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Unread post by Admin » Fri Oct 24, 2014 4:18 pm

Salams everyone,
Newcomers here have little idea how long this site has been around and what it has "achieved". Although we are never the ones to toot our own horn, we think it would not be too pretentious to put on record what you all think of this site. Many of you have give your testimonies already and they are scattered all over the Forum, but it would be a good idea to put them all under one roof. If this site/forum has helped you, influenced you, affected you in any way, however small, please take a few moments to write down your thoughts. And please keep this thread free of discussion.
Thank you very much, and thank you for your continued support.

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Re: Testimonials


Unread post by Tahermakka » Sat Oct 25, 2014 5:13 am

this site has helped me a lot specially when I found my wife from the matrimonial section of this website and I also learned many things from this website, but I miss those days when more intelligent and ilmi topics were discussed here by bro porus and other members, now a days its all about jokes and curse.

but over all my experience is good so thankyou.

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Re: Testimonials


Unread post by fustrate_Bohra » Sat Oct 25, 2014 9:07 am

Well Admin bhai, I had already shared my experience in thread "How you all come to know about this site" anyways, am again posting the same
Around 1 year back i was hunting for the site where i can mail my complain at Badri Mahal regarding some grievances i was facing with my jamaat, after surfing various sites related to dawoodi bohra i was hit with this site which is
http://www.dawoodi-bohras.com when i checked this site i was surprise to see it as a forum where members discusses theirs concern and unislamic practices and most surprising thing for me was there were many members who think exactly the same way i do.

Earlier when i use to hear any bayans from sayedna or janab and when they use words such as munafiqin or dawat na dushman i use to think that they are addressing to other religion(especially sunni) but only after knowing and understanding this forum i came to know to whom they are addressing :D . I also came to know that there is something called as reform or progressive in our community (to whom this site actually belongs) who are fighting against all the unislamic prcatices going in our community. I was really impressed by their brave efforts and dedication which is still going on from last so many decades.

With the help of this site i came to know about Aliasgar Engineer, who he was and what had he achieved, otherwise i had just heard his name and that too in negative way. Apart from this i came to know about many great philanthropist and the most remarkable one is Adam bhai pheerbhuoy.

This site encourage me to read about islam and also how our dawoodi bohra religion was formed so that it can help me to understand what actually members are talking about. Apart from this i came to know about couples of book like Diamul Islam, Najul Balagah(though i havent read these books) which i can relate with most of the sensible debate going here.

I appreciate the efforts by the makers of this site, Keep up guys you all are doing an excellent job and also to all the forum members whose thoughts/questions and article has strengthened the forum otherwise the purpose of this site would have been defeated.

It took me more than 7 to 8 months to register myself, i started with LIKE and gradually gather some guts to pen down my thoughts.

Phew! Well this was my experience about the site and the most important thing

"I still did not got the link where i can complain my grievances" :lol:

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Re: Testimonials


Unread post by qutub_mamajiwala » Sun Oct 26, 2014 5:32 am

my views are also exaclty same as frustrate_bohra
so no need of repition i think

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Re: Testimonials


Unread post by topiwala » Sun Oct 26, 2014 10:13 am

this site is nothing but a subversive wahhabi site which uses bohra names and terminology to subtly convey the wahhabi version of Islam. Why dont you change your domain name to progressivedawoodibohra.com??

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Re: Testimonials


Unread post by anajmi » Sun Oct 26, 2014 10:53 am

I learned a lot about Islam because of discussions on this forum. While having discussions/debates/fights I would go back and do research. It helped a lot. By the way, I had no idea I was a wahhabi before I joined this forum.

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Re: Testimonials


Unread post by alam » Sun Oct 26, 2014 3:15 pm

I would like to say that My views are also similar to fustratebohra - and am grateful for the admins and supporters of this website... So no need to repeat everything as fustratebohra so eloquently elaborated.

