Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Wed Jun 13, 2012 6:47 pm


I have never known a riot which has used the sexual subjugation of women so widely as an instrument of violence as in the recent mass barbarity in Gujarat.

Girls' and women's bodies were subjected to ""almost inexhaustible violence, with infinitely plural and innovative forms of torture … their sexual and reproductive organs were attacked with special savagery"". A doctor who examined victims in a local hospital reported injuries inflicted with a brutality he had not seen before. Women working in a relief camp in Ahmedabad reported to the International Initiative for Justice in Gujarat: ""There were many women bleeding, injured, naked. Many women had bite marks on their breasts. Three women were raped with wooden rods inserted in their vaginas. They were bleeding. We cleaned these women's wounds after removing the objects inserted into their bodies"". Reports on the violence in Gujarat concur on the pattern of violence inflicted on women. It was not only deliberate but designed to inflict maximum suffering. It was long-drawn, intended to kill not outright but, almost identically everywhere, involving a prolonged gradually increasing pain and humiliation.

Several hundred Muslim girls and women were reportedly stripped and dragged naked before their own families and thousands of violent Hindu attackers who taunted and insulted them with obscene words and threatened them with rape and murder. They were then raped, often gang-raped, beaten with sticks or trishuls and swords, had breasts cut off and wombs slashed open by swords and rods violently pushed into their vaginas before a large number of them were cut into pieces or burned to death. The victims included young girls and old women, pregnant women and babies. According to local investigators, there were between 250 and 330 girls and women victims among the dead, the majority of whom had been raped or gang-raped before their deaths.

Several eye-witnesses testified before human rights groups that a young woman, Kausar Bano of Naroda Patiya, Ahmedabad, who was nine months pregnant, was gang-raped and had her womb cut open with a sword; her foetus was ripped out, hacked to pieces and flung on the fire. The mother's body was thrown on the fire as well. Police in Vadodara were reported by several witnesses to have hit the bodies of pregnant women with rifles shouting ""kill them before they are born"".

'What can you say about a woman eight months pregnant who begged to be spared. Her assailants instead slit open her stomach, pulled out her foetus and slaughtered it before her eyes. What can you say about a family of nineteen being killed by flooding their house with water and then electrocuting them with high-tension electricity? 'What can you say? A small boy of six in Juhapara camp described how his mother and six brothers and sisters were battered to death before his eyes. He survived only because he fell unconscious, and was taken for dead. A family escaping from Naroda-Patiya, one of the worst-hit settlements in Ahmedabad, spoke of losing a young woman and her three month old son, because a police constable directed her to "safety" and she found herself instead surrounded by a mob which doused her with kerosene and set her and her baby on fire. 'I have never known a riot which has used the sexual subjugation of women so widely as an instrument of violence as in the recent mass barbarity in Gujarat. There are reports every where of gangrape, of young girls and women, often in the presence of members of their families, followed by their murder by burning alive, or by bludgeoning with a hammer and in one case with a screw-driver."

In some cases police led terrified Muslims not to safety but towards violent Hindu mobs who then attacked them. In several places, police also took part in the attacks on Muslims, looting and burning houses along with the attackers.The Concerned Citizens Tribunal concluded, ""The shocking levels of police complicity in the Gujarat carnage cannot be over-emphasised"".

Many witnesses reported police saying that they did not have orders to save Muslim victims. Inspector of police, K.K. Mysorewalla is reported to have told victims seeking protection, ""today your time has come. We have been told not to help. These are orders from the top""

There is evidence that the crimes were pursuant to policies both of the government of Gujarat and of a number of organizations.It has been advanced by a group of organizations collectively called the Sangh Parivar (the collective Hindu family, which includes the BJP and other political and religious organizations). Proponents of Hindutva have consequently not only called for the elimination of Muslims from India but also defined women's bodies as the battleground on which the struggle to establish a Hindu state was to be carried out. Those motivated by Hindutva who instigated attacks by Hindu mobs in 2002 on Muslim girls and women did so specifically because women were seen as the biological and cultural reproducers and embodiments of the Muslim community which Hindu right wing activists saw as their duty to defile, violate and destroy.

Relating to the present, Muslims are cast by proponents of Hindutva as deliberately ""over breeding"" in order to outnumber the majority community. Linked to this are projections of Muslim males as virile, violent, sexually insatiable, a threat to Hindu women and as such to the survival of the Hindu community. The US-led ""war on terror"" has further contributed to reinforcing the equation ""Muslim-terrorist-enemy"" used by Hindu right wing organisations to feed fears of the ""Muslim menace"".

Muslim girls and women were targeted in Gujarat in 2002 not only because they were members of the Muslim community but specifically because they were ""the biological and cultural reproducers of the communities and their bodies symbolize the body of the community … In fact, Hindu men [saw] it as their function and duty to violate the bodies of Muslim women"". This is also reflected in the fact that Hindu attackers wore their Hindu ""uniform"" of saffron underwear, headband and khaki shorts indicating that they saw themselves as performing a service to Hindutva. Many observers have also pointed to the ""festive, carnivalesque aspect of the rampaging crowds"".

The Planning

Calls to rape Muslim girls and women were contained in pamphlets produced by the VHP and RSS and distributed in Ahmedabad months before the violence started. A VHP leaflet called Jihad (holy war), signed by VHP state general secretary Chinubhai Patel, calls on Hindus: ""We will cut them and their blood will flow like rivers. We will kill Muslims the way they destroyed Babri mosque"". It goes on to spell out the sexual nature of their communal hatred: ""The volcano which was inactive … has erupted, it has burned the arse of miyas [Muslim men] and made them dance nude. We have untied the penises which were tied till now. We have widened the tight vaginas of the bibis [women]""

"Planning for attacks against the minority community had begun much before February 27 (when Godhra incident occurred)," the People's Union for Democratic Rights said. "There had been a steady build-up of meetings, distribution of leaflets etc over the last two years, all propagating hatred and myths about the minority community," it added.

"After the Godhra incident, meetings were held in villages on February 27 and 28 to plan the details of the attacks. The use of similar methods across districts, such as swords of the same brand and gas cylinders, and the fact that the same mob went from place to place over a couple of days with impunity is further evidence of planning," it said. It said burning "seems to have been the preferred method (of rioters), so as not to leave evidence." "The fact that the Gujarat government supported the bandh of February 28 and March one despite its experience of large-scale violence against the minority community after a similar bandh in 2000, is evidence of its complicity in the violence right from the start," the Pudr alleged.

Justice Not Done

More than 100 Muslims have been charged under India's much-criticized Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA) for their alleged involvement in the train massacre in Godhra. No Hindus have been charged under POTA in connection with the violence against Muslims, which the government continues to dismiss as spontaneous and unorganized.

Although the Indian government initially boasted of thousands of arrests following the attacks, most of those arrested have since been acquitted, released on bail with no further action taken, or simply let go. Police regularly downgrade serious charges to lesser crimes - from murder or rape to rioting, for example - and alter victims' statements to delete the names of the accused.

Even when cases reach trial, Muslim victims face biased prosecutors and judges. Hindu and Muslim lawyers representing Muslim victims, and doctors providing medical relief to them, have also faced harassment and threats.

Hundreds of women and girls were brutally raped, mutilated, and burnt to death in Gujarat. The police have refused to pursue these cases.

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


Unread post by humanbeing » Thu Jun 14, 2012 1:07 am

After reading this soul stirring write up. My heart is trembling and conscience shaken !

What in the world, made sayedna sahib or his staff invite Na Mo to a personal function (salgirahs) .. Its another argument whether Na Mo is declare guilty or not ! but first observation he is wrong on 2 counts as a leader of the state and in authority and power he could have stopped such riots and second if these ghastly acts happened, then the monsters of the riots shall be punished severely, any person irrespective of religion committed crime under any provocation to kill innocent or guilty must be brought to justice. This oversight and lack of action to such ghastly acts of inhumanity makes Na Mo a sick sadistic ethicless man of devilish intent.

Its very disappointing to see Na Mo sitting shoulder to shoulder to sayedna sahib a bohra community head and abdes (including community leaders) running around these murderers for hospitality. Shame on Kothari leaders, least they could do was to keep a dignified diplomatic distance from such anti social ethic less devil murderers.

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Thu Jun 14, 2012 5:03 pm

My intent of posting this chilling article was to awaken the sleeping conscience of abdes who are all along living in a world of glory and fantasy and are satisfied and proud of the innumerable ziafats, hadiyats, urus jamans, mohurrum tamashas etc. etc. and in turn have lost all sense of humanity. Any person irrespective of caste/religion would condemn this present day shaitan in the harshest possible tone but here we have a so called spiritual leader who openly felicitates this devil and the likes of Advani, Thackerey etc.

Even a Hijra's blood would boil and would gain a sense of manliness but here we have abdes who fall on this devil's feet and jump on top of one another to get a photo session with him. Even the zaadas are not far behind which is evident from the event wherein the late Huzefabhai saab opted to celebrate this devil's birthday by cutting a birthday cake with him and had the audacity to chant 'Allahu Akber' thereafter.

The Rs.One crore cheque presented to this shaitan is obviously a part of the hard earned abde's money extorted from them under various headings which is spent in a so called 'Just Cause' which is to further finance more such heinous genocides of Muslims.

All this is done inspite of being well aware of the glaring evidence submitted by various NGOs, govt agencies and human rights organisations. Shame on the abdes, shame on the zaadas and shame on the Dai for stooping to such an unthinkable level !!!

