Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.

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Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Sun Feb 12, 2012 5:26 pm

Although the gruesome incidents of gujarat mass genocide have been discussed exhaustively but there are some extremely startling revelations by the murderers who have publicly admitted their own role as well as Modi's role in the pre-planned massacre which was carried out by hindutva forces like BJP, RSS, Bajrang Dal under the able guidance of Modi, Advani and others who are openly felicitated by the Dai which is shameful, inhuman and horrific to say the least. I have purposely opened this thread for the ones who wish to know the intricate details with FULL evidence as the same will be an eye opener not only to members on this forum but people in general :-

First-hand accounts from the men who plotted and executed the genocide in Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Sabarkantha. Mayhem was meticulously planned and carried out by VHP-Bajrang Dal cadres across Muslim localities. READ »

The VHP and the Bajrang Dal manufactured and distributed lethal weapons across the state, often with the connivance of the police. READ »

Shocking accounts of how the guardians of the law colluded with the outlaws to make Gujarat’s horror even worse. READ »

Key BJP, RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal activists speak openly of how Narendra Modi blessed the anti-Muslim pogrom . READ »

How public prosecutors ran with the hare and hunted with the hound, keeping their sympathies strictly for the accused. Government Counsel Arvind Pandya on how he hopes to subvert justice by manipulating the Nanavati-Shah Commission, set up to ascertain the truth. READ »

The truth behind Naroda Patiya, the grisliest massacre of 2002. Ahmedabad police’s collusion in the pogrom and its cover-up. Gory details of how former Congress MP Ehsan Jafri was hacked limb by limb at Gulbarg Society, in the words of those who did it. READ »

How spontaneous mob fury was shown as a premeditated conspiracy by the police who produced fake witnesses by bribing, coercion and torture. READ » ... at_sec.asp

Godhra: The Diabolic Lie

Untenable theories, bribed witnesses, coerced statements. In a staggering investigation, ASHISH KHETAN uncovers the deliberate and malicious subversion of the truth in Godhra ... mering.asp

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


Unread post by Al Zulfiqar » Sun Feb 12, 2012 5:38 pm

whats the point of posting this outrage on bohras and reform?

do you think the dawoodi abdes are interested in learning of these shocking murders orchestrated by modi when he is being carefully cultivated by syedna and his establishment as the saviour of their properties and incomes in gujrat?

practicalities trump morals and ethics in the kothar's lexicon, didnt you know that? by the same logic, hussain was a fool to sacrifice his and his shohodas' lives in kerbala, he could have also appeased moayiwah and made peace with him by putting shawls around the tyrant's shoulders and gifting him a 1000 ashrafis. getting his head cut off may have been all fine and dandy, but syedna is smarter and more worldly savvy.

todays world demands that like syedna you should shake hands with the devil, wine and dine him, create photo ops with him and laugh all the way to the bank. hussain's methods are all outdated and ancient, one has to move with the times.

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


Unread post by Muslim First » Sun Feb 12, 2012 5:56 pm

I just saw big AB promoting Gujart on TV

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


Unread post by Human » Sun Feb 12, 2012 6:22 pm

Big AB is one of the saffron clad extremists.
Thanks GM for posting this. Its a really good read and an eye opener. Sadly though for me it brings back some painful memories and fearful experiences that have been tattooed on my memories and bring me nightmares every now and then. Its a shame how kothari idiots are engaged in pleasing modi and his party. And all that is our money! Our money being passed on to the man who made my (and so many other's) life a living hell in 2002.

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Wed Feb 15, 2012 4:07 pm

‘I sell potato balls to kids... I feel my Mushtaq is one of them’

It is here that a pregnant Kausar Bano was raped. Here it was that Amina Behlim saw a neighbour being raped by 11 men and sheltered her for five years before arranging her wedding, fighting off the community. “The woman had been staying in Jawaharnagar alone after her parents kicked her out for not ‘adjusting’ with her alcoholic husband. I was hiding on a terrace and saw from a small hole in the parapet -- she was raped by 11 men. She ran out of the house naked to save herself.” It is also here that the principal of a small school, who has been teaching children of Patiya for years, saw eight rapes. The visions still haunt him while his hearing is since impaired.

The three are among the 5,000-odd survivors of two of the worst massacres of the 2002 riots that killed 98, now called ‘Patiyawalas’, a term they acknowledge with pride. The much-vaunted BRTS (Bus Rapid Transit System) now runs outside their homes and Vibrant Gujarat holds true around them, but inside the narrow bylanes of Ahmedabad’s Naroda Patiya area, life is a struggle under the shadow of the violence.

The residents claim the “Hindu-dominated factories” threw out all Muslim workers. “We used to toil earlier too to manage two meals. After the riots, we are toiling much harder, fighting, to streamline our small businesses (amid) domination of majority communities,”

Most of the men earn a living pulling carts or driving autos and cabs; others are paan vendors or run tea stalls and local phone booths. Profits are rare and as many say, there is no future. “We have nothing new to sell.”

An old and feeble Zannatbibi Sheikh, a fruit vendor, showed her cash box. “I start from morning and this is all I have earned, Rs 100. This has been the case since 10 years. As businesses failed, women were the worst sufferers -- with empty kitchens, several children, no money for school uniforms, books.”

Talking about the day of the riots, he said: “The mosque was empty. I had gone to a home for Daur (reading of the Quran). This was the best time for the attackers to start and they began by breaking the minara of the mosque. They busted gas cylinders inside, not a single corner was left.”

It is children too that give Zannatbibi her strength, even though the widow can barely make ends meet for her own kids. Pointing to the madrasa near where she sells fruits, the mother who lost a young son in the riots said: “The children who come to study there often come to my shop to eat potato balls. I sell them for only Re 1. I feel as if my Mushtaq (her son) has come home hungry.” ... em/912078/

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Wed Feb 22, 2012 3:32 pm

How Gujarat bucked a national trend

A story carried in TOI's Ahmedabad edition last week is illustrative of the present state of affairs in Gujarat. It reports a tale of peaceful demonstrations accompanied by Ram dhuns in front of a bungalow owned by a Hindu in the city of Bhavnagar in Saurashtra. The bungalow was being sold off to a Muslim and the saffron brigade laid siege till the Hindu bungalow owner acquiesced and called off the deal. The story notes how in the last few months many such deals - of Hindus trying to sell property to Muslims - have been stymied in Bhavnagar, the only city in Saurashtra to witness riots during 2002.

Yes, "ten years after madness" things remain quite the same in Gujarat. True there has been economic growth and Ahmedabad is well on the way to becoming a major automobile industry hub. There has also been a marginal improvement in social indicators but society remains polarized like it was a decade ago. In Ahmedabad, you can be a well-to-do Muslim with enough moolah, but still can't buy property in "posh" enclaves or middle-class areas. Certain areas are demarcated for Muslims in Ahmedabad and they can only stay there. There are hardly any exceptions to the rule.

