Belief in Dai

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Belief in Dai


Unread post by SBM » Sat Mar 01, 2014 9:19 am

After reading the defense of SKQ and SMS by various defenders on both side , here is what I want to know
For my background, I still have an active E Jamaat card despite the fact that I have not participated in any activities for past 3 years and that shows how reliable the E jamaat card is and how fudgy their members count is if 7 members and atleast other 8 members from our (former) jamaat are not participating and still receive Farmans from Vazarats their count of how many Bohras is a suspect,
Now coming back to believing in any of two Dais.
Overall Belief
Time and time again, Burhanuddin always told the abdes that he gets his Ilham from Imam Ul Zaman, and as a belief in Imam in Purdah, we were told that Imam Ul Zaman is infallible-and can make no mistakes, Imam ul Zaman knows all and he is in contact with Dai Ul Zaman, We were told that after Namaz, Syedna used to go in Qubba and was in consultation with Imam (disappearing of Dai after Maghrib Namaz) We were told time and time again that what Dai does is with the direct knowledge of Imam U Zaman, With this background how did Imam Ul Zaman did not know about the deteriorating condition of SMB and told him to declare Nuss, Even when people make their last will, it always says that I make this will with all my senses and judgement and a good lawyer advices the person to make will while he has reasonable good health, Why did Imam Ul Zaman did not see this coming,
Claim by Sydend Muffadal
If one is to follow that Dai is appointed thru Nuss and with the Ilham of Imam U Zaman, they why this showmanship to getting signatures and showing the world that a great majority of Abde followers are with Muffadal, does not Muffadal and Burhauddin contradict themselves when they say it does not matter how many people follow them since they give the example of Imam Hussain and tell the world that Imam Hussain only had 72 followers while Yazid who claimed to be the rightful successor has great majority
If history serves right, asking for people to sign their allegiance was same as when people of Kufa signed petition to ask Imam Hussain and telling him how many people are ready to fight and when Imam Hussain showed up based on that theory, he was surprised by refusal of the same one, I see the same parallel here with Muffadal asking people to sign petition, how reliable that can be only Imam U Zaman knows 8) .
Muffadal knew that there had been differences with succession while Burhanuddin was alive and why did not he atleast invite Mukasir to witness the Nuss done on him, while Muffadal and his brothers are always surrounded by camera men to take pictures (see the abdes websites) no one recorded this historical event when Burhanuddin was still coherent.
Claim by Syedna Khuzema Qutbuddin
If one is to follow his claim that Nuss was done almost 50 years ago in private and he was told not to release that till the death of Burhauddin, again question is once Muffadal declared his Nuss, it was duty of Khuzema to publicly question the validity of Nuss, he did not have to claim that Nuss is done on him to preserve the so called claim of not declaring his Nuss till the death of Burhanuddin, He or his defenders should have raised red flags by doing exactly same thing what they are doing now. Muffadal's Nuss declaration had created a great confusion among Abde followers and as 2nd in Rutba, it should have been his duty to come out and publicly question if not putting his own claim.
Why he did not work with Mukasir and question about succession.
While Burhauddin was alive, and Khuzema and his family were very well aware of the corruption-nepotism and he still kept quite.
The write Jonah Blank of "Mullah on Main Fame" knew Dr Tahera's husband Abdul Zahir Mohyddin very well and they could have influenced his writing. I am producing his statement about the entire book and how it was written
2. I didn't mention Mazoon Saheb's daughter, Dr. Tahera Behnsaheb Qutbuddin, in the acknowledgments because I didn't know her well at the time the book was printed, but I'd certainly mention her if I were writing the acknowledgments today. I prominently thank her husband, Abduz-Zahir Bhaisaheb Mohyuddin, in the acknowledgments: he was (and is) a good friend of mine, and I've gotten to know Tahera Behnsaheb better since the book's publication, but at the time we'd only met infrequently. I certainly did not try to obscure my debt to members of the dawat-- starting with Syedna, and including (in the acknowledgements) Qaidjohar Bhaisaheb Ezzuddin and Shabbir Bhaisaheb Nuruddin.
So they could have used that resource to defend what was wrong at Kothar that time
Khuzema and his family's silence through all that time also raises many question about their intent as well raises doubt about their honesty in the current crisis. If what they are promoting now in their Fatemi Dawat should have done while he had power of Mazoon and had ears of Burhanuddin but he failed miserably in that test.
Once Muffadal declared the Nuss on him, any promises made by Khuzema to Burhanuddin becomes NULL and VOID,. those promises only carry weight if NUSS was still not done while Burhanuddin was dead and Khuzema would have better chance of convincing the world.
There are many un-answered questions and would like the defenders of both side to answer them honestly
Question to Muffadal: Since when Muffadal believes in election of Dai as he is collecting signatures and submitting to the authorities, if that is the case then what is the role of Imam U Zaman.
Question to Khuzema: Why did not he atleast raise the issue of Nuss to Muffadal when he knew he was already appointed and question the validity of the declaration by creating during the life of Burhanuddin and not after his death.
and Finally where is Imam U Zaman or are there two Imam U Zaman one who is guiding Muffadal and another who is guiding Khuzema

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Re: Belief in Dai


Unread post by abde53 » Sat Mar 01, 2014 12:12 pm

Another question which need to be answered by Syedna Khuzema is about his views on Taizoon BS bin Hatim BS and his expose in
Why they did not come in public and defended Taizoon Bhai when he questioned the Rutba of Mazoon and Mukasir with Nafisa Bensaheb
Here is the link
Re: Why They Hate Syedi Mazoon Saheb -

Unread postby porus on Mon Nov 11, 2002 12:10 pm
For those who do not speak lisaan-e-daawat or are unable to hear because of bad quality of the mp3 downloads, here is the gist.

Prince Taizoon is accusing a number of his close relatives, who are part of Sayedna's extended family, of revisionist heresy regarding positions of Mazoon and Mukaasir.

Prince charges that because of jealousy and enmity of his relatives against Mazoon and Mukaasir, his relatives are saying that the current holders of those offices are not, in truth (haqiqat), the true Mazoon and Mukaasir. They are, in fact some other persons, the fact not accessible to everyone because that is baatin.

Prince claims that that is completely against misaaq where the actual names of Mazoon and Mukaasir are recited and they are considered inviolable links to Imam along with the Dai al Mutlaq.

His relatives have been saying that zaahir-baatin issue about these offices is in 'Daawat na kitaab'. But when challenged, they are not able to point the sources.

Prince has been prevented to present this case to Sayedna himself by enemies of Mazoon and Mukaasir who are top office bearers in Daawat. Hence he has gone public.

My comment is that this is a right royal soap opera. The fact that Sayedna is quiet about the issue arouses suspicion that he may be revising doctrine and testing the waters by proxy, letting his relatives start the dialog.


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