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Wed Jun 20, 2012 6:44 pm

What are the minorities thinking in Gujarat ?

By Professor Juzar S. Bandukwala.
(He is a Dawoodi Bohra who house was burnt down during 2002 Gujarat Genocide and he has suffered immensely. He is ex-communicated (Baraat) from Bohra Community as he refused to tow the Dai's Line)

The Gujarat Muslim population is about 5.5 million, constituting about 10 % of the State population. The figures are lower then that of states like Assam ( 31 % ), West Bengal and Kerala ( 25 %) , UP ( 18.5 % ) and Bihar ( 17 %). Yet the spread of jamaats is most unusual. This is one state where Shia communities, though small in number, have yet played a vital part in the country.

Ithna Ishri Shias are mostly concentrated around Bhavnagar.Though small in number, they produced Mohammad Ali Jinnah. Aga Khan Khojas are equally small, but they have produced Azim Premji, the richest Indian Muslim. Similarly the Dawoodi Bohras are about 0.5 million in Gujarat, but they are highly educated and constitute the upper middle class to rich people. Among Sunnis, Memons were the wealthy elite in Saurashtra a hundred years ago. One of them Dada Abdullah sponsored the South Africa trip of the young lawyer, who later became the Mahatma. Similarly another Memon Abdul Habib Marfani, with business connection in Rangoon, financed the Indian National Army of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, who out of gratitude called him Sevak e Hind.

But with partition these rich and highly educated Muslims migrated from Gujarat, mostly to Pakistan or to Western countries. Those who remained were poor and mostly illiterate. Leadership passed easily in the hands of the ulema, which only compounded the problems of the community. To add to their plight, being a border state, so close to Karachi, a reverse migration also occured ,sharply increasing the communal consciousness of all people in Gujarat. Other than Gandhiji, political leadership within the State was not sympathetic to Gujarati Muslims. The conditions were ripe for the RSS in the State. It cleverly used this communal polarisation to unite all Hindus against Muslims. The weapon was communal riots that started from 1969, oddly when the country was celebrating Gandhiji's birth centenary, and Badshah Khan was in Gujarat. Muslims paid a heavy price , as the police, the media, intellectuals and top businessmen collaborated with the Government in the rapes, killings and destruction in Muslim localities.

This process continued over the next 33 years, with brief interludes of peace and stability. Gujarat became a fortress of the saffron forces.

No wonder top BJP leaders, including Vajpayee and Advani preferred to contest parliamentary elections from Gujarat, as the urban seats were very safe for them. Even the Gandhian movement , with a few honourable exceptions began to tilt towards the RSS. What a tragedy that peace marchers in the aftermath of the 2002 genocide, were not allowed inside Sabarmati Ashram.

2002 ultimately broke our back of Muslims . We were the the orphans of partition. The brutality on our women, particularly the use of trishuls on their private parts, for rape and killings will ever remain imbedded in our conscious. Note that these trishuls were blessed by Swaminarayan sants in public, before distribution to VHP and Bajrang Dal killers.

To the shame of the RSS / BJP the Government of Narendra Modi was directly involved in this genocide. The VHP President Ashok Singhal, praised the killings as " the will of Lord Ram ". The Gujarat VHP President, K.K.Shastri shamelessly said: " our boys did it ". This 95 year old mentally sick man was shockingly holding the august post of President ,Gujarat Sahitya Parishad, the highest literary body in the State. This august body was once presided by none other than Gandhiji. This just shows how far Gujarat has fallen from the sublime to the psychopath. No wonder there is no remorse, no sorrow for the inhuman behaviour . Rather every effort has been directed to cover up these gory incidents and prevent justice being done in Gujarat. As expected this state also has many godmen. Not one was ready to state in public that these rapes and murders carried out in the name of Lord Ram, amounted to a sin against Ram.

For Gujarat Muslims , this decade has been difficult, yet extremely fruitful. We have finally discovered ourselves, through faith in Allah and His Prophet. Our focus has been essentially on four targets :

1) Justice for the victims of 2002.
2) Quality education for all Muslims
3) Business and industry to generate wealth .
4) A constructive political involvement to amke Muslims a part of Gujarat society.

The first purpose has been substantially achieved. For the first time so many non Muslims have been sentenced to life imprisonement for the killings of 2002. Note that this has rarely happened in India earlier. Most of the guilty are landed Patels , who have a unusual hatred for Muslims. I wonder why ? Hopefully these judgements will temper their Muslim hate. The Muslims of Gujarat are deeply gratefull to social activists like Teesta Setalvad, who have taken their lives in their own hands to secure justice to our community. More important is the role of the Supreme Court , without whose paternal concern , justice would have been impossible. For Narendra Modi was very successful in blunting the lower judiciary and even the High Court. But he could not get around the Apex Court.

I mention here the manner in which he Nanavati Commission was totally compromised. This retired Supreme Court Justice was asked to investigate the riots. Simultaneously his two sons were appointed on high salaries as special Government prosecutors. No wonder Nanavati has done every thing possible to protect Modi.

The chances are his final report will never see the light of day, and the Commission will last as long as Nanavati lives, and then just fold up. Incidentally the other worthy Judge Akshay Mehta won his position by granting bail to the notorious Babu Bajrangi , so that he does not spend a single day in jail. Babu Bajrangi is the only individual whom I can never pardon. This butcher of Naroda Patiya slashed the pregnant Kausar Banu to kill her. He then used a sword to kill and lift the unborn child, proclaiming that he felt like Maharana Pratap. It is to the shame of Narendra Modi and Akshay Mehta that they are viewed as god fathers of Bajrangi .

The second issue of quality education is remarkable. Until 2002 secular education , particularly for girls, was a low priority for Muslims. Darul Ulooms , the equivalent of a University were every where. South Gujarat had 23 Darul Ulooms, as against just three colleges (that too of arts and commerce ). With 2002 the community mind set changed totally. Muslims realised that they can never cope with Hindutva, except through the highest level of education for their children. This decade saw a sharp rise of Muslim schools from 250 to about 700. Zidni Ilma Charitable Trust,a Vadodara based body focussed on quality education, is currently sponsoring 60 medical and 150 degree engineering students from poor and lower middle class families. These are students who in the pre 2002 period would never have gone to a professional college, due to high costs and also the views of the community. A greater satisfaction is the large increase in girls with excellent academic performance. In Zenith High School, a Vadodara based school, ten girls have secured marks between 84 % and 94 % in Science stream. Inshallah the community is a good furture ahead. But it pains that the level of boys education has not risen to the same extent . Why ?

Third the community has focussed on wealth generation. The bias against Muslims is so deep that it is difficult to get a Gujarat Government job. At a recent selection of about 980 mamlatdars and equivalent posts, only about 24 Muslims were selected. Fortunately this has led Muslims to self employment. The pressure of competition has forced them to be the best in their fields. No wonder the best car or freeze mechanics, electricians or plumbers , fanbrication or sofa cover specialists are Muslims. But higher up the same phenomemnon is found. Few know that a defence specialist in radioactive components is a Gujarati Muslim . This has led to nationalised banks opening up branches in Muslim areas. Yet the bias persists. YetWhile Muslim bank deposits are about 12 % ( higher then their population), yet loan disbursals are 2.6 %. much needs to be done. There are no top Gujarat Muslims corporates. Those who have succeeded, like Azim Premji or Habil Khorakiwala of Wockhardt, have migrated to other states.

But none can deny the wealth being generated within the community. This is reflected in larger and posher housing societies that were unknown just ten years ago. Further the architectural wonders have been created in the making of many of the mosques in these places. .

The flip side is the ghettoisation that plagues all Muslim localities in Gujarat. The fear of riots as well as the refusal of non Muslims to sell to Muslims, has forced Muslims into limited areas in every city. There is a sharp rise in population,but with no place for expansion. To make matters ugly the Modi Government has deliberately divided Muslim areas into different Municipal constituencies, so that a city like Vadodara has no Muslim Corporator. There is no voice in the supply of water or road maintainance or garbage removal or street lightening. It is sad that once we drive from a Hndu area to a Muslim area suddenly even the air appears to stink, the road are bad, lighting ius poor. Water supply per capita goes down sharply. No wonder all Muslim areas are ghettos. Yet I am confident that with wealth Muslims will convert these ghettos into livable places.

Finally we cannot ignore political factors. I have believed Muslims should avoid fighting elections, as communal polarisation makes it difficult to win. But Muslims must vote. They must join political parties and express their views as honestly and fearlessly as possible. At the same time let there be no illusions.

The sight of mullas offering their caps to Narendra Modi, or in one case even touching his feet, were plain disgusting. I wish I could persuade the Bohra jamaat leaders to move away from such close identification with Modi. After all the Bohra Syedna claims spiritual descent from Hazrat Ali and Hazrat Husain. Both gave their lives fighting the forces of evil. They never compromised with truth.

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Tue Jul 03, 2012 4:38 pm

4,000 Quran Copies Stuck At Gujarat Port for Three Yrs for Being “Objectionable Literature”

Ahmedabad: More than three years have passed since 4,000 copies of the Holy Quran reached the Mundra port and are yet to be delivered to the consignee at Gorevali village in Banni area of the Kutch district.