One of the untold stories of 2002 is the massive ideological support that the rioters received from the upper- and middle-class Hindus. No journalist from the national press said this because it would have looked like demonizing a significant section of the Hindu community. So the entire blame fell on the head of Modi, who as the chief minister was of course fully to blame for this breakdown in the administration. But the point is that the rioters could not have done what they did without the moral support of upper- and middle-class Hindus. Maybe without this "moral support", Modi could not have taken the self-righteous stand that he took and got away by labelling his detractors as anti-Gujarat. ... onal-trend

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Wed Feb 22, 2012 4:16 pm

Here is drawing parrallel between 27th of February, 1933 and 27th of February 2002

27th February, Germany 1933
27th February, Gujarat 2002

On 27th February in the year 1933 Germany’s Parliament house [Reichstag] in Berlin was set ablaze. Who did it remains in the domain of theories and conjectures. Was it one mentally deranged ex-communist, who was tried by the Nazi court, convicted and executed and who was posthumously cleared by International courts? Was it the band of men from Hitler’s own Nazi Party who wanted to vilify KPD, the Communist Party of Germany? The questions are unanswered till this day. What is chronicled is the fact that Hitler called it a “sign from heaven” and used the event for his nefarious purpose.

Within hours of the fire, Hitler visited the site and declared the fire as the Communists’ signal for a bloody uprising and civil war. The propaganda against the Communist Party Of Germany threw the German people into a fit of fear at the thought of Communist terror. The Reichstag fire was used as an excuse for making the aged and ailing President Paul von Hiddenburg to sign what came to be known as the Reichstag Fire Decree. Under the pretext of protecting the peace-loving people of Germany Hitler introduced draconian measures curbing civil liberties, privacy of postal, telegraphic and telephonic communications. House searches and confiscation of properties became permissible beyond legal limits. Having thus crushed the opposition and muting the public opinion within weeks Hitler brought in the “Enabling Act”, which empowered him to pass laws without consulting the Reichstag. Hitler became Hitler. The years that followed are an ugly chapter of the world’s history.

On the same date 27th February in the year 2002 another fire engulfed a coach of Sabarmati Express at Godhra, a town in Gujarat. Minutes before the fire some fracas had taken place on Godhra platform between Hindu kar sevaks traveling by the train and Muslim tea-vendors. There was a possibility that Muslims would be held responsible for the fire and may face reprisals. Keeping this in mind the Godhra District Collector Jayanti Ravi thought it fit to repeatedly broadcast over Door Darshan and Aakashwani a statement to the effect that “the incident was not pre-planned and it was an accident”. As late as on 29th of March 2002 IGP Railways P.P. Agia said this: ”The case is still being investigated and if there was some deep conspiracy, then we are yet to find it.”

Two commissions were appointed to look into the cause of the fire. One has concluded that the fire was accidental and it originated inside the burnt coach. The other commission differed.

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi visited Godhra on the afternoon of 27th February and issued a statement within hours of the fire to the effect that the fire was preplanned arson by Muslims of Godhra in conspiracy with Pakistan’s ISI.

Having said this, the CM arranged for the dead bodies of the victims to be carted to the distant Ahmedabad. An elaborate funeral procession was arranged for the bodies. What was the possible justification of this when more than half the bodies did not belong to Ahmedabad? What made Narendra Modi say what he said and why did he do what he did? This and many questions have remained unanswered. What transpired in the aftermath of the Godhra train fire is an ugly chapter of India's history.

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Thu Mar 01, 2012 5:45 pm

Ten Years of Gujarat Carnage 2002
By Asghar Ali Engineer

It was most unfortunate day of 27th February 2002 when a compartment S6 got or was burnt down near Godhra station in which about 59 people who were coming back from Ayodhya died. It is yet not clear what exactly happened and how these people died. Many maintain that they died of suffocation and some allege that they were burnt to death by the fire which broke out due to petrol which was thrown on the floor of the S6 compartment by the conspirators at the instance of ISI of Pakistan. A Supreme Court judge Mr. Justice Banerjee who was appointed by the then Railway Minister Mr. Lalu Prasad to inquire into the whole incident and he maintained that the fire broke out either because of short circuit or burst of a stow or gas cylinder which probably some karsevak was carrying. However, whole thing remains mystery till today and Sessions Court also discharged the chief conspirator Hussain Umarji as the learned Sessions Judge did not find any proof against him. However, he found 31 guilty and 63 were discharged. Less than 24 hours before this unfortunate incident Gujarat began burning and hundreds were massacred on 28th February in Ahmedabad itself. The main incidents of Gulbarg Society in which 63 people were killed and Narodapatia in which 100 persons died took place on the very first day. Riots broke out simultaneously in many cities and towns of North and Central Gujarat. However, South Gujarat remained relatively calm.

That this was not a spontaneous outburst, there seems to be strong ground. It is also alleged by quite senior police officers like R.B.Srikumar (Chief of Intelligence) and Sanjeev Bhatt what at the time was deputy of Srikumar maintain that Mr. Narendra Modi convened a meeting of senior police and other government officers on the evening of 27th February and instructed them not to interfere if the Hindus express their emotions against Muslims.

Of course this is being denied by Modi and the SIT Chief Mr. Raghavan, appointed by the Supreme Court to inquire into the complaint filed by the widow of the slain M.P. Mr. Jafari in Gulbarg Society also says there is no proof or record of any such meeting convened by the Chief Minister Modi. But, whole thing is disputed and there are claims and counter-claims and circumstantial evidence to show that such a meeting cannot be ruled out.

Whatever the case the violence went on and on and the police either kept away or actively helped the mob in killing and looting and maiming people. The violence went on for nearly three months of which it was most intense during the first week. All major incidents took place during this week. Chief Minister cannot wash his hands off in any case as he totally failed to control the situation. Even the Supreme Court was forced to observe that Nero was fiddling when Rome was burning.

And as far as evidence collected by independent agencies and People’s Tribunal which included two retired Supreme Court judges Krishna Iyer and P.B.Sawant and a retired high court judge Justice Suresh Hospet also seriously indicted Narendra Modi and his administration for what happened in Gujarat. Also, Tehelka did a sting operation in which it talked to various actors of the Gujarat violence and they boasted that Narendra Modi had assured them that nothing will happen to them and he organized their hiding in various places including Mt. Abu for six months. The whole thing was produced in one of the Tehelka issue on the eve of 2007 elections of Gujarat Assembly.

