The "Fitnah" Behind The Present Turmoil In Bohra Community.

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Re: The "Fitnah" Behind The Present Turmoil In Bohra Communi


Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Sat Mar 01, 2014 6:29 pm

james wrote: If " trash " is the cut off , then the OP should be deleted first .
Finally, James 0053 has spelled out his motives of sneaking into this forum !! The OP was posted on 14th Feb and James joined the forum on 17th Feb as this thread managed to open the pandoras box which created ripples in Muffy camp. I and other members on this forum have always been stating that he is a mole planted by Muffy camp to derail topics and disrupt debates, more importantly this particular thread !!

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Unread post by rajab » Sun Mar 02, 2014 3:48 pm

shehzada wrote:Sadly --- All of these have been taken off by Google due to a copyright claim. One would think that they'd want their messages to be available online given it's their belief, it's a shame they can't stand by their beliefs when the going gets hot.

muffadal saifuddin on woman

Mufaddal Saifuddin says if no hijab throw ladies out of house

Mufaddal Saifuddin says women should stay at home

Mufaddal Saifuddin says women should not be educated

Mufaddal Saifuddin says if you don't make roti, you won't get shafa'at

i have seen above videos and horrified about thinking of what time will be for dawoodi bohra community .Look and listen his tone .
...Do I presume that no one has managed duplicate or store a copy of these videos? :(

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Unread post by Bohra spring » Sun Mar 02, 2014 4:06 pm

Do we continue tolerating James, and I feel James is not one person, it is a group of abdes who are mandated to use the forum, ie with raza, something masked as intellect to derail the topics. It is a deliberate propaganda channel. I am deliberately changing my arguments , thrown a few curve balls, to suss out that motive and I have noticed kind of multiple personalities in the character James .

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Unread post by Sceptical » Sun Mar 02, 2014 4:19 pm

rajab wrote:
shehzada wrote:Sadly --- All of these have been taken off by Google due to a copyright claim. One would think that they'd want their messages to be available online given it's their belief, it's a shame they can't stand by their beliefs when the going gets hot.

muffadal saifuddin on woman

Mufaddal Saifuddin says if no hijab throw ladies out of house

Mufaddal Saifuddin says women should stay at home

Mufaddal Saifuddin says women should not be educated

Mufaddal Saifuddin says if you don't make roti, you won't get shafa'at

i have seen above videos and horrified about thinking of what time will be for dawoodi bohra community .Look and listen his tone .
...Do I presume that no one has managed duplicate or store a copy of these videos? :(
please, look at this post

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ghulam muhammed wrote:It is imperative to know the CAUSE of the ongoing war between factions of the 2 camps of Saifee Mahal which has created unprecedented chaos, mayhem and confusion in the once peaceful Bohra community. This has not happened all of a sudden but it is the result of a careful and systemic planning which started many years ago, this is the result of a great “Fitnah” created by Late Yusuf Najmuddin (YN) decades ago. YN was the son of Taher Saifuddin saab (ST) (He had 4 wives and 24 children) and the half brother of Burhanuddin saab (MB) as well as Khuzema Qutbuddin saab (KQ). He was the MOST arrogant, ruthless, cunning and calculative man who played his cards extremely well, he was also the MOST powerful man in Saifee Mahal during Burhanuddin saab’s era. It was a known fact that all major decisions were taken by him and Burhanuddin saab was just like a rubber stamp who endorsed all his decisions as no one had the might to take him head on. He was also responsible for once slapping MB, a matter which had then become the talk of the town.

YN was always eyeing for the post of ‘Mazoon’ which was denied to him as per instructions of his father, ST who had endorsed KQ’s name for the same. This angered YN no end and he made it his mission to teach KQ a lesson and at the same time settle scores with MB for denying him what he felt was his birth right. He took control of virtually all the main lucrative branches of Kothar and gained undue importance. He was also responsible for siphoning off a large sum of money collected for some fanciful scheme (Scam) from rich bohras staying in Lahore/Karachi which was then a part of the Indian state. It so happened that India got independence in 1947 due to which bohras living in parts which then became Pakistan were in no position to claim the amount as it was under the control of the Indian part of dawat headed by YN. He also became the rector of jamea Saifiyah which trained the future amils who were totally under his control.

The Mohurrum tamashas are the brainchild of YN who first “experimented” it in the 80s when he organised Mohurrum vayez in Cairo, Egypt. This was the first overseas vayez ever held by any Dai. The response to this scheme was overwhelming as thousands of bohras flocked to Cairo and seeing this, YN and other saifee mahal mafias sensed a very lucrative business in Mohurrum tamashas which then became a routine affair. YN was a very smart businessman who too wanted to encash upon this business and for which he planned to make Cairo another major hub of Bohraism and planned to settle bohras there and for which he wanted to construct huge housing complexes in Cairo. He entered into business deals with Egyptian land mafias which turned sour and due to which he was ultimately murdered although Kothar managed to hush up the whole incident and claimed that he died a natural death. His death was under suspicious circumstances which was also reported in local newspapers His body was not brought back to India but was ultimately buried in Cairo.

As part of his hidden agenda, YN also saw to it that the sons (Shehzadas) of MB didn’t pursue much education, especially Islamic and for which he engaged them in all sorts of luxuries like outings at various countries, Shikars and other ayyashis which were the prerogative of maharajas. The sons enjoyed these activities and also helped YN in keeping them away from day to day affairs and taking full control over dawat. He himself was the co-owner of Hotel Ambassador at Churchgate, Mumbai which had a full fledged bar which was then sold to the famous antique smuggler Manu Narang. He used to visit the hotel often for “Relaxing” and had a permanent suite booked in which he had his share of rendezvous.

To penetrate further into the workings of dawat and to keep a hold over its treasures, he got his daughter Zurratul sharaf married to MB’s son Mufaddal Saifuddin. His daughter has inherited her father’s genes as she too is known for her arrogance and high handedness just like her brothers Syedul Kher and Badrul Jamali who are ace extortionists and very powerful even now. MB was actually very keen in getting his son Mufaddal Saifuddin married to KQ’s daughter which he finally did but only after Mufaddal Saifuddin was already married to YN’s daughter. This irked YN’s family no end as they realised that KQ could now become more powerful and their evil plans would be jeorpardised so Zurratul sharaf saw to it that her husband divorced Safia, daughter of KQ within just 3 to 4 months of their marriage. This also helped YN and his family in straining the ties between KQ and MB’s family which resulted in KQ and MB’s sons slowly drifting apart.

KQ was systematically sidelined by MB’s sons under the guidance and pressure of YN’s daughter Zurratul sharaf and her brothers Kher and Badrul Jamali. Their vice like grip over MB’s sons and their abuse of power can be seen from the fact that when Kher was the amil of Surat he even went to the extent of orchestrating a physical attack on KQ in Surat. Although a person holding the second highest rutba (Mazun) was physically attacked by a local amil but NO action was taken against him, such is the hold and grip of YN’s family over the sons of MB. Even as soon as MB became indisposed, his sons saw to it that KQ was not given any importance as all amils were instructed to neglect him which can be observed from the recent visits of KQ to various cities when no sooner did KQ express his desire to visit a city, the local amil made it a point to disappear to Mumbai 2/3 days prior to the visit.

Hence, YN atlast succeeded in his evil designs of creating an unending rift between the 2 factions, the brunt of which is now borne by average bohras who are standing at crossroads as everyday some new crap is served to them highlighting the alleged good of MS and the alleged evils of KQ. The brain washing sessions have helped Muffy in erasing from the memory of Bohras, especially the elders, the Fitnah created by his father-in-law Yusuf Najmuddin, which is the MAIN cause of the sad present day state of affairs in the community. They even refuse to analyse a simple fact that the late MB had personally solemnised the marriages of not only one but 4 daughters of KQ who were married to his own sons and grandchildren. If at all KQ was an evil as is made out by Muffy gang and YN family then why would the 52nd Dai get his own siblings married to KQ’s daughters ? The fact remains that there was NEVER any enmity between KQ and MB but the seeds of hatred were sown by YN and his family over a period of time and Muffy and gang fell prey to its evil designs coupled with the fact that tonnes of money were also at stake !!
Such a valuable informartion by Bro GM. Guys do not divert from the topic. Add something worth for others to know. By the way any news for wives of Mr Taha & his cousin son of QJB? Are they still with their father SKQ or returned to their husbands?

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Unread post by exploitedpocket » Mon Mar 03, 2014 7:04 am

Dr Fatema wrote:Such a valuable informartion by Bro GM. Guys do not divert from the topic. Add something worth for others to know. By the way any news for wives of Mr Taha & his cousin son of QJB? Are they still with their father SKQ or returned to their husbands?

Seems like they left to western world as missionary and will teach deeni knowledge as per "fatemi theology". They left Saifee Mahal for a reasonable purpose not just to run and hide in Thane.

According to updates received so far, it can be easily concluded that Ex-Mazoon's entire family is well aware of different phases of fatemid culture beginning from imams upto 53rd Dai. So the current situation is not like a challenge for them and they are simply working from what inspiration they are getting from past challenges of Fatemid Sect in last 950 years..

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Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Thu Mar 06, 2014 7:04 pm

Abdes have been constantly denying the fact that the rift between SKQ and MS is going on since many years and that MS and his brothers have never sidelined SKQ, they argue that the succession battle is a recent phenomena which has been blown out of proportion. Although there are enough incidents to prove that the systemic propaganda by MS and his brothers (duly supported by YN family) has been going on since many years but I am producing below, an article which was posted on this forum way back in 2003. Kindly note that the website which elaborates on the subject under discussion has been blocked :-

Naam Khidmat Kaam Fitnat

It details the power structure of the Shezadas who was controling Dawat and creating a wall between and Haq and Batil

Badrul Jamali (BJ for short) and his family are now controlling the administration of Dawat! They can beat up mumineen they dont like (Mansoor / Shabbir Yamani in Surat) and do fitnat against Mazoon Sahib all the time and get away with it! First Question is why? Why do they do that? Its obvious to most intelligent mumineen that they do it for worldly reasons. To get more power and to keep that power all the time. The reason I Say THEY is that its not just Badrul Jamali alone. His brothers, sisters and his whole family are with him. They are all supporting and helping his evil activities enjoying material benefits for themselves.