The consignment was meant for Jamia Darul Masiha, a madrasa at Gorevali run by Mufti Abdul Qayyum Khan. The copies of the Quran along with 500 CDs containing speeches on various aspects of religion were sent from Dubai by Khan’s father who works in Dubai.

According to Khan, he made numerous trips to meet the customs officials at Mundra but all efforts went in vain. Khan asserts that the consignment was sent legally and that he paid Rs 8,000 as shipment charges.

The problem arose when some custom officials suspected it to be “objectionable literature”. Khan was allegedly interrogated by customs officials and state and central intelligence officials. “They asked me lot of questions but they were not satisfied. I told the customs and intelligence officials to get the copies of the literature examined by some Arabic experts of their own choice,” said Khan.

An Arabic expert found no objectionable material, but when Khan asked for the release of the shipment, he was asked to pay a demurrage charge of Rs 2.98 lakh in 2010. Khan, however, refused to pay, blaming the Customs department for the inordinate delay. Moreover, he said the material was not for business purposes and were donated by Indian Muslims in Dubai and was meant for free distribution in the madrasa and among the Muslims in Kutch district. “I can’t be forced to pay for the incompetency of the government officials,” he said.

The demurrage charges have doubled since 2010, according to an official of Trans Asia Shipping Services Ltd which provided the container for the shipment. “We cannot release the consignment till the demurrage payment is cleared,” said the official.

“I have asked the consignee to come personally and discuss the issue with me so that a solution could be found,” said Deputy Commissioner of Customs at Mundra M Uma Shankar. Religious literature like the Quran, Gita and Bible are not levied customs duties, added Shankar.

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


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Explain atrocities on Muslims, says NHRC

AHMEDABAD: The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has issued notice to the Gujarat government seeking reply on the alleged police atrocities towards Muslims after the 2002 riots.

The commission has sought explanation within four weeks from the chief secretary and the director general of police in connection with evidence it gathered showing atrocities towards the minority community, especially police atrocities. The NHRC got complaints that while the Muslim community was still recuperating from the shock of the 2002 riots, there was no security ensured in the state for them.

During its visit to the state last year, the commission held a public hearing. At that time, some 50 cases of alleged atrocities against members of the minority community were presented before the commission. Besides, a civil rights organization, Centre for Social Justice, also made a detailed representation before the commission on May 14 projecting the situation of the Muslims in Gujarat after the 2002 riots.

The NGO highlighted the continuing discrimination against the minorities and told the commission that the attitude of authorities jeopardizes the security of minorities in this state. The representation by the organization was placed before the commission on June 12. On basis of the material gathered, the NHRC issued a notice the next day to the DGP and chief secretary of the state, demanding a report on the issues raised by the commission regarding the alleged atrocities on the Muslims.

Last month, the NHRC conducted open hearing when its chairman justice (retired) K G Balakrishnan heard complaints from people belonging to SC. In March, a United Nation's special rapporteur on extra-judicial, summary and arbitrary execution conducted his investigations into the issue of human rights violation in Gujarat. ... 480393.cms?

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


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Juhapura, Ahmedabad.The largest Muslim slum in India.It has a population of 5 lakhs.Has only 3 schools.One has to go there to realise the filth and lack of civil amenities.Father Cedric had brought the topic up a few years ago.But nothing happened as no muslim seconded him.

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


Unread post by aqs » Thu Jul 05, 2012 4:39 am


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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


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Give list of shrines damaged in riots, court tells Gujarat

A June 2002 file photo of people chanting bhajans at a demolished mosque in Raipur in Ahmedabad

The Supreme Court on Monday asked the Gujarat government to furnish details and produce documents indicating “which are the religious places affected by 2002 communal riots for which compensation has been claimed.”

“You [State] compensate if a house is washed away in a flood or if it is damaged in an earthquake or tsunami. Then why not in the case of a religious place?”

On February 8, the Gujarat government was pulled up by the Gujarat High Court for “inaction and negligence” on its part during the 2002 post-Godhra riots that led to large-scale damage or destruction of religious structures.

A high court division bench of Acting Chief Justice Bhaskar Bhattacharya and Justice J B Pardiwala had ordered compensation for over 500 places of worships in the state on a plea by Islamic Relief Committee of Gujarat (IRCG), an NGO.

The high court had observed that inadequacy, inaction and negligence on the part of the state government to prevent the riots had resulted in religious structures being affected across the state.

It had said when the government could pay compensation for destruction of houses and commercial establishments then it should also pay compensation for religious structures. ... 620053.ece

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


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Bollywood stars are new investors in Modi’s Gujarat

It all started in 2009 when Chief Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated Anupam Kher’s acting school, Actor Prepares, in Ahmedabad. Modi watched A Wednesday, a film based on the Mumbai train blasts of 2006, with Kher at a special screening in August that year. And the bond with Bollywood had formed.

The following year, Amitabh Bachchan signed up as Gujarat’s brand ambassador over a special screening of Paa. Apparently the actor proposed, and the CM accepted.

At least 13 Bollywood stars have met Modi since then, not just for permission to shoot films but with investment proposals for Gujarat. “Most of these celebrities come to see me for business,” Modi confirmed to The Sunday Express.

The 25 MW solar plant in Charanka, Patan district, for example, is a joint venture between Ramakant Tibrewala of the Roha Group, Singham star Ajay Devgn and Kumar Mangat (the producer of Dil to Baccha Hai Ji). Announcing the venture, Devgn had said: “We are aiming to reach 500 MW within three-five years with a total investment of Rs 5,000 crore.”

According to Modi’s office, at least four other investment proposals have come from filmdom. “Preity Zinta came with a proposal for a film and entertainment park,” says Modi. He also recalled the visit of Arbaaz Khan regarding the shooting of Dabangg 2. Khan also wants to set up an entertainment park.

About Vivek Oberoi’s visit in May, Modi said, “I know him because of his father Suresh Oberoiji, who is in the BJP.” Oberoi junior also proposed investing in an entertainment park in Gujarat.

The list runs through Sanjay Dutt, who wants to build a film city, Suneil Shetty, who wants to organise water sports on the Sabarmati river, and ‘courtesy visits’ such as by Jackie Shroff and Akshay Kumar, who was the chief guest at the Khel Mahakumbh, a state-level sport fest.

Modi confessed he is not a film buff though. When pressed, he mentioned The Iron Lady, based on Margaret Thatcher, that he saw a month back while travelling. “Good film,” he said. ... t/974589/0

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Tue Jul 31, 2012 7:03 pm

Muslim areas in Surat turn into insecurity zone, ghettoization continues

Surat: A sense of insecurity among the Muslims in Gujarat has manifested itself even in the realty rates in Surat, with property prices in Muslim-dominated areas being much higher than in other similar localities of the city.

Social analysts feel that continuance of communal violence in other parts of the state would also affect the locals here as deepening social divide and loss of lives on both sides have left many with a sense of insecurity.

Naresh Patel, also an Adajan real estate agent, says, “We will convince owners who have rented out shops to Muslims to get them vacated. If they don’t do it, they will be responsible if anything happens. We want to control the percentage of Muslims with properties and shops in our areas. All real estate agents and brokers are with us, they have all taken an oath not do business with Muslims.”

Sources in the city’s realty sector say that even the rents of residential property in Muslim areas are higher than elsewhere in Surat. Newly developed minority localities are costlier than old minority areas.

The sources said property in Muslim-dominated areas like Shahpore, Zampha Bazaar, Rani Talao, (Kopchiwad), Salabatpura, Mughlisara and Rander are beyond the reach of middle-class Muslim families.

The high property prices in minority-dominated areas have forced middle-class Muslim families to look for houses in less developed areas such as Limbayat, Dumbhal, Umarwada, Anjana and Unn. Many spots in these localities lack even basic facilities such as water, drainage and roads. Yet, people are buying properties here.

Meanwhile in Ahmedabad, two months ago, Mohamad Sheikh (name changed) tried to rent an office in Paldi. He met several builders and property owners there, but no one was ready to offer him space. This forced him to buy an office in an illegally constructed building in the walled part of the city.

Sheikh is not the only one. There are many like him, mostly Muslims, who go for illegal residential or commercial property in the old city after failing to find space in posh areas. In some cases, high realty rates act as a deterrent, whereas in some, developers’ bias against a community poses hurdles.

“I tried to find an office in Paldi for two months. Even though I was ready to pay Rs 2,000 to Rs 3,000 as rent every month, no one was willing to offer me space,” ... -into.html

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Wed Aug 22, 2012 3:37 pm

See all the subsequent clips followed by the above, I bet tears will roll down the eyes of even the most hard hearted humanbeings.

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Fri Aug 31, 2012 4:14 pm

28 years for Kodnani, Bajrangi to spend entire life in prison

The special fast track court in Ahmedabad on Friday sentenced all 31 convicts in the Naroda-Patiya massacre case to life imprisonment for varying periods. The former Minister and Bharatiya Janata Party MLA in Gujarat, Mayaben Kodnani, was ordered to serve 28 years in jail.

Another high-profile convict, the former State president of the Bajrang Dal, Babu Bajrangi, considered the most brutal during the attack on Muslims in the Naroda-Patiya locality here, has been ordered to spend the remaining part of his life in prison — till his natural death — while seven others, including Suresh Chhara, whose wife is a Muslim, have been sentenced to 31 years.