Even then BJP Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee advised Narendra Modi to remember his rajyadharma which itself is an indirect indictment of Modi’s failure to control the situation, if not his involvement. Even Raghavan of SIT who allegedly gave Narendra Modi ‘clean chit’ had to admit Modi’s acts of omission and commission which by themselves amount to serious indictment of Modi and his administration. It is no clean chit by any stretch of imagination. Gujarat riots of 2002 are a serious blot on the secular character of

India. Every riot, big or small is, that way a blot of the secular character but Gujarat particularly much more so. Nothing of the kind had happened with open state complicity before. Never any chief minister had justified such unprecedented communal violence as Narendra Modi did and called it reaction to action (i.e. Gujarat violence against Muslims was reaction to action in Godhra train burning).

Here firstly Narendra Modi assumed, without any proof whatsoever, that the S6 compartment was set to fire by Muslims of Godhra (which no responsible chief minister could do before even an iota of prima facie evidence) was available and here Mr. Modi made this statement in his public statement. Secondly the Modi Government fully backed the BJP-VHP call for bandh on 28th Feb and even permitted dead bodies off karsevaks being taken out in procession which was direct provocation to commit violence. Even a police officer, let alone a chief minister, will allow such a thing especially when situation is so critical. This also shows that state did not mind violence and proves state complicity. And the fact that communal violence directly helped chief minister itself is enough evidence to show he not only looked the other way when such unprecedented violence was taking place but also allegedly facilitated it. A study of pattern of voting in Gujarat of elections of 2002 also clearly showed that wherever communal violence took place on large scale BJP won with great margins (in North and Central Gujarat) and wherever violence did not take place either BJP lost or won with very narrow margin.

It clearly shows why and by whom riots were organized. Before 2002 BJP was badly losing all elections from Zilla Panchayat to Assembly by-elections and it was feared BJP would certainly loose 2002 assembly elections. It was this unprecedented carnage that enabled BJP to win elections by polarizing the Hindu votes across the castes and forgetting all the frauds and scandals which had rocked Gujarat in previous years. Mr. Patel the chief minister during whose regime all the scandals had taken place was replaced by Narendra Modi who was known for his hard Hindutva and who could use Hindutva card to make people forget those economic scandals. Thus we see that by organizing massacre of Muslims he not only washed out BJP sins of corruption and scandals in Gujarat but also became an important Hindutva icon in India. And of course he also came to be hated by minorities and secular forces. As happens he also developed strong dictatorial tendencies and came to be feared by all including Hindutva forces. He successfully suppressed free debates on any issue in Gujarat assembly. No one dare raise voice against him. But now that he is being berated by the courts and all his sins are being exposed he is feared much less.

Here I would like to throw some brief light as to how Gujarat carnage of 2002 was different from other communal riots in independent India and what lessons do we learn from Gujarat? How can we prevent Gujarat-like massacre happening again? These are two important questions.

Gujarat carnage was much different from all other incidents of communal riots since Jabalpur riots. First of all what happened was not at all communal riot but an organized carnage, some calling it even genocide. It was not fight between two communities but well-organised attack by a section of majority community with full help from entire state machinery. Some cabinet ministers were even using police control room for this purpose. Never before such a thing has happened. We have instances of government authorities looking the other way but never of lending helping hand.

Not only state machinery played crucial role in aiding and abetting the rioters but also played important role in post-violence period sensing the mood of Narendra Modi. Relief was organized half-heartedly and tried to wind up within a month and when some people pointed out for continued relief as vast number of people were still not able to return to their homes and hearths, Modi said should I run baby producing factories? He said this since few women were pregnant at the time of massacre and gave birth to babies in relief camps.

The compensation paid to the victims was extremely meager. Some people were paid as little as Rs.500/- for their house demolished or shop completely looted and those who refused to accept were threatened with arrest on fake charges. They were made to write that it is in full and final payment for damages suffered. Even such payments were not made and recently the Gujarat High Court lambasted Modi Government for non-payment of compensation to some religious places damaged during the riots.

Also more than 300 riot cases were closed saying no evidence available and it was only Supreme Court ordered them re-opened. And it was in Gujarat that certain cases like the Best Bakery case was tried outside Gujarat (in Mumbai) as judicial machinery was also communalized. Most of the prosecutors appointed by the state belonged to or were activists of, VHP. The witnesses had no protection and they refused to give evidence.

It was only in Gujarat that the Supreme Court had to appoint Special Investigation Team (SIT) to make inquiry into certain cases like Gulbarg Society case in which 63 persons including a former M.P. were killed. Never before such a thing had happened in any other riot including Mumbai riots of 1992-93

It is a decade since 2002 genocide and yet hundreds of refugees are there in refugee camps and are unable to go back to their homes in various villages. Even today they are prevented from returning to their homes imposing stringent and humiliating conditions. In most of the riots it does not take more than few months for refugees to return. Thus the Sadbhavna mission was a great joke just to rehabilitate the image of Narendra Modi at state cost.

What lesson do we learn from Gujarat genocide of 2002? The fascist force’s in India find it easy to misuse religion for bringing fascism which BJP almost succeeded in Gujarat in bringing and referring to it as Hindutva laboratory. It is highly necessary to fight Hindutva in India through strengthening secularism and secular forces. In Gujarat though communal forces have weakened to some extent but it is yet miniscule achievement. A great deal of concerted efforts needs to be made to take on this challenge. In Gujarat even Congress is nothing more than soft Hindutva and Congress High Command is also unable to do anything.

Secularism in all BJP ruled states has been weakened as in M.P. all Hindu rituals like Surya Namaskar are being introduced in government schools. Only communal riots should not alarm us but deeper communalization of state machinery should engage our attention. A concerted educational campaign for secular awareness needs to be built up warning people of danger of Hindutva and Hindutva fascism. Our educational system needs to be thoroughly secularized. Spread of fascism in the form of communalism is far more dangerous than communal violence

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Thu Mar 01, 2012 7:41 pm

The battle against forgetting

If we accept Gujarat 2002 as something ‘in the past,' as some would like us to, we threaten the meaning of our present, and endanger our future.

Among the human debris scattered around the courtyard of the Shah-e-Alam relief camp in Ahmedabad, the largest with over 10,000 survivors, are Saira (age 12), Afsana (age 11), Naina (age 12), Anju (age 12), Rukhsat (age 9), Nilofer (age 10), Nilofer (age 9), Hena (age 11). They are all survivors from Naroda Patiya. And they have seen things no child should see. They know words no child should have to learn.

“Balatkar” (Rape) — they know this word. “Mein bataoon didi?” (Shall I tell you?), volunteers a nine year old. “Balatkar ka matlab jab aurat ko nanga karte hain aur phir use jala dete hain” (Rape is when a woman is stripped naked and then burnt). And then she looks fixedly at the floor. Only a child can tell it like it is. For this is what happened again and again in Naroda Patiya — women were stripped, raped and burnt.” (The Survivors Speak, fact-finding by a women's panel, April 16, 2002. P. 13)

Nothing was left of these mutilated women — no bodies, no evidence, no justice. Nothing but the scars on this little girl's mind. I still remember her face, and today 10 years later, I wonder where she is, how she is making her way through life, scarred by this macabre, twisted image of rape. I wonder where those men are, the ones who butchered so many childhoods and got away with it. I wonder, again and again, at the State, whose constitutional duty it was to protect, that colluded in the massacre of its own citizens.

