Bohras fall at the feet of Narendra Modi too

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Re: Bohras fall at the feet of Narendra Modi too


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Re: Bohras fall at the feet of Narendra Modi too


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ghulam muhammed wrote:Acche din for Hindutva terrorist ! Boore din for justice.

Clean chit to Sadhvi, MCOCA dropped, Karkare probe was fudged: NIA’s new Malegaon script

Three others to be let off too, all accused to be tried under unlawful activities Act

Significantly watering down the 2008 Malegaon blasts case, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) has decided not to name Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur as an accused in its chargesheet to be filed in a Mumbai court Friday. This sets the stage for her early release from jail.

Sources said the decision not to charge Thakur, a former office-bearer of the ABVP, was taken because of the “weak evidence” against her and the fact that MCOCA charges had been dropped against the accused.

The only material evidence against her was the motorcycle on which the bomb was kept. This motorcycle was in her name but was being used by Ramchandra Kalsangra. Investigations have proved it was with him for two years prior to the blast. He was the one who would get it repaired and pay for its maintenance. Witness statements proved it,” an officer claimed.

Sources claimed the evidence against Thakur on her participation in the conspiracy was “thin”.

- See more at: ... a4g3a.dpuf

The registration of a vehicle in one's name itself is a proof that the person can't claim innocence if the vehicle is used, say, in a bomb blast.

This line was adopted by TADA court in conviction of Rubina Memon in 1993 serial blasts. The Maruti van used in the blast was registered in Rubina's name. The court dismissed the argument that she was a housewife and had no knowledge of the conspiracy or the blasts. The court sentenced her to life imprisonment.

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Re: Bohras fall at the feet of Narendra Modi too


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ghulam muhammed wrote:
ghulam muhammed wrote:
PM Modi lied to people about his BA degree, alleges Arvind Kejriwal

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal Friday claimed the Delhi University’s (DU’s) records showed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had never enrolled in the university, contradicting the PM’s claim that he obtained his Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree from DU.

Accusing the Congress and the BJP of being part of a mutually beneficial “pact”, Kejriwal said, “... BJP is cursing Soniaji (Gandhi) but not arresting her. Congress is not questioning the PM’s degree. BJP and Congress are holding dharnas against each other. Is this country foolish? Dono mein badi achchi setting hai (They have a very good pact).”

“It emerges that he has done neither a BA nor an MA. Both degrees are fake. Firstly, he lied to the entire country, secondly, he lied in an affidavit and thirdly, the degrees are forged. This is a case of cheating. If the PM is accused of cheating under (IPC section) 420, this is a serious matter,” he added.

In his affidavit for the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Modi had stated that he received a BA degree from DU in 1978 and a MA degree from Gujarat University.

Meanwhile, Kejriwal Friday claimed that a different person, also named Narendra Modi, had been a student of DU in 1975.

“With great responsibility, I started talking about this day before yesterday. In DU, there is neither an enrollment form nor is his (Modi’s) name in the register. He has not obtained a degree. His name is not even in the school of open learning. His name is nowhere. After all the probing, we found one Narendra Modi who had taken admission in 1975. He was from Alwar. His date of birth is 1958 while the Prime Minister’s date of birth is 1950. He is a completely different Narendra Modi,” said the chief minister.

“The issue is not about how educated he is. Even if he was Class X or Class XII pass, we would have accepted it... people gave him a lot of votes, they reposed their faith in him. We respect that faith and that mandate. But there are things that point towards cheating,” he added.

On how AAP managed to access DU’s records, Kejriwal claimed the party had volunteers in various DU departments who had carried out an “investigation” into the matter and procured copies of various documents. ... 00225.html
How did Modi get ‘computer typed mark sheet’ in 1978: AAP

A day after the Delhi University Registrar confirmed that PM Narendra Modi's degree was "authentic", the Aam Admi Party on Wednesday alleged that the DU officials had been "under pressure" from the BJP.

"It's not the Registrar's fault. He has to keep his job. Its not possible for him to stand against the Prime Minister and Finance Minister and Amit Shah," said AAP leader Sanjay Singh at a press conference.

Party leader Ashutosh also mentioned the "long list" of officials in Gujarat who had been "transferred and suspended and jailed and harassed" for "speaking against Modi when he was CM".

"The DU authorities should take care that they don't suffer like Vanzara, who had to stay in jail for eight years for doing what Modi told him to", said Ashutosh.

The AAP raised eight questions about the validity of the marksheets released by BJP leader Amit Shah and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, including the issue that it was a "computer typed mark sheet" even though there were no computers in India in 1978.

"Bill Gates must have had computer at the time knowing that Modiji will become PM in 2014 so his degree needs to be printed now," said Ashutosh. The AAP has also pointed out that the marks in the mark sheets of other persons who graduated in 1978 were handwritten, while the mark sheets for Narendra Damodardas Modi were "printed." ... 00667.html

Activists question more anomalies in ‘leaked’ PM Modi’s MA certificate by Gujarat University

On Wednesday, a leading newspaper, carried a ‘duplicate copy’ of what it said was the Prime Minister’s Masters degree certificate.

The paper, Times of India, also reported that the PMO was unhappy over the CIC M Sridhar Acharyulu’s decision to order the Gujarat and Delhi Universities to make degrees of Modi available to Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal.

However, just like Modi’s enrollment document earlier leaked by Gujarat University, his reported Masters degree too has come under scanner for anomalies.

Ahmedabad-based RTI activist, Roshan Shah, said that the new purported certificate had thickened the plot.

He said, ” It is a duplicate certificate. RTI means you should be given copy of the original. It says verified which means GU has copy of his certificate. Modi’s major is “ENTIRE POLITICAL SCIENCE” – probably the only university in the world to use word ENTIRE before a major. His father’s name is DAMODERDAS and not DAMODARDAS. This is 4th incarnation of Modi after original one, one with date of birth, one who went concurrently in 1967 to Himalayas while doing pre-science at M N College and this one with different middle name.

Also the certificate has date of 01.04.2016 – April Fool’s date. The question is that the CIC did not order any copy of certificate before 01.04.2016 and University in the past refused RTI Activists to give them copy of his certificates. So who requested a duplicate certificate from Gujarat University and who approved it? The plot has thickened now.”

The Gujarat University last week had also allegedly leaked Modi’s enrollment document, which had shown the prime minister’s date of birth wrong showing him a year older than his official age.

Activists have also pointed out how the VC, whose signature appears on Modi’s certificate was once arrested along with his son for forgery and other corruption charges.

According to a PTI report in November 2003, both Shashtri and his son arrested on alleged charges of corruption, forgery and cheating, police said on Sunday.

“Gujarat University’s former vice chancellor K S Shastri and his son Pragnesh Shastri were arrested around midnight following complaints that he used to charge fees excess than that prescribed by the state government and the University Grants Commission, from students studying in the Somlalit Institute of Management Studies (SLIMS),” Deputy Commissioner of Police (zone 1) Ajay Tomar had told PTI.

“The former vice chancellor has been booked under sections of forgery, cheating and Prevention of Corruption Act and further investigation is being conducted,” the DCP was quoted as saying.

The arrest of Shastri was significant after the incumbent vice chancellor A U Patel blew the whistle on a major marksheet printing scam involving the long serving registrar M P Jadia and controller of exams Satish Bhatt last month.

The other signatory on Modi’s MA degree, Minesh Shah, too was booked for fraud in 2012.

In 2012, as reported by Indian Express, the complainant Pradeep Prajapati, a suspended professor of the university, had alleged that Gujarat University Vice-Chancellor Dr Parimal Trivedi in connivance with university’s in-charge registrar Minesh Shah and development officer Vaishali Padhiyar siphoned off crores of rupees of the varsity.

Trivedi and three others were later booked under various sections of Indian Penal Code (IPC) including 409 (breach of trust by public servant), 420 (cheating), 465 (forgery) among others.

One RTI activist told that the administration was desperately trying to cover up, which was causing more damage to prime minister’s reputation.

He pointed out that the Wikipedia Gujarat University page did not list Modi as alumni up until February 2015. ... sity/44484

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Re: Bohras fall at the feet of Narendra Modi too


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Malegaon blasts: At Ground Zero, protest and anger

Not a surprise, legally wrong, calculated move. These were just some of the words that echoed in Malegaon on Friday after the National Investigation Agency (NIA) dropped the names of six accused, including Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur, from its chargesheet in the 2008 blasts case.

Outrage was the overriding emotion in this power-loom hub, among families of those killed in the blasts, politicians, lawyers and those discharged by a court last month in the 2006 blasts case. The NIA move also triggered protests by local units of the Congress and Samajwadi Party.

The twin blasts occurred in the congested Bhikku Chowk on September 29, 2008, on the night of Shab-E-Qadr as residents were out shopping for Eid.

“Why is the NIA so keen to give Sadhvi and others a clean chit? You see the way we were treated despite the investigating agency not having a shred of evidence and now you see these people getting a soft treatment from the same agency and the government. But this hasn’t come as a surprise at all, this was expected,” said Raees Ahmad, who was among those discharged by a Mumbai court last month in the 2006 blasts case.