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Re: Testimonials


Unread post by Mkenya » Mon Oct 27, 2014 12:07 am

I knew of this site for quite some time having browsed once in a while. Over time I have seen a yo-yo effect where for a while posters contribute their opinions very effectively and at other times many sink down to 'knee-jerk' posts. I am here because I would like to learn and contribute. The period we are going through is a unique one in Bohra history where there are two contenders to the position of Daiship. Cyber technology has placed most Bohras in the front row of what is happening on a minute-to-minute basis. The dismemberment of 'my' Bohraism of yesteryears is so hurting and I am sad to say those glory days will be gone for ever.

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Re: Testimonials


Unread post by Mkenya » Mon Oct 27, 2014 12:27 am

Admin: Would it be too much to ask posters to add to their profile where they are from. Disclosure of country might not be much help but the city should. For example, if a poster who resides in Dubai and who comments on Sabil in that city, others would know he is somewhat or fully knowledgeable. If for example someone from Nairobi discusses the splinter-group in Udaipur then his contribution may be suspect as he is not a local. As a person from Kenya I have doubted posters who went overboard to castigate MBS hunting. A few gave me the impression that according to them the lions and elephants were fenced in a huge zoo! Nothing could be further than the truth. Another example recently was a photograph of Bohras in a mosque in Reunion Islands. No poster came forward to first of all, validate the photograph, and second that Reunion Islands had so may Bohras.

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Re: Testimonials


Unread post by saminaben » Mon Oct 27, 2014 3:09 pm

A frank testimonial for this website:
I had this belief, no conviction, that somewhere on my right shoulder sits a chip that records everything I say, do and think, every internet site I browse, and the thoughts and opinions I dare to not express even to myself. The first 20-30X I came across this site, I was shocked that people seem unconcerned about the chip that sits on their right shoulder, and how they put such words on public forum. I also was doubly offended at so much gaali galuchi happened on this forum, a Dawoodi Bohra forum. After a few of these visits, I would pay penance and resolve never to come back to this "munaafiq site", but that was when I realized that the chip on my right shoulder started talking back to me, instead of just recording my activities and excursions. Whoa, a dialogue began, within myself, and soon I saw that people on this site were simply dialoguing with one another. somewhat of an anti-climax. or an epiphany.

Fast forward to the time of my first post and being terrified of being identified, me living in a coccon, in the lion's den as an obscure lamb, hiding behind the fence of grotesque email ids and a username that could be anyone or me. I tried to stay true to my core self and whatever the voices from my intellect, life experience and common sense and morality would feed me. As far as that chip goes, and its recording and playback - I try to hear and process it as just that - a recording and playback, and every once in a while I succeede in hacking into that chip and disabling it or completely turning it off. Funny how it turns itself on while I'm unaware, while even in shutdown mode! I just watch it all happens, even now, that chip on my shoulder is still there, but no longer rules my destiny.

Fast forward to today. I am still in the lion's den, but as a formidable opponent, ready to face the lioness when need be, which happens occasionally. The roar of the lion gets louder, and the lioness seems ready to attack, but this obscure lamb (ME) got a chip on her shoulder that expands like a hawk's wing and flies away with deliberate purpose. And comes back to check the den every now and then, for her babies and guardian of the babies are still trapped in the den.

Thanks to the forum, and the contributors, especially Administrators and supporters of this website, for recognizing the chip on my shoulder is capable of growing wings. And for recognizing the recordings/playbacks as what they are, just that. My intellect, reasoning, faith and morality are so much more alive and better for it, thanks to this forum.

PS: I continue to remain deeply and doubly offended at the gaali galuchi on this forum. I hope I never fail to get offended when gaali galoochi happens, for I would never want to get accustomed to abuse, bullying, and oppression, wherever I encounter, whether on this forum, in the jamaatkhaana, masjid/markez, in the family or in my community.
Thank You. Al hamdo Lillah.

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Re: Testimonials


Unread post by humanbeing » Tue Oct 28, 2014 6:18 am

Two Thumbs up SISTER (or) AUNTY (or) MAASI

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Re: Testimonials


Unread post by zinger » Tue Oct 28, 2014 7:58 am

Guess i should put in my story too.

i was and continue to be, a devout follower of Burhanuddin Maula RA. When he pronounced Nass on Muffadal Maula, we felt relieved because for the past 2 to 3 years, he was not keeping good health.