Ten years to the pogrom in Gujarat, I try to look back. But for me, like for thousands of survivors and activists, it is impossible. How does one look back at something that is so much a part of one's present? And so, Gujarat remains a wound that stays with me always, deep and continuous. I cried often in 2002. I still cry. And I guess that is all right. Because Gujarat should make us collectively weep. And make us truly ashamed of ourselves as a nation. ... ?css=print

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


Unread post by Al Zulfiqar » Fri Mar 02, 2012 12:55 am

now what could be a more telling fact?

Dr. Asgharali Engineer presenting a factual report and speaking out boldly against the butcher of gujarat..

while the bohra syedna befriends the butcher, praises him, felicitates him, pays him crores of rs and puts expensive shawls around his shoulders...

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


Unread post by profastian » Fri Mar 02, 2012 3:33 am

Al Zulfiqar wrote:now what could be a more telling fact?

Dr. Asgharali Engineer presenting a factual report and speaking out boldly against the butcher of gujarat..

while the bohra syedna befriends the butcher, praises him, felicitates him, pays him crores of rs and puts expensive shawls around his shoulders...
The difference is that Ajgar actions achieve nothing while Syedna's action are beneficial for his community.

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


Unread post by humanbeing » Fri Mar 02, 2012 8:25 am

Hi Prof
Lot has been discussed on this issue, Felicitating Na Mo was wrong. Gujarat Riot is no ordinary small petty street fight but organized butchering of innocent lives by such greedy leaders of the state.

Flattering or pleasing Na Mo did not avert any hardships on common bohra community. Muslims and Bohra in general still live in fear and submission in the state. If Sayedna (supreme leader of muslim bohra community) could not condemn acts of such murderous master minds for the sake and safety of its general community, then least he could do was maintain diplomatic political silence. What Na Mo was doing was wrong and obvious to Nation and World.

Flaterring Na Mo was a selfish act of safeguarding kothar’s investments in the state. The event was packaged and promoted in such way that scared commoners in the community accepted this as resort to peace. Even assuming that what sayedna sahib did was for well being of the community. Then by what logic and justice does shaking hands with murderers ensure safety of the community. What happened to the “Jalaal” and Supernatural Powers of sayedna Saheb of knowing Unknown.

If any political contacts has to be built to promote safety of the community, then it shall be on legal & ethical grounds. Buddying up with murderers and scamsters is not going to ensure safety. This goondas are not loyal to anyone. Such flattering will only lead to making them more powerful to rule already scared commoners.

Surely Sayedna sahib and kothar is in the good books of Na Mo now, but in future if any bohra stands for injustice he will be silenced.

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


Unread post by Humsafar » Fri Mar 02, 2012 10:09 am

profastian wrote:
Al Zulfiqar wrote:now what could be a more telling fact?

Dr. Asgharali Engineer presenting a factual report and speaking out boldly against the butcher of gujarat..

while the bohra syedna befriends the butcher, praises him, felicitates him, pays him crores of rs and puts expensive shawls around his shoulders...
The difference is that Ajgar actions achieve nothing while Syedna's action are beneficial for his community.
Speaking truth to power is "achieving nothing"? What sort of moral and intellectual compass do you operate by? Is that the same one which for you proves the validity of God on Dai's say-so?
By the same token, would also argue that Imam Hussain challenge to Yazid also "achieved nothing"? And the collaborators of Yazid brought benefit to the community?
And nalwala, although your simple-minded honesty and naivete are endearing, I've to admit that you always talk a lot and almost always say nothing.

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


Unread post by anajmi » Fri Mar 02, 2012 10:17 am

There is another way to look at it. Look at the life of luxury lived by the Dai. Palaces, expensive cars, palkhi bearers, abdes standing with folded hands etc etc. What has Asgar Ali Engineer achieved? Does anyone want to kiss his feet? Does anyone dread his kothar? What has he given to people other than freedom of thought from being abdes? Look at how much better off the abdes are with 2 kharas and 2 mithas and patlee sandaas!!

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Fri Mar 02, 2012 7:13 pm

Statement of Justice Hosbet Suresh

Gulberg Memorial 2002-2012

In Ahmedabad on February 27, 2012

How does one live with the recurring memories of a gruesome past? Of the hideous acts of mass murder, rape and destruction of properties and livelihood? We have recorded all such stories, as each one, the victims, and all kith and kin of the dead, narrated with tears in their eyes and with no hope of any future, in our report, Crime Against Humanity.

The dead cannot be resurrected but the living should hope to have a dignified future while their struggle seems to be eternal for justice and survival. We are here to express our solidarity with them and in that to make the government accountable.

Some people say that it is time for reconciliation. Does reconcile mean letting off the perpetrators? While those who committed mass murder, mass rape and mass destruction are free, and with no sense of remorse or regret, will there be any reconciliation?

Some people say that Gujarat has grown in forms of development and administration and therefore we forget what happened ten years ago. Who will say this? Women who were raped, would they say this? How does the so-called
development of Gujarat mean anything to them when the rapists are free? Children who have seen their mothers, sisters, being raped and killed, would they say that? What about the large numbers of people who have lost their
dear and near ones, would they say that?

Would they not ask what has happened to those who were responsible for the acts they committed? What did the administration do when such horrible crimes were being committed? Who gave the orders? What did the police do?
What did the ministers do? Above all, what did the chief minister do? None of these questions have been satisfactorily answered.

People may think of the South African experience of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission. I agree. Truth must come. In Desmond Tutu's words: "They must make a clean breast of what they did." Yes, it may amount to reopening of old wounds. But what he said is important. Our justification was that these wounds were actually festering and that reopening was crucial in so much as it meant you would be able to cleanse the wounds and pour a balm on them. There is no way you can deal with the past without opening wounds.

So you have to clean up the wounds; you have to tell the truth, and the truth becomes the basis for justice. One of the components of justice is proper reparation for all the victims of the 2002 carnage. "Sadhbhavna" without truth and justice is only a farce and has no meaning.

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


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10 Years of Resistance: Anhad salutes ‘women of resilience’

Ahmedabad: “She wants to become a pilot, and come what may I will make my daughter study as much as she wants. I want her to ‘fly’ high in life”, this is what Mahboobbibi Ansari has to say.

Mahboobbibi lost her husband in the cruel communal frenzy of 28th February 2002. “It was for a difference of few seconds that I missed my husband behind and could run to save my life. They caught hold of him”, remembers
Mahboobbibi who couldn’t control her tears as she proceeded to say “they cut his head with a sword and then burnt the entire body.”

