The Menace Of RSS And Hindutva.

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Re: The Menace Of RSS And Hindutva.


Unread post by qutub_mamajiwala » Wed Feb 24, 2016 4:41 am

bro GM
you are living in an utopian dream where there is justice and peace for everybody.
practically in india it is either right wing or left colluded with muslim rashtra.
just choose whichever is lesser evil.
muslim colluding with leftwing ideology and propagating justice is alluring to many like u as it promises justice and secularism for all.
but this is just a fracade. they use this to attain power and once in power, throw all their ideologies in deep sea coz inherently their
ideology is opposite. there is no place for democracy and secularism in constitution itself. u already know that. they just use this as a tool
to capture power shouting all the slogans which we are seeing nowadays.
just for eg--they are shouting azadi for kashmir --azadi from what?
do they shout azadi from mullahs who put ban on all girls singing band?
no, they just want their illusionary azadi -- which if they got would not let them even to shout slogans.
so come out of ur illusionary world and be little practical instead of idealistic.

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Re: The Menace Of RSS And Hindutva.


Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Wed Feb 24, 2016 6:33 pm

Ex-IG S M Mushrif, calls for banning RSS, questions IB

Maharashtra's former inspector general S M Mushrif Tuesday called for banning the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), accusing it of “orchestrating all the terror activities (in the country) between 2003 and 2008”.

At a function where his book, ‘Country’s Largest Terror Organisation - RSS’, was released, Mushrif also questioned the integrity of the Intelligence Bureau (IB), seeking a probe into the investigating agencies’ “activities in the past few years”.

Citing examples of blasts on Samjhauta Express, Ajmer Sharif Dargah, Makkah Masjid in Hyderabad and Malegaon in Maharashtra, Mushrif said several Muslims were arrested in connection with these cases but “later investigations found the involvement of RSS activists”.

“It is also unfortunate that no one questions the authenticity of the IB. In many cases, they (IB officials) have been hand-in-glove with Abhinav Bharat, a section of the RSS which had been involved in terror activities,” he alleged.

The former IG also alleged that Hemant Karkare, the joint commissioner of police who was killed in the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks, “was not killed by any terrorist”. “Ballistic report proves that he was not killed by the bullets of any terrorist (who carried out the attacks). I have a strong feeling that workers of Abhinav Bharat and some officials of the IB must have been involved in it. It should be investigated.”

Holding the central government responsible for the prevailing tension at the JNU, Mushrif said the Brahminical attitude is reigning supreme in the country.

The book release was organised by Forum for Democracy and Communal Amity. Its secretary Abdul Aziz criticised the Mamata Banerjee-led Bengal government for its silence over the present disturbances across the country. “With so many incidents of religious and political intolerance (taking place) across the country, the silence of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee here is mysterious.

The people of Bengal must realise that Mamata is an ally of the RSS and that is why she is quiet. We need to put up a political fight against the present dispensation otherwise we would be facing a worst case of emergency in the country,” Aziz said. ... 00165.html

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Re: The Menace Of RSS And Hindutva.


Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Wed Feb 24, 2016 7:38 pm

I am proud to be ‘anti-national’, says Rajdeep Sardesai

In the 1990s, the country’s polity was divided by secular versus pseudo secular faultlines; now, another divide, and frankly far more insidious, is sought to be created between ‘national’ and ‘anti-national’ forces.

When I was first accused of being ‘anti-national’ on social media, I was angry. Now, a few years later, the current coarse political discourse, where desh bhakti certificates are being liberally distributed, tempts me to scream: garv se kaho hum desh-drohi hai (proud to be ‘anti-national’). Let me tell you why.

Yes, I am anti-national because I believe in an expanded definition of the right to free speech as spelt out in Article 19 of the Constitution. The only two ‘reasonable restrictions’ are incitement to violence and hate speech. What constitutes hate speech may be open to debate. Is, for example, the slogan of the Ram Janmabhoomi movement ‘Jo Hindu hit kee baat karega vahi desh pe raj karega’, which openly calls for a Hindu Rashtra, to be seen as violative of the law or not and does it spread enmity among communities? Is ‘Raaj karega khalsa’, the slogan of the Khalistanis, to be seen as seditious or not? In Balwant Singh versus State of Punjab, the Supreme Court ruled in the negative.

