I have just received this email which revealed several facts

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I have just received this email which revealed several facts


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I have just received this email which revealed several facts:

1). So-called Aaliqadar(hamvazan of Lailat ul Qadr) and his team of Chalees(40) Choor have no time for poor Dawoodi Bohra Ejamat card holders. Nor they are interested to help them. Instead they love to decide such matters in favour of those whom they think are bonafide good pay master.

2). Under discussion Mustafa Attar and Asif Zojwala are Kuthar's agents who provides funds against interest and in Ramadan they clean it through Vajebat and Ziafat of Mufaddal, Kana Raja.

3). Why Kuthar and their champion, mufaddal harass poor people working in Bank and insurance companies while they are running their own maloon empire on the foundation of Haraam interest?

Dear Mumineen
Please help us we poor are targeted by the rich builders

Appeal to Syedi Aaliqadar, Mufaddal Bhaisaheb Saifuddin against Viyaj Demand through the Court Notices & Death Threats Given By Asif Jojwala & Mustafa Attar to 3 Poor Mumins & 1 Muslim

Prior to start our joint business in December 2011, we approached Mr. Mustafa M. Fida Akbar Attar (Kalyan) for finance and presented him our proposal. He read it and showed his interest as sleeping partner and agreed to invest.

We, the following four partners started business with the name of Ali Paint House, granted by Moula:
1 Aziz F Sayerwala
2 Mrs. Munira Aziz Sayerwala
3 Aliasghar Raja
4 Shameem Rangrez (Non-Bohra)
We imported goods and start marketing; due to competition response come slowly. After a few months, Mr. Mustafa Attar pressurized us daily to sale goods at low price and returns his investment. Marketing new product at low price and giving it on credit basis as per market tradition multiplied our problems, beside late payment recoveries.

We are dealing in Auto-colour business, which required equipment. We requested our investor to allow us some time to return his amount as recovery process is slow, but Mustafa Attar did not give us relaxation.

In the meanwhile Mustafa Attar handed over forged bills which showed loss of 4 Lakhs Rs. and forced us for its payment. Under undue influence of Mustafa Attar we increased prices of the imported items. Our supplier, who was cooperative earlier, stopped working with us, for reason unknown. For survival, we found another source of supply.

At this critical time, Mustafa Attar and his associate instead to cooperate with us demanding 35 Lakhs Rs from us and claiming incorrectly that this is our outstanding amount. They harassed Aziz Bhai and his wife and obtained from us 35 Lakh Rs. signed cheques. Mustafa Attar explained that as soon as his amount deposited in his account, he will return the cheques but he dishonored his words. We don’t have any written agreement as it was done in good faith and trust.
Afterwards he called all of us in person at his office, where his associate threatened us and instructed us to pay 35 Lakhs Rs., otherwise he will kill us. He said:
THOK DONGA [kill you]
We begged him and cried as how you demand from us such a large amount? He said that with interest we have to return his amount, in 3 days.
We did not sign any Viyaj-interest document, as we know that it is Haraam. Mustafa Attar also had given death threats. We are poor and afraid with the partner of Mustafa Attar, Asif Zojwala. Even after knowing that we have forwarded appeal in the court of Moula, he may send Gundas to kill us.

We had approached Mehlam Bhaisaheb Zainuddin in Kalyan in Ramazan several times, but he didn’t grant us time for meeting due to his schedule. Today when we informed him through phone regarding the Court notices he advised through whatsapp he will speak with Asif and Mustafa???

Today on Sunday 11th August 2013 on the Urus day of Syedi Hakimuddin a police man arrived and handed over court notice and said we have to attend court tomorrow, Monday 12th August 2013.

We are poor and except Allah and His Awliya we have no shelter, please help us on humanitarian ground.

Abeede Syedna wa Mansusehi(TUS)
1 Aziz F Sayerwala Cell: 9833298878 Ejamat No. 20337133 (Kalyan)
2 Shameem Rangrez Cell: 9833664169 (Non Bohra)
3 Ali Asghar ibn Mulla Shabbir Raja Cell: 9833822710
4 Amate Syedna wa Mansusehi(TUS)
Munira Aziz Sayerwala Cell: 9820782569

Residence: Mr. Mustafa Attar
Abedin Apartment
1st Floor, Murbad Road
Kalyan (W)
Office: Attar Associates
2nd Floor, Near Gurudev Hotel
Shivaji Chowk Kalyan (w)
Tel No. 9821027302

Note: Our case Brief is attached as word document.