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This Man


Unread post by feelgud » Wed Aug 17, 2011 9:31 am

When we envisage people, we either find them discussing issues involving the nation or at best only the cursory aspects of religion. We find no one discussing the underlying conceptual aspects of the religion. The reason being the inherent human weakness, that he concentrates on the obvious things only. Whether in the past or today, he has always found it difficult to concentrate upon things that are obscure to him.

Man worships the things that he can see. In contrast, he cannot comprehend how to show reverence towards things that are invisible. He finds it easy to indulge in activities that are obvious albeit; he cannot fathom how to become busy in those activities that he cannot visualise. He can fully appreciate the significnce of discerning objects that lie in front of him, however, similar things that are concealed from him, he completely ignores as if he does not know them.
This human tendency of only appreciating the obvious in things is one of his biggest inherent flaws. The ultimate manifestation of this human flaw is termed as polytheism. Furthermore, another consequence of this weakness is that despite professing faith in religion, he is unable to advance further in it.

A polytheist is the one who despite believing in the unseen God, in addition, treats some worldly things, as God as well. Athiest is the one who does not believe in a God he is unable to see; these are the more critical forms of being misguided.

There is another aspect here which is not less important in terms of its ultimate consequence, which is, professing faith but seeing no practical effects of that faith. This happens when one believes in God but does not really see Him, when one professes faith in Him but does not really comprehend its implications and when one is faithful but is not able to make God the centre of his attention by rising above the limitations of perceptions.

In addition, not believing in a God who is not perceived by our senses is in fact, tantamount to not understanding the hidden inner meanings. Such a person is only able to appreciate those people who have amassed worldly things around them. He is unable to really know those people who carry a fortune of hidden wisdom inside them. The one who loses God eventually also loses contact with reality and authenticity.
[Waheed udin Khan ]

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Re: This Man


Unread post by Thai » Wed Aug 17, 2011 8:51 pm

interesting analysis.....

Surah 16 verse 96
"What is with you must vanish, what is with God will endure and we will certainly bestowe on those who patiently perservere, their reward according to the best of their actions."

God is the only enduring reality---everything else is transient......