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Latest news/stories/current events..


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In todays world, things are changing/happening at a very fast-paced. As an alternative to opening a new thread for ever news story, I thought it would be better to have it all in one thread.. I invite everyone to post current events that concern you, something of importance thats happening in your part of the world or elsewhere,.. news that are not mentioned in the mainstream media...

Nothing is off topic in this thread..
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Millions Face Starvation In Yemen Due To US-Ally Saudi Arabia's Blockade
Two years ago, German intelligence warned the world of the unique risks Saudi Arabia posed to the region.

continue reading here: ... s-blockade
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I have been travelling in Kenya and thought it topical to share a few of my observations. As with any visitors from abroad I try to meet family members and friends, renew aquaintances and so on. I have been back after almost 6 years and much has changed. There has been a huge rural to urban migration of local Kenyans. They have urbanised, become well educated and are into businesses; large and small. Likewise our communities in Nairobi, Mombasa and other centres seem to have prospered. Whereas Bohras of the past were just small retailers now have taken up small and large scale manufacturing. They import raw material from abroad and convert it for local use; whether it is hardware, building material or accessories. A majority of young men are employed in IT, medicine, service sectors, etc. One can hardly see a Bohra without the Bohri Topi. The mosques are full of attendees; conversations abound about HH and his latest utterances and travel plans. I have talked to people who tell me that for every venture they have consulted HH and proudly tell me that his advice and guidance has put him the path of success and prosperity. I attended Daris and Majlis where particularly the young recite Marsiyahs and Madehs with fervour. All around me I have seen devout Bohras with such faith that I wondered what the reasons are. Just before Chelum a message online set a stampede of people wanting to register to travel to be with HH. I also saw many Bohras who were not so well off. The popularity of the Tiffin is noteworthy but people told me of the monotony and unvaried menu items. Mosques have been transformed and made more spacious and well finished. One observation I made was all residences fluterred a large red flag with the words 'Ya Hussein" in Arabic writtten on it. No reason was offered except that the house resident was a Bohri.
On the flipside I was told many times about the high-handedness of the Amils, extortions of levies, and so on. In the same breath they would tell me how the Amils have got so rich. In the shadows of the Amil, the Ayyans (appointed committee members) have also become rich. I have heard of incidences of people who were villified by Ayyans. The complex of Langata. just outside the city of Nairobi, is a success story of the Hebatullahs. It is a huge complex with first class residences, shops, malls, swimming pool, recreational fields, mosque, etc. Within the complex is a huge Jamiyah which teaches future Amils. The students, male and female, are provided education for 11 years. The complex has a lot of extra land on which more development is planned.
Corruption is rife in Kenya. It is impossible to live, or become rich, without being involved in it. For example it does not take a few shillings to be able to have the country's president attend the opening ceremony of the Langata complex or the Mayor of Nairobi welcome HH when he stopped in Nairobi for just Jumaa prayers. For that hundreds of Bohras attended the event as well as Kadambosi. All this and much more is facilitated by 'donations' to various officials.

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Its been 10 years when I was last in Kenya. I really use to love traveling around and spent time down there. Going camping/fishing in Lake Naivasha with my cousins to strolling around the old town of Mombasa to watch the laid back life. Because of security concerns, I've been traveling more and more to Tanzania lately. In fact I was there last year for the muharram tamasha. Its a good time and place to meet my family members at this venue, whom I rarely get the chance to see. And to observe how people are/have changed and to check my own bearings. I guess one common thing one can see across this two nations is poverty in our community, repression, corruption, and how fanatic people have become.

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Long Divided, Iran Unites Against Trump and Saudis in a Nationalist Fervor ... trump.html

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Unread post by Conscíous » Wed Nov 29, 2017 11:51 am

The Zionist-Wahhabis are gearing up for a new war

The wars in Iraq and Syria are entering a final phase as ISIL is about to end up where it belongs, history’s trashcan. ISIL as a fighting force is about to be destroyed and in Syria, Takfiri terrorists belonging to the Al-Qaeda linked Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham are next up, yet peace is something still unimaginably far away for this conflict-ridden region. The reason is simple: as long as the true masterminds of Middle East’s suffering are live and kicking, the region will never see peace.

