim, then its a matter of shame for bohras and a reflection on our community and its leaders, although everyone and his uncle are involved in tax fraud and evasion in pakistan. its a country corrupt to its core. corruption is endemic and has seeped into the societal fabric to such an extent that no 'clean' fish can survive in its murky and putrid waters. the same goes for india and all 3rd world countries.

in this respect, bohras are no exception, they are in the business of evading taxes like everyone else. but what rankles is the holier-than-thou attitude of our dai and zaadas, who exhort bohras and proclaim to the world at large that we bohras are law abiding and loyal citizens of whichever country we reside in and that our dai is an ambassador of peace and the perfect example as a leader of a faultless and virtuous community. my foot!

the zaadas and the kothar are the biggest frauds of them all. it is in fact the hallmark of their expertise, how not to pay a single paisa to any govt of any country where bohras reside. they run a multi-billion corporation which earns in untold billions and pays not a single cent! on top of which they launder black money on such a massive scale that even the vatican, zardari, sonia gandhi and the cosa nostra can take lessons from them!

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Unread post by Conscíous » Fri Feb 15, 2013 8:25 pm

Hey rang,
I was numbed,, reading your post.. A crack down with this magnitude and with so many agency's involved, surely someone "anyone" must have informed the media/newspaper about this?? Could you be kind enough and share any links you may have to this case.. Thanks

Ps.. I'm glad for you, that this experience has made you an honest man..

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Unread post by Safiuddin » Sat Feb 16, 2013 1:14 am

You and me the Hoi Polloi(s) do. More correctly our women do, I know when my wife when she was alive, she was so devoted to these zadas let alone Aqa Maola that I used to wonder why is she worshiping them? their shit stinks like ours, they put their trousers one leg at a time like we all do, what makes them so special.
Kaka Akela,

Please don't lump me with your sycophantic family. You can and yours have the honor to yourself. On the one hand you say their shit stinks,
and on the other hand you still insist on referring to Burhanuddin as "Aqa Maola". So again, my question,
WHO gives them this power?

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Unread post by rang » Sat Feb 16, 2013 3:02 am

Yes Maqbool Bhai this is the Same Fraud. Actually the Fraud started From the Year 2002 when we had to file the monthly return manually (Since 2007 efiling is mandatory) but due to involvement of Many Government officials and FBR Peoples this crime was hidden from the Government. Many Auditors were also arrested and put Behind the Bars as they took heavy Bribe and commissions to clear the Audit. More than 500 Different Fake companies were involved in Karachi only. In Karachi 75% were the Bohras who were also operating and issuing Lahore Invoices. Now Each Companies had a Bohra Head and around 15 - 20 Bohra Youngsters who were tasked to delivery Invoices, look for new clients and Recover Money from their Client. The income was so quick that many Bohras whom I know very well didn't had a Bicycle some 2 years Back, But after getting in the Tax Fraud Business I saw them Driving Honda Civic and Toyota Coralla with a Price Tag of Above 15 Lacks excluding Tax. Many Guys shifted from a single room apartment to a Ground + 1 Floor Bungalows.
As I belong to the Main Hardware Market I have noticed that Bohras Youngsters are not getting Jobs in any Shop or offices. The Owner of the shops especially the Non Bohras are Fed up with these Bohras. They steal from the shop, they ran away without informing, they come late at the shops. Many shop owners complain that these Bohras gets absent from the work and when they are asked on the next day they excuse of not coming because of Pir Sahib Ki Waez Thee. They also skip away before the shop closing time with excuse that they have to attend the Majlis or Daress. I have 6 employees in my shop and none is Bohra, because I face the same Problem. I kicked all the Bohras out as I was tired of hearing same nonsence every day.

Sir, I think the problem lies somewhere in Preaching and teaching. In Pakistan we have to study Islamiat as a compulsory subject from class 2 to intermediate (11 Years), what I have learned in this 11 years is totally different from what I hear and being taught by our Mullahs. In Islam there's a concept for Reward if you do good and Punishment if you do evil or bad. But contrary to this we are taught that if we are punished for our Gunaha we will be saved by Maula Now tell me what feeling and thinking will be created in Bohras Minds from this concept. Bohras claim 'Koi baat Nahi Maula Chey Ney apney Bachawa wastey’ So they don't care for their Crime.

I still remember the Time with tears in my eyes, when the Special FIA Teams Raided Bohra's Houses with Guns and lockup trucks and took Bohras by Hand Cuff. Most embarrassing thing is that 99% Bohras in Karachi resides in Bohra Mohalla and compounds, so at night between 2-4 am when the raids were conducted People from Different Building came out in street to watch the humiliation of Bohras, and next day it became the hot Topics and gossips in Jamat Khana and Masjid. Even the Non Bohras were Amazed when they came to know of Bohra's Fraud Activity, because in their views we the symbol of Discipline and Honesty. What I am unable to understand is 'why those People were not saved from punishment as we are told in masjid' Will this condition applies in Kaber only and not in the Physical Word?
One most interesting thing I want to mention that Few People from 'MARASIYA Party' who recites Medhey and Marsiya in MAsjid are also involved and FIR was Launched. After passing some good days in Jail they are out on Bail. God Forbids This is Mazak to HAyle Beth when these people reciets their Marsiya and do Matam.
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Unread post by rang » Sat Feb 16, 2013 3:15 am

no sir it was not the information by someone or Media involvement because top FBR Peoples were involved in this Scam. It was just routine checking of Monthly return and some godfearing Computer operator suspected that the Main Server of FBR in Islamabad was Hacked and entries of Billions of Rupees were found but physically not a single rupees in Government Treasury.