But the second question is even more serious. Why are Aqa Moulas (TUS) Shehzadas aligning themselves with him, especially Shezada Mufaddal Bhaisaheb, whom I respected quite a bit before it became very clear to me that he is supportive of all of BJs activities. Shezada Sahebs wife is Badrul Jamalis sister, so BJ is always protected no matter how much he terrorizes mumineen. We are at a time in the history of Dawat when a big fitnat is being planned right under our noses. One could hardly imagine that people in high places could act harmfully towards Dawat. Today, many mumineen are beginning to discover just that.

Badrul Jamali and associates are using Shezada Mufaddal Bhaisaheb to practice their evil activities, oppress mumineen and instill fear in mumineens hearts. On the other hand, they do propaganda of displaying Shezada Sahib as the chosen one. The fact that Shehzada Mufaddal Bhaisaheb relies on such people like Badrul Jamali and Mohammad Hasan of Cairo speaks a lot about Shezada Mufaddal Bhaisahebs own character. Instead of learning from Aqa Moula TUS, this Shehzada seems to have received his training from his Sasra - Yusuf Bhaisaheb Najmuddin the Father of BJ.

It was obvious that when Aqa Moula TUS made young Khuzema Bhaisaheb Mazoon-e-Dawar, old Yusuf Bhaisaheb was very upset. Everybody knew that. Now BJ and associates want us to believe Yusuf Bhaisaheb is some kind of a saint! Yusuf Bhaisaheb infact is the one who has sown these evil seeds in Saify Mahal and Kothar and Jamea and corrupted their minds. They have chosen Shezada Mufaddal Bhaisaheb as their Leader, and are openly saying they will not accept anything else. Otherwise why this opposition and Muqaabla of Mazoon Saheb? Why this open Challenge to Aqa Moula TUS? They are not willing to even accept Mazoon as Mazoon as we learn from Taizoon Bhaisaheb ( who revealed their beliefs to the community. The general mumineen think this is an internal family fued. FAR FROM IT. This cult attacks our Dai Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin TUS with their shameful activities and atrocities on mumineen. To stand on the side and let this cult impose themselves on us mumineen is more shameful.

Mohammad Hasan of Misr said in the Izhar-e-Aqidat Majlis in Saify Masjid Mumbai that we dont want 1, 2, 3, we just believe in one. Is this not a little bit like the Sunni Muslims! Is it not true that Imam-uz-Zamans presence in Satr is by these 3 Rutbas-Dai, his zayre dast Mazoon and Mukasir. Then what compels Mohammed Hasan to say this? Why does he talk against Mazoon and Mukasir and drives the propaganda machine for Shehzada saheb through his cronies in Misr? To say that to call Shehzada Mufaddal Bhaisaheb Moula is OK, but to call Mazoon Saheb Moula is a gunah? Mazoon Sahib was appointed in that Rutba by Aqa Moula TUS since he is worthy of it, and on the other hand, Shezada Saheb needs to be propped up by this propaganda machine of Aamils, Jamea and Tanzeem etc, all of whom are obviously dependant on this group and their leader for their well being.

When Shezada. Mufaddal Bhaisaheb started pressuring mumineen to do Vajebaat 2 times more, 3 times more, and some even 10 times more this year in Ramadan, this group supported the idea no matter how absurd it was. Low-income mumineen were pressured to give Vajebaat of amounts that constituted 50% of their years income or their safai chithi was refused! Aamils and Khidmat Guzars were made to pay extreme amounts than their last years Vajebaat, and all those who did not have the money were given loans. Vajebaat means what is Vajeb on what you have, so if you have to take a loan, then you never had it in the first place! And where will these so called Khidmat Guzars get the money from? Obviously from the community. I cant wait to see what happens next year! Double again?

Aqa Moula TUS has never said to give Vajebaat by taking loan. Then who runs this parallel show? Everyone knows it is Shezada Mufaddal Bhaisaheb and his group. They dont care about the poor mumineen in our community, for I know for a fact how the money is distributed amongst their loved ones. Zohra baisaheb, the wife of Shehzada Mufaddal bhaisaheb gives her hand to men to do Salaam and they kiss it!! Since when does she have Mehram with so many men, or is she trying to fill the vacuum left by beloved Busaheba?

Seems like Badrul Jamali and group have already proclaimed their own leader and do not want to wait for Aqa Moula TUS. True Ikhlaas would be to do doa for Aqa Moulas TUS Long life till Qiyamat and Zuhur of Imam on Moulas hand, not by self proclamation! This tasawwur of Ikhlaas was given by none other than Mazoon Saheb to one of my friends.

Mukasir Saheb made it very clear in one of his Sabaqs in Mumbai recently when he said that the Rutba and Rutba na Sahib, meaning the person in the Rutba are the same. He totally negated the fundamental lie of Zahir-Batin propagated by this Nifaaqi group and said that only Dushmans of Dawat would propagate such a this Tasawwur. He said much more and clarified that to NOT believe in any one of the Rutba na Saheb is Nifaaq.

BJ and associates tried to beat up Taizoon Bhaisaheb by sending members of Burhani Gaurds and Ezzi family members, who are all hardcore supporters of Shezada Mufaddal Bhaisaheb. If you read his website, he describes the horror he faced in detail, Shezada Mufaddal Bhaisaheb should never have talked ill of Mazoon Moula to Taizoon Bhaisaheb. The fact that these people resort to violence and call violence Mohabbat nu Josh speaks a lot about them.

Then we have this great lawyer, Mustafa AbdulHussain in London, who writes on Dbnet and that Taizoon bhaisaheb's exposing of this Nifaaqi ZahirBatin belief in this manner of putting it up on the website and sending CDs to people is questionable! He says that Taizoon's claim that he had to resort to these means because he could not do Araz to Aqa Moula TUS means that he (taizoon) believes that the Dai is unaware of the situation, if the situation exists, and that if we believe that the Dai can be unaware, then we believe that the Dai is not infallible (infallible means Masoom/Ismat). This is the weakest belief one can have. The Dai is aware of everything the almighty makes him aware of and sees by the light of Allah and Imam, but also lets some things be as they are for Hikmat purposes. There are many examples of that. For example see what Januwala has on his website:

Moula Ali AS cut the hands of a man who was actually not guilty of committing that crime, so do we say he is not infallible! Mr. Mustafa the lawyer may have a degree in law, but he does not have 10 cents worth of knowledge regarding Dawat Ilm. I am sorry to say this, but calling Taizoon a reformist as Mustafa Abdul Husain has done, is committing a big SIN as he has called a mumin a munafiq and by doing so, as per bayan of Syedna Hatim RA in Kitab Tambih al Gafeleen, he, Mustafa, himself is now a munafiq unless he repents!! Of course there is pressure on the Dai and as seen in History, Rasulullah SAW went to do battle of Ohud outside Madina due to pressure from others, when actually Rasulullah's SAW opinion and decision was to fight by staying in Madina. So yes, these things are possible and can happen as per Hikmat. Aqa Moula TUS took the name of Mukasir in this Gadir Misaaq and said it is Syedi Saleh bhaisaheb Safiuddin. Everyone knows this and most understand that it can happen. The Human factor is there, but the Dai is greater than Malaikat because he does what he does even being in this Human Body, where else even Malaikat have faltered after being totally spiritual (as per bayan in Adam Nabi history). The Dai is infallible, yes, and the true meaning is that he will never pass away without conferring Nass on his Mansoos. Moula Burhanuddin TUS will never pass away without conferring Nass, but I do doa that may Allah grant Aqa Moula TUS his wish that Imam does Zuhur on his hands.

What next everyone wonders? Now that this cult is spreading lies about Mazoon Moula and speaking openly against the Qasam we take in Misaq, are we just going to sit and do nothing? The best way to show them that they cannot move mumineen from the right path to their evil motives (see picture no.1 which is attached to this document) is to show our love for our Aqa Moula TUS and his Mazoon and Mukasir whenever the opportunity arises. We should let our friends and family be aware of this corrupt cult within our community, even if those people are from the Royal Family (QasrAali) or your own Aamil. Our misaaq is not to the Shehzada or Royal Family or Aamil or who has the power. That is not what takes us to heaven. It is the belief in Aqa Moula TUS and what he tells us to believe in- his Mazoon and Mukasir. Everything else is irrelevant. Dont let Badrul Jamali and his group fool you even if they have the backing of the high and mighty Shehzadas. Lets be truthful to ourselves and keep our faith and not let the Shaitaan steal it, like it did from the Sunnis who dont pray Bismillah in Namaz saying Shaitaan has stolen it. To speak against Rutba na Sahebs is like doing the work of Shaitaan. The Rutbas and everything else is Aqa Moulas TUS responsibility, lets not do the sin by trying to take that responsibility from Moula TUS. May Allah give Moula TUS life till Qiyamat.


Mamluk-e-Syedna TUS

Mumin Mukhlis-Khidmat Guzar

I am from Royal Family-Saify Mahal-Have taken Sabaq from Mukasir - e - Dawat, who has always given Haq ni Tasawwur. May Allah give him Jazaa - e - Khair.

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Unread post by seeker110 » Thu Mar 06, 2014 8:23 pm

So how much did the rich, educated business family of SQB give to the family of the dead truck driver of Dahod our brother Asghar Bhai Vassanwala was collecting ? I wonder how big of a check they gave to bohraji when he was collecting for the poor of Ahmedabad last ramzan. If he is what people say he is, why doesn't he turn the Dawat to the committee of elected council. There are more qualified people to run the Jamat then his own family. All his children are pursuing other interests with their learned skills.