The judge was particularly severe on Dr. Kodnani, who, she said, had failed to perform her duty as MLA. “As a representative of the people, Dr. Kodnani was expected to serve the people and try to stop the riots. Instead, she has been found to be involved in plotting and planning the conspiracy along with Babu Bajrangi to attack the Muslims in Naroda-Patiya,” Ms. Yagnik observed.

The court said Dr. Kodnani was the “kingpin of entire riots in the Naroda-Patiya area. “She led the mob and incited them to violence. She abetted and supported the violent mob,” the court observed.

On the Naroda-Patiya violence, Ms. Yagnik said, “acts of communal violence are brutal, inhuman and shameful. Naroda-Patiya was a clear incident of human rights violation as 97 people were killed brutally within a day — who included hapless women, children and aged persons. The climax of this inhuman and brutal act of violence was reflected in the murder of an infant who was barely 20 days old.”

“We waited for justice for 10 long years but today our departed beloveds will finally be in peace,”

“the families of the convicted will now start realising what it is to live without your near and dear ones.”

In contrast, the families of the convicts were in total anguish. Many of the family members waiting outside the court room were heard shouting anti-Modi slogans alleging that the government had let them down in their hour of need. ... 844297.ece

The Naroda-Patiya massacre was the most gruesome of all post-Godhra violent incidents, claiming the highest number of casualties. On February 28, 2002, when the Vishwa Hindu Parishad called a State-wide bandh to condemn the Godhra train carnage which took place the previous day, a 5,000-strong mob, allegedly instigated by the BJP and the Bajrang Dal, attacked the members of the minority community, burning many of them alive and throwing their bodies into a dry well. Many women were allegedly molested and raped before being killed, and their bodies hurled into the fire. Over 30 others were injured. The police recovered 94 bodies and three others were reported missing, but were declared dead later. ... 835078.ece


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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


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‘Woh insaan nahin the... jalladon ko bhi thodi sharam aa gayi hoti’: Gujrat Riot Victim broke his silence

Ahmedabad : One of the goriest reports that emerged from Naroda Patiya after the riots was of a young nine-month pregnant woman’s stomach being slit open, the foetus pulled out, and the woman set on fire. Kausar Bano was found lying half-burnt and naked outside her house.

As 32 were convicted for the Naroda Patiya killings today, her husband Firoz broke his silence of 10 years. “My wife who was nine months pregnant was raped, cut and burnt. It was my biggest failure that I couldn’t save her. I have never spoken to anyone about her after her death,” he said.

“Jisne uska balaatkar kiya woh insaan nahin the. Jalladon ko bhi thodi sharam aa gayi hoti, lekin inko nahin aayi (Those who raped her were not human. Even executioners would have felt ashamed, they didn’t).”

Firoz, an autorickshaw driver, cut off ties with old friends and relatives at Naroda Patiya after the incident and now lives a quiet life at Vatva. Remarried, he has three children with his new wife.

It was just a year before the riots that Firoz and 22-year-old Hina Kausar alias Kausar Bano had got married at their native place in Karnataka. Firoz used to work as a labourer in a factory in Patiya’s neighbourhood.

On the afternoon of February 28, 2002, he was on his way home for lunch, but couldn’t enter the narrow bylane of Naroda Patiya as it was blocked by over 600-700 rioters near the Noorani Masjid.

“Some men were running out screaming ‘riots’. I saw the Noorani Masjid burning. I froze that moment... did not know what to do. I just wanted to save Hina as I knew she couldn’t run from there. Three-four times I tried to enter, but failed... Hina did not know anything about this place, people and never picked up the local language. She was raped outside our house by men who pulled her out, pulling out her clothes in the verandah. She was totally helpless because of her pregnancy.”

Five other members of Firoz’s family died in the riots that day, including his sister, one of his uncles and Kausar’s brother Zahid’s wife and two children. Zahid and Kausar’s father Khalid Noor Mohammad, who were visiting Kausar for a godh bharai (baby shower) ceremony, managed to escape.

Also an autorickshaw driver, Zahid lives in Citizen Nagar — the second rehabilitation colony for the 2002 riot victims in Ahmedabad after Vatva. He hasn’t spoken to Firoz since that day, blaming him for not saving his sister.

“Zahid has no relations with me at all. He has also become short-tempered and starts beating up people when someone asks him about the Naroda Patiya riots,” Firoz said.

A witness in the case, Noor Mohammad shifted base to Karnataka two years ago due to pressure from political groups. For Firoz, it was a second blow.

“Abba was the only support I had after Hina’s death,” he said. “I lost my faith but he was not deterred. He used to live in a separate house in the relief committee homes in Vatva. He got constant threats to retract his statements, take back the rape complaint and many from the jamaat (community) also bullied him... I advised him to go back to our native place.”

He is also angry about the fact that the rape charge was dismissed by doctors who did Kausar’s post-mortem. “There are witnesses to Hina’s rape. Her womb was cut. Her father saw her getting raped. When her body was taken from the spot to hospital, her womb was missing,” he claimed.

The riots didn’t just take away his wife and unborn child, but his whole life, said Firoz. The job at the factory paid him enough to support his family, but he now struggles to make ends meet. “I don’t like to work like this. Sometimes there is money, sometimes I borrow,” he said.

Firoz’s second wife Shahida Begum said he still bears the scars and doesn’t like to talk about the riots. “He told me only once after marriage that the riots should not be discussed ever,” she said.

“We want to leave it behind,” added Firoz. ... oti/995128

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


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2002 Gujarat riots: Former judge says there's audio tape with evidence against Modi

Justice Suresh says that during his trip to Gujarat, he met Haren Pandya, who was then a minister in Mr Modi's government. Mr Pandya allegedly said that the chief minister had called a meeting in February, hours after a train was set on fire at the Godhra station. Nearly 60 karseveaks who were on their way back from Ayodhya died. Mr Pandya allegedly told the judge that at his meeting, Mr Modi instructed senior police officers to let Hindus exact their revenge.

Mr Pandya was shot dead in 2003 while on his morning walk. He had fallen out with Mr Modi by then and was no longer a minister.

The alleged testimony of Mr Pandya to the fact-finding committee matches what suspended police officer Sanjiv Bhatt has told the Supreme Court. Mr Bhatt claims that he attended the meeting where Mr Modi asked policemen to let rioters strike at will.Mr Bhatt was suspended last year for not reporting to duty and using an official car during his absence from work. He claims he is being punished for taking on Mr Modi. ... dium=email

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


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Maya Kodnani is no less guilty than Kasab

Our justice system presented us with two enormously important judgments on Wednesday, August 29. Both were about mass murder. Both were about massacres that had horrified the nation. Both had a sectarian angle.

Both verdicts proclaimed that there was a larger conspiracy and meticulous planning behind the mass murders. Both found the accused guilty of pre-meditated mass murder.

But we responded to these two verdicts very differently. Which once again gives away our shameful prejudices, mindless priorities and silent fears.

The Supreme Court verdict on Ajmal Kasab upheld his death penalty awarded by the Bombay high court for the Mumbai terror attacks on November 26, 2008. And the verdict of a special court convicted 32, including two powerful political figures, for the Naroda Patiya massacre in Gujarat in 2002.

Given the VIPs convicted, and the fact that as far as I remember no one has got the death sentence for the massacre of Muslims in the post-Godhra violence till now. The only ones sentenced to death for the 2002 violence were 11 Muslims convicted of the Godhra train burning.

The SC’s verdict on Ajmal Kasab, a terrorist responsible for the '26/11' attack on Mumbai, was a foregone conclusion. Kasab was a self-confessed Pakistani terrorist, the only one captured alive of the 10 attackers who killed 166 in Mumbai, and his chance of escaping the death sentence was practically non-existent.

But the 32 Indian citizens of Gujarat, convicted of murder and criminal conspiracy in the Naroda Patiya massacre that left 97 dead in 2002, had every chance of getting away with murder, like thousands of their fellow killers.

And thus the conviction — especially of sitting MLA, former minister and Narendra Modi’s close aide Maya Kodnani and Bajrang Dal leader Babu Bajrangi — made us sit up. Such verdicts were not for powerful folk. Whatever happened to our carefully nurtured political culture of impunity?

So our belligerent baying for Kasab’s blood is in stark contrast to our cautious, measured and often defensive response to the conviction of Kodnani and Bajrangi, along with 30 others. Even the media shows double standards in the way it humanises the ruthless killers who gleefully butchered 97 in Naroda Patiya, while demonising Kasab, who with his partner, shot dead 58 at Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST).

We are offered heart-wrenching images of weeping mothers, wives and sisters of the killers of Naroda Patiya. Killers who blocked escape routes and hacked to death little children and women, burnt babies alive, set fire to helpless old people and terrified men, women and children, raped and tortured their victims before burning them alive. Killers who slashed open the belly of pregnant women to carve out the womb and kill the foetus before the mother.

Ten years later, when gruesome details of their brutality have faded, must we share the sorrow of these killers’ families hurt by justice? And if we are to look at the human face of inhuman killers, why don’t we witness the sorrow of Kasab’s mother, too? Dear God, no! That would be treason!

Hang Kasab publicly, demanded some of our political leaders, who would clearly prefer lynching to our staid process of justice. The Shiv Sena demanded that he be hanged at CST. “Does the government have the guts to carry out the sentence?” challenged Uddhav Thackeray.

In fact, our netas are falling over each other to insist on Kasab’s hanging right here, right now. It seems to be the only way to assert their patriotism.