The Wahhabi crazies in Riyadh are already beating the drums of war again, despite losing the fights in Syria and Iraq, in addition to the debacle in neighbouring Yemen. Together with their Zionist masters in Israel, they are now about to target Lebanon, more specifically the Hezbollah resistance movement in a bid to “cut Iran’s hand in Lebanon” as Lebanese PM Saad Hariri said in Riyadh when he was kidnapped and forced by the Saudis to read a prepared statement, declaring his resignation. In truth it looked more like the Saudis were firing their puppet rather than a Prime minister of a sovereign country resigning.

Pressuring Saad Hariri to resign and confront Hezbollah marks a shift in Saudi policy. Riyadh has had a long tradition of mediating between rival factions in Lebanon, while supporting the central government, acting in the shadow of the U.S. With the rise of the eccentric Saudi prince Mohammad bin Salman, Riyadh has replaced this policy with aggressive political pressure and adversity. No longer is the kingdom acting in the shadow of the U.S. Riyadh is no longer supporting anti-Hezbollah parties covertly but is rather stepping up directly to confront Hezbollah, despite the concerns of even its regional allies. This shift in policy is directly related to the kingdom’s fears that Lebanon is slipping away from their hands as Hezbollah is growing stronger every day.

All this has the potential to plunge the region into chaos for no other reason than the impulse of Mohammed bin Salman who has launched a so called “anti-corruption” campaign in his own country against other Saudi royals and business leaders. The prince stands directly responsible for Yemen’s disastrous misery which has killed thousands and has brought the country to the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe. His decision to punish Qatar has only brought the country closer to Iran and firing Hariri only shows how his frustration is growing.

At a Cabinet meeting on November 15, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that such direct interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign country, and forcing someone to resign (referring to Hariri’s resignation) was unprecedented.

At the meeting, Rouhani addressed the Wahhabi kingdom, without naming the country specifically by saying, “Who are you, what power are you relying on in doing such things? How much do you think money can do?”

He added, “That a Muslim country in the region asks and begs the Zionist regime to bomb the Lebanese people is very shameful and embarrassing. We haven’t seen an Islamic country do such [a thing] in history, and this indicates that inexperienced figures have come [to power] in these countries.”

Meanwhile Iranian Foreign ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi reacted by saying that Iran was hoping that Hariri would return home and help restore calm in Lebanon while on Nov. 6, Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif described Hariri’s resignation as bizarre and linked it to US President Donald Trump’s trip to the Middle East earlier this year as well as the October visit to Saudi Arabia by Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

Since then, a war of words has been flaring between the Wahhabi kingdom and the Islamic Republic as the adventurist Saudi prince stepped up his confrontational rhetoric with pathetic remarks and a bizarre analogy between Iran’s growing regional influence and Germany’s policies during the Hitler era. The Saudi prince was quoted as saying that “the supreme leader is the new Hitler of the Middle East. But we learned from Europe that appeasement doesn’t work”.

For the past two years, the Saudi prince has been setting the Middle East on fire, and at every front he has been losing, yet his delusions keep growing stronger each day.

Saudi Arabia continues to threaten Iran. Adel al-Jubeir on November 16 warned that Riyadh’s patience is running out in regard to Iran and that Saudi Arabia would respond to Iran’s animosity.

Meanwhile on the same day as Al-Jubeir’s threat, Israel’s military chief Lt. General Eizenkot gave an interview to a Saudi newspaper speaking about the ways in which Saudi Arabia and Israel could unite to counter Iran’s influence in the region. Eizenkot said Tel Aviv had no intention of attacking Hezbollah but would also not tolerate a strategic threat to its borders. This echoes Netanyahu’s recent threats about “not tolerating Iranian presence in Syria”.