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Unread post by Dr Fatema » Mon Mar 10, 2014 3:44 am

where is James ( minus bond) these days? No comments for Bro GM's recent post by Jimmy boy?

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Unread post by alam » Thu Mar 13, 2014 4:10 pm

There were many who were conspiring against Mazoon-Dawat years and even decades (upto 30 years) before the wafaat of Maula Burhanuddin. (THere are witnesses to those named below, I am not making this up. Ask why we are anonymous on this forum before you ask us to bring witnesses against these powerful people named below):

SH. Mufaddalbhai Saheb Aka SMS
SH. Malek ul ashter Bhai Saheb
Yusuf Najmuddin or YN (chief of command of Fitnat in Dawat)
Qasim Bhai Saheb Hakimuddin
Aliasgher bhaisaheb kalimuddin
Badrul Jamali (YN's son)
Juzer ( YN's son)
Kauser Ali ( YN's son)
Saiid ul Khair ( YN's son)
Johara (YN's daughter). Also wife of SMS (The witch who created the rift)
Maria (YN's daughter)
Khaddir bhaisaheb Zakiuddin
Adnan Bhai Saheb Zakiuddin
Behlolsaheb Zakiuddin
Mudreka bs Zakiuddin
Quresh Bs shehabuddin
Murtaza Shehabuddin
Hatim bs Shakir
Shamohil Bs Shehabuddin
Mukarram bs Hakimuddin
Taha bs Hakimuddin,
Mustafa bs Safiyuddin
Mehlum BS (SMB Grandson)
Abi Ali bhaisaheb husamuddin (son of Mukasir)
Abizhar Bhai Saheb husamuddin
Maryam Ben Saheba (sister of SMB, YN)
Ubaiyy Bhai Saheb (brainwashed or recruited for worldly gain)
Tasneem, Naamatullah, Arwa, Arefa, etc (granddaughters of Maryam bensaheb a)
Zohairbhai Saheb (Maryam bensahebs son)
Nafisa Ben Saheb (daughter of Maryam Ben Saheba and mother of Taizoon Bhai Saheb - the zahirbatin whistleblower who was almost murdered by members of his own family and hired guns fanatics )
Sarabensaheb (daughter of Maryam Ben Saheb)
The husain Heptullah and his mafia from africa
The Malas- Taher, Mufaddal, Huzefa.
Khorakiwala - sk. Husaini family - monginis
Mohammed Hasan of Egypt
Bayte Zainee family Zainuddin family. Too many to name
Sheikh Mohammed - Kothar
Sk. Husamuddin Kothar
Sheikh ahmedali Yamani - Kothar
Poonawala family of Pune

So Mufaddal Bhai Saheb is not the only one who Disrespected rutba. The above named people here disrespected and spoke evil of even Mukasir Saheb SalehbhaiSaheb. There are Many many more names, whose misaak was broken for decades, that people can add to this list if they choose.

My point in publishing this list is to establish question of credibility of testimony by already biased parties.
If the above named people (among countless others) already had dushmani against Maazun Saheb, long long before 2014, their credibility is absolutely ZERO when they try to discredit SKQ as 53rd, or alternatively, to legitimize SMS as 53rd. Any testimony or declarations, writings, petitions from the above is BIASED AND CORRUPTED.

There are literally thousand of others who have been contaminated and brainwashed by the zZahirbatin philosophy, by the propaganda and deception by the institutions of power (jameaa, alvazaarat), all of these were heavily controlled and managed by the above named True Munaafekeens of Dawat. there are thousands of jameaa graduates worldwide, as aamils, moallims, teachers, ustaads in various roles,who have been poisoned and whose Misaak was broken all these years, while they believed, erroneously, that they are the preachers, teachers and saviours of our imaan and soul. Right now, their own imaan is on shaky grounds - and they better at least start blinking instead of keeping their eyes shut so tight.

Wake up, open your eyes, and use your Allah-granted common sense to see the light. Instead of continuing keeping the closed, and blinded by the usual messages of blind obedience, talking points, and cliches of "in the name of maula", etc etc.

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Unread post by admirer » Fri Mar 14, 2014 1:36 pm

Does any one have excerpts/saved records from or the the other websites floated by Taizoon bs? Apparently there was a video as well?
That can play a major role in shedding more light on the truth behind the family feud. They say there were audio recordings of Mufaddal BS as well?

If Taizoon bs had posted this 10 years back, why can't he post it now again for enlightenment of the larger masses?

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Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Mon Mar 17, 2014 5:38 pm


I am sharing the email I received from Shabbir Kapasi L.L.B for the information and benefit of those who visit this forum. Please feel free to share your views and add information as long as it is of relevance to this topic.

Who Attacked Mazoon Sahib in Surat? and Why?

My name is Shabbir Kapasi (Attorney at Law-Mumbai). Since there is so much gossip and defaming going on of Rutba na Sahib as to regarding what transpired in Surat during Syedna’s tus visit, I feel it is my duty not to keep silent as the truth is very clear in front of me and I consider this a Khidmat of Mola tus and Dawat, no matter what I have to face, as the reward in after life is much greater than what I fear of facing here.

It all started in Mumbai. When the Kothar Na Sahib’s decided to boycott Miyasab Shabbir Yamani’s (who is Diwan of Mazoon Sahib) Shadi Jaman. 50 Thaal did not show up at Evane Husaini because in the afternoon some big guns of Kothar sent a message to boycott the Jaman on the basis that Shabbir Yamani had assisted Taizoon Bhaisab in mailing his tapes of the evil zahirbatin belief all over the world ! Apparently, the exposing of the people who believe in the zahirbatin belief was done a month ago in Ramazaan by Taizoon Bhaisab, and the boycott happened a month later in Shawwal and in such fashion that to humiliate Shabbir Yamani in public at the worst possible time and way, and by showing such disrespect to Allah’s Rizq/Jaman and to Mumin’s Izan! On the basis of what? Speculation and Accusation? Without any trial or judgement? Infact, I learnt that Syedna tus gave his blessings to Shabbir Yamani’s daughter in Rozat Tahera on night of the Jaman and asked how many Thaal Jaman there is and Mola tus bestowed Raza and Doa. So it is clear that these Kothar people listen to someone else more than they listen to Syedna tus. These are the same people who make up the Anti Mazoon Sahib group, thus in effect Anti Syedna tus group. Many Kothar people then spilled the beans and the truth came out that Badrul Jamali was the Engineer behind this boycott, and he had convinced Miyasab Ahmadali Yamani to take the lead. Thus phone calls were made to peoples houses, and Badrul Jamali and Ahmadali conveniently took Shehzada Mufaddal bhaisab’s name that it is his Farman that no one should attent theJ! Not that Shehzada Sahib would do such a Farman, but even if he did, whose Raza is more important, Mola tus or someone else? This is a direct challenge to Syedna tus, is it not?

After the boycott, the evil elements in Kothar and the zahirbatin believers started threatening Shabbir Yamani that if he comes to Surat, he should be prepared for dire consequences. That is exactly what they tried to do in Surat by calling Kothar meeting, in which plans were made to call Shabbir Yamani and threaten him by having him beaten at the hands of the Shabab and Scouts of Surat who are trained for Gundabazi by Badrul Jamali and his brother Aamil of Surat Syed al kair. Apparantly, Shabbir Yamani was no where to be found in Surat as he probably got this information. Then on the last night in Surat before Syedna tus deparated, these same members of the Shabab and Scout who stood below the house of Syedna tus for Security at devri mubarak did the following:

My very good friend, Dr. Esuf Jambarwala, who has done Khidmat of Syedna tus and is a very trusted and reliable person, narrated me the whole incident which took place in Surat, as Dr. Esuf lives right there at Devri Mubarak where the attack on Mazoon sahib took place.

10-15 members of this scout regiment gathered around Mansoor Yamani, (son of Shabbir Yamani) who was waiting at the Roza gate which is 20 feet from Mola’s residence at 11 pm. The Shabab Scouts asked Mansoor bhai where is your father? to which I think Mansoor bhai said he did not know. Then they started beating him up like they do in Hindi films. One by one took their turn. Mansoor bhai was bleeding and heavily bruised on the eye and the whole face was inflamed. After he collapsed the scouts went away. After a while, Mazoon sahib came for Ziyarat at the Roza, he saw Mansoor was beaten up. First he did Ziyarat and then whilst returning to his residence (Mazoon sahib lives at Zaini bunglow-original residence of Syedna tus which is 15 minutes from Devri) he saw the Shabab and Scouts were sitting right there, some on their scooters, some near the sidewalk. Mazoon sahib asked them from the car, very loudly and angrily as to who asked you to hit Mansoor and why? A Mumin would immediately stand up if he was sitting if Mazoon sahib was talking to them, but these Gundaz just sat there on the scooters and stared back in defiance and disrespect. Then Tahir bhaisab, son of Mazoon sahib got out from the car and pulled their leader from the scooter and took him to the car where Mazoon sahib was, about 5 feet away. Some angry words were said, and the scout in defiance went back to the scooter, and Tahir bhaisab pulled him back and that is when every thing went crazy. He pushed Tahir bhaisab, and Tahir bhaisab hit him back. All the other scouts gathered around, that is when Mazoon Sahib tus got out of the car to talk to them. He loudly said to everyone to gather and listen to him. Apparently, the Aamil of Surat (Syed al Kair) had appeared from somewhere and standing 50 feet away, shouted to the scouts not to listen to anything and disperse. Instead of coming near Mazoon Sahib and making the scouts beg forgiveness for such disrespect, he started to shout against Mazoon Sahib. 3 times Mazoon Sahib said to gather and to listen to him, but the scouts, now listening to their main leader, the Aamil, started shouting back to move away. Tahir bhaisab took one scout by the neck and asked him why are you doing this when Mazoon sahib is asking you to listen, why this open disrespect? They would not listen and 3-4 tried to man handle Tahir bhaisab, but he struggled free and let them have it. Mazoon sahib took the spectacles of one of the scouts and said what if I do Araz to Syedna tus and show him you were doing this against me! They just defied openly. Mazoon sahib was very upset and said loudly, and many people heard this, that what you have done is a big sin, ie: that you have hit Mansoor and now showing this open disrespect to Mola’s Mazoon, and he did Doa that Allah give them (all those involved) Sazaa for their sins. By this time they had all started going towards the Aamil. Tahir bhaisab told the Aamil loudly and since everyone heard it, he too must have heard it that mazoon sahib is calling you here, but he did not come-open defiance or what? Then mazoon sahib left in the car and scouts were standing ahead on the road, the car had to go from there, so they gathered around the car and started shouting slogans against mazoon sahib. Finally the car left. The scouts sent some of their people to mazoon sahib residence and an hour later, they punctured ALL the tires of mazoon sahibs car late at night. Outright Dushmani of the Mazoon!! Why?? I also learnt that Sheikh Yusuf Haidermota, (whose car Mazoon sahib uses in Surat) was also summoned by Jamaat members and asked to lie against mazoon sahib that Mazoon Sahib hit the scouts. I don’t know all that Haidermota said, but I heard that they grilled him for hours. It is clear the Gunda Scouts nor the Jamaat members acted alone. They were instructed by the Aamil, who has full support of his other brothers and sister. Sister being Johra baisab wife of Shehzada Mufaddal bhaisab. It does not take a genius to figure out what is going on. Why this act of violence on Mansoor Yamani? Frustration of not being able to dislodge the Mazoon from his place? These people have now gone down to the level of scum on this planet. That is why they find joy in spreading lies about Mazoon Sahib and what happened in Surat with him.