Nisar Shah, 35, whose father 65-year-old Harun Shah died in the blast, said the accused deserved punishment.

“My father had gone out for tea after offering namaz. He was badly injured in the blasts and died the next day. We don’t know much about the case, but I remember a woman in saffron clothes being arrested. If she has done it, she should be punished,” said Shah, a father of four who works as a labourer in a power loom.

“It’s a calculated move by the BJP government and we knew it was coming,” said Aseef Shaikh, the Congress MLA who represents the region in the Maharashtra assembly.

Freelance journalist Mubasshir Mushtaq questioned the NIA’s contention that the motorcycle on which the bombs were planted was linked to Sadhvi Pragya but she had not used it for the two years leading up to the blasts.

“She can’t be absolved of all charges at the investigation level itself,” said Mushtaq.

“This is similar to the argument adopted by Rubina Menon in the 1993 serial blasts of Mumbai. The elderly woman is behind bars for life for owning the Maruti van which was found abandoned at Worli with AK-56 rifles and hand grenades. She had also argued that she wasn’t using the car and didn’t know to drive,” said Mubasshir.

Lawyer Irfana Hamdani, who had defended some of the 2006 blasts accused, argued that the evidence against all accused in the 2008 case was stronger than that against the nine Muslim men who were discharged in the earlier case.

“There are at least a dozen CDs containing audio and video evidence which sheds light on the conspiracy and the role played by Sadhvi. There are also a number of documents, apart from the ownership of the bike which was used to plant the bombs. The law says that material and documentary evidence should weigh over the oral testimony of witnesses. If the NIA is giving her a clean chit, saying there are testimonies which support her innocence, then it’s legally wrong,” said Hamdani, who stays about 100 metres from the blast site. ... 00369.html

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Re: Bohras fall at the feet of Narendra Modi too


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Meteoric Rise Of Yoga Guru Ramdev's Business Under Modi Rule

The Bharatiya Janata Party government could help Patanjali products make inroads into large institutional markets like the armed forces and public sector canteens

The Patanjali empire is a mere eight years old. But it’s had a meteoric rise. Not content with being a producer of niche products, the CEO is full of zeal and ready to take global behemoths head on.

Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Ayurved is breathing down the necks of multinationals, eating into their markets. The fear is that a friendly regime at the centre could benefit the Baba’s empire even disregarding any intellectual property rights. The Bharatiya Janata Party government could help Patanjali make major inroads into large institutional markets like the armed forces' and public sector canteen, among others.

Ramdev, a big supporter of Narendra Modi, has launched many high-profile business campaigns since the friendly BJP government came to power at the Centre

In its FMCG sector alone, Patanjali has 398 products if you include all the variants, says Acharya Balkrishna, 43-year-old confidante of Baba Ramdev and architect of the Rs 2,007 crore Patanjali FMCG business. The company is entering every category, from premium beauty or Soundarya’ products to baby care products and Yoga wear. The aim is to touch the Rs 5,000 crore mark in 2015-16 fiscal, almost a 250 per cent jump that seems unrealistic. Ramdev is brazenly confident about getting there. Patanjali Ayurved has achieved revenues of Rs. 2,007 crores in 2014-15, according to P/L account filed in the Registrar of Companies (RoC) which puts it on par with some of the top players in the fast FMCG sector such as Procter & Gamble with Rs. 2,409 crore, Jyothi Laboratories with Rs.1,504 crore and Emami with Rs. 2,220 crore in the same year. This was almost double the revenue of Rs. 1,195 crore in 2013-14. Near 100 per cent growth was also witnessed two years earlier - revenue rising from Rs. 454 crore in 2011-12 to Rs. 849 crore in 2012-13 as per ROC figures. It is growing at 65 per cent CAGR.

Despite the tide being in Patanjali’s favour, there are challenges ahead, including some that put the company’s reputation at stake. Despite claims that the new Atta Noodles were healthy, the company was slapped by FSSAI with a legal notice for not procuring permission before launching the product.

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has charged the yoga guru for violating the law and has asked the government to put him behind bars. Ramdev is under the scanner and drew criticism from the IMA demanding a ban on his products for claiming that he can cure cancer and AIDS and has developed a medicine that will guarantee the birth of a son. Dr KK Agarwal, Secretary General of IMA says, “Under the Drugs and Magical Remedies Act 1954, one cannot claim or advertise to cure fatal diseases like cancer and AIDS. Ramdev has clearly violated the law, he can practice treating these diseases but he cannot claim to have cured them.”

Ramdev seemed unperturbed with these allegations. “I have proof that I have cured cancer— let them say whatever they want,” says Ramdev with a chuckle. The Uttarakhand Government has registered 81 cases against the Patanjali Yog Peeth and its sister concerns in Haridwar for violation of the Zamindari Abolition and Land Reforms Act and the Indian Stamps Act.

Patanjali might be growing exponentially but the cases filed against Ramdev and his kin has caused a dent in reputation. Industry analysts maintain this will not impact sales for the company or affect its brand image because there is no action taken against him by authorities yet. “Everybody understands the politics but until a man is given a judgement, he is free of crime. Tomorrow if he is convicted and punished, people will rethink,” says Bijoor. ... 4/?ref=yfp

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Re: Bohras fall at the feet of Narendra Modi too


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Why the Syndicate Bank fraud is not a one-off incident

Here are some of the more recent instances of bank fraud that have come to light

Bengaluru-based Syndicate Bank recently fell victim to a large-scale fraud across three of its branches in the Jaipur region, where a handful of businessmen and others, with the help of the bank’s officials, managed to swindle the bank of over Rs.900 crore over four years. The borrowers used fake documents, including fake or non-existent letters of credit, insurance policies and cheques. Syndicate Bank had to make provisions worth nearly Rs.883 crore in the January-March period due to the fraud, leading to a loss of over Rs.2,000 crore in the March quarter.

This isn’t the first time that an Indian bank has been conned by fraudsters. In the last few years, a number of instances have come to light, raising the question—how strong are the checks and balances in the Indian system? Here are some of the more recent instances of fraud that have come to light.

1) Forex scam: In October 2015, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) conducted raids across bank branches including those of Bank of Baroda and HDFC Bank as part of a foreign exchange scandal, where bank employees had liaised with certain people to illegally transfer funds to various accounts in Hong Kong and the UAE, flouting foreign exchange norms set by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Bank of Baroda’s Ashok Vihar branch in New Delhi was central to the entire racket, where according to the CBI, over Rs.6,000 crore worth of funds were transferred illegally.

2) Fixed deposit scam: In August 2014, the Economic Offences Wing (EOW) of the Mumbai police filed nine first information reports (FIRs) against several bank officials for colluding with outsiders to perpetrate a fixed deposit fraud worth Rs.700 crore. Officials from Dena Bank, Oriental Bank of Commerce, Dhanalaxmi Bank, UCO Bank, Vijaya Bank and Bank of India were said to be involved in the scam. Fake receipts from fixed deposits were used to create multiple accounts to avail of overdraft facilities on these fixed deposits, which were then transferred to the beneficiaries who took the money out of the banking system.

3) Bribe-for-loan scam: In August 2014, Syndicate Bank became the centre of attention for another large scam, in which its then chairman and managing director S.K. Jain was arrested along with heads of some companies for approving loans in exchange for bribes. The case led to a discussion around the Rs.40,000 crore worth of debt of Bhushan Steel Ltd, which was also named in the case. Jain eventually left the bank and the investigation is still on.

4) Deccan Chronicle case: In July 2013, promoters of Deccan Chronicle Holdings Ltd (DCHL) were subjected to investigation by the CBI, as they were said to have perpetrated a fraud worth Rs.4,000 crore. The case, filed by Canara Bank, stated that the promoters of the publishing company had pledged the same security with multiple banks to avail of loans. The company became laden by debt after expansion into unrelated businesses, including an aviation venture, book store chain Odyssey and the Indian Premier League franchise Deccan Chargers, which was terminated in 2013 after it failed to pay the franchise fee of Rs.100 crore. The RBI, in July 2014, fined 12 private and public sector banks a sum of Rs.1.5 crore for their dealing with DCHL.

5) Cobrapost scandal: In 2013, news portal Cobrapost blew the lid off what it called a money laundering racket across a number of the country’s largest banks. Based on a sting operation, the website uncovered violations of a number of basic banking rules, including know-your-customer (KYC) norms, anti-money laundering (AML) rules and the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 (Fema). Given that these violations were spread across almost all big banks, the RBI was forced to undertake a “thematic study” which confirmed the transgressions and resulted in the imposition of Rs.50 crore fine on 22 banks. The banking regulator, earlier this year, also issued guidelines that banks need to follow to prevent and detect fraud. ... ident.html

PNB tops list of worst losses in Indian banking history

Punjab National Bank (PNB) reported a loss of Rs5,367 crore, the largest-ever loss reported by an Indian lender based on available data

Punjab National Bank: PNB’s staggering Rs5,367 crore loss comes against the backdrop of a surge in bad loans. The lender has reported gross bad loans of Rs55,818 crore compared to Rs34,338 crore in the previous quarter. As a percentage of its loan book, PNB’s bad loans are now at 12.9%. To cover for these bad loans, provisions have been increased, which has led to the bank reporting the worst loss in the history of the Indian banking sector.