Yes, I am anti-national because while I am discomfited by the slogan shouting at JNU in support of Parliament terror convict Afzal Guru, I do not see it as an act of sedition. The sketchy video evidence made available shows the ‘students’ (we still don’t know if all of them were, indeed, students) shouting slogans like ‘Bharat kee barbaadi’, and hailing Afzal’s ‘martyrdom’.

The speeches are primarily an anti-government tirade but is it enough to see the students as potential terrorists or rather as political sympathisers of the azaadi sentiment? And is that ideological support enough to brand them as jihadis who must be charged with sedition?

Yes, I am anti-national because in a plural democracy I believe we must have a dialogue with Kashmiri separatists as we must with those in the North-East who seek autonomy. I will listen to student protestors in Srinagar or Imphal as I will to those in an FTII or a JNU.

Prosecute all those who break the law, incite violence, resort to terror but don’t lose the capacity to engage with those who dissent. The right to dissent is as fundamental as the right to free speech: shouting down alternative views, be they on prime time TV or on the street, is not my idea of India.

Yes, I am anti-national because I don’t believe in doublespeak on issues of nationalism. If support for Afzal Guru is to be seen as ‘sedition’, then at least half the erstwhile Cabinet in Jammu and Kashmir, where the BJP is in coalition with the PDP, would be held guilty.

After all, the PDP’s stated position has been to protest Afzal’s hanging as a miscarriage of justice. If the Kashmiri youth today see Afzal as someone who was framed, they should be challenged to a legal and political debate but can they be branded as ‘jihadists’ simply because their views are repugnant to the rest of the country?

Would we then by extension also suggest that the Hindu Mahasabha, which even today glorifies Nathuram Godse every January 30, even as the rest of India mourns the Mahatma, is an anti-national organisation? Should BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj’s defence of Godse be seen as an anti-national act or not, or will definitions of nationalism be shaped by the convenience of power politics?

Yes, I am anti-national because while I am a proud Hindu who wakes up to the Gayatri mantra, I also like a well done beef steak, which, according to BJP minister Mukhtar Naqvi, is a treasonous act, enough to pack me off to Pakistan. I celebrate the rich diversity of my country through food: Korma on Eid, pork sorpotel with my Catholic neighbours in Goa during Christmas and shrikhand during Diwali is my preferred diet. The right to food of my choice is again a freedom which I cherish and am unwilling to cede.

Yes, I am anti-national because I will fight lawless lawyers who attack defenceless women journalists in the name of ‘Bharat mata’ (don’t forget women journalists were targeted on a fateful day in December 1992 also) while policemen do little to stop the pseudo-patriots.

I am a proud Indian who admires the sacrifice of our jawans, which is why I believe our men on the border must get higher wages rather than be trapped in a bureaucratic tangle. I support gay rights, am against the death penalty on principle, find any violence in the name of caste, religion or gender unacceptable. And yes, I like raising inconvenient truths in the public domain: if that makes me anti-national, then so be it.

But above all else, I am anti-national because I believe in Ambedkar’s concept of a republican constitution that places the citizen and rule of law at its core. No one has the right to impose their vision of ‘cultural nationalism’ on a diverse society in the guise of ‘one nation, one religion, one culture’.

And when I get weary of the ‘desh-drohi’ abuse I will seek solace in the legend of my original icon, Muhammad Ali, who, as Cassius Clay, threw his gold medal into the river in protest at being denied entry into a whites-only restaurant. His act led him to be termed ‘anti-national’ and stripped of his Olympic medal. Several years later, as he lit the torch at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, it was America’s way of apologising to one of its greatest folk heroes. I hope some of you say sorry to me too one day!

Post-script: Last week, at the Delhi Gymkhana litfest, I suggested that the right to free speech must include the right to offend so long as it doesn’t incite violence. A former army officer angrily got up and shouted, “You are an anti-national who should be lynched right here!” When even the genteel environs of the Gymkhana club echo to such strains, we should all be very worried. ... P5peI.html

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Re: The Menace Of RSS And Hindutva.


Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Wed Mar 02, 2016 6:40 pm

The BJP has Unleashed the Bhasmasura of Aggressive Nationalism. Good Luck Controlling It.

The demonisation of intellectuals, the glorification of brute force and the weakening of institutional practices are all indications of Indian democracy turning into a dystopia.