The covert relationship that Israel has with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states is no longer a secret. It is clear that the Saudi-Israeli unity regarding their common enemy, Iran and Hezbollah, will grow even stronger from now on as their relationship is taking a more overt character. This alliance will try to change the regional balance of power to Iran’s disadvantage. But what remains unclear is if these two criminal states will, despite their unsuccessful adventures in Yemen and Lebanon respectively have taught them any lesson at all? I remain doubtful as arrogance and impulse rules the day in Riaydh and Tel Aviv. Trump’s full backing of the Wahhabi prince’s ambitions has only served to inflate an already delusional mind and might push Riaydh to start another disastrous war in Lebanon.

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah claimed on November 10 that the Wahhabi kingdom had already appealed to Israel to strike Lebanon. On the same day, Saudi Arabia had ordered its citizens to leaven Lebanon, possibly in preparation for an attack. For Nasrallah, war is always imminent for Hezbollah even though the Syrian war is about to end with Assad still in power, and Iran growing more powerful than ever.

Despite all of Israel’s and Saudi Arabia’s threats, I still believe that any war in Lebanon will be fought between proxies as the case has been in Syria for the simple reason that Israel will not sacrifice its own soldiers for the sake of Saudi Arabia no matter how much of a common goal they have in trying to push back Iranian influence. Israel knows it has a lot of Arabs at its disposal, willing to do their dirty work for them. The Zionist-Wahhabis have used proxies before, and despite their shortcomings as a fighting force, the Takfiri crazies have seemingly unlimited numbers of cannon-fodder to offer, and with ample financing they are indeed a very dangerous threat to Lebanon. Also, Iran will never offer the U.S the perfect opportunity to intervene by making rash decisions such as intervening directly if Lebanon is indeed invaded by Takfiri proxies, so any U.S intervention must be preceded by a false flag similar to the “chemical attacks” in Syria. This is where Russia can step in with its political power to prevent a US aggression.

For Iran, there are several indirect ways of countering any Zionist-Wahhabi aggression against Lebanon, for instance, one option for Iran would be to mobilize its plethora of loyal popular militias and send them to Lebanon, a strategy well used in Syria and Iraq. This is highly possible especially now since the important liberation of Albukamal near the Iraqi border, which now gives the resistance forces control over the entire Tehran-Beirut highway. In Iran, officials seem convinced that any attack on the Resistance Axis will be targeting Lebanon rather than Iran since the enemy is wary of Iran’s missile capabilities, otherwise they would not be so eager to “negotiate a deal” regarding Iran’s missile program, something French president Macron recently express “concerns” about.

It is clear that Iran will do anything in its power to stop this aggression, this has been repeatedly mentioned in Iranian media and confirmed by several Iranian officials, including the IRGC’s top brass. The Iranian government seems confident of victory and has always declared that it will fight to the last man, and why shouldn’t it be confident? Recent polls show tremendous popular support among Iranians for its government’s military efforts in both Syria and Iraq. The Iranian people know what they are facing, a Wahhabi Takfiri kingdom that has shown what it desires to do with those it considers to be apostates (Shiites) through the wars in Syria and Iraq. The Iranians know what fate awaits them if they do not fight.

The question of a new Zionist-Wahhabi war in the Middle East is not about whether it will happen, but rather when it will happen. ... a-new-war/

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Unread post by qutub_mamajiwala » Wed Oct 24, 2018 8:02 am ... eat/302944

The Saudis are, in the view of this columnist, the greatest force for evil in the world, with the promotion of their toxic form of Islam that’s inspired almost all the significant terror groups in the world.

Abd al Wahhab, the founder of the Wahhabi doctrine that Saudi Arabia promotes with such puritanical single-mindedness, had denounced all Muslims who honoured saints and Sufis and performed pilgrimages to their shrines. “They should be killed, their wives and daughters violated, their possessions violated,” he had written.

Three years ago, in September 2015, we in India too faced an embarrassing Saudi perversion, when a diplomat from that country based in Delhi was found to be keeping two Nepali women, a mother and a daughter, as “sex slaves” for over a period of four months. There was a minor furore and then it passed. But thankfully the women were rescued. But one may point out that the interpretations of Wahabbi Islam are so perverse that it’s possible that inside Saudi Arabia the women (foreign nationals) would be flogged for getting raped without marriage. ... eat/302944