Bank of Baroda (BoB): The second and third largest losses have been reported by Bank of Baroda in the December 2015 and March 2016 quarters. In the December 2015 quarter, the bank reported a loss of Rs3,342 crore which was followed by a loss of Rs3,230 crore in the March quarter.

IDBI Bank: In the December 2015 quarter, IDBI Bank reported a loss of Rs2,183 crore. This is the fourth highest loss reported by any bank.

Syndicate Bank: On Tuesday, the lender reported a Rs2,158 crore loss. This is the fifth highest loss reported by any bank. In the case of Syndicate Bank, the loss was on account of an exceptional charge taken due to a fraud detected by the bank. The lender wrote off Rs.882.64 crore in the fourth quarter (the three months ended 31 March) because of fraud at its branches in Jaipur over the last four years. ... story.html

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Re: Bohras fall at the feet of Narendra Modi too


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In the last two years all Gujarat 2002 cases are collapsing, with the NIA (National Investigating Agency) and the CBI under BJP control. The Malegaon Muslim victims were tortured and released as innocents after eleven years. And that too to facilitate the release of all those saffron fanatics involved in a number of bombing cases, which saw hundreds killed. A new Gujarat DGP has been appointed. Violating service rules, he is an accused in a few Muslim murders. Is such a vital appointment possible without Modi's consent ? Modi uses elite Muslims such as high officers, film stars and ministers, to cover up his communal record. Muslim leadership cannot be naive.

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Re: Bohras fall at the feet of Narendra Modi too


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Ishrat Jahan fake encounter accused: Where are they now?

Days before the Gujarat government prematurely moved out its police chief DGP PC Thakur, Prithvi Pal Pandey, the senior most DGP after him who replace him as the in-charge DGP, was at the Gandhinagar town hall among those rolling out the red carpet for DG Vanzara, the retired IPS officer, accused in the fake encounter cases. They were celebrating his return from Mumbai, after his bail conditions were relaxed.

This was on April 8. DGP Pandey, Vanzara's co-accused in the Ishrat Jahan fake encounter case described him as a “Rajashri” (king turned sage) and spoke for 20-minutes in his praise to a crowd mostly from the Vanzara community, and retired or in-service policemen. He described the day as “Vijay Dashmi” and said, “The time to win over all demonic forces which tried to trouble Gujarat, has already begun a long time ago but today is the day when it will actually start.”

Seven days later, Pandey was appointed the in-charge DGP replacing Thakur, contrary to the strong buzz that the government was keen to appoint Gujarat's first woman IPS officer Geetha Johri as the full-time police chief. She was promoted to DGP after being discharged in the Sohrabuddin Sheikh fake encounter case. This is probably a first in Gujarat when a top police officer facing a murder charge and out on bail, is also the part-time police chief.

Pandey is not the only accused in the 2004, Ishrat Jahan fake encounter case to be rehabilitated. Over the past two years, since the investigation hit a dead end, all the accused in the case are out on bail.

Before Pandey the state government had promoted IPS officer G L Singhal to Deputy Inspector General of Police and posted him as Commandant at Police Training Academy, Karai in Gandhinagar. His junior IPS officer N K Amin was recently transferred to Mahisagar district a Superintendent of Police.

Earlier this year the special CBI court allowed Amin to renew his passport as well while Pandey and Singhal have requested the court to return their passports so that they may travel abroad. They had to deposit their passports as a condition for their bail.

On the other hand, Satish Verma, the IPS officer who helped crack the Ishrat Jahan encounter case has been denied promotion and is currently on deputation to Shillong in the North-Eastern Electric Power Corporation.

He is also facing a probe in an encounter case of 1997, reopened on directions of the Gujarat High Court following a petition filed in 2013.

Two of the accused in the Ishrat case, Tarun Barot and J G Parmar have retired as Deputy Superintendent of Police while Anaju Chaudhary is serving as a head constable in State Reserve Police (SRP).

Apart from the Gujarat policemen, the CBI has also chargesheeted four officials of Intelligence Bureau in 2014. The senior most accused IPS Rajinder Kumar has retired as special director while three others T Mittal, Rajiv Wankhede and MK Sinha continue to work as intelligence officers with Subsidiary Intelligence Bureau (SIB), Ahmedabad.

Even after completion of investigation by CBI in February 2014 when it filed the second chargesheet against IB officials, the trial has yet to start. The reason is largely attributed to CBI's failure to receive the Home Ministry’s sanction to prosecute the officers. The accused officers, while seeking relief from the case, have cited how “the second chargesheet remains only a document with no legal value.” ... 00502.html
Retired IPS officer files petition against appointment of cop accused in Ishrat Jahan Fake Encounter as Gujarat DGP

Julio Ribeiro, former Mumbai Police Commissioner has filed a petition in Gujarat High Court against IPS officer, PP Pandey’s appointment as in-charge Director General of Police (DGP), Gujarat.

Pandey, who was out on bail in the alleged fake encounter case of Ishrat Jahan, has been appointed as the in-charge Director General of Police (DGP) of Gujarat after the incumbent P C Thakur was transferred to Delhi on April 16, 2016.

The petition was filed by Rahul Sharma, a senior cop turned lawyer on the behalf of Ribero and will be heard on Wednesday, May 4 before the Chief Justice of Gujarat.

"It is ridiculous. How can a person, who is facing trial for four murders, be appointed to the top post, as the person facing trial has to be under suspension, according to the All India Services (Conduct) Rules," top cop, Ribeiro was quoted as saying by news website Sabrang.

Pandey was re-inducted into service after he secured bail from CBI court in Ishrat Jahan case in February last year. Four days after his release on bail, Gujarat government revoked his suspension and reinstated him in service.

"Filed in the public interest, this legal action challenges the Government of Gujarat, Home Department, notification dated 15.04.2016 entrusting Shri P.P. Pandey, IPS (Gujarat: 1980), Director of the State Anti Corruption Bureau, with the additional charge of the post of DGP of Gujarat State. Such an additional charge is against the Doctrine of Public Trust, is against the law and the express guidelines of the Supreme Court. Moreover, it is likely to defeat the ends of justice and is against the public interest because P.P. Pandey is an accused committed for trial in a case of abduction and premeditated murder," reads the report titled "Super cop Julio Ribeiro challenges Pandey’s appointment as DGP Gujarat" published on Sabrang.

The 1980 batch IPS officer, Prithvi Pal Pandey was arrested in Ishrat Jahan encounter case in July 2013. Pandey was the additional DGP. ... z4e5_l97IV

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Re: Bohras fall at the feet of Narendra Modi too


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Modi, Shah ordered staged shootout in Ishrat Jahan case

The Congress on Sunday said the Gujarat Police killed Ishrat Jahan in a staged shootout in 2004 on the orders of the then chief minister Narendra Modi and BJP leader Amit Shah.

The opposition party also said that accusations against Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi in the case were "preposterous and diversionary tactics", adding that the central government was obstructing trial in the case to protect those accused in the staged gun battle.

"The fake encounter of Ishrat Jahan and three others was ordered by the then chief minister and his then minister of state for home Amit Shah," the Congress said in a statement here.

Senior party leaders Kapil Sibal told reporters: "The plain and simple intrigue of the central government is to ensure that the most important persons of the BJP/government are not brought to trial."

"A metropolitan court in Ahmedabad, Special Investigation Team formed by the Gujarat High Court and a Central Bureau of Investigation inquiry have affirmed their involvement in this case," Sibal said asserting that all three dubbed the gun battle as fake.

"It is, therefore, obvious that the present tsunami of misinformation is to save the then chief minister (Modi) and the then MoS (Shah) from having to appear before the sessions court as an accused," the Congress leader added.

"The CBI filed a charge sheet in 2013 and called it a fake encounter. We are in 2016 and the case hasn't moved forward at all," Sibal said, asking "why is this case not proceeding?"

Another senior Congress leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi asserted: "If this trial goes to court, Modi and Shah may be summoned as accused. This entire campaign of misinformation is based on the version of (Pakistan-American Lashkar-e-Taiba operative David Coleman) Headley who has become a paragon of virtue for the BJP."

"It was the then United Progressive Alliance government that tried and got executed terrorists like Ajmal Kasab and Afzal Guru. We are proud that unlike our neighbours we give a full trial to those whom we think are terrorists. But, we don't execute them in fake encounters," Singhvi added.

There are reports suggesting that files related to the Ishrat Jahan case have gone missing and the home ministry has appointed a one-man inquiry panel on the matter.

Meanwhile, Deputy Leader of the Opposition in Rajya Sabha Anand Sharma said the Congress will corner the cental government in the upper house on all important issues, including the Ishrat Jahan and the Uttrakhand cases.