When we first heard about Mufaddal Maula, he seemed to be a better choice compared to Qaid Johar BS or Malik ul Ashthar BS.

His first few days were also based on simplicity, where he travelled by train rather than plane or helicopter (not that it mattered to the detractors on this forum, who continued to bitch and moan about everything).

Yes, he made some goofs in certain bayaans, which i too have tried to defend, but i guess over time, i realised i was fighting a loosing battle and eventually decided to give up.

The Saheb E Dawat scheme of sending people to Mumins house to "beg/extort" money for, the whole laanat and "Daawedar ni kahani" nonsense and finally the tamasha at Raudat Tahera and his silence on it was pretty much the straw that broke this camels back

even now, i often flip flop my stand, and yes, i agree i do, because since i have given him my misaq, i feel duty bound to protect his name, and so you will often see me "speaking from both sides of my mouth" as AZ so eloquently puts it, but put it down to my head v/s my heart which makes me believe in 2 things

i know there were some mistakes which Burhanuddin Maula (RA) did, but i, and many others around me too feel that he was manipulated just as we are. i know some members are cursing me for this right now, but it is an open fact. Burhanuddin Maula RA was often manipulated. it was his gentle nature that we loved, that allowed him to be pulled like this

but unlike many here, i have not given up on this community. i feel that there is still hope. i feel that some good will still come out of this whole nuss mess that we are in, but to be honest, i feel that ex-Mazun maula is also in this for material gain. if he wasnt, he would have just walked away from it all and relinquished his demand for a share of the community property

'nuff said. more some other day

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Re: Testimonials


Unread post by SBM » Tue Oct 28, 2014 12:09 pm

but unlike many here, i have not given up on this community. i feel that there is still hope. i feel that some good will still come out of this whole nuss mess that we are in,
Br Zinger
I disagree, many who are here do care about the community and have not given up, most of the people who are here do not criticize the Community at large but Kothari Goons and the blind sheep that follow them. I speak for myself, I am proud to be Dawoodi Bohra and its culture and I say so but i refuse to be dictated by a corrupt leadership be it STS, SMB, SMS or SKQ. I refuse to follow innovations in our religious practices which has diverted the practices of Islam I learned in my early years of life ( if you get your hands on Old Sahifa as compared to recent one,,you will see the difference). Once we were the most philanthropic community who cared for higher education and were not coerced to give Ziyafaats and Najwas but things have changed and many on these site are trying to educate our current generation about that. Hopefully all is not lost yet

Al Zulfiqar
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Re: Testimonials


Unread post by Al Zulfiqar » Tue Oct 28, 2014 6:22 pm


very eloquently put. that its written from your heart is quite obvious. there are many like you who, when they initially came here were horrified about how fellow bohras could be so defiant and dare to voice their thoughts about their dai and his actions and question all and everything so fearlessly.

yes, its the one single factor of 'fearlessness' or 'bindaas' as they say colloquially, which causes confusion and fear in an ordinary bohra's mind. they feel they have stumbled upon some house of horrors! for someone to have grown up with unquestioning respect for the dai and all the dearly held traditions and religious practices, it comes as quite a shock to find that there are actually other bohras who would challenge those things. for many, it is as if this site is a haram forbidden site where only hardened criminals would enter. but eventually the fear fades away and in its place comes a morbid fascination to steal some fruits and nuggets from here. thats how the learning process begins. slowly the patient wakes up more from their coma and starts seeing things afresh. it takes guts, it takes determination and perseverance to stay and participate.