So BJP spokesperson Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi roars: “Kasab should be hanged without delay! Enough of biryani for him!”

We even grudge him the basic jail food. And we hate the fact that Kasab has a right to appeal for mercy. Even a former solicitor-general of India, Harish Salve, raged that Kasab’s mercy plea, if there is one, should not be entertained at all by the government. And the Shiv Sena plans to seek amendments to Article 72 of the Constitution so that only Indians can seek clemency.

“Are our laws meant for Indians or Pakistani nationals?” shouts Mr Thackeray.

So go get the hangman. The last hangman in the region, the old, infirm and very retired Arjun Jadhav, has agreed to do the honours. Not necessary, says Swati Sathe, a top cop in Maharashtra and former jailer of Arthur Road prison which holds Kasab. We could do it. Cops could legitimately hang him. “I would not have flinched if I was ordered to hang Kasab,” says she.

In contrast, those screaming loudest for Kasab’s blood practically dismiss the Naroda Patiya verdict as irrelevant. The BJP talks of “progress” and Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi’s “good governance”, and brushes aside lesser “issues like this conviction”.

Clearly, mass murders and conspiracy to massacre by an outsider is unforgivable, deserving of the highest punishment. But mass murders and conspiracy to massacre by our own leaders and elected representatives is not. Why is butchering those you are supposed to protect using the state machinery and public money and then using the state machinery to shield oneself less of a crime than murdering unknown people in a no-holds barred suicide attack?

Let’s look at Kodnani. This BJP MLA is a gynaecologist, and has been the trusted representative of Naroda for years. The doctor knew her locality well, and helped kill 35 children, 32 women and 30 men by supplying the rioters with information, access, weapons and fuel. Almost as a reward, she was made state minister for women and child development by Mr Modi.

I am not in favour of capital punishment. But I believe we must reduce our double standards in justice delivery. The SC says it has no option but to hang Kasab because he was part of a conspiracy to wage war against India and fuel communal tension.

We leap in joy. But neither we nor the courts talk of waging war against the very idea of India, and fuelling communal tension by ruthless sectarian massacres by trusted state agents. That’s a war that can destroy India from within. And for ever. It is far more dangerous than sporadic terrorist attacks by outsiders. ... -kasab-712

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


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Naroda Patia residents interviewed by Human Rights Watch also witnessed rapes and other forms of sexual violence against Muslim women and girls during the attacks.

A female eyewitness told Human Rights Watch, "they raped them, cut them and then threw them in a well. They cut them with swords. Everything is gone, you won't even find dogs there." Samuda also witnessed the raping and killing of young girls: "They took young girls, raped them, cut them and then they burned them." Others simply did not have the words to describe the attack: "You won't be able to bear it if we tell you. They are scared, they won't speak, people have been asking for days what happened. What difference has it made? We don't want to go back there. Our lives are in danger there [Naroda Patia].... We won't go back to Patia; we will go anywhere else. We even left without our shoes, all our hard-earned saving are gone." One female resident said, "Some girls even threw themselves into the fire, so as not to get raped." A ten-year-old girl added, "I saw it also, they cut them down the middle."

Testimonies collected by the Citizens' Initiative, a coalition of over twenty-five NGOs, and submitted to the National Human Rights Commission are replete with incidents of gang rapes of Muslim girls and women and the role of the police during the attacks, particularly in Naroda Patia. These testimonies are cited as transcribed by the Citizens' Initiative. A resident of Naroda Patia, Ahmedabad testified that eight out of eleven family members were killed on February 28, two after being raped. The surviving three members sustained serious injuries:

It was morning and I was cooking. My husband, my three children and I were in my house while my mother-in-law, my brother-in-law and his wife along with their three children was in the adjoining house. A mob of 5,000 came and we started running. We were cornered from all the sides. SRP (State Reserve Police) personnel were also chasing us. It was 6:30 by now in the evening. The mob caught hold of my husband and hit him on his head twice with the sword. They threw petrol in his eyes and then burned him. My sister-in-law was stripped and raped. She had a three-month baby in her lap. They threw petrol on her and the child from her lap was thrown in the fire. My brother-in-law was hit in the head with the sword and he died on the spot. His six-year-old daughter was also hit with the sword and thrown in the fire. My mother-in-law had with her the grandson who was four years of age and he was burnt too. We were that time hiding on the terrace of a building. My mother-in-law with her heavy body was unable to climb the stairs so she was on the ground. My mother-in-law told them to take away whatever money she had but to spare the children. They took away all the money and jewelry and burnt the children with petrol. ([My] mother-in-law was raped too). I witnessed all this. Unmarried girls from my street were stripped, raped and burnt. A 14-year-old such girl was killed by piercing an iron rod in her stomach. All this ended at 2:30 A.M. The ambulance came on the scene and I sat in it along with the bodies of my husband and children. I have injury marks on both my thighs and left hand that was caused by the police beating. My husband, my daughter and son had 48%, 95% and 15% burns respectively. Both my husband and daughter died in the hospital after three days.... The police was on the spot but helping the mob. We fell in their feet but they said they were ordered from above (not to help). Since the telephone wires were snapped we could not inform the fire brigade.

Like hundreds of others, a resident of Naroda Patia witnessed the gang rape of girls and women. The names of the victims have been omitted to protect their privacy:

We were cooking and were informed to be in the house only as there was tension in the area. We went to the nearby society [neighborhood] and took shelter on the terrace. People from the Hindu society told us to take shelter in their houses. There were only men in there and none of the women and children. Then they told us to escape towards Naroda (an area). We requested them to allow us escape towards the SRP (colony). SRP said "24 hours have been given to beat you up". Society (place of refuge) brought us out on the road and told us to go to Naroda. We disagreed knowing that it is a far place. So they started beating us with sticks, hockey sticks and pipes. They accused us that we had come there to riot and asked us to get out. We came out to face a big mob armed with sharp weapons, kerosene and petrol cans.... All adult males were then beaten, fallen on the ground and burnt. The residents of the gopinath society [neighborhood] segregated young girls (Muslims) and made them stand on one side. They were raped and we watched this as some of us were on the terrace.

We were 400-500 people on the terrace.... The girls were stripped and then two men held them down by legs and arms. Those who raped were 20-25 in number. The girls screamed so loud that even now when I remember my blood boils.

They [the attackers] were given twenty-four-hours time (to beat us). If we were given even two hours time we would have shown them (dealt with them). I know the face of the persons who raped. The rape started at 6:00 in the evening until 9:00 at night. The girls were then burnt. I still remember their loud screams. When Asif Khan, a 25-year-old youth pleaded SRP to let us go he was beaten up badly and he managed with difficulty to get out of their hold. We can identify the SRP men. We can also identify the residents of gopinath society.... 11 of our youth died in private gun firing. ... P311_53835

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


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The XI that won the Gujarat Test

This was a great first eleven. But it succeeded only because of support from thousands of others. Let us raise a glass to all who made the victory possible. ... jarat-test

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


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August 29, 2012

Press Release
Hailing the historic verdict in the Naroda Patiya mass murder case delivered by Judge Jyotsnanbehn Yagnik. Special Sessions Judge in Ahmedabad today by which one senior politician and several conspirators and ring leaders have been convicted, Victim Survivors and CJP welcomed the verdict. In all 32 persons have been convicted including former BJP MLA and minister in the Narendra Modi cabinet, Smt Maya Kodnani, Babu Bajrangi, Bipin Panchal, Ashok Sindhi and Kishan Korani (sitting corporator, accused No 20) have been convicted. Twenty-nine of the accused were acquitted.

Most of the accused have been charged with Sections 143, 144, 147, 148 with 149, 295, 427, 435, 436, 440, 153, 153a, 153a(ii), 323-326,302, 307 (attempt to murder) read with 149 read with 120(b) and BP Act 135(1). Accused No 22 Suresh Langda Chara has also been convicted under Sections 354 and 376 (sections that deal with rape and gender violence). Quantum of sentence will be pronounced on August 31. Smt Kodnani had been convicted under Sections 295, 427, 435, 436, 440, 153, 153a, 153a(ii), 323, 324, 325, 326, 302, 307, 120-B of the IPC. Babu Bajrangi has been convicted under sections 143, 144, 147, 148 with 149, 295, 427, 435, 436, 440, 153, 153a, 153a(ii), 323,324,325,326, 302, 307 read with 149 read with 120-B.

The raw courage of the victim witnesses, especially women witnesses who deposed fearlessly while still residing in Naroda Patiya is a reflection of the confidence generated after the Supreme Court monitoring and the protection from Central Paramilitary forces provided by the Supreme Court. CJP had applied to the apex court for protection of eye witnesses. CJP through its legal team advocates Altaf Jidran and Raju Shaikh supervised by senior Adv Yusuf Shaikh provided legal aid to about 70 eyewitnesses since 2009. CJP would like to publicly acknowledge their contribution, also the seniors advocate MM Tirmizi (Gujarat High Court), Mihir Desai (Mumbai) and advocates Kamini Jaiswal (Supreme Court), Sanjay Parikh (Supreme Court), Aparna Bhat (Supreme Court) and Ramesh Pukhrambam (Supreme Court).