"There are grave accusations against both the present prime minister and the BJP chief. We will raise all important issues in the house and put the government in the dock," Sharma said.

He said the charges levelled by BJP leaders and union ministers against Sonia Gandhi and the then union home minister P. Chidambaram as preposterous and diversionary tactics to take the focus away from the real issues.

"We challenge the union ministers either to prove their allegations or tender an unconditional apology," Sharma said.

Mallikarjun Kharge, the leader of the Congress in the Lok Sabha, said: "The Congress will unite the opposition on these issues and make the government accountable." ... z4tQfl97IV

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Re: Bohras fall at the feet of Narendra Modi too


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Power Tariff Scam Gets Bigger at Rs. 50,000 Crore

Electricity generating companies are now seeking ‘illicit gains’ by demanding compensatory tariffs from regulators, investigators allege.

It is now being claimed that power generating companies are attempting to make illicit gains through “compensatory tariffs” awarded by electricity regulators. On top of this, firms in the Adani and Essar groups have been accused of over-invoicing imported power plant equipment.

The cumulative size of this scam that has led to higher electricity tariffs is currently estimated at over Rs. 50,000 crore and could rise further. Among the private and public sector companies that have allegedly benefitted illegally are firms in the Adani, Essar and Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Groups, as well as the National Thermal Power Corporation and the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board. One of the persons being sought to be indicted in the scam is the brother of Gautam Adani, who is known to be close to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

On 31 March 2016, a “general alert” was issued by the DRI to some 50 customs establishments across the country, directing them to investigate all imports of coal from Indonesia. Why was this done?

The scale and scope of the scandal relating to the fraudulent inflation of power tariffs by over-invoicing coal imported from Indonesia and passing on the costs to the consumer has acquired new dimensions. Over and above the investigations being carried out by the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) in the Ministry of Finance on 40-odd companies for allegedly over-invoicing coal imported from Indonesia to the tune of Rs. 29,000 crore, there has been an unrelated development.

It is necessary to note that SBICML was the financial advisor and the mandated lead arranger for all power ventures of the Adani Group. The 2009–10 SBICML annual report included a mention of the total debt of Adani Power Limited and Adani Power Maharashtra Limited as amounting to around Rs. 10,000 crore (SBI Capital Markets Limited 2010; Thota 2009).

A confidential report submitted by KPMG, an independent consultant to the Parekh committee, detailed the structure of holdings of ten companies in the Adani Group, with Adani Enterprises Limited as the holding company and the rest as direct or indirect wholly-owned subsidiaries. The report, which is available with the author of this article, noted the presence of the Adani Group across the entire coal supply chain, from the mining company in Indonesia to various intermediaries (mainly in Singapore).

The bulk of the imported coal came to Mundra port (set up by the Adani Group). The report pointed out that all the Indonesian coal companies from which AEL imported coal were 100% subsidiaries of AEL.

According to a highly placed source in the CERC, who spoke off the record, the compensation due to the Adani Group could work out to about Rs. 6,000 crore while that to CGPL would come to over Rs. 3,000 crore. This amount will be collected by the various discoms (including the ones in Haryana and Gujarat) from consumers. There will also be a loss to the exchequer since power is highly subsidised. APTEL has asked the CERC to specify the exact amounts to be paid to the companies in the Adani and Tata Groups. The hearings before the CERC are scheduled to take place in late May 2016.

The story of the scam does not end here. Two years ago, in 2014, the DRI issued show cause notices alleging over-invoicing of power plant equipment to the tune of Rs. 6,000 crores by a number of companies in the Adani Group. The notices alleged that the Adani Group had over-valued capital goods imported by Adani Power Maharashtra Limited, Adani Power Rajasthan Limited and Maharashtra Power Eastern Grid Power Transmission Company Limited. These companies were alleged to have indulged in a “trade based money laundering scheme” by mispricing equipment and by routing invoices through an intermediary in the United Arab Emirates, which is allegedly a “front company” of the group.

It has been two years since the notices were issued but the cases have not yet been adjudicated by the competent customs authorities. The notification for adjudication of the case against the Adani Group, which is available in the public domain, was issued in 2015. A senior law officer in the government noted that

“The devil lies in the delay. The more you delay the adjudication process, the more the cases fade away from public memory and our collective consciousness. There is no accountability in the system. No one is held responsible if adjudication is not done in a timely manner. And this is an important reason why the government, in this case the Department of Revenue in the Ministry of Finance, ends up losing most of such cases.”

The customs duty levied on power and infrastructure projects has been either at zero or a very low rate, that is, 5% or a lower percentage of the value declared. If these companies are found to have inflated the value of the equipment imported, the equipment is not just liable for confiscation, the customs authorities can levy penalties on the firms. But this has not been done as yet.

The DRI notices issued to the Adani Group in the cases of over-invoicing of power plant equipment name Vinod Shantilal Adani alias Vinod Shantilal Shah, brother of the Gautam Adani, making him liable to penalties under the Customs Act. The notice, which has been viewed by this writer, states that Vinod Adani appears to have conspired with other employees, including Jatin Shah and Moreshwar Rabade, to “execute the planned conspiracy of siphoning foreign exchange abroad.” The notice records that despite repeated summons being served to Adani and Shah, seeking their presence with requisite documents, they “appear to have deliberately avoided presenting themselves before the DRI and did not cooperate with the ongoing investigations.”

It is interesting to note that Vinod Adani’s name has appeared in the recently leaked Panama Papers.

This is a scam that has affected millions of middle class and poor Indians. The government’s actions, or inaction, in the coming months will tell their own tale. ... ore-36912/

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Re: Bohras fall at the feet of Narendra Modi too


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Sena ridicules BJP’s victory, says Modi magic failed in four states

Punching holes in BJP's claims, the Shiv Sena said on Friday that the outcome of the assembly elections in five states show that national parties can't vanquish regional parties.

The results of the elections in Assam, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Puducherry was "nothing shocking or surprising," the Sena said in an editorial in its mouthpiece Saamana.

"The BJP could only defeat the Congress in Assam but could not vanquish Mamata Banerjee in West Bengal, Jayalalithaa in Tamil Nadu or the Left in Kerala and the Congress won in Puducherry. We have to admit that the BJP could not defeat the regional parties," the editorial said.

Now, it is being touted that the Congress was thrown out in Assam and Kerala but why is not being said that the BJP was defeated in West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Puducherry, asked the Sena.

The Sena is a constituent of the BJP-led central government and in alliance with the BJP in Maharashtra.

It wanted to know why people voted for the Trinamool Congress if West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was accused by the BJP of promoting corruption, goondaism and terrorism?

It pointed out that BJP President Amit Shah had called for a 'Mamata-mukt Bengal'. Now, however, the BJP said it was satisfied with opening an account in West Bengal.

The Sena asked if "opening an account" alone was the motive, why did the entire BJP brass including Prime Minister Narendra Modi camp there?

Turning to Kerala, the party pointed out the tradition of Left and Congress alternatively bagging power continued and the BJP could only "open an account".

Apparently, for the BJP, merely "opening an account" is equivalent of 'acchhe din', the Sena added sarcastically.

In Tamil Nadu, Jayalalitha managed to retain power with 126 seats but faced a challenge from 92-year-old M. Karunanidhi's DMK whose tally shot up from from 32 to 105 seats.

"Hence, the 'Modi Magic' failed to work in these four states though the Assam victory serves as a soothing balm after the Bihar defeat," the Sena noted.

It reiterated that the assembly election verdict again proved that national political parties can never defeat popular leaders of regional parties. "We congratulate all the winners!" ... ml?ref=yfp

The usual managing the headlines of the RSS at work !!

Let's get the facts right:
BJP won a state, Congress won a state. That's a score of One each.

In Tamil Nadu, Congress came third, BJP sixth. Or is it seventh ?

In Kerala, Congress is Second, and BJP a distant fifth, even behind the likes of CPI & IUML.

In Bengal, Congress is second, BJP fourth.

But newspaper headlines will make it seem that Congress is wiped out and BJP is resurgent. Even when Congress and BJP won one state each and the rest three saw Congress way ahead of BJP.

Now turn your attention to Assam, which is being hailed as a storming of the East. Well, hold your breath. Here too, the Congress polled more votes (31%) than the BJP (29.5%). On the contrary, BJP vote share dropped from 37% in 2014 to 29.5% in 2016.

BJP vote share is abysmal. But their share of noise in national media seems disproportionately high.

A case of the Tail wagging the Dog ?

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Re: Bohras fall at the feet of Narendra Modi too


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ghulam muhammed wrote:

The usual managing the headlines of the RSS at work !!

Let's get the facts right:
BJP won a state, Congress won a state. That's a score of One each.

In Tamil Nadu, Congress came third, BJP sixth. Or is it seventh ?

In Kerala, Congress is Second, and BJP a distant fifth, even behind the likes of CPI & IUML.

In Bengal, Congress is second, BJP fourth.

But newspaper headlines will make it seem that Congress is wiped out and BJP is resurgent. Even when Congress and BJP won one state each and the rest three saw Congress way ahead of BJP.