i am glad that admin has started this thread and that many are finding it within themselves to confess and bare their souls for us, because that is what every testimonial is, a journey of self-realisation and discovery. it is not easy or simple to walk on this path towards sunshine. zinger is a classic example. he used to be a rabid abde, but he is slowly but surely progressing in baby steps as he moves forward. entirely giving up on beliefs that have been etched in your heart and mind like stone and that too overnight, is not only not easy, it is very painful and heart breaking. it makes you question your own sanity, your own intelligence, it shakes up your self-confidence and self-esteem. the flip-flops zinger describes are perfectly understandable, they are an integral part of the awakening. it is all the more difficult when you are surrounded by fanatic believers. then your internal dissent is frightening, as it confronts you with the unpleasant fact that you think them inferior, stupid? you feel tremendously guilty, you feel ashamed of yrself and of them.

but remember, it is quite possible to be 'different' and not be a rigid fanatic as compared to your closest family members and still love them. that comes with respect, respect for what they are and their right to be different from you. at the end of our lives, we all will go alone. you will be accountable only for your own actions and thoughts. by making your own judgements and forging your own path, you are not disrespcting anyone, nor insulting them.

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Re: Testimonials


Unread post by dal-chaval-palidu » Wed Oct 29, 2014 12:21 am

SBM wrote:
but unlike many here, i have not given up on this community. i feel that there is still hope. i feel that some good will still come out of this whole nuss mess that we are in,
Br Zinger
I disagree, many who are here do care about the community and have not given up, most of the people who are here do not criticize the Community at large but Kothari Goons and the blind sheep that follow them. I speak for myself, I am proud to be Dawoodi Bohra and its culture and I say so but i refuse to be dictated by a corrupt leadership be it STS, SMB, SMS or SKQ. I refuse to follow innovations in our religious practices which has diverted the practices of Islam I learned in my early years of life ( if you get your hands on Old Sahifa as compared to recent one,,you will see the difference). Once we were the most philanthropic community who cared for higher education and were not coerced to give Ziyafaats and Najwas but things have changed and many on these site are trying to educate our current generation about that. Hopefully all is not lost yet

I care for the community and want it to be an educated broad-minded community that makes its share of fair contribution (deeni + for this duniya) to this world. That is why I spend time on this forum. There are other competing interests that have legitimate claims on my time; I am here as I care for the future of MY community.

And I find this web-site, mostly this forum, useful (as a one-stop-shop) for news and current events about our community. Good job, Admin and team.

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Re: Testimonials


Unread post by Aymelek » Wed Oct 29, 2014 2:25 am

I was introduced to this site back in 2003 by a learned Sheikh from Jamia. This Sheikh said that we monitor this site to know whats happening and what the munafiques are planning.

I was just out of my college and starting my career then. Even the site was fairly young and had very few members then. Well those were the days when senior members like Porus, Anajmi, Humsafar, Muslim First had already joined.

As I had very little to do with religion then, (basically restricted to observing Ramadan & Moharrum). I wasn’t particularly interested in what was going on in this site and would visit it once in blue moon from my office desktop as & when internet access was available. Internet was still a luxury back then for most of middle class like us.

Sometime in 2005- 2009, there was a barrage of ismailis on the forum and there were innumerous threads wherein there was heated debates between ismailis (pardesi, turbo, etc) and sunni brethren (anajmi, MF) etc. Snippets of wisdom from Br. Porus and Br. Kalim got me interested and I found myself reading this forum more & more often. Br. Zulfikar’s satire also added a flavor of its own to the forum. Br. SBM was still Omabharti then :D We also had few more identity shifts like Anajmi moving to new ID of Scared and Porus moving to Agnostic (i guess).

This was the time, I started reading more from this website, Articles from Late Mr. Engineer, stories of other horrors from old reformist. Born after the Udaipur (Galiakot) event, I didn’t know what all had transpired. It got me more and more curious. I was a member of David Sasson Library, Mumbai and Mumbai University Library then, and was able to lay my hands on the Nathwani Commission report (referred to in the forum).

I read through it and was left astonished as to how much was hidden inside the carpet, which nobody cared to lift and clean. This and lot of other mentions on the forum brought a slow change in my heart. Initially it was all confusion, I started reading more about Islam and even other religions from whatever books I could rent from libraries ( I’m obliged to the library and forum to help me start my knowledge quest, which has not yet ended and never will).