The most popular question people are asking is WHY? I think the answer is very simple. They, the believers of this evil belief of zahirbatin (that rutba is in zahir only and the real person who is worthy of the rutba is in batin/concealed) don’t want this Mazoon as Mazoon, period. They have their own leader in mind who they want Syedna tus to appoint as his successor. A Mumin should pray for Mola’s long life, not conspire against him or his Mazoon. They do this simply cause they believe that only if their leader is chosen then only can they continue to enjoy their powers because they have become exposed in their enmity to the mazoon sahib. Thus this evil belief and believers are the main link and cause of what happened in Surat and also what is happening in Dawat against Mazoon Sahib and a lot of abuse the Mumins are suffering at the hands of this evil group and their affiliates. They control the administration, the Aamils, the Jamea and every such organization within, and I think Mazoon Sahib is left alone in all this, except Mola’s nazrat on him is keeping him where he is. Is it not high time we saw through what is going on and not accept everything the aamils throw at us taking Syedna’s name? Especially when they try and defame Mola’s Mazoon? May Allah give us all courage to defend our faith.

If you are a Mumin thus you believe in Syedna Mola tus and his Mazoon and Mukasir as one should in the Misaq, then please consider it your religious duty to make aware as many people as you can by way of forwarding this email or talking to people you know of what went on in Surat and what is going on in Dawat. May Allah grant long and healthy life till Qayamat to Burhanuddin Mola tus and keep his Mazoon safe from the evil doers and give us strength to stand up for the truth for our Mola tus, his Dawat.


Abde – Syedna tus

Shabbir Kapasi

(L.L.B , Mumbai)

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One more post which appeared on this forum on 20 Feb 2003 :-

Testimonials From Mumineen
Date:Sat, 14 Dec 2002 14:00:37 -0800 (PST)
Subject:Re: Send Me A CD
To:name not revealed for confidentiality

name not revealed for confidentiality wrote:


thanks for your kind reply, i was unfortunately very much influenced with the propaganda that was carried against Mazoon Saheb .. Now I think I have done grave sins doing it and will ask forgiveness from both Aqa Maula and Mazoon Saheb....


Abde Syedna TUS

name not revealed for confidentiality

My reply:

As Salaam Alaikum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatoh,

I have probably sinned much more than you for many many years since I have heard so many things said against Syedi Mazoon Saheb from my own family members including my own father and mother yet only recently have I had the courage to open the pages of this most horrid book of facts. After hearing so much nifaaq it is absolutely and unconditionally compulsory for me -- per my misaaq which I have given to Aqamola TUS -- to declare these munafiqeen in open and let them be known throughout the world! I am totally alone in this world except for my wife and son. I have no family left now yet I have the greatest family anyone can have as my father is Aqamola TUS and my mother is Syedi Mazoon Saheb, as it is in our beliefs. I finally know what it means when we say that under the feet of our mother is heaven!

Syedi Mazoon Saheb has been insulted by so many people in my family saying such things to me as "He is like Awwal Thani Thaleth" (naoozobillah!) and that "He is a munaafiq" (naoozobillah!) and that "He is only a figurehead mazoon!" I am sincerely requesting all mumineen to go and ask these people whom I have named to reveal who the mazoon is in batin since they only believe in Syedi Khuzaima Bhaisaheb Qutbuddin as mazoon in zahir.

These people have been pressuring me to say something against Syedi Mazoon Saheb because they know I truly believe in Him as Aqamola's TUS mazoon in zahir and in batin. They have been using me for years as an instrument to attack Syedi Mazoon Saheb and this is why I have published my website. My website will remain online until these people ask for forgiveness to Aqamola TUS and finally are revealed to the world that they have done the most serious sin any mumin can do by breaking their misaaq.Fazal Bhai Januwala has also given lots of evidence of the mountains of lies these people have spewed against Syedi Mazoon Saheb for over 14 years!

If Syedi Mazoon Saheb is not a pillar of ikhlaas and sabr than I don't know who is! If they go looking around the earth in every niche and corner they will not find another mazoon but Syedi Khuzaima Bhaisaheb Qutbuddin -- in zahir and in batin! I cry everyday and pray that Aqamola TUS receives Fateh Mubeen over these people and Syedi Mazoon Saheb through Aqamola TUS receives the same.I beg of you as a mumin brother -- with my hands folded -- to forward my website and Fazal Bhai's evidence to as many mumineen as possible so that we can save as many mumineen as possible from this extraordinary fitnat and historicaly colossal attack upon Imam al Zamaan's SA Dawat and His Dai al Satr TUS.

Abde Syedna al Min'aam TUS,


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ghulam muhammed wrote:I beg of you as a mumin brother -- with my hands folded -- to forward my website and Fazal Bhai's evidence to as many mumineen as possible so that we can save as many mumineen as possible from this extraordinary fitnat and historicaly colossal attack upon Imam al Zamaan's SA Dawat and His Dai al Satr TUS.

Abde Syedna al Min'aam TUS,

dear Taizoon BS
As requested many mumenins have forwarded your paigam to mumennins. But now where are you, When you are needed most? Please come out and show us which side you are at present and reproduce all the audios in public so that those who have not aware of this propaganda, that was carried against Mazoon Saheb, will know the truth.

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here is his email he sent to shazada idris baisab a few years ago he sent this email to several people one of my close bhaisab friends gaive this to me here it is:
Forwarded Message:
Subj: Tasleemat
Date: 98-08-02 16:14:50 EDT
From: Mumbai52

Shehzada Saheb,

I am in very deep distress and have no one to turn to, and thought maybe you can help. I don't even know how to express what I am about to write, but I have faith in Aqamola's TUS doa mubarak, and know that he will always be with me, until and and even after my last breath. Please read this with shafaqat, as Aqamola TUS would want to see rehmat on any mumin.

Several months ago, Taher bhai Qutbuddin stayed over at our place here in Bakersfield, along with his wife. Before he came, the Aamil Saheb here, and many others from Baite Zaini made it very clear that they will not call our home, or have anything to do with us, as long as Taher bhai is at our house.

During Ashara Mubaraka in Nairobi, Shehzada Mufaddal Bhaisaheb called me in the morning one day, and asked me how things were. Then, the following day, he called me again, and told me that "since Taher bhai stayed at your house, he has probably messed up your mind and I want to clean it".

Then, he began to ask me questions like "can a mazoon receive taeed from Imam uzZamaan?" I replied "no". "Then who receives taeed?" I replied: "Aqamola". Then he said: "who will come in your qabr?" I replied: "Aqamola". Then, he began to ask me if I knew what happened with Mazoonsab. I replied that I knew a little bit, but not much. Then he began to tell me things that he said Mazoonsab had done in Africa. He told me to go and ask anyone "right here, any mumin, and they will tell you the story!" I was absolutely shocked! I replied: "I thought Aqamola TUS had said not to talk about this and that Aqamola had given maafi to Mazoonsab?" He said: "yes, but Mazoonsab still did all these what if he had been given maafi, he still did these things, didn't he?!" Then, he went on to tell me what Mazoonsab had done in Udaipur, he used his hands to give salaami "like Aqamola TUS".

You probably want to shoot me by now, but wallahil azeem, this is what took place in Nairobi with me and Mufaddal Bhaisab. My logic does not allow me to agree with what he says about Mazoonsab. Because according to my logic, and Allah has given me a brain, if Aqamola TUS has kept Mazoonsab a mazoon, and if I try to question anything Mazoonsab does, I am questioning Aqamola. Also, since Aqamola TUS has made Mazoonsab Aqamola's mazoon, Mazoonsab belongs to Aqamola, and I believe he is Aqamola's TUS amaanat, and if I say or do anything against Aqamola's TUS amaanat, I am doing khayaanat. Nobody has told me this...I am deducting this all by myself, with pure and simple logic.