The recent call by a top Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh functionary to “purge all universities of anti-national elements” is not just another barb in the ongoing controversy over recent events at JNU. It indicates the RSS’s resolve to achieve as much of its agenda as possible through the first-ever majority government formed by its affiliate party, the BJP. The RSS hopes, and not without basis, that even if ousted from power in 2019, its ‘achievements’ will remain intact, given the support it has built amongst the vocal middle class, aided by the political naivety of its opponents.

Since its inception, the RSS has been following a well prepared agenda of replacing the inclusive, democratic and secular idea of India with its own. The call to ‘purge’ and the campaign against JNU are but manifestations of this far-reaching design.

Any democratic nationalism is both aware of its historical (not ‘eternal’) existence and confident of its potential for inclusion and assimilation. As opposed to such confident nationalism, we have the perpetually hyper-tense nationalism of the RSS variety, which in spite of all the hype generated, is weak at its core and hence cannot but adopt an aggressive, abusive and irrational posture. It has been justifiably compared with Fascist and other totalitarian ideologies.

Over the last couple of decades, global developments have contributed to a sense of unease even for the traditionally inclusive Indian nationalism. Prominent among these is the spread of jihadism and its horrifying manifestations like Al-Qaeda and ISIS. The deliberate portrayal of a local event at JNU as a threat to the nation is an attempt to exploit these fears for the RSS’s political agenda. The place being JNU (a ‘left-liberal bastion’) and the issue being discontent in Kashmir presented the RSS with an opportunity too tempting to be missed. And, it could, of course depend on the shrill, unethical ‘nationalist’ sections of the media to push under the carpet not only the larger issues of democracy as such, but also immediate ones like the BJP’s new found love for the Peoples Democratic Party – which officially holds a position on Afzal Guru’s hanging that is much sharper than those of most of the JNU ‘anti-nationals’.

The RSS seeks to make fundamental changes in the way an ordinary citizen would see the achievements of, and threats to, the nation. The BJP hopes to reap rich electoral dividends by presenting JNU as a den of ‘anti-nationals’ and by posing itself as the sole champion of nationalism. The friends of the BJP in the media are only too willing to help and oblige. The airing of doctored videos is only one example. There are several ‘patriotic’ tricks of earning high viewership ratings: provocative and judgmental headlines, deliberately and misleadingly rendering the legal term ‘sedition’ into emotionally loaded terms like ‘anti-national’ and ‘deshdrohi’ (traitor) and the not-too-subtle communal profiling of ‘targeted’ individuals. Such ‘patriotic’ tricks, when coupled with the posters that have been appearing in various cities that contain hate propaganda and that are either anonymous or bear the names of obscure organisations, lead to a situation of unprecedented gravity.

Let us look at the tapestry of nationalism being woven around JNU events.

First, demonisation of not only ‘JNU types’ but of the intellectual class as a whole is taking place. The social media as well as the so-called mainstream television media is overflowing with condemnation of intellectuals. In other circumstances, this could have been pitiable or even laughable – but here is an organised attempt to turn the word ‘intellectual’ into an abuse to be hurled at anyone who seeks to form an opinion through dialogue and the objective appraisal of facts. The intention is to marginalise the very idea and practice of rational enquiry. This is bound to lead to a situation where the word of the powers that be is seen as divine diktat and submission as nationalist duty. Remember, during the bloody repression in Bangladesh in 1971, intellectuals, teachers, writers, journalists and students were the first target of the Pakistani army.

Then, we have the glorification of brute force coupled with the evergreen rhetoric of hurt sentiments. The lawyers and elected representatives of the people feel free to beat an accused in the court premises. They are confident of teaching journalists a lesson or two, and even hurl abuses at the senior lawyers sent by the Supreme Court to oversee the situation. All this is accepted as ‘natural’ – as hurt national sentiment is involved. It is okay to harass senior academics for hours, it is okay to ‘profile’ a person of a Muslim background, even if he or she is an atheist, it is patriotic for the police to describe a brutal assault as a ‘minor scuffle,’ and it does not matter at all if a couple of young lives are sacrificed to domination fantasies masquerading as nationalist sentiment.

Meanwhile, the ruling party can breathe easy on all its failures, and can do whatever it pleases with natural resources and the lives of Adivasi and Dalit citizens as long as it can be seen teaching the ‘enemies of the nation’ a lesson.

