heavy-handedness of khidmatguzars

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Kaka Akela
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heavy-handedness of khidmatguzars


Unread post by Kaka Akela » Wed Apr 27, 2005 9:06 pm

[I had submitted this to Malumaat.com originally, but they are too scared to print this and worried their raza for continuing that webpage will be pulled away, which leaves me no choice but to post this on this site.]

These days our community is suffering
from the 3 monkey disease, I see no evil, I hear no evil and I speak no evil. Before I paint all
khidmatguzars with one wide brush as same, they are not.
There are khidmatguzars who are seasonal or miqat-wise and they are truly dedicated people as they sacrifice the miqat and attend to their duties deligently and they are all volunteers with no pay. My and I think xxx ben's gripe is with the paid khidmatguzrs who are on vazifa by the dawat. These khidmatguzars are the type" kiss up - kick down". in other words they
kiss up to the people who have power over them but they kick the people who they have the power on. With firm belief that they will never be disciplined and if anyone dares complain about them their superiors know them better as they have not known their kick down side of the personality. A lot of clergy and ummal also belong to this category. Khidmat is the last
thing on their mind. Even though they are getting
vazifa to do basic khidmat of mumineen but for every little thing they negotiate a big salaam through their cronies. I was a victim of this harrassment on my daughter's wedding recently, when I complained to the crony about his exorbitant demand for a salaam, I was told that you are spending so much money for wedding
(clothing,zaver, jaman etc.) what is $1052/ for
nikah?????? Isn't the aamil there to read nikah under his vazifa??? Whatever salaam I think appropriate and affordable should be my choice, salaams are that which are offered willingly with heart and not by compulsion
and demand. In vaez we are told that all mumin's are a reflecting mirror for other mumins, in other words we are supposed to correct each other's behavior, if a xxx ben wrote about something that needs correcting then
all of us should not jump on her to shut her up. Our community needs some airing out. All dawat paid khidmatguzars have become very heavy-handed with people and some one needs to be able to correct them, it is not upto me or you but the ones they kiss-up to.

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Re: heavy-handedness of khidmatguzars


Unread post by observer » Fri Apr 29, 2005 12:22 am

why did you not stand up when they asked you for a big salaam? Oh! I know they would not have performed your daughter's nikkah right! So who is going to stand up as we say in english "Bell the cat". We are going to remain cowards till we have the balls to say to these guys do what you are supposed to do as a priest or else we will smarten you up. Get a lawyer and tell them to get you an order from the court to order these idiots to perform the nikkah but you know that will not happen because we bohoras eat KHICHRI and KATHY. So my friend continue to grovel!

Kaka Akela
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Re: heavy-handedness of khidmatguzars


Unread post by Kaka Akela » Fri Apr 29, 2005 1:38 pm

No, I didn't do $1052 salaam, I did what I wanted to do. In Nikah majlis he accepted the salaam thinking it was $1052, but the following day he returned it via the jamaat secretary. Which I accepted back. But I know now I will be socially boycotted. They never announce publicly about the social boycott but they do it under-handedly by word-of-mouth, this way no one can catch them or take them to court. But if this is the caliber of the religious people then who needs them anyway.

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Re: heavy-handedness of khidmatguzars


Unread post by BB » Sat Apr 30, 2005 5:31 am

I had the same experience with Malumaat.com.The moderator of the malumaat.com doesn't like the subscriber to post anything wrong about Our jamaat.If you send any thing against Jamaat,Khidmat Guzaar or Kothar they will disaprove the mail.
When some one wrote about Burhanpur Durgah Mgt's wrong behaviour they didn't accept my following response regarding My experience with Burhanpur Durgah.Infact now they have deleted my name from the subcription list.

when some one complained about burhanpur magt one of khidmatguzar responded him with some good example of madina mgt on that i responded him like this.

Mr.Mala I appreciate Your response towards the hospitality you got from Madina staff.But here people are talking about the misbehaviour of Burhanpur Staff.How can you generalise both the Issues?If you happen to visit KADHIYAVAAD then may be you will experience all together different hospitality.So please don't generalise and try to understand the situation and try to deal each and every matter with the circumstance of each case.

I had a bad experience with Burhanpur Dargah Staff too.If i go on eloberating that it can also run in pages but in brief

1)I was forced to pay 200 Rs for a spot on Blanket(If you trust me then believe it that that spot was already there).
2)Before we left our room they came to or room and checked each and every item if its Intact?I have never had this experience even in a Hotel.
3)We were asked that if my 2 YEAR OLD NIECE had to perform the ziyarat then she needs to change her long skirt and it was objected by by a mullah who was chewing TOBACCO right in the middle of Dargah compound.and when we pointed out about his tobbacco he made a big issue and called the gaurd to insult us.

Mind you we are paying for each and every KHIDMAT they are providing.Nothing is free of charge there...even if there is jaman its from the people like you and me and not by the staff or manager of dargah...so they are there at our service and not to insult us.