Now turn your attention to Assam, which is being hailed as a storming of the East. Well, hold your breath. Here too, the Congress polled more votes (31%) than the BJP (29.5%). On the contrary, BJP vote share dropped from 37% in 2014 to 29.5% in 2016.

BJP vote share is abysmal. But their share of noise in national media seems disproportionately high.

A case of the Tail wagging the Dog ?
The Assembly Elections Decoded: Behind the Propaganda, the Cold, Hard Facts

The bombast is over, at least one hopes it is. And now that the television media channels are almost over with their customary ‘rah rah BJP’, the cold, sober, hard facts that have emerged from the five Assembly elections should prevail.

These facts tell a story that is different from the hype---generated by the BJP and the celebrity anchors who find bliss in ignorance--- that projected the results as a major victory for the BJP, a goodbye for the Congress party, a decimation of the Left despite Kerala, and of course the emergence of a third front that will be closer to the BJP than any other formation in the 2019 general elections. Or so the narrative went.

The Citizen unravels the facts as per hard statistics and figures, getting away from the propaganda blitz that was unleashed around the Assam victory for the BJP. At the end of this report are charts and figures taken from the Election Commission of India to support this analysis, and give the story as it is, and not as the politicians or the media wants it to be, to the discerning at one glance.

How well has the BJP done in these elections for BJP president Amit Shah to predict a ‘Congress mukt bharat”? Is the question we seek to answer.

The five states that went to the polls were Tamil Nadu and Kerala in the South, Assam in the North East, West Bengal in the East and of course the Union Territory of Puducherry. An aggregate of over 800 seats--812 to be exact---were contested. The BJP won just 65 of these, the Congress secured 114. The rest went to the Left parties and regional players, many of them who will not be in alliance with the BJP in the next general elections.

The real story of elections lies not just in the number of seats won or lost but in vote percentages that show how large is the support base for a party. In the last Lok Sabha elections the BJP came to power with just 31% of the votes leaving a whopping 69% outside its fold.

In these Assembly elections, the vote percentage of the BJP has dropped in the states despite the hype. It fell from 36.5% in the Lok Sabha elections to 30.1%; in West Bengal it dropped from 16.8 percent to 10.3 percent; in Tamil Nadu from 5.56 percent to 2.7 percent. In Kerala, where the RSS has held the largest number of shakhas according to some reports, the BJP got one seat but registered a slight hike in its vote share from 10.33 percent in 2014 to 10.7 in the Assembly polls now.

And interestingly, the Congress party that was buried by several anchors and BJP spokespersons in the first flush of the Assam victory has actually increased its vote percentage in all states, except of course Kerala. In Assam it went up from 29.6% to 31%, In Tamil Nadu from 4.3% to 6.5% and in West Bengal from 9.58% to 11.9%. It remains the principal opposition in Assam and Kerala, it is forming the government in Puducherry, and it has improved its tally in Tamil Nadu and West Bengal.

READ MORE :- ... d-Behind-t

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Re: Bohras fall at the feet of Narendra Modi too


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By comparing Akbar to Hitler, BJP shows there’s no place for even a 'good' Muslim in India’s history

It's not about being the 'good' Akbar or the 'bad' Aurangzeb – like Pakistan, India can't accept a minority historical icon anymore.

In August 2015, New Delhi’s Aurangzeb Road was renamed APJ Abdul Kalam Road by the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party. On the surface, this was done because Aurangzeb wasn’t a very nice man – or so goes most of popular Indian history.

Now, after Aurangzeb, the BJP has set its sights on Akbar Road, another street in Lutyens’ Delhi. On Tuesday, VK Singh, minister of state for external affairs, publicly demanded it be renamed Maharana Pratap Singh Road, after the Sisodia ruler of Mewar who was defeated by Akbar’s forces in 1576 at the Battle of Haldighati. Singh isn’t alone. The BJP chief minister of Haryana ML Khattar and Member of Parliament Subramanian Swamy have backed him, as has the party's national spokesperson, Shaina Chudasama – who, in a rush of enthusiasm, declared that Akbar was like Hitler.

The clamour to rename Aurangzeb Road was pinned on the man being a tyrant. However, in spite of these spades of liberalness, why is Akbar in the cross-hairs today?

The answer is simple: the powerful demand to strike out Akbar Road shows rather clearly that the move to rename Aurangzeb Road had very little to do with the character of Aurangzeb itself. While modern scholarship has shown that the colonial binary between Akbar and Aurangzeb was a false one, making cardboard cut-outs of complex historical figures and administrative systems, at the end of the day, in the public sphere, Akbar or Aurangzeb really doesn’t matter: any Muslim ruler simply has no place in the popular historical imagination as an Indian anymore.

It is important to note that revulsion for Akbar isn’t a one-off thing popping up now with a few leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party. It is actually rather widespread and in keeping up with the overall rise of Savarkarite Hindutva nationalism, which treats Muslims as permanent outsiders to the Indian nation.

India loves to name public works after Hindu rulers such as Shivaji and, of course, Pratap but Akbar, a man many times more powerful than both of them combined, is conspicuous by his absence. India has no roads, roundabouts, airports or museums named after Akbar; no equestrian statues of a man who was the most powerful sovereign in the world during his time. (The Akbar Road at the centre of this debate is a name bestowed by the British, who made sure that their new capital city embedded the historical memory of the seven cities of Delhi.)

Maharana Pratap, on the other hand, is well remembered. Kolkata has a park named after him, Mumbai a chowk and Lucknow a road. Udaipur has its Maharana Pratap Airport and Delhi’s interstate bus terminal is named after the Rana. Equestrian statues of Pratap abound across India, with one even making it to Parliament – one of only three medieval rulers to be so feted (the other two being Ranjit Singh and Shivaji). This when Pratap was the ruler of a tiny principality and was rather easily defeated by Akbar – a man whose empire had a massive impact on not only the rest of the Mughals and the British Raj but even the modern Indian state.

While Akbar and Aurangzeb are attacked for their faults – an easy enough thing to do given how different modern values are from medieval times – Pratap is let off. Temple destruction is a hot topic of debate but untouchability and caste is silently forgotten. Tsunamis of uninformed outrage crash onto the internet over the Mughal treatment of Hindus but there is pin-drop silence on the Rajput treatment of Dalits.

In the end, the personal qualities of the icons India choses is hardly the matter here – it is their religious community. India is simply hurtling towards becoming a mirror image of Pakistan.

Increasingly, Akbar is now to India what Bhagat Singh is to Pakistan – a remarkably admirable historical figure struggling to be remembered simply because he happens to have been born into the wrong religious community.

FULL ARTICLE :- ... as-history

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Re: Bohras fall at the feet of Narendra Modi too


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The Big Five: The Media Companies That the Modi Government Must Scrutinise To Fulfill its Promise of Ending Crony Capitalism

Filings with the registrar of companies in the ministry of corporate affairs have revealed that five Indian news media companies—NDTV, News Nation, India TV, News24 and Network18—are either indebted to Mukesh Ambani, the richest Indian and the owner of Reliance Industries, or to Mahendra Nahata, an industrialist and associate of Ambani’s, who is also on the board of Reliance’s new telecom venture, Reliance Jio.

Through loans and investments, Ambani, Nahata and the industrialist Abhey Oswal have given the five media companies funds that range from tens to hundreds of crores of rupees. As a result, the control that the three businessmen wield over these media networks varies from 20 to over 70 percent. This is a cause for concern for the freedom of speech in this country. The state of affairs also raises questions about monopolistic practices that may be in conflict with the competition laws of India.

In May 2014, Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) acquired Network18 for Rs 4,000 crore. A statement on shareholding patterns that was released by Network18 on 30 September 2015 lists Shinano as one of its two promoter groups. Shinano holds 1.85 percent of Network18’s shares. This is a part of the 75 percent stake that RIL owns in Network18.

The media groups in which Ambani and Nahata have invested are aligned to all hues of the political spectrum. Prasad, the owner of News24 and E24 Glamour, is married to the Congress leader and Indian Premier League Chairman Rajeev Shukla. She is also the sister of Bharatiya Janata Party’s Ravi Shankar Prasad, who is the telecom minister of India. India TV’s Sharma is perceived to be close to the BJP. As a student, he was a leader of the Akhil Bharatiya Vidhyarthi Parishad—the BJP’s student wing—and a member of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. NDTV’s co-promoter Radhika Roy is the sister of Brinda Karat, a senior Communist Party of India leader. Apart from his shares in News Nation, Abhey Oswal, whose son-in-law Naveen Jindal is an industrialist and a Congress leader, also owns 14.17 percent of NDTV.

This information is already with the government. Not all of these investments were made during the last year, of course. Several of them were made when the Congress government was at the centre. But, the BJP had come to power with promises of ending crony capitalism. Will it act against industrialists such as Ambani and Nahata by initiating an enquiry into the five media houses to provide a non-monopolistic media business?

Three of the ministries that can act against this concentrated ownership of the media—the ministry of corporate affairs, the ministry of information and broadcast, and the ministry of finance—are all headed by Arun Jaitley, who maintains a largely favourable relationship with both the media, and media owners. Jaitley is particularly close to Sharma, who is also deposing for the minister in his defamation suit against Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister of Delhi.

