The tie that saved Rome. Do Western nations need a State Religion?

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The tie that saved Rome. Do Western nations need a State Religion?


Unread post by Greatest I am » Sat Sep 17, 2016 9:25 am

The tie that saved Rome. Do Western nations need a State Religion?

The Western nations of today, like Rome in the days of Constantine, are being fractured by the plethora of religious and racial factions the emigration is causing. The Western nations are again being inundated by various religious militias and no go zones set up by religious and racial factions.

All countries and large coalitions of countries need something to unite the populations and have it all move in the same direction when required. Religion is a good tool for uniting a country.

Constantine was looking for stability and peace for Rome and decided that a State Religion was the way to unify Rome and its allies. He chose the least barbaric and belligerent religion in his day, Christianity, to be the tie that would bind the empire and other countries together.

I see the Western religious forces of today doing the same as in Constantine’s day, fracturing the country and being an enemy to unity and peace.

A house divided cannot stand, --- and history is repeating itself.

To insure the survival of the Western ideology, in these times of religious strife and division, should the present Western political powers follow Constantine’s example and choose a State Religion?

I am not suggesting that we send out this new religion to convert by the sword the way Christianity did. I think that we are intelligent enough today to debate the morality of the various religions to determine which is the most moral and the best for nations and the individuals within them.

Constantine chose strength by numbers and not by ideology and I think we are mature enough today to choose by worthy morality and ideology.

Is creating a State Religion the way to peace?