I even enrolled myself for sabaks (multiple of them) to get a view of what clergy thinks. At a point between 2008 – 2010) I found myself attending almost all majlis, urs, bohra gatherings, sabaks , etc. But there was a continuous conflict between my heart and my mind. I was kinda living with two belief systems.

By this time I was married and I introduced this my site to my wife…for some reason she had a clarity of thoughts regarding the whole belief system and it was her clarity which helped me get out of my confusion and made me reform.

In 2011, I registered and joined this forum when Nass was conferred and I felt the drama had reached its peak (well it’s still peaking). With additions to my family, I haven’t been able to participate much on this forum but I do come every now and then. But I continue to create awareness amongst my extended family and amongst my friends and will continue to do so. And well I continue to learn and continue to reform.

That’s almost a decade summed up there. Thank you everyone.

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Re: Testimonials


Unread post by DisillusionedDB » Wed Oct 29, 2014 8:20 am

I think I have never said how I came to join this forum. I guess it all started about 15 years back when I started thinking about religion and whether I was really a good follower of Islam or not. I think many of us here must have had these thoughts some time or the other in their lives. I always knew, deep down, that something was not right in our religion (later I would came to know that our religion was perfect, but there was something drastically wrong with our community) I think it was a culmination of these wrangling thoughts and a few other incidents that triggered my quest.
Still earlier, when I was in my early twenties, I was once taken for kadambosi of SMS. And to my horror, after I did the normal salaam, I was caught by the scruff of my neck and pushed down to kiss his feet. My anger knew no bounds but I kept quiet as I was still not sure how to react to this insult to my pride. The second instance came when I was taken to an impromptu kadambosi (not a kadambosi bethak) of SMB and again I had to kiss his feet and also kiss the ground his feet touched after he had passed. Again I was angry but yet again I kept quiet. The third instance came when I went with my father for paying wajebaat, the details of which need no repetition. There were a few other instances like the pomp and glamour and the pride with which the clergy handle themselves as if we were some kind of dirty vermin who would infect them. So, one fine day, I decided to understand for myself - Was this the religion that Allah wanted us to follow ?
That was when I started to read the Quran with meaning for the first time. I wanted to read and understand first hand what was the message that Allah wanted to convey to us. I wanted to rely on my own intellect to understand and not something which was dished out to me.
After I finished reading the Quran, I was shocked at the blatant lies that the bohra clergy was heaping upon us. The Quran is air-tight. There is no place for shirk, sajda or worship to anyone but Allah. Then why were we made to bow down in sajda to a human being ? Allah says "Don't hoard money/silver/gold". Then why were our religious heads so hell-bent on extorting money from us any which way ? Allah says "Don't conceal the Allah's revelations and profit from it by selling it for a miserable price". Then why is our knowledge hidden from us ? What is it that we 'cannot' understand ? Allah says "No one has any right/claim to heaven". Then how come we are being handed keys to heaven on a silver platter ?
After reading the Quran, I started reading what other muslims had to say about Islam. I must have pored over thousands of pages but was careful not to be influenced by any one. I would rationally think and analyse what the people had written and compared them with the teachings of the Quran and teachings of bohras. I don't say that I have become an Islamic scholar (far from it) but at the very least I came to know right from wrong.
Furthermore, what irks me the most is the strict enforcement in our community. What happened to "La ikraha fi ad-deen (There is no compulsion in religion)" ? Compare that to the fatwas of today "Dukaan band, waaz ma time par aavvu, exam hoi to bhi school nai javanu, bija shia ni waaz ma hargiz nai javanu". What happened to "Invite (all) to the Way of thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching; and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious" ? Compare that to "Aa su sawaal karo cho? Tamaro akeedo kharab thai gayo che"
I think I could rant much more but this post has become too long. I wouldn't hold a grudge if you people give it a miss. :wink:

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Re: Testimonials


Unread post by asad » Thu Oct 30, 2014 3:40 am

I was always internet savvy so came across this site when doing some random search in 2002, disliked it as I thought its run by Dushman’s of dawat (Udaipuris or PDB’s). But due to basic human nature of inquisitiveness started visiting it more often and when had some time registered on it and started countering posts as best as I can, had frequent run ins with Porus, Anajmi, Muslim First, Humsafar, GM, SBM and AZ. AZ being AZ was never easy. Porus, Anajmi and MF are heavyweights when it comes to Islam, Humsafar has a very good grasp of language. GM has very good sources, understanding and knowledge of what is currently going on in the community, SBM and Hussain_KSA goes out of their way to help any one out. All these people played their part in making me realize where I was wrong.

I thought by attending sabaks and being a regular in almost all waez I was competent enough to debate anyone, specially these dushmans of dawat so whenever I had some heated debate with anyone of them I had to go back to study more on the subject and in the process it dawned on me that there is actually something wrong very wrong with DB’s and the blame does really go to Syedna. I started to read more and interact with my local Muslim friends and few on this board also and came to the conclusion that whole Shiasm is only a farce and a sham.

So from a die hard abde I turned into a Non Shia or a Sunni if you like the word.

I was using another ID in my abde days which a lot of people know on this board as well as in real life but my local jamat got a whiff that I was visiting this site though I was defending the Syedna and Kothar I was put on a watch, my friends were asked to report if they find any of my talks anti establishment and hence had to change the ID.

This site and people on this board have helped me a lot in better understanding the religion. Kudos to the Admin team. You guys are doing a fantastic job, it not easy being in your shoes.

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Re: Testimonials


Unread post by WiththenameofAllah » Thu Oct 30, 2014 10:19 am

I was empty somewhere and I wanted to get rid of this emptiness. Religion seemed to be the best solution for that. I started going to masjid frequently and when SMS came to our country like an abde SMS I followed him, believed in him that he is the Roohani leader who I have to follow but unfortunately by looking at his face I could never see any noor. I only saw greed and hunger for power and money and the way there is inequality in our community between rich and poor it was difficult to digest.I was also reading translation of Holy Quran and many times it is mentioned of people who follow corrupt leaders and are misguided, therefore, their adobe is hell. Allah Subhanu Wa Ta'la helped me and I could very clearly see the real face of everything happening in the community. I realized this is no deen where people or his leader has no interest in praying salah or Sunnah of Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) but only in deedar of moula.
One incident that makes me hate this leadership is when the dai was in our country and both men and women were struggling outside a gate to enter masjid to just see him. Men pushing Women, Women pushing men, a sense of craziness. Rida of most women was slipping from their heads. To my horror! This was not the teaching of Bibi Fatima (A.S). My soul was disturbed. How could this be Islam and then In my cocoon I started research, Allah Subhanu Wa Ta'la helped me I found many friends outside who guided me about Islam.
There was a lot of emotional sufferings and I wanted to socialize. I found brother burhan's website, but that was only for Islamic knowledge. I typed many times in google ‘ Bohras doing shirk ‘ :P to just find any clue. Then I wanted support social support and I found that on this site. I used to come to this website but did not had the courage to join the forum but one day my heart said go do it and here I was quite scared who the people are what if they will know my real identity but It turned out amazing I could nicely sneak my family and come here and talk about ills of the community. I wanted to hear stories like me where people have felt miserliness when they are not allowed to read Quran's translation.
Since then I got attached to this site.
I have found many good people at the forum who are elderly and experienced and are guiding me v.well esp brother SMB, saminaben, brother salar, brother disillusioned bohra, etc. JazakAllah Khair.
Now, I am a Muslim only.
The Rapunzel is ‘ FREE ' but only within the boundaries of the castle of Witch Dame Gothel waiting for the Prince who will take her out from these boundaries.
All this hard work to fight against the tyrant ruler and to follow the principles of Islam is to get Allah's love and His Jannah. So I pray, May Allah increase your Emaan and give US all a place in Jannat ul Firdous. Ameen
Walikum asalam.