Eleven eyewitnesses have deposed in eye witnesses testimonies assigning in detail the role played by Smt Maya Kodnani, in inciting the mob to murder, fifteen witnesses deposed through eye witness testimonies against Babu Bajrangi, 48 witnesses testified to the crimes committed by Suresh @ Langda Chara including the offences of gender violence and rape. (Annexed are the list of witnesses with a brief of their testimonies). The CJP would like to state that it was the evidence through eye witness testimonies that enabled convictions. Corroborative evidence was provided through the phone call records provided by police officer Rahul Sharma and Tehelka’s Operation Kalank. Without eye witness testimonies whoever convictions could not have taken place.

Victim witnesses supported by CJP had also filed separate applications under Section 319 praying for police officer and then first PI KK Mysorewala to be arraigned as accused along with former Commissioner of Police PC Pandey and SRP official Dhantaniya. While the Judge rejected these applications, she has observed in the victim application for compensation for rape and gender violence that the application would be considered in the final judgement.

Names of accused who have been convicted.
Naresh Agarsinh Chara (accused 1);
Murlibhai Naranbhai Sindhi (accused 2);
Ganpat Chanaji Deedawala (accused 4);
Vikrambhai Maneklal Rathod (accused 5);
Haresh @ Hariyo S/o Jivanlal @ Agarsinh Rathod (accused 10);
Babubhai @ Babu Bajrangi Rajabhai Patel (accused 18),
Kishan Khubchand Korani (accused 20);
Prakashbhai Sureshbhai Rathod (Chara) (accused 21);
Suresh @ Richard @ Langdi Kantibhai Dedawala (Chara) (accused 22);
Premchand @ Tiwari Conductor (accused 25);
Suresh @ Sehjad Dalubhai (Marathi, Charo) (absconding) (accused 26);
Nawab @ Kalu Bhaiyo Harisinh Rathod (accused 27);
Manubhai Keshavbhai Maruda (Bhangi) (accused 28);
Shashikant @ Tiniyo Marathi Yuvraj Patil (accused 30);
Babubhai Jethabhai Salat (accused 33);
Lakshmanbhai @ Lakho Budhaji Thakor (accused 34);
Dr. Mayaben Surendrabhai Kodnani (accused 37);
Ashok Hundaldas Sindhi (accused 38);
Harshad @ Mungda Govind Chara (Parmar) (accused 39);
Mukesh @ Vakil Ratilal Rathod (accused 40);
Manojbhai @ Manoj Sinhi Renumal Kukrani (accused 41);
Hiraji @ Hero Marwadi @ Sonaji Danaji Medhwan (Marwadi) (accused 42);
Bipinbhai @ Bipin autowala Umedray Panchal (accused 44);
Ashokbhai Uttamchand Korani (Sindhi) (accused 45);
Vijaykumar Takhubhai Parmar (accused 46);
Ramesh Keshavlal Dedawala (Chara) (accused 47);
Sachin Nagindas Modi (accused 52);
Vilas @ Viliyo Prakashbhai Sonar (accused 53);
Dinesh @ Tiniyo Govindbhai Barange (Marathi) (accused 55);
Santoshkumar Kodumal Mulchandani (accused 58);
Pintu Dalpatbhai Jadeja (Chara) (accused 60);
Kirpalsinh Jagbahadursinh Chabda (accused 62).

Eight charge sheets were filed in this historic case that lasted several months. It was one of the nine cases being supervised by the Supreme Court and was investigated by the SIT.

Teesta Setalvad,
Secretary & Trustee

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


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Why Gujarat prefers the BJP and Modi

Gujarati voters anticipated such a party as the BJP, which would reflect their distilled sentiment

Here are some things you need to know about the Gujarat elections.

The Congress has not won a majority in Gujarat since the Babri Masjid was taken down by the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP’s) warriors. This is the single most revealing, most important fact of this election. The Ram Janmabhoomi movement was the event that transformed politics in the state. Gujaratis subscribe to the BJP’s anti-Muslim message in full. Those killed by Muslims at Godhra were ordinary Gujaratis returning from kar seva in Ayodhya. Gujarati voters anticipated such a party as the BJP, which would reflect their distilled sentiment. Those who call Gujarat the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s (RSS’) “laboratory for Hindutva” don’t understand who the science teacher is here and who the student.

Modi sits on top of an anti-Muslim consensus. His popularity flows from this. A quick demonstration: There’s no need to go further than observing the vocabulary employed. The most common phrase is “Dekho dekho kaun aaya. Gujarat ka sher aaya!” (Look who has come. It’s Gujarat’s lion). Why the macho imagery? The truth is that he is the lion of Gujarat because the state stood aside while violence was done to Muslim Gujaratis.

The second name for Modi is Chhote Sardar (I am certain he seethes at “chhote”). This is charged with the same sentiment because Gujaratis believe, wrongly, that Vallabhbhai was against Muslims.

Those who think Modi is popular because he has brought great economic change to Gujarat know little about Gujarat and nothing about Gujaratis.

Modi the greatest man since Gandhi? I accept that. Modi the saviour of the Indian nation? Accepted. Modi the sexiest man since Dharmendra? Accepted. Modi the greatest economist since Milton Friedman? Accepted.

But Modi is still popular for showing Muslims their place.

Your minister for women and child development is in jail for murdering women and children. Your minister for home is forbidden from returning home because he might influence the police. Your anti-terrorism chief is in jail for murder and blackmail. Does this bother Gujaratis? Not really, and this will not be an issue in the elections. In no other state of India is this possible. Being exposed so thoroughly would have meant shame and flight for Modi in another state. Here, it is a demonstration of his credentials.

This is why Modi fights the election against the demonstrably secular Rahul and Sonia Gandhi. Secular is a bad word in Gujarat (no, really. In Gujarat, “secular” means “pro-minority” and “anti-Hindu”).

Gujarat has India’s highest per capita consumption of Aastha channel and CNBC-TV18. A deeply devout state that is deeply immersed in making money.

We are bigots, true. But we can be reformed.

FULL ARTICLE :- ... -Modi.html

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


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Modi supporter Joe Walsh loses his US Congress seat

Despite millions of dollars in SuperPAC funding, including an "Indian American" SuperPAC backing Walsh for his support on Modi, Joe Walsh (with all his extremist views) has finally gone down in history as a loser!

The volatile race between Walsh, a Tea Party favorite, and Duckworth was one of the nation's most closely watched congressional battles. Nearly $6.6 million in outside spending was reported in the contest, including $2.7 million worth of ads attacking Duckworth poured into the race by conservative super PACs in recent weeks. ... 79510.html

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


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ghulam muhammed wrote:Modi supporter Joe Walsh loses his US Congress seat

Despite millions of dollars in SuperPAC funding, including an "Indian American" SuperPAC backing Walsh for his support on Modi, Joe Walsh (with all his extremist views) has finally gone down in history as a loser!

The volatile race between Walsh, a Tea Party favorite, and Duckworth was one of the nation's most closely watched congressional battles. Nearly $6.6 million in outside spending was reported in the contest, including $2.7 million worth of ads attacking Duckworth poured into the race by conservative super PACs in recent weeks. ... 79510.html
May God give same punishment to all who support the killer.

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


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Find facts regarding Gujarat Chief minister Narendra Modi, from Jagat Vision, a hindi magazine publishing from Bhopal.

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


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UK-based Indian Muslims criticize Modi’s Muslim supporters

London: The Council of Indian Muslims (UK) has reacted strongly to an interview of Zafar Sareshwala in which he supported Narendra Modi. In a statement issued today Chairman of CIM-UK Mr. Munaf Zeena said, “a man is known by the company he keeps. Suffice to say that one of the most vocal Muslim supporters of Modi is someone who has a record of cheating individuals in the UK and big institutions in India,” referring to the story of Sareshwala’s Parsoli Corporation which was closed by SEBI.

With bitter deep concern criticising some Muslim businessmen supporting Modi, Zeena said, “Have these sold out souls forgotten the manner in which Ahsan Jafri was killed? Are they as insensitive to their community as not to remember the molestation of their women, bellies of pregnant women being ripped open and foetuses being thrown in the raging fire?

“These were the crimes not alleged but admitted and confessed by Modi’s right hand man. Has his minister not been sentenced for inciting anti-Muslim pogroms? We want to ask these greedy bootlickers of Modi that was Narendra Modi unaware of these crimes? Their attempt to fool the community in particular and the masses in general is nothing but worse example of how low one can go for some petty economic gains.” Zeena said.

“Nothing can mitigate the crimes of Gujarat Chief Minister, Narendra Modi. He will be remembered as a fascist criminal politician who unleashed his foot soldiers and government machinery to humiliate the Muslim community, butcher and imprison its youths, rape the women and commit worst crimes beyond the imagination of any civilised human being.” Zeena added.

Criticising British Government’s, “appeasement of Modi” Zeena said, “In our letter to Foreign Secretary William Hague we have reminded him that by befriending with Modi, Britain is repeating the mistakes committed in 1939 by Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain. His blunder did not make Hitler a saint then and Prime Minister David Cameron’s miscalculation in 2012 will not wash the sins of Narendra Modi.