Also, in the ruqu chitthi (that I read in Sahifatus Salaat), which, when I die, I will have this piece of paper next to me, says: "wa bi haqqe dai'il ajal...wa mazoonehi wa mukasirehi...", which means to me that upon my death, I will have next to me as wasila in the ruqu chithi, the names of Aqamola TUS, Mazoonsab and Mukasirsab. How can one say anything against them and expect to receive their wasila in one's grave?

I don't care what anyone does to me anymore. I have simply had enough of this! They can crucify me or kill me or do whatever they want, but I know that when I die, Aqamola TUS will take me to heaven...He said exactly this in His wa'az in Dallas. I know that hell is going break loose on me now, but I am ready for it, for I know that Aqamola TUS will guide me and help me through it all.

I have nobody on this earth except Aqamola TUS who truly cares about me...and my wife. And you know for a fact per my history, that nobody in my family cares about's all a big game for them. I have heard them many times talking about "two firqas that will happen" and "who will be mansoos". I say, Naoozobillah!!!!! May Allah grant Aqamola TUS the longest life, until the day of qiyamat! How can any moomin even think about mansoos! What a bunch of heretics! So when they say "TUS", do that not mean it?!!!! Are they waiting for something?!!!! And they call themselves moomin?! How can any moomin worry about "mansoos"? Why would any moomin worry about this, when the only thing a moomin cares about and loves is Aqamola TUS? What would Aqamola TUS say about all of this if someone were to do araz to him that this is how these people think?

Abde Syedna al Minaam TUS

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YN was a diamond... lol !

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yes hera kani, which is deadly poisonous....

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Yusuf Najmuddin's character cannot be described in a few pages. In fact to record his series of crimes and sins volumes are required. He was very sharp minded and to increase his sharpness he used to drink whisky. For this purpose he had chosen the services of Yahya Bhai, his confident Khadim, who carried his drink in a Thermos. Sakina, native of Sri Lanka was his and his step-brother Abdultayyab's favorite 'Rakheel', who used to say that Yusuf is mine and he never says No to me. She often said to her friend, Sheikh Abidali that Yusuf has a satanic mind. The reason behind his sharpness of mind was blood of Shaikh Husain Hamdani, Yusuf’s maternal grandfather. Hitler and other dictators were his ideals. He used to study them in detail. He turned students of Jamea in to Ottoman's royal bodyguards brigade, Jannisari(Yani Charry) . He turned Ulema into sweepers.

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Ameerul Jamea, as Syedi Najmuddin was popularly known by the world wide Dawoodi Bohra Muslim Community, was a many faceted diamond whose glitter shone faultlessly and continuously illuminating every conceivable aspect, life and activity of Dawat-E-Hadiyah and its million followers. During his life he became a beacon light and will remain so; for all those who tread the path of learning and knowledge.
Syedi Najmuddin was a teacher par excellence. From the plenteous storehouse of his mind and memory he drew the material to illumine ignorance and reawaken faith. In his class, the pupil's mind would thrill and vibrate. He soon knew and felt that he was in the presence of a guru who was a master at enunciating the eternal truths with a fullness of meaning which people today no longer know how to discern and the existence of which they are indeed very ready to deny.
Syedi Najmuddin was a distinguished and versatile orator and writer, known for his challenging wit, his directness of utterance and his impatience with academic cant and all forms of intellectual dishonesty. Often he would remind that the greatest wealth is the wealth of wisdom and the greatest poverty is the poverty of stupidity and ignorance.
Syedi Najmuddin's greatest achievement was to establish the religious identity of the Dawoodi Bohra brotherhood. He gave them a pride in those very differences in outlook, language, culture, religion and dress which marked the followers from other Muslim brethen. He strengthened this awareness to the point, that neither hardships nor the insidious efforts of the spread of anglicized culture through the mass media could swamp this community awareness. He ensured the durability of community strength and identity in the most unpromising conditions.

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I think there is no doubt, that a lot of people from the Qasre Aali and Qasre Burhani might be considering him as the Baatin Mazoon. the way he has perpetuated the doings in the dawat and most of the things which have fallen in places and majority of things which have worked out for him and his family as you can see he even has a tomb built for him somewhere in Misr (Cairo). I have no doubt that someone from his family will be put up as Mazoon-e-dawat, and I am sure there is going to be some family feud again.

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One more post which appeared on this forum in Dec 2002 regarding Taizoon bhai saab and zahirbatin controversy :-

I will send you one as soon as possible -- I've already received so many requests that I cannot keep up with the demand. Please note: if you receive a cd, it will only work on your computer and not in a cd player. You can also download the entire cd from the website using an advanced PC (computer). Please remember me in your doa.
WEBSITE BANNED IN UAE : I have received emails confirming that the isp in UAE has banned the website per someone’s instructions -- apparently they are afraid of the truth. This is proof that the people who hate Syedi Mazoon Saheb and are responsible for this poisonous zahir-batin tasawwur have so much power that they can even ban a website on the internet.
More Evidence Of Fitnat Against Dawat Revealed

List Of Those Who Have Broken Their Misaaq

Testimonials From Mumineen

Website With Evidence Of Fitnat To Deport Mazoon-e-Dawat

Why They Hate Syedi Mazoon Saheb
See highlighted areas for updated material

Taking Allah’s qasam, I say that Syedi Mazoon Saheb has been insulted by so many people in my family saying such things to me as "he is like Awwal Thani Thaleth" (naoozobillah!) and that "he is a munaafiq" (naoozobillah!) and that "he is only a figurehead mazoon!" List Of Who Said What To Me I am sincerely requesting all mumineen to go and ask these people whom I have named to reveal who the mazoon is in batin since they only believe in Syedi Khuzaima Bhaisaheb Qutbuddin as mazoon in zahir. If they are so right then why don’t they come out and contest their twisted beliefs? Are they afraid of the facts?! The fact is that Syedi Khuzaima Bhaisaheb Qutbuddin indeed is mazoon in zahir and in batin and there are no books in Dawat which say otherwise. Or have they written new books of Dawat on their own?!
These people have been pressuring me to say something against Syedi Mazoon Saheb because they know I truly believe in him as Aqamola's TUS mazoon in zahir and in batin. They have been using me for years as an instrument to attack Syedi Mazoon Saheb and this is why I have published my website. My website will remain online until these people ask for forgiveness to Aqamola TUS and finally are revealed to the world that they have done the most serious sin any mumin can do by breaking their misaaq. They have been threatening me with physical violence – this is how deep in the gutter they are! Just because they cannot explain their twisted beliefs they are willing to resort to physical violence?!
Fazal Bhai Januwala has also given lots of evidence of the mountains of lies these people have spewed against Syedi Mazoon Saheb for over 14 years!
If Syedi Mazoon Saheb is not a pillar of ikhlaas and sabr than I don't know who is! If they go looking around the earth in every niche and corner they will not find another mazoon but Syedi Khuzaima Bhaisaheb Qutbuddin -- in zahir and in batin! I cry everyday and pray that Aqamola TUS receives Fateh Mubeen over these people and Syedi Mazoon Saheb through Aqamola TUS receives the same. I beg of you as a mumin brother and sister -- with my hands folded -- to forward my website ( and Fazal Bhai's website ( to as many mumineen as possible so that we can save all of them from this extraordinary fitnat and historically colossal attack upon Imam al-Zamaan's SA Dawat and His Dai al-Satr TUS.

If you have not received a cd or cassette please ask your neighbor as I have mailed these all around the world to various mumineen. They are trying to blame this person and that person to divert attention from their mischievous plots against Syedi Mazoon Saheb! They are diverting attention from their twisted tasawwur and perverted aqeeda of zahir-batin because they know they are wrong! And they are trying every way they can to prevent this from reaching Aqamola TUS! And they are still plotting against Aqamola TUS and His Dawat!

Abde Syedna TUS,

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List of Those Who Have Broken Their Misaaq

Shehzadi Maryam Baisaheba said to me:

"So much time ago the mazoon rutba was taken away [referring to Syedi Najam Khan] but here he is still kept mazoon. This mazoon does not even have the character of a human being. He [Syedi Mazoon Saheb] hates Moulana and he does Moulana's mushahabat (similar behavior). So what if you take his [mazoon's] name in misaaq? He [Syedi Mazoon Saheb] is only mazoon in zahir.

Shehzadi Shehre Banoo Baisaheba said to me:

"Mazoon Saheb hates Aqamola. Like Rasulallah had kept awwal thani thaleth, Aqamola has kept Mazoon Saheb. Like Ayub Nabi used to put keera on himself, like the keera Mazoon Saheb is hurting Aqamola. There is bayaan in Aala Kitaab that mazoon can be different in zahir and in batin -- this mazoon is only mazoon in zahir."

Yahya Bhaisaheb Ezzuddin (husband of Shehzadi Maryam Baisaheba) said to me:

"The kitaab you prayed near Husain Bhaisaheb [Syedi Mukasir Saheb] is no longer valid. Husain Bhaisaheb [Syedi Mukasir Saheb] only had you pray that kitaab to make himself look big."

Dr. Idris Bhaisaheb Zainuddin (husband of Shehzadi Shehre Banoo Baisaheba) said to me:

"What you were told in Nairobi is totally correct. [That person] is closer to Moulana than Mazoon Saheb and he was trying to take you to a very high level by giving you such inside information but you did not understand him. Mazoon Saheb is just a figurehead mazoon. You should have your misaaq taken again! Go to [that person] and ask for forgiveness and everything will be fine."

Miqdad Bhaisaheb bin Sarah Baisaheba binte Shehzadi Maryam Baisaheba said to me:

"There is bayaan in [he gave name of kitaab] that mazoon can be different in zahir and in batin."

Durrat Baisaheba (wife of Saeed ul Khair Bhaisaheb Najmuddin) said to me:

"What Miqdad bhai told you is correct -- mazoon is different in zahir and in batiin. He [Syedi Mazoon Saheb] can think whatever he wants!"

And there are many more! Beware of these people spewing their satanic verses of zahir-batin and stay away from them before you lose your faith! I take Allah's qasam and say that these people indeed said these things to me.