Her husband while running for his life thought of his elderly mother-in-law who was not able to run, so he turned back to catch hold of her hand that they grabbed him and his mother-in-law.

Her brother Nayeem Shaikh was hurt badly on head, assuming that he is dead they left him. However, after they had gone Nayeem told his tale that he literally stopped breathing and controlled it for few minutes when they were checking whether he was still alive.

Mahboobbibi, 25 in 2002, left alone with a three year baby girl had a tough time even as she brought up her daughter Ghazala who is 13 today.

Mahboobbibi says, “my only regret is that I should have had studied in an English medium school and had become a big officer type. But, nevertheless, I shall make my daughter study as much as she wants.”

When asked where she studies, Mahboobbi quickly responded, she goes to St. George School in Faizal Park, Vatva she moved recently from Naroda Patia.

Scars of Mahboobbibi are deep rooted. She lost at least two immediate relatives and her bhabi (elder brother’s wife) suffered head injuries and but she recovered after a long time, so was her brother. Mahboobbibi reiterates, “I can never forgive them, I want them to be punished if not hanged they should at least be given a life sentence. We were innocent people. What had we done to them or for that matter to the people of this world that my husband and mother were so brutally killed? Everyday that sad day dances before my eyes; I don’t want to remember it but I can’t forget it too.”

Today she is busy stitching as many clothes as possible which she gets from a ready made manufacturer. She wants her daughter to study so she is saving every little penny for her future. She doesn’t speak of savings for her
daughter’s wedding; instead she wants to save the money for her daughter’s best education.

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


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profastian wrote:
Al Zulfiqar wrote:now what could be a more telling fact?

Dr. Asgharali Engineer presenting a factual report and speaking out boldly against the butcher of gujarat..

while the bohra syedna befriends the butcher, praises him, felicitates him, pays him crores of rs and puts expensive shawls around his shoulders...
The difference is that Ajgar actions achieve nothing while Syedna's action are beneficial for his community.
But at what cost?

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


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Maqbool wrote:
profastian wrote: The difference is that Ajgar actions achieve nothing while Syedna's action are beneficial for his community.
But at what cost?
No cost at all. The murders are committed and nothing can be done, even if you do shout it from the rooftops. The prudent thing is to felicitate Modi when he is in power now, so people of the community can be protected a little, and he will be got rid of as soon as he loses power.

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


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Congratulations to all and especially to IAMC (Indian American Muslim Council) and its members for their relentless pursuit of justice, peace and brotherhood across diverse cultural, religious and political fabric of this amazing tapestry of secular India and its citizens living in and out of India.

First the revocation of Narendra Modi's Visa to US--this in itself was a remarkable achievement by IAMC (then IMC) and now followed by this resolution in US Congress.

"I am happy to let everyone know that a resolution recognizing the tenth anniversary of the tragic communal violence in Gujarat, India has been introduced in the 112th Congress.
Rep. Mr Ellison submitted the resolution in the House of Representatives.

The resolution number is H.RES.569

Jawad Khan
IAMC - Executive Board Member

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


Unread post by anajmi » Sat Mar 03, 2012 10:57 am

No cost at all. The murders are committed and nothing can be done, even if you do shout it from the rooftops. The prudent thing is to felicitate Modi when he is in power now, so people of the community can be protected a little, and he will be got rid of as soon as he loses power.
Well said. That is quite an example your Dai has set for you and you are setting for your kids. Curse Yazid that existed 14 centuries ago as that doesn't cost anything but felicitate the one of your own times so that your own arse can remain safe. Didn't expect anything better from you.

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


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Muslims are Gujarat’s new outcastes: Survey

About 16,000 Muslims displaced by the riots are still living in relief colonies that are denied even the most basic amenities.

The riots displaced more than 2 lakh people across the state.

These people remained displaced for almost two years after 2002. However, NGOs and Muslim relief organisations settled a total of 16087 people in 83 different relief colonies.“These are the people who cannot or dare not return to their original place of residence and have been living in shelters for the last 10 years,” said Vijay Parmar, CEO of Janvikas.

The 2002 communal riots not only drove Muslims into new ghettos all over the state, they also reduced them to the status of second-class citizens who do not seem to exist for the government. This is the finding of a city-based NGO, Janvikas, which conducted a survey on the status of the minority community in the state after the riots.

The survey has revealed that Muslims are the new outcastes who, more often than not, are denied basic facilities which are available to people of other communities. Not only that. It appears that this neglect of the community is officially sanctioned for the riot victims find no mention in government records as people who need help.

The neglect of the minority community is evident even in efforts to resettle them as little has been done to provide them access to government schemes, health facilities and loans.

The 83 relief colonies that were built after the riots are almost all located in Muslim majority areas. Fifteen of them are situated in Ahmedabad and the support they receive from the state government is negligible.

"The government did next to nothing for creating awareness about social security schemes meant for Internally Displaced People (IDP)," said Khatunben, a resident of Citizen Nagar, a relief colony in Ahmedabad.

The houses in which the displaced people have been living since 2002 have not been formally transferred to their names.

There has also been a sharp decline in the earnings of almost every displaced individual. The survey has revealed that the average annual income of displaced Muslims in Ahmedabad has come down by 31% as compared to their income before the riots. ... ey_1657290

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


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Master asks Modi

Nazir Master has asked some pertinent questions to the Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi in an open letter:

• As per public perception you wanted Genocide on Muslims of Gujarat, is it correct?
• Communal riots take place, people are burnt alive, girls and women are raped in the broad daylight…is this not an insult and blow to Gujarat’s dignity and honour?
• Your role is prominent in the Communal riots of 2002. Some IPS officers have also named you for it, then why don’t you declare your involvement in it?
• Why don’t you make the order public which you issued to the police officers on the eve of 27th February 2002, what did you say to them?
• Your comment before media was “it was action’s reaction” which you gave soon after the Godhra tragedy. Does it suit a Chief Minister to give such a comment?
• You are not allowing the appointment of Lokayukta in the state by creating some drama or the other.
• You used to say in 2002 that you don’t need Muslims’ votes then why did you go to Kathlal and delivered speech to draw them towards you?
• Do you equally care for the Muslims of Gujarat when you speak of six crore Gujaratis?
• Do you accept what the then Prime Minister of India Atal Bihari Vajpayee had said that you forgot to observe the “Raaj Dharma”?
• Soon after Godhra you rushed there to console, why did you not go to Naroda Patia or Gulberg to solace the victims who were alive and survivors?
• Aren’t you prejudiced? When you went to Shah Alam camp with Mr.Vajpayee you did not bother to wipe the tears of the effected and survivors?
• Despite the fact that you were aware of the damage done to the Muslim properties be it dargahs, graveyard and mosques, you did not bother to take its repairing and reconstruction’s responsibility. Why?
• Immediate compensation is announced for the earthquake victims, what made you not work for the same for the victims of 2002?