Zeena paid tribute to “Non-Muslim crusaders for justice in Gujarat including Teesta Setalvard, Harsh Mandar, Ashish Khetan, Mulkul Sinha and Sanjiv Bhatt because of whose untiring, brave and exemplary efforts and principled stand some of the culprits have been sent to rot behind bars.” ... rters.html

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


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Mr.Shabbir Khandwawala, a dawoodi bohra police officer was appointed as DGP by Modi in order to appease the muslims who are victims of multiple atrocities by the state authorities, the most visible being the massacre of over 2000 muslims in 2002. Modi chose a dawoodi bohra and not an officer from other muslim sect as the bohra community, under guidance from its religious head refuses to protest or condemn the mass genocide and the Dai has publicly blessed Modi on various occasions. An excerpt of what an ex-DGP of gujarat Mr.Sreekumar had to say with regard to Mr.Shabbir Khandwawala:-

SS Khandwawala (IPS, 1973) Here is an officer who was convicted in a criminal
case in a Court in 2004 in a case of human rights violations but was promoted to the
senior most post of DGP Gujarat in 2009 and thereby given the charge of the entire
Gujarat police force, brazenly ensuring compliance from an officer who has been
convicted under law. He has been particularly helpful to the state by ensuring that the
reopening of 2,000 cases ordered by the Supreme Court in August 2004 was
neutralized. This was done through the intimidation of complainants and witnesses. ... shment.pdf

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


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Conscientious cops in line of fire

These are some daredevil police officers who stood their ground against mobs and prevented massacres during riots. They were marked out for the long-end of the stick by Modi government and punished with insignificant postings in what exposed a manipulative police structure

R B Sreekumar

A 1971-batch IPS officer, he took over as the Additional DG of the State Intelligence Bureau on April 9, 2002. Sreekumar refused to carry out “unconstitutional’’ instructions from the Modi government in connection with the genocide of Muslims. The evidence against Modi and VHP provided by him helped the victims fight the battle for justice. Sreekumar then filed three affidavits before the Nanavati-Shah Commission. The first detailed the failure of the state and Central intelligence bureaus in preventing the train carnage. The second alleged that the Modi government deliberately did not act on the reports of the state intelligence bureau. In the third, he recorded how he was pressurised by Modi’s officials to give favourable reports on the law and order situation to facilitate an early Assembly election.

Reward: He was denied the promotion due to him. Sreekumar was, however, promoted to the rank of Director General of Police (DGP) by the CAT, where he had filed a case.

Kuldeep Sharma

He thwarted attempts made by Hindu mobs to attack Muslims in Jhinjhar village during the riots. At that time, he was posted as Inspector General of Police (IGP), Ahmedabad range, holding charge of Ahmedabad rural, Anand and Kheda districts. It was during his posting as chief of CID (Crime) that probe into Sohrabuddin encounter was conducted. Against alleged instructions from political bosses not to allow his junior Geetha Johri to submit the charge sheet on time, he reportedly asked her to go ahead.

Reward: The 1976-batch IPS officer was given a non- descript assignment as the MD, Gujarat State Sheep and Wool Development Corporation. His ACR too was downgraded. He moved the CAT and in turn got the chargesheet against him quashed. He is now on a central deputation. He won a case in the Principal Bench of CAT against the state government for downgrading his ACR.

Rajneesh Rai

The 1992 batch IPS officer was instrumental in arresting high-profile cops DG Vanzara, Dinesh MN and Rajkumar Pandian following the Sohrabuddin case. Rai, who was the DIG CID (Crime), arrested the three after calling them to the office in Gandhinagar on the pretext of discussing the case. He later indicted two retired top police officers, PC Pande and OP Mathur. Rai has said that Pande, then a DIG, in connivance with Amit Shah, conspired to kill Tulsi Prajapati, a key witness in the Sohrab case.

Reward: Rai was first transferred as DIG, State Crime Records Bureau, in Gandhinagar — a non-executive post. He was implicated for ‘copying’ in LLB exams. Later, he got a clean chit from the Gujarat High Court in the case.

Vivek Srivastava

A 1989 batch IPS officer and former superintendent of police of Kutch district had arrested a commandant of the Home Guard with known VHP links, for his participation in the post-Godhra riots.

Reward: He was transferred in the last week of March 2002 and posted as deputy commissioner, Prohibition & Excise, Ahmedabad Zone. He is now on central deputation as Deputy Director, Intelligence Bureau, New Delhi.

Neerja Gotru Rao

This 1993 batch IPS officer was appointed by the state government as its special probe officer to re-investigate the post-Godhra riot cases after SC’s intervention in December 2003. In the course of duty, she defied DGP A K Bhargava’s order and arrested a senior BJP leader from Godhra.

Reward: She was sidelined and transferred as DGP to prohibition department. She is now on deputation to the CBI.

Rahul Sharma

The 1992 batch IPS officer was SP Bhavnagar during the riots. On March 1, 2002, he opened fire at a Hindu mob which was to attack a madrassa. He saved lives of 400-odd Muslim children. Sharma also broke up a rally led by a Shiv Sena leader and VHP activists that day.

Reward: He was transferred soon after the riots to the police control room in Ahmedabad. It was here that he was asked to assist the investigations into the Naroda Patiya massacre. He collected the call records — for the period between February 27,2002 and March 4, 2002 — pertaining to all key numbers of Ahmedabad.

The data proved a damning evidence of the call traffic between political leaders and those holding important positions in the state government and police. It was on the basis of these details that former minister Maya Kodnani and former VHP leader Jaideep Patel were nabbed. He is currently posted as Deputy Inspector General (Arms Unit) at Rajkot, considered to be a punishment posting.

Satish Verma

The 1986 batch IPS officer was the deputy inspector general of police (Border Range) at Kutch-Bhuj districts during the Gujarat riots. He issued arrest order for BJP MLA Shankar Chaudhary for involvement in the riots and killing of two Muslims.

Reward: Verma was subsequently transferred to State Reserve Police Training Centre at Junagadh. He is currently a member of the SIT constituted to investigate the Ishrat fake encounter case and posted as JCP, Traffic Department, Ahmedabad.

Himanshu Bhatt

A 1997 batch IPS officer, he was SP, Banaskantha, during the communal riots. Bhatt had initiated action against a sub-inspector who had assisted a rioting mob. The sub-inspector concerned had important political connections and was not only reinstated but also allowed to resume his duty.

Reward: Bhatt was soon transferred to the railway division of CID (crime). He then applied for study leave and even sought a mandatory relieving letter from his superior officers in 2003. However, due to inordinate delay in completion of this formal procedure, he had left for US without the letter. ... -fire.html

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


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Rule of Law and Police Morale in Gujarat State:

R.B.Sreekumar, Former DGP, Gujarat, Gandhinagar

The rule of law enforced by an efficient, skilful and well-motivated police is imperative for cohesion, peace and progress of modern democratic societies. The protracted communal riots in 2002, having ingredients of genocide as defined in the UN Covenant of 1948, leaving nearly two Thousand people killed, besides eliminating numerous symbols of Islamic culture of mediaeval times, brought infinite ignominy to the image of Gujarat State Police and the Executive Magistracy. This State facilitated communal holocaust was followed by meticulously manipulated subversion of the Criminal Justice System, resulting in delay and denial of justice delivery to the riot victim survivors.

Indictment by Media and many strictures on the inadequate integrity and deplorable professionalism of Gujarat Police by Higher Judiciary has a steady debilitative effect on the Police morale. Naroda Patia judgement (August 2012) by Dr.Jyotsna Yagnik had blamed Police for acting as ‘Nero’ when ninety six people were butchered in ten-hour long depredations by rioters. Misusing and abusing the administrative authority of the Government over the Police, who are mandated to enforce law and order, the authorities had forced the police to act as enablers of rioting and abetters to rioters to carry out Government’s anti-Minority mobocratic agenda. Significantly those who acted as per the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) in Criminal Procedure Code, Bombay Police Act, and Gujarat Police Manual could contain disturbances in sixteen Districts (out of twenty six Police Districts) and in two Commissionerates (Surat and Rajkot City). Most of these dedicated Officers had been victimised and ill-treated by Modi Government since 2002 and many have to get justice through judiciary or forced to go-on Central deputation posting.
The mobocratic anti-Minority blood bath by the activists of the ruling Party were actualised through the protective cover provided by a coterie of Officers, who functioned as an informal mafia, enjoying extra-legal status and supra-hierarchical accessibility, closeness to and confidence of top political leadership in the State Government. The regulations on command and control system in the Gujarat Police Manual had remained inoperative over those in the mafia. Nearly twenty alleged fake encounters from October 2002 to February 2007 were the handiwork of this mafia and such extrajudicial killings continued till top brass among the blue-eyed boys of the Government – DIG DG Vanzara, SP Rajkumar Pandian, A.Chudasama and so on- were arrested in the month of April 2007. Stoppage of encounter killings of any reported jihadist militant after the arrest of ‘authors of encounters’ exposed the hollowness of Government version, after every encounter, that Gujarat Police had eliminated members of Lashkar_E_Toiba or Jaish_E_Mohammad, who had plotted to assassinate Narendra Modi and Sangh Parivar leaders. An unanswered intriguing question is as to why internationally well organised terrorists had stopped sending their operatives to attack targets in Gujarat, since the imprisonment of encounter specialists. Are these Officers in Jail a greater deterrent on the militants than when they were on Duty?

The State Government policy of rewarding the collaborating Officers in the anti-Minority attacks, with accelerated promotions and post-retirement placements and punishing those genuine enforcers of the rule of law has put the morale of well-meaning Police Officers on a downward trend. Reluctance to act against law breakers presumably close to ruling classes- note the instances of spoiled brats from affluent sections indulging in rash drunken driving and killing people in hit and run cases, engaging in theft of computers, cars, etc for fun- burking of crimes like chain snatching and even murders regarding recovery of unidentified dead bodies with multiple pre-mortem injuries, were symptomatic. A statistical projection of fall in crime is achieved by extensive non-registration of F.I.Rs. This writer often received Phone calls from victims of chain snatching for getting their complaints registered.