The current campaign of demonisation of intellectuals, mob frenzy, the systematic weakening of institutional practices ranging from universities and the media to the judiciary and police are indications of Indian democracy turning into a dystopia.

Those knowledgable about Hindu mythology – and hopefully this included the political Hindutva types – are surely aware of the story of Bhasmasura. The demon was granted a boon by Shiva to turn anybody he wished into ashes, but he soon turned upon Shiva himself. The myth holds lessons for those who believe that their power and the forces that they have unleashed will remain under their control.

FULL ARTICLE :- ... -it-22643/

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Re: The Menace Of RSS And Hindutva.


Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Sun Mar 06, 2016 7:36 pm

Muslim policeman at duty beaten up and paraded in Maharashtra

Latur (Maharahstra): In an apparent display of anarchy, a Muslim policeman is beaten up badly and paraded in the streets by a mob in Pangaon town of Latur District in Maharashtra.

On Friday morning at around 9 am ASI Shaikh Yunus Pashamiya, 56, was surrounded by 200 men and beaten up by sticks after he was asked to hold saffron flag, parade and dance.

Maharashtra was celebrating Maratha warrior Shivaji’s birth anniversary on Friday due to which people were tying saffron flags in different areas.

As per sources, on Friday Pashamiya had restricted some men from tying saffron flags in certain sensitive areas sighting orders from superiors but people got angry due to such opposition and warned him of consequences.

Reportedly, Pashamiya was singled out from policemen and was beaten up brutally by the mob. Reports suggest that mob also tried to shave his beard off and was asked to make parade with saffron flag in his hands.

Name of one local ‘Chavan’ is making round on social media for being responsible of instigating the mob against Pashamiya.
One local told on condition of anonymity that mob targeted Pashamiya even though he was standing with his colleague ASI K Awaskar.

He is now recuperating at civil hospital in Latur. Family of Pashamiya could not be contacted for comment on the incident. ... ty9iX197IU

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Re: The Menace Of RSS And Hindutva.


Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Tue Mar 08, 2016 6:05 pm

Do Hindu Swabhiman 'terror camps' have govt approval, asks retired Mumbai ACP

Wondering why no action has been taken against the 'terrorist training camps' reportedly run by an NGO Hindu Swabhiman even after vidoes surfaced in the media, Retired Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Shamsher Khan Pathan asked if the camps have government approval.

"Hindu Swabhiman has openly claimed that it is running 'arms training camps' in as many as 100 places in Uttar Pradesh. Yet no legal action has been taken either by the state or the central government. Does this mean that these 'terrorist camps' have the approval of the government?" Pathan who heads Awami Vikas Party (AVP) asked.

"The government should have immediately closed these tratining centres. But, far from taking action, not a single word has been so far uttered by the state or the central government against these terrorist camps", he said.

Stating that these training camps are dangerous for national security, and peace and harmony, Pathan demanded from the state and the union government to close these training camps and arrest the members of Hindu Swabhiman.

"While ISIS is an ominous threat to humanity but by the government's own assertion, it is non-existent in India. To use that as a peg to raise militias requires to be curbed. If the government does not act, courts would be the only option", he added.

On January 20, leading English daily The Times of India had reported that from the outskirts of India's capital to the Uttarakhand border, an outfit known as Hindu Swabhiman is raising and training what it calls a "dharma sena" to wage war against the so-called Islamic State (ISIS), which it believes will occupy western UP by 2020. Its leaders claim there are already 15,000 "soldiers" who are ready to die to safeguard their faith.

Besides government admission that ISIS is non-existent in India, the Indian Muslims too have condemned that the terrorist activities of ISIS with many believing that the terrorist group has nothing to do with Islam and Muslims. They are of the view that the ISIS terrorist group is formed to malign the image of Islam and target Muslims.

- See more at: ... fGuSn.dpuf

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Re: The Menace Of RSS And Hindutva.


Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Tue Mar 08, 2016 6:17 pm

Yogi Adityanath’s Hindu Yuva Vahini involves in abducting, raping teenage Muslim girls

The All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat (AIMMM), an umbrella body of Indian Muslim organisations, in a shocking revelation has confirmed that BJP MP Yogi Adityanath’s Hindu Yuva Vahini is involved in abducting, raping and frocing the teenaged Muslims girls to live with Hindu boys.