Naroda Patia, Ahmedabad: He was running with his limping and bleeding leg (he was hurt by a tear gas shell thrown by police) all through the day and evening when finally he saw there was no place left to hide himself and the dance of death was on at Naroda Patia.

Just one day before that nasty and cruel day he was a respected ‘Master’ of the area where Hindus and Muslims both equally loved and respected him for his skills and abilities in the field of teaching. He taught many children of the area.

The Master ran for his life, after seeing the cold blooded murders being carried out openly in the area where they were living by a large group of hooligans led by the local VHP leaders, shouting anti-Muslim slogans. He was seeing death from his naked eye. His leg was injured so was his right ear and he couldn’t run. He had to decide quickly he ordered his wife to run away with his son and daughter with others who were running away to save their life.

‘He found no place to hide himself, everywhere they were chasing and killing us’ remembers Master. Suddenly he realized that near his house there was an underground water tank, Master slipped into it and kept hidden in the 4 and half feet deep water for several hours of the cold night. He stood inside the water, with his feet bleeding and ear paining miserably. But, he wanted to live.

Hours after the hiding when he slowly came up sliding the lid, he knew that he would die but he had already started dying in the cold water now, but, when he came out he heard some people breathing their last, some raped women, lot of murdered people here and there. He was shocked and aghast yet he controlled himself. He knew it was a genocide in Naroda Patia with the area people fully involved in it.

But, Master, a sensible and truly educated man carries no hatred for Hindus or his people of the area, all children students are his own. He goes to them, they come to him; the link of teaching has kept them bonded. Perhaps this is the biggest wonder that education plays. ... im+News%29

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


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Yakub deserves a ‘Bharat Ratna’: Prof J S Bandukwala

Ahmedabad: Rape is a double-edged sword, first leading to physical violation and second to social ostracisation in most societies. This is a common reason to mask the identity of rape victims for fear of social stigma. Strangely, during the 2002 riots, Muslim women, some of them burqa clad and most of them from tightly-knit rural communities never betrayed the kind of shame or guilt that rape victims are expected to show.

Prof J S Bandukwala said “all praise according to me goes to Bilquis’ husband Yakub Rasool who has not only stood by his wife despite she was raped several times during the riots in 2002, but, he also protects her and takes full care of her. He earns petty money by selling milk pouches but has been looking after his wife. I feel such MEN should be awarded and rewarded with ‘Bharat Ratna’ awards for their real bravery. Yakub is indeed a living example of resilience and commitment.

Generally in such cases the first one to disown the woman is the husband even as the whole world deserts you.” But, in case of Bilquis her husband stood like a wall protecting her till today after she suffered such a wrath during Gujarat genocide a decade ago” explained Bandukwala.

Bandukwala whose house was ransacked and he got “peanuts in the name of compensation form the State and Central Government (Rs. 40,000 from Modi Government and Rs. 3.5 lakhs from Centre) against its market value of Rs. four crores”

Bandukwala said “in Gujarat the definition of good and bad people has been changed by Vaishnism and Jainism who label ‘bad’ to all those who take non-vegetarian food and alcohol and those who don’t take it as ‘good’.

Youth have been misled and adulterated with wrong information and hatred. As a result Bandukwala said “my own students who love me and adore me and tell me “sahib tame amama prabhu chho” “refuse to drink water that is offered by me”, what type of Hindutva is it? asked Bandukwala.

Prof said we should make sure that Muslim children do not drop out from schools. In Godhra we made it possible to pay the fee of the children of POTA arrested families (nearly 90 of them) thus their education was not hampered and it stopped them from going astray.

Regarding change in attitudes of people Bandukwala said “a dear friend of mine, a popular writer of Gujarat who used to say that “Bandukwala is not only the leader of Muslims but of Hindus also has taken a U-turn and now says that “Bandukwala is the friend of terrorists”. ... im+News%29

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


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After a riot, homes can be rebuilt but what about trust in humanity? Another Gujarat story.

The entire block of houses still stands in ruins — abandoned, ravaged, charred. Nothing has changed since these homes were assaulted by mobs blinded by hate. It is as though time has stood still these 10 years. I tiptoe through the rubble of rooms in which 69 people were slaughtered, among them Ehsan Jafri, a former Parliamentarian, lawyer and poet.

By my side is Ehsan Jafri's daughter Nishrin, composed and gentle. ‘This was my father's library', she says, pointing to a blackened wall. “He loved books, and they were piled high to the roof.”

On February 28, 2002, in that same library, and the adjacent office room, nearly a hundred men, women, and children huddled together, terrified. As surging crowds of young men screaming for their blood surrounded their housing society, they ran for safety to the house of the former MP, hoping he would save them. But his frantic calls to senior police officers, and allegedly the Chief Minister himself, were futile. Mobs threw fireballs into the house, and soon the rooms were thick with smoke. Jafri himself was dragged out, and his limbs hacked before he was burned to death, murdered with nearly 70 others who he had tried vainly to save.

Nishrin takes me up the flight of stairs of their bungalow, open to the sky. Jafri had sent the women and children to the room upstairs, even as the mobs threw Molotov cocktails and the foulest abuse. But Nishrin does not speak of these; instead she recalls how every Deepavali, the entire staircase used to be lit with earthen lamps.

Among those cowering in this room was the domestic help of the Jafri household, Leelabai. Zakia Jafri, Nishrin's mother, took her into the verandah outside with folded hands before the murderous mobs. “She is a Hindu,” she pleaded. “Why should she die?” The crowd let her flee to freedom. The building was by then set aflame from all sides; it was the strength of the construction which finally saved those who were hiding in the first storey.

“I was aware of my family's pain but had never fully realised that our loss in Gujarat's communal riots was only a minor footnote in a vast library of rewritten lives... Even one decade after... so many families still learn daily what it is to be beghar...The word ‘beghar' encapsulates the chill of loss and emotional vacuum, pairing homelessness with hopelessness. Though a home can be built, or rebuilt, to become beghar is to have a loss of identity and crisis of belonging which compromises the very basis of one's being.” ... 981161.ece

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


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*Gujarat Pogrom of 2002 condemned by City of Harvey, IL Resolution*

The city's resolution comes in the wake of resolution HRES 569 introduced in the House by Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN) calling on the government of Gujarat to restore religious freedom and expressing concern over the state government's alleged complicity in the mass killings.

"The Harvey City Council condemns the Gujarat Pogrom of 2002 as a gross violation of human rights and a failure of the law and order machinery in the State of Gujarat," states the resolution. The Council also expressed concern that "despite worldwide horror and condemnation, the surviving victims have been denied justice and due process." There have been very few arrests and even fewer convictions arising out of the cases registered during and after the mass killings.