Al Zulfiqar
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Re: Testimonials


Unread post by Al Zulfiqar » Thu Oct 30, 2014 2:24 pm


please delete the last 6 posts above as they are unrelated to the topic of testimonials. as bro sbm has rightly observed, fayyaz has nothing positive to contribute to this thread and is in fact discrediting those who had the courage to wake up and realise they are being led down the garden path. in this he is forcing others to tolerate his version of perverted bohraism as preached by the last 3 dai's.

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Re: Testimonials


Unread post by SBM » Thu Oct 30, 2014 2:28 pm

Al Zulfiqar wrote:admin,

please delete the last 6 posts above as they are unrelated to the topic of testimonials. as bro sbm has rightly observed, fayyaz has nothing positive to contribute to this thread and is in fact discrediting those who had the courage to wake up and realise they are being led down the garden path. in this he is forcing others to tolerate his version of perverted bohraism as preached by the last 3 dai's.
It seems Admin has already created a new thread under Debates about Testimonials in Bohra and Reform thread. A

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Re: Testimonials


Unread post by Excalibur » Fri Oct 31, 2014 1:07 am

I have been following this site regularly for a year now. This thread seems like a good opening for me to register on this site to express my views.

I would simply describe myself as a non-conformist Bohra. I have been fortunate enough as a kid who was never pressed into attending waez or majlis or any such functions. I have been watching closely what goes on in our community and it deeply concerns me even though I don't get involved into these things. The reason it concerns me is simply because I'm born a Bohra and am part of this big family, and if something is not right within a family, one has to speak out.

This site has, and will continue to play a significant role in providing a platform on which people can express their views anonymously on what has been plaguing our community. I personally know some people who are not registered members of this site but frequently visit it to monitor what others have to say. I also know people who have realized the stranglehold of the clergy and now are sitting on the fringes refusing to give in to every unreasonable call.

Dawoodi Bohra is a religion (or a cult if you wish) which is yet to mature. Christianity has been through this phase in 1500s when Protestant Reformation caused a major split due to the erroneous ways of the Orthodox Catholic Church. Perhaps that is how it would turn out to be for us. Or perhaps, the dynastic clergy would learn from it and figure out a formula to keep this tight knit community chugging along. Who knows ? These things do not happen overnight.

I would exhort folks to register and contribute to the discussions on this forum so that our voices are heard, no matter how tiny or inconsequential they may be considered.

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Re: Testimonials


Unread post by mumin1st » Mon Nov 03, 2014 4:13 pm

Assalaam o Alaikum,
Hope You are well in health and spirit.
Stumbled at this site while looking for something else on internet!
I was a silent reader on this site for years and this is my first icebreaker!
But do want to voice an appreciation for the site that provides one and only medium where a Dawoodi Bohra can voice his/her concerns/opinions without fear.
Wish this could be FREE of foul language for which our community is known for (well may not be anymore ...)!
Being followers of Panjatan Pak (AS) one should avoid using abusive language even for adversaries!
In these times, where a Man is more afraid of Man but not from their Creator ALLAH (SWT)!
Many negative comments and arguments about leader as well as followers do offend me big time.
Not that I am not aware of concerns / vices raised here about our community and practices.
But discussing them in vast and open medium of internet where anybody and everybody, who may not have even minute idea of value system of Dawoodi Bohra are more active than DBs themselves, remains in words only!
Hope that gets filtered more effectively so that we do not get distracted from the topic at hand.
This site has surely helped me in many ways.
Wish you all the best and Keep it up!
Thank You!
Wal Hamdo Lillahe Rabbil Alameen.

Young Modern Bohri
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Re: Testimonials


Unread post by Young Modern Bohri » Tue Nov 04, 2014 11:25 am

Like many above-I would like to commence with how I came across this website. Simply out I came in search for a Progressive Dawoodi Bohra guy! :D :roll:
Well, the search [or rather hunt lol] is still on-I did start exploring this site and the articles spread across out here, and these forums. I find little time after work and my other pursuits to go too deep into the matter, but I do skim along and I felt connected in some way, as I realize there are people like me, us who do not merely agree to everything that's demanded now-a-days out in our community.