- See more at: ... 9KmI2.dpuf

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Re: Bohras fall at the feet of Narendra Modi too


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Dalit murders, Vyapam scam, Lalitgate, Vijay Mallya: Kejriwal attacks Modi govt on 2nd anniversary

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday took to Twitter and accused the Modi government of not keeping his promises, that he made two years ago when he took office as Prime Minister.

Kejriwal accused the BJP-led NDA govt of, among other things, allowing Vijay Mallya 'to flee from India' and alleged that the BJP was conspiring to destabilise the state governments where the BJP is not in power.

The Modi government on Thursday completes two years in office.

Here are Kejriwal's tweets:

Dear @narendramodi ji

2 years ago u promised to reduce Non Performing Assets of Banks but allowed defaulter Vijay Mallya to flee from India

— Arvind Kejriwal (@ArvindKejriwal) May 26, 2016

Dear @narendramodi ji
2 years ago u promised corruption-free governance but are silent(like Manmohan ji)on Vyapam, Lalitgate, mallya, khadse

— Arvind Kejriwal (@ArvindKejriwal) May 26, 2016

Dear @narendramodi ji

2 years ago u promised farmers minimum profit of 50% over inputcost but despite thousands of suicides u refuse to act

— Arvind Kejriwal (@ArvindKejriwal) May 26, 2016

Dear @narendramodi ji
2 years ago, u promised education for Dalits but remained silent on Rohith Vemula’s institutional murder.

— Arvind Kejriwal (@ArvindKejriwal) May 26, 2016

Dear @narendramodi ji,

2 years ago, you promised new courts & doubling number of judges but even tears of the CJI haven't made you act.

— Arvind Kejriwal (@ArvindKejriwal) May 26, 2016

Dear @narendramodi ji,
2 years ago, u promised that Team India shall not be limited to PM but include CMs. Now u conspire to destabilize CMs

— Arvind Kejriwal (@ArvindKejriwal) May 26, 2016 ... 00896.html

2 years of Modi government: 10 ‘failures’ Congress leaders highlighted in a scathing attack on NDA

In a scathing attack on NDA, Congress on Thursday questioned the lack of 'acche din' for India on the two year anniversary of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government. "Are these acche din or sachhe din?" Congress leaders asked. "They (Modi government) are selling dreams meant for the rich," Congress said.

Congress hit out at the Modi government saying, "In your two years the only achievements are creation of social tension, controversial statements by your MPs and leaders and fear among minorities." "It was said that Manmohan Singh ji doesn't speak much. But I would like to say that his work spoke. In case of Modi ji, he himself speaks a lot - gives a speech every 45 hours - but his work doesn't speak," Kapil Sibal said.

We take a look at ten things Congress leaders highlighted as Modi government's failures on the two year anniversary of NDA government.

1) The industry is stagnating, exports have been consistently falling and inflation, particularly food inflation, is very high

2) PM Modi had promised to create crores of jobs, but according to the latest data by the Labour Ministry, job creation was just 1.34 lakh in 2015. Job creation is lost because of NDA government. We (UPA) gave employment to 12 lakh people in 2009, look at the dip.

3) The banking system of the country is collapsing and NPAs are rising

4) The black money promise was a hollow one. NDA promised to bring back black money in 100 days, where is it? Where is the Rs 15 lakh per bank account that was promised? They (BJP) can't get away by calling it a chunavi jumla

5) Agricultural sector is in distress and farmer suicides are a worrying factor. Crop failure is rampant and unlike the UPA, this government is not even offering compensation or debt waiver. There has been no hike in Minimum Support Price (MSP) for farmers.

6) Make in India remains merely a slogan. No progress has been made on the smart cities front. They (NDA) claimed that 100 smart cities will be developed, but no work has been done.

7) All schemes have been renamed and repacked; from Nirmal Bharat to Swachh Bharat, Planning Commission to Niti Aayog, National mission of financial inclusion to Jan Dhan. They (Modi government) cannot conceive any new scheme, they are masters of repackaging.

8) Ceasefire violations in Jammu & Kashmir are at a high. We have never heard of so many ceasefire violations. Plus attacks on Udhampur, Gurdaspur and Pathankot - what is the NDA doing to stop these?

9) Crime against women has increased. Corruption is an issue that the government is not willing to tackle. Two sessions of Parliament could not function because the government was unwilling to take action in Lalit Modi scam, Rajasthan mine scam, Chhattisgarh PDS scam.

10) Modi government's foreign policy is consistently inconsistent. For NDA's policy viz a viz Pakistan and China, there is only one line: Woh aaye aur hum bhi gaye, baithe baat-cheet ki, khana khaya aur wapas chale gaye. ... 00413.html

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Re: Bohras fall at the feet of Narendra Modi too


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Many silver linings in the dark clouds

Karan Thapar

If, like me, you formed the impression last week that the BJP had triumphed in the recent state elections whilst the Congress was simply routed, the following facts are not just a useful corrective but proof of how incomplete and, possibly, misleading was the press coverage we initially received.

First, Assam. No doubt winning was a huge achievement for the BJP, but if you compare the party’s performance in 2016 to 2014, something else also becomes clear. The number of assembly segments it ‘won’ came down from 69 to 60 and its vote share shrank from 37% to 30%. On the other hand, even after losing, the Congress’s vote share was bigger than that of the BJP (31% vs. 29.5%), although that’s because it fought more seats. So, despite victory, the BJP has to contend with a declining trend in terms of seats and vote share compared to 2014.

Next, West Bengal. In 2014 the BJP’s vote share was 17% and it was ahead in 24 assembly segments. Two years later the former diminished to 10% and the latter collapsed to just three. Seen in this light, West Bengal is not just a disappointment but a setback.

Third, Kerala. Here the BJP is proud of the fact it opened its account by winning a seat for the first time. That, admittedly, is a critical and credible achievement. However, in 2014 the party was ahead in four assembly segments. In 2016 it won only one. Second, although its vote share increased compared to 2011, it was static at 11% compared to 2014. Third, when BJP spokesmen boast of a 15% vote share in Kerala they are cleverly, but quietly, adding that of their allies to their own. The actual picture is different to the carefully concocted one.

Finally, Tamil Nadu. Here the vote share of 6% in 2014 halved to 3% this year. Consequently, the seven assembly segments the BJP commanded two years earlier were completely wiped out in 2016. It didn’t win a single seat.

Now let’s step back from the individual state pictures and take an overall view. Apart from the Assam victory, which is stunning, in the other three states — West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Kerala — and Pondicherry (which, incidentally, the Congress won), the BJP won only four seats. Altogether in five states it won 64. In comparison, the Congress won 100. Again, the BJP’s overall vote share in these states fell from 17% in 2014 to 13% in 2016. The Congress’s vote share slipped from 19 to 18.

One last fact, though a little complicated, gives a clear picture of the contrast between the two big parties in these four states and Pondicherry. In 2014 the BJP contested 590 assembly segments and won 104. In 2016 it contested 661 segments but won only 64. The Congress in 2014 contested 749 assembly segments and won 110. Two years later it contested only 344 segments but still won 100.

My conclusion is simple. The media over-egged the BJP’s performance and presented a picture of grand success whereas the truth is more nuanced and somewhat less glowing. In contrast, the media interpreted the results as an unmitigated rout for the Congress when, in fact, there are many silver linings that could cheer up the dark clouds, including over Assam.

Finally, we should always look beyond the headlines — no victory is as supreme as the hyperbole suggests. No defeat is as damning as the cartoons portray. ... wYlcN.html

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Re: Bohras fall at the feet of Narendra Modi too


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Fact check: From claims on ration cards to gas connections, how Modi inflated the numbers

As the government celebrated its second anniversary, the prime minister and his ministers made several claims. At least five of them do not add up.

It’s been two years since the Bharatiya Janata Party swept the Lok Sabha elections under his leadership but Prime Minister Narendra Modi has never really come out of campaigning mode. To celebrate its second anniversary, the BJP government organised a gala event at India Gate in New Delhi on Saturday. Broadcast live on Doordarshan, the event saw musical performances interspersed with discussions on key government schemes and policies, with ministers outlining their key achievements.

The prime minister’s speech came right at the end of a six-hour-long celebration. In an address high on rhetoric, Modi made several claims about his government’s performance.

How accurate were the claims? did a fact-check on some of them.

Claim 1: Rs 15,000 crore was saved by plugging subsidy leakages.
Fact: These are potential, not actual, savings.

Modi claimed that his government has saved more than Rs 15,000 crores in subsidies by identifying leakages and routing funds through direct benefit transfers to beneficiaries' bank accounts.

"In LPG gas subsidy lists, we found so many fake names, so much leakage, we saved you nearly Rs. 15,000 crore," he said. "For this alone, the country will tell me, Modi ji, you are doing what is right."