"There are times when events in far-flung parts of the world not only move our hearts, but strengthen our resolve to always stand up for truth and justice. The horrific massacres that took place in the Indian state of Gujarat in 2002 is one such event," said Harvey City Mayor Eric Kellogg in a historic speech after the passing of the resolution. "The fact that such horrific violence took place in the birth place of Mahatma Gandhi, who was the ambassador of peace and harmony, is especially shameful," Mayor Kellogg added. He also praised the Indian American community in Harvey for their contributions in the field of relief, charity and social services, and resolved to raise funds for the victims of the Gujarat pogrom. ... dium=email

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Wed Apr 11, 2012 7:15 pm

It hasn’t quite panned out that way. Ten years on, the leading light who presided over the pogrom against a community is still the arbiter of Gujarat’s destiny. On the tenth anniversary of the Godhra train carnage and subsequent holocaust, Narendra Modi, belligerent as ever, lashed out at the “Gujarat bashers” who, in his warped perception, were leaving no stone unturned to disrupt the peace, communal harmony and brotherhood being witnessed in the State. Unconcerned with the truth, he berated them for “trying to poison society and inject disharmony between communities.” He rounded off his diatribe with the most blatant lie: “The State has laid a stronger foundation for unity and brotherhood that has helped it gain inherent strength to reach new heights of development and progress”.

Paradoxically, those whom Modi described as “Gujarat bashers” are actually the very people who have been working against all odds for justice for the victims, for recognising minorities as equal citizens. Their only crime is that they refuse to allow Modi and his ilk to forget the dark underbelly of unpunished crimes, of injustice, of discrimination. Modi and his loyalists are against anybody defending the human rights of a troubled, besieged community.

Apologists for the events of 2002 refer to what happened in Gujarat as a communal riot. A riot would essentially imply that members of both communities actively participated in the mayhem that followed the Godhra train burning. But what actually happened was a fascist pogrom, a genocide involving a predator and a victim. It is bone- chilling to think that lakhs of people were abettors of cold-blooded murder and destruction of property. There is now no violence but the overpowering atmosphere of distrust, of hate, of prejudice hangs like a black cloud over Gujarat.

Gujarat continues to live in a chamber of horrors, unable to exorcise the ghosts of 2002. This is because there has been neither retributive justice nor any form of reconciliation. Gujarat is unique in that the ruling establishment has, for the last 10 years, obstructed justice at every turn. To begin with, in hundreds of cases, the Gujarat Police, by refusing to file FIRs, prevented the cases from reaching the judiciary. Due to brazen subversion of the criminal justice system by the police and State appointed public prosecutors, the Supreme Court had to step in and order the transfer of certain cases outside the State and the reopening of more than 2000 cases. But despite the Apex Court’s noble efforts, justice continues to evade the victims of 2002. The delivery of justice has been painfully slow, with only a few convictions in the last 10 years. Most galling is the fact that the perpetrators of the most bestial and sadistic deeds remain free. The names that readily come to mind are Babu Bajrangi who claims to have split open a pregnant woman and destroyed the foetus; Dhimanth Bhatt, the Chief Auditor of MS University, Baroda; Ashok Mocha who lead a mob that set fire to the houses of 40 Muslim families in Shahpur area.

The ubiquitous TV cameras captured hundreds like them who had participated in the mayhem but they roam free, like ordinary men in the street. One is reminded of Hannah Arendt’s description of Adolf Eichmann’s deportment and demeanour during his trial, which she termed “the banality of evil.” Gujarat today has more than its fair share of human beings who fit this description.

Let alone the colossal failure of the justice delivery system on account of which the guilty have not been punished, there is also no attempt at reconciliation between the two communities. Prior to 2002, the discrimination and hatred towards the Muslims was covert. There was the pretence of civility, the veneer of civilised interaction. Even that’s gone and the gloves are now off. The hate and the discrimination are now in-your-face. Today, the Muslims of Gujarat are socially, politically and economically marginalised. A fascist middle class is leading the assault with their insidious, toxic right-wing thinking. Every institution of governance has been infiltrated by the adherents of the Hindu rashtra concept. Even sections of Dalits and adivasis have joined hands with their one-time oppressors in this first experiment in the laboratory of Hindu Rashtra. More than ever before, the Muslim in Gujarat is viewed as “the other.” Clarence Darrow, the humanist who fought relentlessly for the rights of blacks in America, had famously observed that no matter what laws we pass, unless people are kind and decent and human to one another, there can be no peaceful co-existence or liberty. In the ultimate analysis, “peace and freedom come from human beings rather than from laws and institutions.” Sadly, Gujarat today has little of brotherhood or the “Indian spirit”.

Marginalising the Muslim and creating a permanent rift between communities is barely disguised State policy in Gujarat. The State Government has enacted a law preventing distress sale of property in areas dominated by another community, clearly with the intention of isolating and segregating Muslims in ghettos. The State Government has refused to implement the Central scheme of scholarships for Muslims on grounds that it did not subscribe to special privileges for religious minorities. Muslims are under-represented in every sector, more disadvantaged than the Dalits. There are fewer number of mixed schools than in 2002. Juhapara, which is the largest Muslim ghetto in Ahmedabad, is not provided with the civic amenities available in other colonies.

The State has refused to rebuild around 400 dargahs and mosques that were destroyed in 2002. Compensation paid to those who lost everything in that period of madness is a mere pittance. Modi knows that keeping alive his image as a Muslim baiter enhances his popularity in a deeply polarised society. The problems of Muslims have to be seen through this prism of alienation.

Gujarat today is seen as the powerhouse of economic development, a model for others to follow. The Vikas Purush is the darling of the corporate world which is ever willing to barter its soul for filthy lucre. What is little known but a strong reason for the adulation is the punitive anti-labour laws in place which sanction the hiring and firing of employees at will. It is also a fact that government land is being leased to corporates for a song. Of course, there is no denying that there is tremendous economic development so who cares that it is not equitable and inclusive.

The tweets of the CEO of Gujarat are an exercise in unabashed self-adulation. Sample this: “The history of the world is the history of a few men who had faith in themselves.” He is now clearly eyeing the top post in the land, hence the change in tactics. The Sadbhawana yatras, the talk of peaceful co-existence and brotherhood are aimed at camouflaging his real persona of a ruthless, Right-wing pracharak. He knows that the policy of polarisation of communities which is so successful in Gujarat will not work on the national stage. Had the Mahatma been alive today, he might have gently reminded Modi that fraternity and brotherhood, like non-violence, “is not a garment to be put on and off at will. Its seat is in the heart and it must be an inseparable part of our being.”

