Hypocrisy galore

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Kaka Akela
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Hypocrisy galore


Unread post by Kaka Akela » Mon Jan 13, 2014 5:17 pm

Everybody is forced to say Abd e Syedna TUS at the end of an arzi or in any other communication verbal or written without which their arzi is trashed or people scolded for not using this title in verbal talk, Also every message verbal and written has to end with tulul umar of bewe maula, why?? everyones life span is allotted no matter how much doa anyone does then why so much doa from everyone. regarding the enforced requirement for declaring the slavery the below quote from Nahjul Balagha proves that the 51st and 52nd dai are not living like Ali or his true followers :
Amerul Mumeneen Moulana Ali Ibnay Moulana AbiTalib (SA) said:

Take care, my son! Be warned that you do not make yourself a slave of anybody. Allah has created you a freeman.
Do not sell away your freedom in return of anything. There is no actual gain and real value in benefits that you derive by
selling your honour and self-respect or by subjugating yourself to disgrace and insults as there is no real good in wealth
and power that you acquire by foul means.

ghulam muhammed
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Re: Hypocrisy galore


Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Mon Jan 13, 2014 5:24 pm

It has become mandatory and even a ritual that every Bohra wedding invitation card must start with "Dua of both the Molas" and every Majlis/Fateha jaman card must end with Abde Syedna followed by the name of the invitee !! This is not a normal slavery but a "FORCED SLAVERY" irrespective of whether the person really means what he is forced to write.

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Re: Hypocrisy galore


Unread post by Nietzsche » Mon Jan 13, 2014 6:19 pm

"Forced slavery".... redundant statement ;).

I'm sure you understand why they do this; it keeps the phrases fresh in the mind. They can't have people forgetting about how important the figurehead is, or the sense of infallibility may eventually erode.

^just my two cents

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Re: Hypocrisy galore


Unread post by JC » Tue Jan 14, 2014 11:53 am

Maula (I guess Bayway..) is MALIK of everything an abde possess .......... he is God and Wajib-e-Sajda. This sums up cult's mission statement and thought process.

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Re: Hypocrisy galore


Unread post by think » Tue Jan 14, 2014 1:57 pm

neither does the bohri dai give food, or clothes or a roof over your head. This is all given by Allah. Man is a social animal and that is the only reason the bohri's flock to majlis , miqaats, moharam tamasha, salgirah and a host of other drummed up gatherings. the bohris should look out of their window and into the world of allah that is out there. The dai does not want that.

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Re: Hypocrisy galore


Unread post by AMAFHH » Mon Mar 03, 2014 2:03 am

Amirul Momineen Ali Ibn-e-Abi talib(A.s)
Sermon 193 from Nahjul Balagah
Describing the Hypocrites
We praise Allah for the succor which He has given us in carrying
out the obligations of being obedient to Him and in preventing us from
disobedience. We ask Him to complete His favors (to us) and to make us
hold on to His rope. We testify that Muhammad (h) is His slave and
Messenger. He entered every hardship in pursuit of Allah’s pleasure and
endured for its sake every grief. His near relatives changed their attitudes
towards him, and those who were distant (in kinship) united against him.
The Arabs let loose the reins (of their horses to quicken their march)
against him and struck the bellies of their mounts to fightt him, so much
so that enemies came to his threshold from the remotest places and most
distant areas.
I admonish you, O servants of Allah, to fear Allah, and I warn
you of the hypocrites because they themselves are misguided and have
misguided others as well. They have slipped and will cause others to slip,
too. They change into many colors and adopt various ways. They support
you with all means but lie in ambush for you at every post. Their hearts
are sick while their faces look clear. They walk stealthily and tread like
the approach of sickness (over the body). Their words speak of cure, but
their deeds are like incurable diseases. They are jealous of ease; they
intensify distress and destroy hopes. Their victims are found lying in
ambush on every path, while they have means to approach every heart.
They have (false) tears for every grief.

They eulogize each other and expect rewards from each other.
When they ask something, they insist on it. If they reprove (any one), they
disgrace (him), and if they pass a verdict, they commit excesses
. They
have adopted for every truth a wrong way, for every erect thing a bender,
for every living being a killer, for every (closed) door a key and for every
night a lamp. They covet, but with despair, in order to maintain with it
their markets and propagate for their “handsome” merchandise. When
they speak, they create doubts. When they describe, they exaggerate. First
they offer easy paths but (afterwards) they make them narrow. In short,
they are the party of Satan and the stings of the Fire. “Satan has gained
hold on them, so he makes them forget the remembrance of Allah; they 645
are Satan’s Party; Beware! Verily, the party of Satan are the losers” (Holy
Quran, 58: 19)

M Taha
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Re: Hypocrisy galore


Unread post by M Taha » Mon Mar 03, 2014 3:49 am

if you guys havent noticed all these EXTRA glorification of DAI came into existance in last 30 years, and I am pretty sure this is from those manipulated minds who hijacked dawat for their own personal motives.