Abde Syedna TUS,


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More on the corrupt practices of Yusuf Najmuddin's Sons :-

(Excerpts from an article)

Moinduddin Ajmeri edits the Mumbai-based Urdu magazine Sirat, which, for almost two years now, has been carrying a regular weekly column highlighting what he calls the ‘un-Islamic, exploitative and dictatorial practices’ of the Bohra high priest and his religious establishment, the Kothar.

In an article revealingly titled ‘Oppressive Bohra Dai: The Tricks of the Worshippers of Wealth’ (27th January-2nd February, 2011), Ajmeri writes

Ajmeri provides interesting anecdotes to substantiate his allegations about the rampant corruption in the Bohra dai’s massive family, members of which are styled as ‘princes’ (shahzada) and ‘princesses’ (shahezadi). One of these is a close relative of Burhanuddin, a certain Syed ul-Khair, amil of the Bohras of Surat, who has been accused by a fellow Bohra, Tahir Husain, a Surat-based trader, of stealing money ostensibly meant for poor Bohras. Tahir Husain alleged that in 2006, 2 crores had been sent to Surat to distribute to poor Bohras, but that Syed ul-Khair had distributed only 20 lakhs and loaned the rest to rich traders, charging them, in return, 25% of their profits, thereby making a fast buck for himself. Ajmeri quotes Tahir Husain as alleging that one of Syed ul-Khair’s cronies, a certain Shabbir Amin, was caught stealing money from the Bohra jaamat’s office in Surat, but Syed ul-Khair ‘forgave him and tried to hush up the controversy’. Not stopping at this, Syed ul-Khair, Ajmeri writes, was allegedly involved in corruption scandals involving several crore rupees involving transactions for procuring materials for the principal Bohra madrasa, the Jamia Saifia in Surat. Ajmeri accuses Syed ul-Khair of appointing his cronies to administer Bohra religious functions, such as lectures during the mourning month of Muharram, that, he says, ‘provide further opportunities to these men to engage in loot’. Ajmeri also notes that Syed ul-Khair has numerous court cases pending against him.

Ajmeri provides interesting details of what he alleges to be rampant corruption in the Jamia Saifia. This madrasa, housed in a massive, plush campus, caters to almost a thousand students. The madrasa’s kitchen is located in the ground floor of its main building. Every year, the kitchen gets flooded, and so for several weeks food for the students and staff has to be got from outside. This involves an additional expense of several lakh rupees every year, and also provides, so Ajmeri says, lucrative additional opportunities for corruption. Further, every year a contract involving a large sum of money is given to two Bohra businessmen to drain the kitchen of the accumulated water—again a massive drain on the community’s resources, and, so Ajmeri says, yet another opportunity for corrupt financial dealings. Ajmeri estimates that almost two lakh rupees is spent daily on the kitchen expenses of the madrasa, and the amount increases substantially when the Syedna and his huge entourage visit Surat, when special food is cooked for them. Ajmeri claims that the Bohra men who have received the contract to run the kitchen generally cook far more food than what is required and that this is then siphoned off to be sold to hotels, and so, in this way, they have become ‘exceedingly rich’.

‘The shehzadas of the Syedna are busy looting the funds of the community,’ Ajmeri alleges. The most ‘notorious’ of these, he writes, is one Badr Jamal, of Burhanuddin’s many nephews. He worked out a plan with a Mumbai-based firm to install a steam cooking plant in the Jamia Saifia’s kitchen. The plant was inaugurated by Burhanuddin himself but it failed and so was shut down. This aborted venture cost the community a whopping 7 ½ crore rupees, and Ajmeri claims that much of this money must have been pocketed by the men involved in this shady venture.

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I reproduce below, excerpts of a very interesting article which appeared on the forum long back which is relevant to this thread. The article is long but very informative :-


By Syedi Ismailbhai bin Syedi Luqmanji Luqmani

Translated by Ahmed bin Syedi Ismailbhai Luqmani

An Introduction

The author, Syedi Ismailbhai Sahib Luqmani, my father was the brother-in-law of late Mullaji Taher Saifuddin Sahib and the maternal uncle of the present Mullaji Mohammad Burhanuddin Sahib. He was a learned man, a good writer and a regular contributor to Gulzare Hakimi, a periodical issued from Burhanpur, Central Provinces, India. His translations from Arabic into Gujrati of Ikhwanus Safa, the Prophet’s 40 sermons and the famous judgements of Hazrat Ali (A.S.) were published weekly in the Gulzar, some of which came out in the form of booklets at a later date. His articles under the caption ‘The Bragging of the Doctor of Theology’ had become quite popular since therein he tried to uncover the truth underlying the bogus claims made form time to time by the priest class. Occasionally he also contributed articles to the ‘Aage Kadam’ published from Karachi. After the death of Gulzar’s editor the responsibility of issuing the paper was shared by him with Mr. Hasanali Chakera, the then Headmaster of Hakimia Coronation High School in Burhanpur.

For more than twenty five years he was in charge of the Arabic and Religious Studies section attached to the Hakimia Coronation High School. In addition to this he also worked for a number of years as the Superintendent of the Hakimia Boarding House in place of Mr. Hasanali Chakera, who resigned from that post for personal and health reasons. By spreading knowledge of Arabic and sound religious education coupled with his various articles in Gulzar he created the [/color][page 2:] much needed awareness and courage amongst the community members to raise their voices and to oppose all forms of tyranny and oppression rather than be enslaved and suffer at the hands of the priest class – all in the name of religion.

He was bold and outspoken and never afraid of declaring openly his firm belief that the 45th Dai, Syedna Mohammad Badruddin, died suddenly of poison in 1256 Hijri (1840 AD) in Surat without appointing his successor and that the *Nas* had been broken.

Mullaji Taher Saifuddin Sahib would not tolerate this unequivocal declaration by my father. Hence, he left no stone unturned to humiliate and persecute him and the family with the help of his well fed team of sinister looking “goondas”. Relations became strained to such an extent that when my elder sister, Amtullabai, was to be married in Surat to Hatimbhai Sheikh Faizullabhai Hamdani Sahib, the Mullaji Sahib did not turn up to solemnize the marriage although he [page 3:] had promised to do so. As a result the two families managed to have the Nikah ceremony performed independently.

This triggered the anger of Mullaji Sahib who conspired to send his team of “goondas” to the Hamdani residents where the ceremony was held. They shouted abuses, pelted the house with stones and threatened to kill everyone in the house. But apart from some structural damage no harm came to anyone as the police arrived on the scene and the mob quickly disappeared. A few days later a similar attack was launched on the Luqmani residence but this attempt also failed and due to police intervention in time no life was lost.

Now started the excommunication of Luqmani and Hamdani families accompanied by all forms of persecution. We were totally cut off from our relations and the social, economic and educational boycott was so severe that life in Surat became virtually impossible for us. Hence my father decided to migrate to Burhanpur where he found the much desired peace and security and the facilities for my education and that of my younger sisters.

My father was one of the prominent witnesses in the ‘Chandabhai Galla Case’ in Bombay as well as ‘Burhanpur Dargah Case’ both of which were filed by the Reformist section against the Mullaji Sahib in order to establish his accountability and to secure our legitimate rights in the community. He played an important role in supplying to the courts various documents, letters, books, translations and information which he alone could procure because he was closely related to the Mullaji Sahib.

Every year in the month of Muharram he used to deliver sermons (Waaz) to the Reformist group at Gowalia Tank [page 4:] Road, Bombay and this was not at all agreeable to the Mullaji Sahib.

During the sixties he spent a great deal of his time in Malegaon amongst a wonderful group of Reformists – hospitable, sincere, devoted and courageous – and he felt quite happy to be with them. He donated all the important documents, letters and all the precious Arabic books, some of which were in his own hand writing, to their communal library.

Both father and mother found the atmosphere in Malegaon very cordial. However, in 1965 my mother expired in Malegaon and was buried there. This was a great blow to father. In order to overcome his feelings of grief and loneliness he used to make frequent trips to Bombay and stay there for a while but he never felt safe. As the priest class disapproved of his activities and considered him to be a threat to their ill gotten empire in the Bohra world, several attempts were made on his life while he was in Bombay. But by the grace of Allah no harm came to him. One particular instance occurred in early 1968 when my father was invited by Mr. Adamji (a member of Sir Adamji Peerbhoy’s family) one evening for dinner in Sattar, a predominantly Bohra locality, the priest class had conspired to throw acid on father with the intention of burning him alive. He received repeated anonymous phone calls from some well wisher within the Badri Mahal, the headquarter of Mullaji Sahib, advising him not to go out that evening. Since the caller seemed persistent father felt certain that he probably knew about this treacherous plot but was unable to give details on the phone. Hence, father considered it prudent to postpone the visit and Mr. Adamji agreed under the circumstances. Mr. Adamji investigated into the matter and was able to confirm later that a few suspicious looking characters were seen waiting in the building on that evening.

[page 5:] Father was completely shaken by this incident and it became apparent that his life was now at risk any time anywhere. When he wrote to me about it I advised him to leave India and settle down in UK where he would not only be safe but also enjoy the company of his children and grand children. At last he arrived in UK in mid 1968 and was delighted to see the whole family after a long time. He felt quite comfortable and enjoyed the peace of mind which he had not experienced lately in India. Occasionally he would talk about his friends and colleagues in Bombay and Malegaon whom he missed a great deal. However, he adjusted himself admirably to the changed environment.

Since it was a completely retired life for him he used to spend much of his time in reading and writing. He passed away peacefully on the last day of January 1970 and was laid at rest in the Tottenham Park cemetery in London.

After his death we discovered in his room a number of sheets written by him in Gujarati. On a scrutiny of these papers we found that he had portrayed in them his life experiences. However, these papers seemed to be incomplete. Evidently, death did not permit him to give finishing touches to his work.