Disinformation, half-truths and double speak dominate the public space in Gujarat today. There is also black comedy on display. DG Vanzara, the police officer who is in Sabarmati jail in connection with fake encounter killings, who was the hatchet man of the powers that be and lined his pockets as recompense, has not only recently completed his PG diploma in “Value Education and Spirituality,” but has also written two books on spiritualism and humanity, which have become best sellers. In Modi’s Gujarat, you don’t have to practice what you preach!

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Sat May 12, 2012 4:00 pm

Patels have let down Vallabhbhai

The Patel is seen by his fellow Gujaratis as kind-hearted but quick to violence. In mutilating little Muslim girls and boys, Patels think they’re honouring their hero Vallabhbhai

As Gujaratis are finally being convicted for their barbarism, a remarkable fact has emerged. We can observe this fact in the names of those convicted.

The latest judgement came on 4 May, when those who murdered Ayesha Vohra, Nuri Vohra and Kader Vohra during the 2002 riots were convicted. All 9 Convicts are PATELS.

On 9 April came convictions for the murder of 23 Muslims in Odh village. All 21 Convicts are PATELS.

On 9 November, 31 Hindu men were convicted of murdering 11 children, 17 women and five men in Sardarpura village of Mehsana district. The Muslims were labourers who worked on the fields of those who killed them. All the 31 murderers are PATELS.

Last month, on 16 April, the trial of 85 men was completed in the massacre of 11 Muslims, including five children, in the Dipda Darwaja area of Visnagar. The accused include former Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA Prahlad Patel, who led the mob, and the police officer who investigated the case shoddily, M.K. Patel. A mob of 200 men, all of them Patels, murdered and then cut the bodies of their neighbours to pieces. At a “peace” meeting three days later, the Patels refused to hand over the remains to the surviving member of that family, Murad Khan. Three women are accused of handing petrol and kerosene to the men to burn the corpses. The women are Gita Patel, Madhu Patel and Manjula Patel.

H.M. Dhruv, who defended the men who murdered 11 children in Sardarpura, told the court the Patels were “influenced by conditions”. The Patels’ other defence lawyer, B.C. Barot, told the court the men’s behaviour was a “reaction to an action”. I disagree.

Murdering people you know as vengeance for the murder of people you did not know by other people you did not know is not a reaction.

After they were found guilty, The Indian Express reported many of the Patels exited the court smiling.

The most feared men in Gujarat, the Vishva Hindu Parishad’s Jaideep Patel and the frightening Babu ‘Bajrangi’ (who told Tehelka he felt like Maharana Pratap after slaughtering Muslims), are Patels. The Patels line up solidly behind the BJP and four of Narendra Modi’s nine cabinet ministers are Patels. To the extent that they have a leader, it is Keshubhai, the 81-year-old former chief minister.

In mutilating little Muslim girls and boys, Patels think they’re honouring their hero Vallabhbhai.

The truth is, of course, that he would be ashamed of them, and of belonging to their community.

Aakar Patel is a writer and columnist.Send your feedback to ... abhbh.html

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


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An Appeal to the Muslims of India

As concerned and patriotic citizens of India who recognize the fatally crucial importance of secularism as a constitutional and administrative principle, we are highly aggrieved by the state of affairs in Gujarat.
The Gujarat genocide of 2002 resulted in killing of nearly 2000 innocent citizens, mostly from India’s major minority community. As concerned citizens of India we are really perturbed at the subsequent pervasive subversion of government machinery to sabotage justice delivery to riot victims.

Let’s come together and make an impact! Let’s sign this petition, let’s try to be the change we want to see!

It is extremely painful to see the indifference in our community, though the community that suffered the most in Gujarat is ours.

People who are fighting for the rights of Muslims in Gujarat are all non Muslims ironically.

My request to the readers is to come forward, come together and raise your voice against the injustice being done with the Muslims in Gujarat, so that it does not get repeated anywhere in the country.

Please visit this page to sign the petition addressed to the President of India ... xcellency-... ... im+News%29

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Mon May 28, 2012 6:24 pm

Muslims perform 'Kanyadan' of Hindu girl in riot-hit village

Vadodara : In a heart-warming tale of communal amity, a Muslim youth performed 'Kanyadan' of a tribal Hindu girl at a village ravaged during the 2002 post-Godhra riots even as her own relatives stayed away.

The members of the Muslim community living in the Soni locality of Panwad village in Kawant taluka extended a helping hand to Madhuben Rathwa, a tribal widow, making arrangements and playing the host at the wedding earlier this week.

"We decided to help Alpa (Madhuben's daughter) as she has no brother and her widowed mother is an 'anganwadi' worker. Theirs is the only Hindu tribal family in the Muslim-dominated Soni locality of the village," a villager Farid Soni said.

With fellow villagers Vallibhai Patel, Rehman Soni, Rasul Tailor and others, Farid shouldered the responsibility of taking care of the 'Baraatis' who came from Vav village for Alpa's marriage with Rajesh Rathwa.

"We also presented her jewellery and other household items. The entire expenditure over these was borne by members of our community," he said.

Acknowledging their generosity, Madhuben said, "The marriage ceremony of my daughter could not have taken place without the help from the members of the Muslim community as my own relatives stayed away. This may be due to my staying in this locality of the village," she said.

"It was a most enjoyable event and we were very excited about Alpa getting married. Members of our community wholeheartedly participated in it," said Rehman, delighted at the ceremony passing off smoothly.

The village was torn by communal strife in 2002 after the Godhra train carnage and several Muslim families had to flee the frenzy when tribals caused heavy damage to their properties.

Though no one died in the communal flare-up in Panwad, the wounds took years to heal.

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


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Allegation of discrimination of Muslim students in Gujarat schools sparks row

NEW DELHI: The Central Advisory Board for Education (CABE) saw some fireworks after social activist Shabnam Hashmi's controversial remark that minorities were being discriminated against in Gujarat schools drew the ire of the state education minister. As the debate threatened to turn acrimonious, HRD minister Kapil Sibal intervened asking Hashmi to send him evidence of such discriminatory practices.

Hashmi, a newly-appointed CABE member, on Tuesday said, "After 2002 there have been instances when minority students have been struck off the school rolls and there are some schools where children from minority communities do not get admission." She was speaking at a discussion on implementation of Right to Education (RTE) in states. The CABE meeting included educationists, directors and vice-chancellors from various universities, state education ministers and officials and HRD minister and officials.

No sooner had she finished that Gujarat education minister Ramanlal Vora retorted, ``Gujarat has 32,000 primary schools. You cannot speak like this...please name the schools....''

Sensing that the situation could get acrimonious Sibal, who was chairing the meeting, pacified Vora and Hashmi to send him the names of the schools. ``If there are cases of discrimination, we will look into it,'' he assured both. Hashmi later said that she would send the names and photographs of schools. ... 881581.cms