Our government has made us ALL into thieves.

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Our government has made us ALL into thieves.


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Our government has made us ALL into thieves.

Taxes on goods and services.

Governments have turned to taxing goods and services (GST), instead of taxing income to extract the funds they need from you and I to pay for their various programs. GST’s are regressive taxes, because as a person’s income decreases, his rate of tax increases.

In such a tax system, the less you earn, the more, as a percentage of your income, you pay into that tax system. For instance, if you earn $10,000 per year and pay a GST of 15%, you will pay $1,500 in tax. If you earn $20,000 per year, and buy the same amount of goods and services, you will pay the same $1,500 in tax, but as a percentage of your income, as compared to the poorer buyer, you will only pay ½ the amount of tax dollars, in terms of percentage of income. The higher your income, the less of a percentage of tax you will pay, as compared to those who earn less than you do.

That is why such goods and services tax are considered to be regressive taxes. They penalize the poor while benefiting the richer, on a sliding scale.

Poverty is the worst form of violence. – Ghandi

Each and every one of us is kicking those below us further into poverty thanks to our regressive GST tax system. The richer you are, the harder you are kicking the poor. Middle and lower income earners are not kicking the poorest as hard but we are getting our kicks in anyway.

The Golden Rule is considered by most to be the best moral rule that we know.

With our regressive GST tax system, we are doing the opposite of the Golden Rule by doing unto the poor what we would not want done to us if we are poor.

Should we all be proud of ourselves for doing violence to our poorer fellow countrymen?