As reported by the Indian Express in October 2015, researchers at the International Institute of Sustainable Development have disputed the government’s claims of large savings on account of introducing cash transfers for LPG subsidies. The researchers found the actual savings were not to the tune of thousands of crores of rupees but a mere Rs 143 crore over two years.

Claim 2: More than three crore new LPG connections were provided to poor families.
Fact: Only 60 lakh connections were provided till April 2016.

During his speech, the prime minister said that his government has utilised funds saved from people giving up their LPG subsidies to provide new gas connections to the poor. He said that more than 1.13 crore people have given up their subsidies already and this has helped the government to provide more than three crore new gas connections to the poor in just one year.

"We gave more than three crore families LPG connections in the last one year," he said. "Such huge work has never happened in India. In the coming years we will bring LPG connections to five crore people."

A government press release in January said that it had given more than 45 lakh gas connections to the poor through the “give-back” scheme. In April, the petroleum minister told reporters that the government had released 60 lakh new connections to poor in the last year.

Forty five lakh connections amount to just 15% of the three crore figure mentioned by the Prime Minister. This goes up to 20%, if you take the number of 60 lakh connections.

Could the government have plausibly covered the 80% shortfall in less than a month?

Claim 3: More than 1.65 crore fake ration cards were deleted by the government.
Fact: Only 66 lakh cards have been deleted in the last three years.

Hailing his government’s work in plugging subsidy leakages, Modi said that his government has struck off as many as 1.65 crore ration cards from the system because they were fake. Minutes later, in the same speech, he quoted another figure – 1.62 crore cards.

"During our work we have found more than 1.62 crore fake ration cards," he said. "That used to go somewhere. Somebody used to steal all that ration."

According to a government press release in December, more than 1.2 crore ration cards were deleted in the years 2012-’14 – 76.48 lakh in 2012, 43.31 lakh in 2013, and 10 lakh in 2014.

Since May 2014, has the government managed to delete another 1.65 crore cards?

Moreover, not all of these ration cards were fake ones issued in the name of non-existent people. In the case of fake or bogus cards, the ration is sold illegally, enriching dealers. But as the government press releases clearly state, the deleted cards include those held by people who were found ineligible for the subsidised rations by the government, perhaps because they had grown richer.

Claim 4: More than 20 crore bank accounts were opened during first 100 days of Jan Dhan scheme.
Fact: Only 8.6 crore accounts were opened during this period.

The prime minister was not the only one who made tall claims on Saturday. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, who is an adept lawyer and is considered one of the most articulate ministers in the Modi government, also contributed to the exaggerations.

During an interaction with journalist Ashok Malik, Jaitley was asked about his government’s efforts towards ensuring financial inclusion for the whole country. He said that a key part of his work was implementing the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana. Under this programme, the government has opened more than 20 crore accounts in the first 100 days of the scheme, he claimed.

“Two years ago, 58% of the households in the country were connected to the financial sector,” Jaitley said. "This government has added 21 crore-22 crore people to the banking net in a matter of 100 days."

The government’s own progress report released days after the scheme completed its 100 days in December said that the banks had opened a mere 8.76 crore bank accounts – just 40% of the figure Jaitley claimed.

Claim 5: India is the fastest growing country in the world.
Fact: India is the fourth fastest growing economy in the world.

Asked to comment on how the Indian economy was faring compared with the rest of the world, Jaitley said:

“Many economies are shrinking. Some are growing at a mere one or two percent. For the first time in history, India is currently the world’s fastest growing economy. We are growing at 7.6% – it’s a fast pace as compared to the world but still not upto our expectations.”

According to government statistics, the Indian economy grew at 7.6% in 2015-'16. This rate is expected to get closer to 8% in the current financial year but India is far from being the fastest growing economy in the world.

According to the data compiled by the World Economic Forum, Myanmar is the world’s fastest growing economy with a projected real GDP growth rate of 8.6%. On the second place is Ivory Coast with 8.5% and then there is Bhutan with its 8.4% growth rate.

India, hence, is the fourth-fastest growing economy in the world – if one chooses to believe the veracity of a new methodology which economic observers say has inflated the country's growth rate. Among those sceptical of the accuracy of India's growth numbers are chief economic advisor Arvind Subramaniam and Reserve Bank of India governor Raghuram Rajan. ... he-numbers

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Re: Bohras fall at the feet of Narendra Modi too


Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Sun Jun 05, 2016 5:57 pm

In Rajasthan, MA final-year question paper asks students to ‘discuss BJP ideology’

The Congress on Friday accused the BJP of “brainwashing” students after an MA final-year question paper in the University of Rajasthan asked them to write an essay to “discuss the ideology and programmes of the Bharatiya Janata Party”.

At least two out of 20 students, who appeared for the paper of the MA course in Rajasthani Language, Literature and Culture, objected to question number 16, though they finally completed the examination.

Krishna Gopal Sharma, director of the Centre for Rajasthan Studies, did not respond to calls or messages. The question was asked in part three of the question paper. It was one of two questions — from unit one of the syllabus — which could be answered for 20 marks.

“They have already changed the syllabus to suit their icons and now this question proves that are bent on brainwashing students. At the university, too, the teachers want to please their masters,” ... 00003.html

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Re: Bohras fall at the feet of Narendra Modi too


Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Sun Jun 05, 2016 6:02 pm

RBI review unearths Rs 2,41,000 cr bad loans in last 6 months of FY16

Banks have reported a 69 per cent spike in non-performing assets in the last two quarters following the asset quality review ordered by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and fresh slippages in restructured loans.

Gross NPAs of lenders have surged by a whopping Rs 2,41,000 crore in just six months — December and March quarters of fiscal 2015-16 — mostly due to the aggressive provisioning undertaken by PSU banks at the behest of the RBI. As a result, gross NPAs have gone up from Rs 349,113 crore in September 2015 when the RBI ordered the asset review to Rs 590,772 crore by March 2016, say figures compiled by Care Ratings.

“The RBI review has clearly brought out the skeletons from banks’ cupboards. Some of them were clearly understating their bad loans in quarterly results before the RBI review. We are yet to see the bottom of this problem,” said a top banking source. State Bank of India, which showed a stable trend in NPA levels before the RBI asset quality review added Rs 42,000 crore to the overall NPA level of Rs 98,172 crore after the stringent provisioning ordered by the RBI. As much as Rs 62,000 crore of SBI bad loans is accounted by large and mid-corporates with the latter’s defaults aggregating Rs 41,515 crore. ... 00267.html

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Re: Bohras fall at the feet of Narendra Modi too


Unread post by qutub_mamajiwala » Tue Jun 07, 2016 3:37 am

PM Modi’s work ethic: 5 interesting facts ... 633169.cms

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Re: Bohras fall at the feet of Narendra Modi too


Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Thu Jun 23, 2016 5:01 pm

India imports cotton from Pakistan as domestic prices climb

India, the world's biggest cotton producer, has contracted to import 20,000 bales from Pakistan for shipment this month after Indian prices jumped because of limited supply, industry officials told Reuters.

Indian cotton prices have risen by 28 percent since the start of 2015/16 season on Oct. 1 to 40,800 rupees per 356 kg candy (77.4 cents per lb).

"Supplies are dwindling in both countries. The sharp rally in Indian prices is making imports viable from Pakistan, but it has limited quantity for exports," the dealer said.

India has so far imported about 1.2 million bales in 2015/16 and needs another 400,000 bales before the new crop starts arriving from the end of September, Sheth said.

The country has exported about 6.5 million bales of cotton this season, with Pakistan accounting for nearly 2 million bales. ... 19534.html

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Re: Bohras fall at the feet of Narendra Modi too


Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Thu Jun 23, 2016 6:07 pm

Why India Is Worst Country in the World for Business

Leaving aside the exit of Raghuram Rajan, the popular governor of the Reserve Bank of India, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s announcement that it will be easier for companies from outside the country to invest in India, the country remains the worst place in the world to do business.

India remains mired in corruption, large cities that have the most dangerous pollution in the world and worries that the government significantly misleads outsiders about its gross domestic product (GDP) and other critical measures of its economy. And a portion of India’s society supports barbaric practices that allow for honor killings and do little to stop heinous crimes like rape.

A recent report from The World Bank titled “Doing Business 2016: Measuring Regulatory Quality and Efficiency” reports that out of 189 countries, India ranks 130th in terms of ease of doing business, with particularly bad scores for starting a business, dealing with construction permits and registering property. Notably, China ranks 84th and Russia 51st.

India is considered remarkably corrupt as a place to do business, based on an important report that addresses the subject. A World Economic Forum report titled “Partnering Against Corruption Initiative: Infrastructure and Urban Development” says in the section on India:

Despite this positive outlook, corruption remains a major barrier to growth in India. According to the World Bank Enterprise Survey 2014, the private sector considers corruption as the biggest business environment obstacle.

Along similar lines, in Transparency International’s “Corruption Perception Index 2015,” India ranked 76th out of 167 countries, just ahead of China in 83rd place and tied with Brazil.

The level of pollution in large cities is a significant factor for workforces. India’s cities are the worst in the world. The “WHO Global Urban Ambient Air Pollution Database” ranks six Indian cities among the 10 most polluted in the world.