Our brothers in Malegaon took the initiative and considered publishing this work for the benefit of the community. I sent them the Gujarati manuscript and they suggested its title “My Will” considering the fact that he wrote this during the last days of his life. Ultimately it was published from Malegaon in 1976 in the form of a booklet in Gujarati. A great deal of work was involved in the process and I am obliged for the painstaking efforts of the Malegaon group, specially Mr. Salehbhai Taherali Badshah, in publishing it. May Allah reward them.

[page 6:] A number of my friends suggested that if we published this booklet in English it would be of immense benefit to all those who are not conversant with the Gujarati language and who are totally unaware of the historical background of the priest class and the struggle for freedom and justice by the persecuted members of the community.

In reply to these suggestions I decided to undertake this task in the name of Allah the Almighty.

While translating the Gujarati text into English I have tried my best to adhere to the sense intended by the author.

I am grateful to my dear friend Saifuddin Marzban for spending long hours helping me to edit my transcript on his own computer and also his valuable suggestions relating to the lay out and presentation of the text.

I hope the readers will find this booklet useful and if so I shall consider that my efforts in this respect have been fully rewarded.

Wa maa tawfiqee illa billah

Transcription of Luqmani document

Pages 7 and 8

My Experiences and My Will

Praise be to Allah, the Sustainer of all the Worlds. His blessings on the Holy Prophet Maulana Mohammad Mustafa, upon his Vasi Maulana Ali Murtaza, upon his daughter Maulatena Fatematuz Zahra, the choicest among the women of the world, upon his two beloved grandsons Imam Maulana Hasanal Mujtaba and Imam Maulana Husain, the martyr of Karbala and upon all the Imams who were descended from Imam Maulana Husain to the 21st Imam, Maulana Imam Tayyab Abil Qasim and upon the Imams who will come till the Day of Judgment.

The Holy Prophet laid stress upon the need for the young and the old to make a 'will' as one never knows when death may strike. Bearing this in mind I, Ismail Luqmani, son of Syedi Luqmanji Sahib, a humble servant of Allah and the follower of the Panjatan, the Imams and the rightly appointed Dais, do realise that since I have grown old it is my duty to leave a 'will' without further delay for my children, relations and friends. I possess neither wealth nor property which I may bequeath to my successors. But knowledge is an everlasting wealth and true faith will be the means of deliverance on the Day of Judgment. Hence I wish to leave behind as a gift for my family and friends true faith as I see it together with the true record of some of the events in our community from 1256 Hijri (1840 AD) to the present day. I do believe that the vast majority of our community members is ignorant of what actually transpired in 1256Hijri and thereafter and those few who know the facts maintain silence lest they are deprived of their bread and butter as if it is the mulla who provides sustenance and not Allah.

The scholars who knew the true history are no longer alive and the unfortunate heart-rending incident of 1256 Hijri was almost forgotten. But when Taher Saifuddin Sahib started his 'Reign of Terror' in the community and opened the door to conflict in 1335 Hijri (1917 AD) he indirectly became instrumental in reviving and bringing into lime light the event of 1256 Hijri, so much that it found its place even in the Privy Council records at a later date. During the Burhanpur Dargah Case our religious history came under close scrutiny. I was one of the witnesses in this case on behalf of the victims of oppression while I myself was one of the victims. In order to uphold his false claims, Taher Saifuddin Sahib arranged to produce in Burhanpur court by way of evidence a number of our community books - all in Arabic. With the help of these very books we were able to refute all his claims. Although both the parties produced certain letters and documents as well, we did not have to produce any books from our side as this job was already done for us. As a result of all this the event of 1256 Hijri was clearly highlighted. Based on the facts revealed in this case and keeping in view my own personal experience I am now writing the true history of that period. But before commencing the 1256 Hijri events, I would like to give a brief account of the rightful Dais prior to 1256 Hijri so that one may easily distinguish between right and wrong.

Before the seclusion (satar) of the 21st Imam, the 20th Imam took steps to establish the Mission (Daawat) in Yemen through Maulatena Arwa binte Ahmed, better known as Hurratul Maleka. There were 23 Dais in Yemen from Sayedna Zoeb bin Musa to Syedna Mohammad Izzudin.

The office of the Dai was not the monopoly of one family alone. Rather it was given to the most deserving, sincere and learned person in the community, If the Dai found a person of a family other than his own more suited for the office he would appoint such a person as his successor and ignore his own son. Consequently Sayedna Yusuf bin Sulaiman of Sidhpur, India was appointed the 24th Dai on account of merit. He then migrated to Yemen but the office continued after him in Ahmedabad, India, until the time of the 29th DaiSayedna Abdul Tayyab bib Sayedna Dawood bin Qutub. After him Sayedna Ali Shamshuddin became the 30th Dai in Yemen but once again this post was transferred after him to Ahmedabad, India, which remained the centre of Daawat till the 33rd Dai. From there the centre shifted to Jamnagar where there were five Dais up to Sayedna Ismail Badruddin (Junior). Then there were two Dais in Ujjain, Sayedna Ibrahim Wajihuddin and Sayedna Hebatullahil Moayyad, followed by Sayedna Abdul Tayyab Zakiuddin who preferred to settle down in Burhanpur. He appointed as his successor his son, Sayedna Yusuf Najmuddin who chose to live in Surat. There he nominated as the next Dai Sydedna Abdeali Saifuddin who in turn named his brother Syde Abdul Qadir hakimuddin fot eh post of dai after him, but Syded Hakimuddin did not live long leaving Syedna Abdeali Saifuddin in search of a suitable person to succeed him. Although his own brother Shaikh Adam Safiuddin was his first assistant (Maazoon) he did not appoint him as his successor and his keen eye fell upon two pupils from Arangabad.Shaikh Mohammed Ali & Shaikh Tayyabali, who had joined the religious school (Saifee Daras) for higher education. Syedna Abdeali Saifuddin took personal interest in the training of these two brothers so much so that both of them proved to be capable of becoming Dais. As if by instinct he choose the younger brother Mohammedali as the next Dai, gave him the title of Izzudin and instructed him to appoint after him his elder bother Tayyabali who was awarded the title of Zainuddin. Sydna Abdeali Safuddin left his Young son Mohammed in charge of the two brothers. When the younger brother died, Sydna Tayyab Zainuddin become Dai. He trained the master's son and made him worthy of the office of Dai He gave him the title of Badruddin. And after appointing him as his successor he died in 1252 Hijri 1836 AD. Syedna Mohammad badurddin took charge as the 46th Dai at an early age of twenty eight.

Now we come to the era of Najmuddin Saheb whose last name was Yousuf. But before we look the event of that era I would like to throw some light on how the previous 46 Dai lived. What scarifies they gave for the community and how they spent their time and energy in spreading knowledge and true guidance. I am sure this will help you to see the truth.

As it is not necessary that most of Dai should remain in one family Syedna Abde Ali Saifuddin ignored his brother and selected two strangers from Aurangabad because he found them capable of holding this post. Likewise in Yeman the Dai's post was held by persons belonging to different families and so were the post of Maazoon and Mukaasir, The fifth Dai in Yeman, Syedna Ali bin Mohammed bin Waleed was a special case . He was a descendant of Waleed son of Utbah, the brother of Shaibul, both of whom were unbelievers of Makkah and were enemies of the Holy Prophet and they took an active part in persecuting the prophet. Once, when the prophet was boycotted, harassed and injured by the makkans he took refuge near the house of his enemy Utbah, who felt pity upon the Prophet and sent with his servant a bunch of grapes out of his abundant crop which he had obtain from his orchard. Upon receiving the bunch the Prophet found that it contained 18 grapes. He thereupon prayed to Allah for a reward to Utbah for his kindness and the answer to his prayer was that 18 of Utbah's descendants later become Dai in Yeman. By the time the office of Dai was transferred to India there had been only 17 Dai from Utbah family in Yeman. Hence after the 29th Dai in India by the wish of Allah this was given to Syedna Ali Shamsuddin in yeman thus completing the figure of 18 in the family of Utbah.

Apart from this, the Dais, Mazoons and Mukasirs in Yamen came from different families and this practice continued in India.

The style of 46 Dais was very simple. The plain and undecorated house of these Dais in Yemen and in India can be seen even today. Syedna Dawood bin Qutubshah, the source of our title as Dawoodi Bohras, led a very austere life living in a basement in Ahmedabad for over three years. Syedna Shaikh Adam was for a very long time a victim of atrocities committed by the than rulers. Syedna Qutbuddin gave his life and become a martyr. All these suffering were in the course of performing their duty to guide people in the cause of Islam.

In order to justify their own misdeeds the present claimants of the Dai's office have misguided people into believing that the 26th Dai, Syedna Dawood bin Ajabshah was fond of some pious feasts and monetary presents, ziafats and salams and ostentatious processions and that they are just his example. This is far from the truth and they are just trying to fool the community. Through their Amils they bring pressure upon the community member to donate exorbitant sums and money to meet the expenses of traveling and substance for the troop of as many as 150 whose stay may prolong for several days and months unnecessarily. No such burden was placed on the community by the 26th Dai as alleged. It so happened that during his time there was peace and security and there was no oppression from the rulers. Taking advantage of the peaceful situation the members of the community on their own initiative used to invite the Dai into their homes. However the Dai observed simplicity and there was no sign of pomp or show

Page 11

The author of the book ‘Muntazaul Akhbaar’ writes that once Syedna Dawood bin Ajabshah went to see his sick daughter Fatimabai (not referred to as princess) and on the way stepped over a nail receiving serious injury to his heel. He went to the Hakim for the treatment of his injury walking bare-footed all the way. This wound proved fatal and ultimately caused his death. Is it not strange that a Dai who was highly honored and loved by the people is unable to afford a servant in the house, owns no horse or carriage and walks bare-footed to the Hakim to fetch his medicine? In fact it proves how simple he was.

