Is Zakaat Really Applicable for Tax Payers ?

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Is Zakaat Really Applicable for Tax Payers ?


Unread post by hunni » Wed Apr 19, 2017 11:39 am

As Salaam Guys,

I have this question since some time now. To understand this, I first want another question to get answered.

What was the purpose for which Almighty Allah set the compulsion of Zakaat ? As per my understanding, it was to help support/build the infrastructure back then. Ideally speaking the Govt back then was Rasulullah (PBUH), and He needed money to take care of the State affairs, whether it was for building infrastructure, feeding the poor, helping the needy and you name it .... This could also be considered as tax in an Islamic State.

Now the main question. We pay huge taxes in addition to our Zakaat each year. How is this justified ? The taxes paid are also used by the govt for the above mentioned purposes in one or the other way.

I, being employed in a IT firm have no chance to save my Taxes. Also there are not many options for Halaal investments. Could someone enlighten me on this topic.


I Rizwan
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Re: Is Zakaat Really Applicable for Tax Payers ?


Unread post by I Rizwan » Mon Apr 24, 2017 4:23 am

Bismillah Al rahman Al rahim,

This is a very important question and we must reflect to an answer which can also suit to current world situation.

remember Allah says in Quran " we dont put load on a person which he cant bear to hold" ( you can read on website the exact translation)

but any ways I am trying to give you answer according to current world situation and my own consciousness.

first of all if you read Quran you will not find 2.5% of zakat to be given, there is no mention of percentage and how much should be given in whole Quran, what does it means?

it means Allah wants us to be kind enough and dont want to take a particular percentage from us.

since Rasulullah(S) was running an Islamic government he fixed this amount to 2.5%

as you mentioned in your posts these days we have to pay taxes to governments and many other things which we cant avoid. so in this regards my understanding says we should be kind enough to do charity in Ramadan there should not be any fixed limit or amount to it.

obviously clergy will not explain you this because they want your money and they will tell you to give money as they wish....but Islam is not hard or oppressive.

also according to ahadith man should first spend money on his own family and kids, and alll the money spend on his own family is considered as charity near Allah dont be stingy while spending rightful money on your family first.

also do not hasistate to help really needy one and those who are shy to ask....

do not restrict your kindness to a percentage value.

May Allah accept this and forgive me if I am wrong.


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Re: Is Zakaat Really Applicable for Tax Payers ?


Unread post by hunni » Fri Apr 28, 2017 5:40 am

Thanks Rizwan Bhai for throwing some light on this topic.
Yes, even I have not come across any such %'s for Zakaat in Al Quran. But from our bayaan's I remember that it is 1/40 of our income.
But the question remains the same. Also as an Indian, neither I get any tax benefit for paying Zakaat, nor my tax is considered as Zakaat.

At the end of the day a person in service sector like most of us end up paying double taxes. Now on the flip side, neither I am satisfied the way Govt is using the tax money nor I am impressed the way our Zakaat in used in the Dawat. To sum it up I feel beaten up from all the sides.

I can only make a dua that O Allah, please accept our charity.