Among the other aspects of India’s problems for business is the fact that its government may well put out misleading data about it economy, particularly GDP. According to a recent report by CNNMoney:

For India, the storm clouds began to gather in January 2015 when the country’s statistics bureau changed the way it calculates the size of the economy. Overnight, the pace of growth went from mediocre to eye-popping.

Officials have defended the change, arguing that the new method is far more rigorous, and incorporates crucial data from the corporate sector that only recently became available.

Critics of the statistics agency, however, have not been swayed. They say the new GDP numbers lack credibility because they diverge so dramatically from indicators such as industrial production, investment spending and exports.

If the GDP data are wrong, and wrong because of actions by the statistics office, a huge amount of the information issued by the agency could be wrong as well.

Read more: Why India Is Worst Country in the World for Business - 24/7 Wall St. ... z4CRVXe3XG
Follow us: @247wallst on Twitter | 247wallst on Facebook

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Re: Bohras fall at the feet of Narendra Modi too


Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Sat Jul 09, 2016 5:25 pm

Seven of the 19 new Cabinet ministers in Modi govt have criminal charges against them

With the recent Cabinet reshuffle, the Modi government at the Centre has yet again failed in giving a blemish-free council of ministers to the country, a promise that had helped it achieve an unprecedented victory in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

According to a report of the National Election Watch, Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), post-reshuffle out of 19 new ministers inducted in the union cabinet, seven have criminal cases against them and out of the seven, three Cabinet ministers have serious criminal charges like attempt to murder, communal rioting, violation of electoral law, bribery, etc. against them.

The seven ministers are Anupriya Singh Patel, Ramesh Jigajinagi, Faggan Singh Kulaste, Vijay Goel, Rajen Gohain, Ramdas Athavale and MJ Akbar.

While former journalist-turned-politician MJ Akbar has two cases against him, related to defamation, Patel, Jigajinagi and Kulaste have serious charges under the Indian Penal Code (IPC), like voluntarily causing hurt to deter a public servant from his duty, criminal intimidation, rioting armed with deadly weapon and bribery.

The self-sworn affidavits submitted by these ministers with the Election Commission of India (EC) show that in the 78-member council of ministers, 24 ministers — about 31 percent — have declared criminal cases against themselves, ranging from attempt to murder, to obscene acts and electoral violations. Also, a few of these ministers are ‘crorepatis’ as well. ... 82272.html

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Re: Bohras fall at the feet of Narendra Modi too


Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Thu Jul 14, 2016 6:53 pm


Govt cancels Rs 200-crore green fine on Adani

The Union environment ministry has withdrawn its demand for a Rs 200 crore restoration fund from Adani Ports & SEZ for damage to the environment imposed during the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government, the biggest penalty for green violations.

The ministry also extended the environmental clearance issued in 2009 to the company’s waterfront development project at Mundra in Gujarat. Several stringent conditions the ministry had earlier issued notice for to Adani have been withdrawn as well.

These decisions were made in September 2015. The environmental clearance was extended in October 2015.

Neither Adani nor the environment ministry replied to questions sent by Business Standard on the matter.

Ministry records between 2012 and 2016 accessed through the Right to Information Act by Kanchi Kohli of the Centre for Policy Research-Namati Program show some newly appointed senior officials in the ministry reversed the opinion on Adani Ports & SEZ. ... 160702.htm

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Re: Bohras fall at the feet of Narendra Modi too


Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Thu Jul 21, 2016 6:43 pm


Will data do us apart?

It may look petty to squabble over GDP data, but policies based on the wrong reading of reality almost always end in tears

The recent U.S. State Department pronouncement that India’s much touted growth rate may be overstated has reignited debate over the veracity of official measures of the country’s growth. For many of us, this is flogging a dead horse. For the past two years, every quarter’s GDP report based on the new methodology has been met with the same scepticism — that is, that there is little corroborating evidence from other data sources that the growth rate is anywhere near the official statistics. The scepticism has been voiced by government and market economists, academics, and the regulators. But with no real attempt by the statistical authorities to bridge this credibility gap, many of us have learnt to live in two parallel worlds, ironically both based on official data: an India described by the traditional indicators of activity, such as industrial production, imports, auto sales, order books, freight, corporate earnings, and bank credit all compiled by various Ministries and regulators; and another India described by the national account statistics complied by the Central Statistical Office (CSO). ... 872345.ece

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Re: Bohras fall at the feet of Narendra Modi too


Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Thu Jul 21, 2016 6:51 pm

BJP has only itself to blame for Dalit attacks in Gujarat and the Mayawati slur

In Gujarat, self-styled cow protection vigilantes stripped and beat up four Dalit men last fortnight for skinning a dead cow. As video of the attack went viral on the weekend, it elicited outrage from people in the state belonging to lower castes, who have had to work with carcasses for generations. The result: the biggest Dalit uprising in Gujarat in 30 years, with thousands out on the streets, dumping cow carcasses in public places and forcing all political parties to condemn the vigilantes. Coming so soon after the agitation by Patels demanding quotas in educational institutions and government jobs, Gujarat's BJP government looks more precarious than ever as elections loom next year.

In Uttar Pradesh, a vice president of the state BJP unit said on Wednesday that Bahujan Samaj Party leader Mayawati was "worse than a prostitute" in the manner in which she was selling party tickets for the upcoming elections. The resulting furore gave Opposition parties a reason to stall Parliament and forced the BJP into apologising for the statement. The BJP removed the leader, Dayashankar Singh, from all posts and expelled him from the party altogether. This weakens the party's poll prospects. After all, Dayashankar Singh was supposed to be a key to pulling in Thakur and Bhumihar votes in eastern UP.

The key takeaway – and the reason the BJP will find it hard to convincingly attract Dalit votes – is that neither of these incidents strays from the official party line. The BJP and the broader Sangh Parivar have openly supported cow protection vigilantes across the country. Besides, the practice of using crass language as a part of political rhetoric flows from the very top, with both Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah setting stellar examples.

This is the BJP's problem. It may have sacked Dayashankar Singh and will eventually find a way to address the Dalit uprising in Gujarat. But it will have a hard time shaking off the impression that these incidents are organic outcomes of the way the party approaches India, not accidental errors. ... awati-slur

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Re: Bohras fall at the feet of Narendra Modi too


Unread post by I Rizwan » Sat Jul 23, 2016 6:37 am

Nothing is right in feku modi and feku muffy's world of idiocy.

corrupt are in front and eligible and decent people are set aside or they prefer to stay away.

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Re: Bohras fall at the feet of Narendra Modi too


Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Sat Jul 23, 2016 5:39 pm

File FIR against Amit Shah, Daya Shankar Singh, court tells police

Patna: A Bihar court on Friday ordered the filing of an FIR against BJP president Amit Shah and suspended party leader Daya Shankar Singh, who had made derogatory remarks against Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) chief Mayawati.

The Chief Judicial Magistrate in Hajipur, the district headquarters of Vaishali, has ordered the police to lodge a case against Shah and Singh. ... 66?ref=yfp

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Re: Bohras fall at the feet of Narendra Modi too


Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Mon Aug 01, 2016 7:09 pm

Concerned by ‘rising intolerance’, US asks India to protect citizens

The United States has asked India to do “everything in its power” to protect its citizens, expressing concern over reports of “rising intolerance and violence” in the country.

“We stand in solidarity with the people and government of India in supporting exercise of freedom of religion and expression and in confronting all forms of intolerance,” US state department spokesperson John Kirby said.
He was responding to questions on reports of increasing incidents of violence over beef in India.

Most recently, two Muslim women in Madhya Pradesh were thrashed by cow protection vigilantes on the suspicion of carrying beef, which was revealed to be buffalo meat on forensic examination. A few days earlier, four Dalit youths were tied up and thrashed allegedly for skinning a dead cow. This resulted in widespread protests by the Dalit community in Gujarat.

The Bharatiya Janata Party-led National Democratic Alliance government has repeatedly been accused by opposition parties of adopting a kid gloves treatment when dealing with Right-wing extremist groups, who openly dispense mob justice, mostly on member’s of minority communities.

“We’re obviously concerned by reports of rising intolerance and violence...,” Kirby said. “As we do in countries facing such problems around the world, we urge the government to do everything in its power to protect citizens and to hold the perpetrators accountable.”

Kirby said the US looks forward to continuing to work with the Indian people to realise their tolerant and inclusive vision, which was in the interests of both India and the US. ... aign=World

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Re: Bohras fall at the feet of Narendra Modi too


Unread post by qutub_mamajiwala » Tue Aug 02, 2016 2:23 am

Dalit Boy Kidnapped and Thrashed for Loving Muslim Girl in Godhra by Muslims-Media Silent

A 20-year-old dalit man was kidnapped and thrashed by the members of minority community in Godhra on Tuesday night. Akshay Chauhan, a resident of Baharpura area in Godhra was kidnapped by about 15 Muslim community members when he went in Phool saiyad Society to meet a muslim girl he was in relationship with. ... ia-silent/