The rightful Dai never reserved religious grades, posts and honors for members of their families but gave preference over their own relations to outsiders in case these were more learned. This has been well elaborated in the book ‘Mausame Bahaar’ Volume III giving the detailed history of the Dais. The rightful Dais never misused Waqf properties nor did they ever get them transferred into their personal names. Whatever belonged to the community was spent for its benefit. Syedna Abdeali Saifuddin had issued special instructions to one of his Amils to see that income of the community fund (Baitul Maal) was spent with the consultation and advice of members and he was asked to exercise his best judgment as regards the money belonging to the ‘Daawat’. Thus we notice a clear difference in the life style of the rightful Dais and the present claimants.

From the day Syedna Zainuddin started giving preference to Syedna Mohammad Badruddin over others, Najmuddin Sahib, Syedna Zainuddin’s son, lost no time in launching an adverse propaganda against Syedna Mohammad Badruddin and with the help of his associates he laid fake accusations against him. After Syedna Mohammad Badruddin assumed the office of Dai, the opposition of Najmuddin Sahib became stronger and more open. On a number of occasions he insulted the Dai and went so far as to say that the Nas on Syedna Mohammad Badruddin was not valid as it was made by his father during his illness. It has been reported that Miya Sahib Isabhai Dohadwalla, the father in law of Najmuddin Sahib made him appear before the Dai and seek his forgiveness for all his accusations.

The first name of Yusuf Najmuddin Sahib was changed bu Syedna Abdeali Saifuddin Sahib to Abdu Qadir Najmuddin. He was Known in his circle as a very sensual and in order to boost his sensuality he made use of medicines derived from the testicles of a horse. Sheikh Tayyabali Salta of Ratiarn(?) has written a poem describing Najmuddin Sahib’s lust as “Baawaaji na waqto na Yaaquti ghanee khaadi…etc.”

From the beginning of 1252 Hijri (1836 AD) when Syedna Mohammad Badruddin became Dai at the age of twenty eight, Najmuddin Sahib had open confrontations with the Dai and always wished his early death so that he could usurp the coveted post of the Dai. Any intelligent person would ask, “How could one expect Syedna Mohammad Badruddin even to think of declaring Nas upon Najmuddin Sahib and appoint him as his successor in spite of such opposition and ill treatment?”

Najmuddin Sahib had lost his patience and was all the time planning somehow to get rid of Syedna Mohammad Badruddin who was suffering from piles for quite some time. This afforded him an opportunity to administer poison to the Dai in his medicine with the help of his associates, thus causing the Dai’s death.

Syedna Mohammad Badruddin promised on the evening of 29th Jamadi Aakhar 1256 Hijri (1840 AD) to some of the learned men that on the nest day (1st of Rajab) when they would assemble for the majlis, he would discuss the question of Nas. But the day never dawned upon him as he died suddenly due to poisoning.

I made an affidavit in Bombay (mentioned later) as to the persons involved in the sudden death of Syedna Mohammad Badruddin. As regards poisoning of the Dai the relevant paragraph from Mausame Bahaar was quoted by us in the Burhanpur Dargah Case and treated as Exhibit P29. Therein the author says “It is surmised that apart from the complaint of piles there was clear evidence of poison (Almas powder). No one expected such a thing to happen but all of a sudden he passed away leaving every one in total darkness and confusion. Like Syedna Shamshuddin he also departed from this world as a martyr."

In 1340 Hijri (1922 AD) I went to Khaingaon for a change of climate, together with my family and stayed in the farm belonging to late Mr Hasanali Gulzar. One day my daughter, aged 12, was possessed by some evil spirit and it was soon discovered that the spirit was Chamanai, the mother in law of Najmuddin Sahib. In the presence of Hasanali Gulzar and his family members the spirit made a confession about administering of poison to the 46th Dai. I signed a sword affidavit about this in Bombay in 1382 Hijri (12th March 1963) in the court of the Presidency Magistrate. An extract of the affidavit is as follows:

"Then I asked her (the spirit) about the poisoning of Syedna Mohammad Badrudding and she replied that it was true. I then asked her as to who were the persons involved in this crime. In answer to this she gave the following names :

1 Chamanai herself

2 Sukanai, daughter of Chamanai

3 Sheikh Mohammadali Chuba Burhanpuri

4 Mulla Ahmedali Karodi Burhanpuri

5 Mukhlis

6 Mohammedali Hawaichi

7 Isaji Hazuri

8 Miyabhai Lambo

9 Ghulamali Alibhai Khachi

10 Alibhai Kothari

11 Dawoodbhai Hazuri

12 Moosa Kirissan

13 Muzaffar Sidhi

Ten days later my brother-in-law, Sheikh Qayyumbhai Sheikh Isabhai, also signed an affidavit in the court of Presidency Magistrate, Bombay. An extract from there is, "The facts I learn from my forefathers and my own investigation and experience have revealed that the persons involved in poisoning Syedna Mohammad Badruddin were:

1. Chamanai, mother of Miya Sahib Dawoodbhai Goodadar (my father's paternal uncle), maternal grandmother of Burhanuddin Sahib, sister of Syedi Abdullah Valiyullah and Syedi Abdullabhai Fakhruddin, two out of the four scholars who had nominated Najmuddin Sahib to officiate as Dai.

2. Sukanai, daughter of Chamanai, wife of Najmuddin Sahib and maternal grandmother of Taher Saifuddin Sahib.

3. Sheikh Mohammadali Chuba Burhanpuri

4. Mulla Ahmedali Karodi Burhanpuri

5. Mukhlis

6. Hawaichi

7. Muzaffar Sidhi etc.

The sudden death of Syedna Mohammad Badruddin without making Nas to declare his successor left the learned men of the time in great consternation. At first they did not know what to do, but then four of the most prominent scholars among them met together and discussed the grave situation. These scholars were Imaduddin Sahib, Syedi Valiyullah Sahib (whose shrine is in Javra), Syedi Valibhai Sahib (my great grandfather whose shrine is in Parda, Malwa) and Syedi Abdullabhai Fakhruddin (brother of Syedi Abdulali Valiyullah Sahib). Imaduddin Sahib said, "If the members of the community came to know that a Nas has not been proclaimed on anyone, it is bound to create chaos among them. Besides, we cannot delay performing the funeral rites of the deceased Syedna. I therefore suggest that as a temporary measure we nominate someone to act as Nazim who will look after the affairs of the community and no one would even know the truth." He then suggested the name of Najmuddin Sahib. The remaining three scholars were reluctant but finally agreed on condition that Najmuddin Sahib gave a covenant to the effect that he would not claim to be a Dai, that at the time of Fajr prayers his name would not be announced in public, that soon after making suitable arrangements at home he would proceed to Baitullah in Makkah, pray there and return only when he sees a sign or receives guidance from the Imam.

It is now felt that the correct procedure should have been to submit to Syedi Hebatullah Jamaluddin and act according to his instructions as he was the Maazoon. Instead, Najmuddin Sahib was given the authority to act as Dai and Syedi Jamaluddin Sahib was not even informed of this horrific event for a number of years and in fact, he was under the impression that everything in Surat was normal.

For a while Najmuddin Sahib complied with the terms of his covenant, but soon he succeeded in winning the full support for all his actions from his teacher Imaduddin Sahib who was a man of the world, less spiritually inclined.

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Excellent article Gulambhai!
you are indeed a powerhouse of knowledge! Admire the painstaking efforts you take to source information.

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Akhtiar Wahid wrote:...
as you can see he even has a tomb built for him somewhere in Misr (Cairo).
This is incorrect. There is NO tomb built on his qabr in a town called Maraj near Cairo.
He is buried outside the qubba of Malek ul Ashtar SA, the wazir of Moulana Ali SA.

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Being_Bohra wrote:Excellent article Gulambhai!

you are indeed a powerhouse of knowledge! Admire the painstaking efforts you take to source information.
Thanks a lot but the true powerhouses of knowledge are people like the author who have been sidelined by the clergy as their views are not in confirmation with Kothar's agenda. Iam only trying to highlight their work on this forum and create an awareness, especially for the younger generation who are not aware of the games being played at their expense.

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Taizoonbhai Saheb Shakir of fame wrote this in 2002:
If you have not received a cd or cassette please ask your neighbor as I have mailed these all around the world to various mumineen. They are trying to blame this person and that person to divert attention from their mischievous plots against Syedi Mazoon Saheb! They are diverting attention from their twisted tasawwur and perverted aqeeda of zahir-batin because they know they are wrong! And they are trying every way they can to prevent this from reaching Aqamola TUS! And they are still plotting against Aqamola TUS and His Dawat!

Abde Syedna TUS,
While This whistleblower from QasreAali, Taizoon bhaisaheb's current well-being remains a mystery to the masses of dawoodi bohra, there are likely many more whistleblowers around and brewing. Only time will tell. Many of you might have received this document or cd, if not, ask your neighbor or trusted friend. This Taizoonbhaisaheb must have been in a mad fit of passion and outrage when he did this back in 2002. I applaud him.

In the midst of cold, calculated, scheming manipulations of the Nazi-vazaarat led by Y.Najmuddin agents, the community has been oppressed and fear of persecution has led to the silencing of dissent since then. Even Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (R.A.) Was unable to contain this Fitnat during his lifetime. People who accuse SKQ of Fitnat must become aware of the lop-sided view presented to them, magnified with injunctions against even the slightest form of complaints and disagreements. This became apparent when Taizoonbhai Saheb was threatened with his life and had to go in hiding for a period of time - until he was forced to do maafi to aqa maula by his grandmother Princess Maryam and his own mafia mother naffu ma and the YN agents.

A piece of history to celebrate the martyrs of The Burhanuddin era.
What Taizoonbhai Saheb did in 2002 will go down in history as one wildly bold, emphatic and honorable act of courage.