The claim of absence of major riots since 2002 in Gujarat (short lived minor riots did take place), should be assessed in the light of similar experience after every major riots in Gujarat and elsewhere, viz riots in 1969, 1984-1985, 1992-1993 in Gujarat. Similar pattern is visible regarding 1984 anti-sikh riots also.

In Gujarat, many riot victims are in a state of privation and neglect. The imperatives of any post-disaster mitigation – Relief, Reconciliation, Rehabilitation, and Resettlement – are used by the Government to cajole and pressurise the riot victims to withdraw their complaints against offenders of 2002 riots. Consequently, nearly 90% of 2000 odd cases reinvestigated by Gujarat Police on the Apex Court Orders ended in acquital as witnesses had turned hostile. Government support for resettlement of victims in the pre-riot socio-economic ambience is directly proportional to their willingness to compromise in their cases in favour of the rioters.

In this context, the voters should judge the Modi Government after answering the question, whether bribery, corruption and nepotism at the cutting edge level of service delivery – Police Station, Mamlatdar Office, etc, had increased or reduced during the Modi rule. Answer to this question should determine their preference of candidates on the polling day.
Long term solutions to ills in the Police Department lie in the implementation of Police reforms as directed by the Apex Court in Prakash Singh Case in 2006.

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


Unread post by askz » Tue Dec 04, 2012 10:36 pm ... 24447.html
WASHINGTON: As many as 25 United States lawmakers have written to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to continue with America's move to deny Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi a visa to the US.

The reason given by the 25 American lawmakers was that the BJP leader's government in Gujarat had not 'adequately pursued justice of the 2002 riot victims'.

The 25 members of the House of Representatives wrote to Clinton: 'As Mr Modi continues to pursue a potential run for higher office, we believe a change in policy to his request for a visa will only embolden him and his government's efforts to obstruct further investigations and the tandem prosecution that have still to be finished to bring the perpetrators to justice.'

The letter was released by Republican Congressman Joe Pitts and Frank Wolf at a press conference late on Monday although it was written to Clinton on November 29.

Stating that the earlier Bush administration had 'rightly denied' visa to Modi to enter the United States, the lawmakers said that since he is 'seeking support' to become the prime ministerial candidate, 'we expect' that he may again request entry into the United States, the lawmakers wrote.

'India is a thriving democracy, and one that is aspiring to a high standard of leadership and progress. It is disturbing that certain parties in India are considering elevating Modi, despite his tie to these attacks. Allowing him to enter the United States will only serve to abdicate his responsibility for the 2002 human rights abuses," the Congressmen added in their letter.
see even the world understands modi righteously but WHEN WILL SYEDNA UNDERSTAND. . how can he honor him with a shawl around his shoulders?

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


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Muslim participation in Gujarat elections

By Dr. J.S.Bandukwala

Gujarat elections are proving a heart break for many Muslim political activists. There was a hope that a Sadbhavna-inclined Narendra Modi may lead to BJP tickets for Muslims. It appears not one will make it to the saffron electoral team. Strange that such senior IPS officers, who have been singing the saffron tune, such as Shabbir Khandwawala or Abdullah Ibrahim Syed did not meet Modi's bar. Equally the Sufi Mehboobali Bawa or the new lady Asifa Khan, a cross over from the Congress failed. Why ?

It is worth understanding the issue in depth. The BJP and its RSS patrons feel very allergic to Muslims. It goes back to its roots in the ideology of Veer Savarkar and Guru Golwalkar wherein the only place Muslims could occupy in society was as a second class citizen, totally subservient to Hindu thought and beliefs. But BJP being a political party had to show a few Muslim faces in public. In selecting Muslims for high positions, the BJP and RSS felt safe with those Muslims who were married to RSS savikas. That is how Sikandar Bhakt and later Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi and Shahnawaz Hussain rose into prominence. The other approach was to pick up a big name like Najma Heptullah, whose desperation for high office was not being fulfilled within the Congress. But such figures hardly carried any credibility with the Muslim public, especially in the background of Ayodhya and the Gujarat riots.

The only serious attempt to win Muslims over to the BJP was made by Narendra Modi with his Sadbhavna programmes all over Gujarat. But this was after eight years of running Gujarat on an anti Muslim platform. From 2002 to 2010, Modi fought two Assembly elections and two Lok Sabha elections on themes of Hum Panch Hamare Pachees, and relief camps as baby producing factories. His politics appealed to Gujarati Hindus and he won landslides.

But his eyes were on the Prime Minister's chair. Being a totally political person, he quickly realised that Gujarat alone could never make him Prime Minister. After all Gujarat had barely 26 Lok Sabha seats. Further communal politics can work in Gujarat where Muslims are barely 10 %. It pays to inflame the 90% against the 10%. But such a tactic can never work in states like Assam with Muslim population of 31 %, or West Bengal (25 %), Bihar (18%), or UP (19% ). These are the states that send about 200 members to the Lok Sabha.

The only way out was to follow Vajpayee and present himself as one acceptable to both Hindus and Muslims. That was too tall an order for one whom Muslims held responsible for the 2002 horrors. Further how to convince his saffron base to accept Muslims? There was a strong possibility that if he pushed his “sadbhavna” too far by promoting Muslims, his base would move towards Keshubhai Patel, and wipe out Modi completely. The only way out was to abandon his Muslim supporters, and save the Gujarat citadel. That is exactly what Modi has done by not giving any ticket to Muslims.

The same logic applies to Keshubhai, who too cannot give tickets to Muslims as that would turn his saffron supporters towards Modi. That just leaves the Congress, which will play as safe as possible by giving tickets to about seven Muslims. Note that as per their population there should be at least 18 Muslim MLA in Gujarat. Leave aside Assembly, there are no Muslim corporators in a big city like Vadodara. Gujarat has not sent a single Muslim to the Lok Sabha for over 20 years. The honest truth is that the average Gujarati Hindu will just not accept a Muslim as his representative. The only exception maybe President Abdul Kalam, whose credibility among Hindus is very high. But sadly he has hardly any credibility among Muslims. This only reflects the deep communalisation of our society.

Where does this leave the Gujarati Muslim? In a sense Golwalkar's wish has been fulfilled in Gujarat. Muslims have been reduced in a political sense, to second class citizens. They have no voice in the administration right from Gandhinagar down to taluka panchayats.

Yet as a Muslim I am not worried. An absence of political power in one state is not so vital , so long as the country as a whole operates in a democratic secular manner. Rather I see this phase as one of social, educational and economic reform within the Muslim community. There has been a sharp rise in the number of Muslim schools, or the entry of Muslims into professional courses like engineering and medicine. Muslim businesses and industry are flourishing as never before. Wealth can be seen by the posh houses and mosques in Muslim localities, and the huge rise in Muslims going for pilgrimage to Mecca. The same is true of money lavished at weddings.

Muslims must vote for the best candidate, but otherwise stay away from politics. Let it be said that in the darkness of the 2002 killings, Muslims finally found the answer to live with dignity and respect, in the best tradition of Indian secularism and Islamic heritage.

Dr. Bandukwala is the president of Zidni Ilma Trust (

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Re: Gujarat Mass Genocide : The REAL Truth.


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Some time ago, at the height of Anna-Kejriwal movement, against you know what, I read a little line which really got me. It said, “The average Indian mind no longer processes the word corruption /scam.”


I am reminded of the same as I watch Modi’s election campaign and how the average Indian Muslim mind today, processes the word Gujarat as Genocide. The year 2002 was different from others, the riots /pogrom became the defining moment for him. They were different in many regards but most perhaps in their having government sponsorship. Many Bhagalpurs have been forgotten,[ we even forgot the Bombay of 1992, what more do you ask for?], but Gujarat continues to sting us even after 10 years. Perhaps it would continue to simmer till fair and complete justice is given to the Indians butchered in it.

I remember reading somewhere in Khushwant Singh’s writings, where he describes, how one day as he sat brooding, discussing the brutal massacre at Delhi of 1984, his Muslim friend after sensing his gloom remarked, Arre, Sardar jee, aap 3000 ke liye ro rahe ho, itne toh hamare ek dange mein mur jaate hain [ Sardar [KS] you should not even mind the killing of your 3000 Sikhs, these many of our men [Muslims] are killed normally in one riot alone.]

Gujarat and its development trumpet is all too well known to write home about, so what if it takes place over hundreds and thousands of dead bodies?

In that classic absurd film , Jane Bhi Do Yaaro, [1983] a character [Shrivastav] while mourning the death of the former commissioner of the city de Melo , concludes , Kal commissioner sahib ki yaad mein shehar ke saare guttar bund rahein ge, isliye aap sab se yeh prarthana hai ke peene ka paani, ek din pehle hi bhar kar rakh lein. [ All the gutters[drainage]will remain shut in the sweet memory of our late commissioner de Melo , so the citizens are requested to fill their water, in advance.]

I wish to say,
Kal communal forces ki jeet ki khushi mein , shehar ke sare conscience bund rahein ge, apni secularism ka matum aap sab , aaj hi manaa lein. [ In anticipation of the victory of the communal forces tomorrow, mourn the death of secularism today]
Thank you so much.