My practice of questioning, to be honest, always was present even during the reign of Syedna Burhanuddin. I felt few things, that didn’t meet with my ideology & beliefs. But I still respected and valued our Dai from a distance.

But lately more and more things are getting questionable, and I think sites like these can help us get connected, help understand and even perhaps correct our misconceptions on certain aspects of our religion and community in particular.

Like Saminaben mentioned, yes I too am hiding-not ready to reveal my name-and voicing our opinions from a hopefully safe corner!
When the topics of religion and politics come-there is bound to be heat and friction-just like we see in the forums out here. I think that is not really avoidable. People hold religion close to their heart. But I think we, whether a believing Bohra or not..a believer in some ideology-needs to practice tolerance. If your faith is strong, no one’s opinions will shake you from your path. Learn to listen to voices that are not your own.

But the reason I believe these vast difference in opinions occur-is cos this site is not used by progressive Bohras only. I am certain true orthodox bohras are also accessing this site and forum-and for reasons which I cannot fathom. But yes-I would this site or part of it to be accessible to only really progressive bohras. So that we can connect well-with abandonment.

And coming back to matrimony-that section is filled only with traditional conformist Bohras. So if that can be addressed as well-it would be great!
The above two I presume would require a lot of referring my the admins I believe.

In all conclusions-the site is a step in the right direction. What it can do or not, though is yet to be seen-and I for one look forward to giving and receiving something fruitful from this site. Good efforts Admin!

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Re: Testimonials


Unread post by skeptic » Thu Nov 13, 2014 5:12 pm

I stumbled across this site when searching the web on more information about the Dawoodi Bohra sect. Being a bohra myself, i have grown up with parents that were not regulars in majlis, sabak etc and my only exposure to these was in Ramzaan & Muhharram. I remember things being different years ago and was trying to find out if the new customs/limitations being enforced were always there and I had just not known them. When i found this site and especially the forum it was an eye opener. I realized that I was not the only one feeling increasingly uncomfortable about the path our once reasonable, gentle and loving community was going down.
I find that the most important thing this forum has done for me is:
- Allows me to discover that i am not alone in my thoughts and feelings
- Enables me to find information that is different from the propaganda of kothar
- Gives me a platform to voice my opinions/frustrations and to engage with others of a similar mindset
- Creates a sense of community and the hope that us like-minded individuals can make a difference

I have found through personal experience that most Bohris are very fearful and easily intimidated by threats of amil etc. They will all complain individually to friends and family but never to the authorities that oppress them. They will toe the line and pretend that they believe in all propaganda shoved down their throat.

If this forum can help these people realise that others out there are unhappy as well, it will encourage more people to stand up to the wrong doings and malpractices that we currently indulge in.

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Re: Testimonials


Unread post by kimanumanu » Sat Dec 06, 2014 6:04 am

Having read the testimonies of others above, I feel I should also add my own. In many ways, my story is very similar to those before me. It started with a nagging feeling around certain things not being right. Bhai/bahen skeptic's story is almost word for word similar to mine. I increasingly found myself questioning and then silently going against some of these things. Obviously this forum comes up very high in any searches that have the term Bohra in them and I started browsing. Initially, as mentioned by bhai AZ above, I was literally shocked to see some of the language being used. But with time, keeping an open logical mind, I started to understand and was able to filter out such language and sort of see some of the messages/intent behind them. I still did not register though. What got me to register was when the split happened. I found myself no longer able to just remain a spectator and felt that I had to get stuff "off my chest" so to speak.

To sum up, and for the record, I believed in and still do revere Syedna Burhanuddin RA. In the current split, I have given misaq to SMS but cannot ignore SKQ and the biggest thing that has put me in the situation I find myself in are the events during the nass event at Raudat Tahera. I have watched the video over and over and also listened to the more clear audio recordings and, in my mind, have come to the conclusion that it was staged. And this had led me to my present dilemma. The way out is something I am still searching and I hope and pray to Allah SWT that I find it soon.