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Almost 25 days after the riots in muzaffernagar, slowly reports are trickling in, with the media at its most active form, I, am reading horrendous accounts of rape, murder and loot. I am ashamed. I thought it was the most important part of my life to become a true Muslim. At the back of my mind I waited for some miracle to happen that would usurp the corrupt bohra clergy. Living in a multi cultural society as India is, I took pride in mixing with my friends and neighbours from other cultures. But every now and then my dream world gets a terrific jolt. When women are raped I feel like I've just walked through hell. It was the same in delhi1984 riots, it continued in 2002 Gujrat massacre and now it's 2013 muzaffernagar . When will we stop being Hindu, Muslim, jat, bohra, Sikh. When will we learn to read the book which makes us true human beings.

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as long as the self interest of the clergy is at stake the truth will never be out.

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Amazing cause of trouble
The crucial point, however, is the point of origin of the troubles. It is now fairly well established that on August 27, a young girl from village Malikpura was eve-teased while on her way to Inter-college by two youths from Kawal village, tehsil Jansath, Muzaffarnagar district. Her family members, a cousin and an uncle, confronted the alleged culprit, who died as a result of the ensuing conflict; the duo was brutally murdered in retaliation. This triggered the rioting.
Eye for eye now they are blind.

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Akhilesh Yadav, Rahul Gandhi's Claim Of Secularism Exposed

"Everyone has many identities, related not just to one's religion and community, but also to class, occupation, language, gender, political inclinations, and so on - by the fact that the victims of the riots overwhelmingly came from the same class, even when they belonged to different communities or religious groups."

Yet, as UP votes, neither the Congress, which is an ally of the Samajwadi Party, nor the Lalu Yadav-led Rashtriya Janata Dal which has been vocal in its support of the Akhilesh government in the last five years, questioned the Chief Minister for his inability to administer justice. It is important to remember that these are the same leaders who demanded justice from Narendra Modi for the 2002 victims in the name of secularism.

Like Modi who was the chief Minister of Gujarat when the riots killed at least thousand and landed families in relief camps, Akhilesh too could do little to stop the killings and rapes in Muzaffarnagar. ... ed-1658995