"A team of the All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat (AIMMM) found that reports of kidnappings of Muslim girls, sometimes as young as 12 years, are true. Many of such girls have vanished, some are known to be living with their Hindu “husbands” while some have succeeded to run away and return to their families", the NGO said after visiting the district.

"The delegation found that young girls are kidnapped or lured away from their villages. They are taken to Gorakhpur and other places where they are raped, subjected to shuddhi (purification) and then forced to marry Hindu boys", it added.

The Mushawerat delegation visited Kushinagar in compliance with a decision of the Central Committee of AIMMM on 5 December 2015 to send a fact-finding committee to the district.

Adityanath’s Hindu Yuva Vahini and allied militias play a major role in this criminal activity which is made more sinister because all girls are under-age.

The fact-finding delegation also visited some mosques in various villages where repair and extension work is not allowed by the police and local administration. The delegation came across a mosque in village Ahroli Rai under thana Kasia where both Muslims and Hindus are requesting the local police and administration to allow the extension of the village mosque but their request is denied.

The fact-finding delegation also made enquiries about some past one-sided riots in which whole Muslim village populations had to flee and spend days and weeks outside their villages due to active police involvement on the side of rioters.

Full text of Mushawarat’s fact-finding report on disturbing conditions in Kushinagar district:

- See more at: ... b8WD5.dpuf

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Re: The Menace Of RSS And Hindutva.


Unread post by qutub_mamajiwala » Wed Mar 09, 2016 4:46 am ... e/#respond

Kerala Hindu student thrashed by Muslim mob for dropping Muslim classmate ... e/#respond

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Re: The Menace Of RSS And Hindutva.


Unread post by qutub_mamajiwala » Wed Mar 09, 2016 9:45 am

ghulam muhammed wrote:I am proud to be ‘anti-national’, says Rajdeep Sardesai

Dear Rajdeep:

I read your powerful blog "Yes; I am an Anti-National". It was an extremely intense and powerful assertion. I found myself in agreement with almost everything you have written. And I consider myself a nationalist. So I couldn't figure how you said everything that a nationalist would find it hard to disagree with, and then managed to call yourself an anti-national! That feat truly stumped me.

I agree with nearly everything you wrote (the differences are on account of me being born a Banarasi rather than a Mumbaikar). Yes, the country's polity was divided by secular versus pseudo secular fault lines. But not just in the 1990s, as you argue. The divide was always there, right from the start in 1947. It's just that it surfaced because of electoral manifestation later on. You also argue that 2014 was the year that changed a lot, citing your book. I feel India has remained the same. All that changed in 2014 is that it forced a certain sect of intelligentsia to change the way they stereotyped India.

Yes, I agree that the current issue is another divide, and frankly a far more insidious one, created between 'national' and 'anti-national' forces. I share your agony of feeling like "anti-national". I have also been similarly labeled. It was way back in the 1970s, during a time that some communal-minded people refer to as the "Emergency". I was not angry. Afterall, I was just 3 years old then.

You have been called anti-national by social media. We were branded anti-national by the socialist media. The word 'Socialist' had just been forcefully and unconstitutionally added to the preamble of our Constitution. And Media was what the cabal of Left-oriented Congress establishment thought that Media should be. Those media-wallahs that disagreed with the establishment became "Enemy of the state" overnight. My father was one of them. And therefore, his family members, including his 3-year-old son, became enemy of the state. There were hundreds and thousands of individuals and families like us who were declared "Enemy of the state". I was not angry then.

But the coarse political discourse right after those years angered me, just as it does today, when secularism certificates are being liberally distributed. It makes me want to scream: Garv se kaho hum desh-bhakt hai (Say proudly that you are a nationalist).

Yes, I am a proud nationalist because I believe in an expanded definition of the right to free speech as spelt out in Article 19 of the Constitution. The only two 'reasonable restrictions' are incitement to violence and hate speech. What constitutes hate speech is open to debate. Is, for example, the slogan of "Bharat Tere Tukde Honge; Insha Allah; Insha Allah", which openly calls for a Jihadi cause, to be seen as violating the law or not? And does it spread enmity among communities? And by the way, 'Raaj karega khalsa', was NOT the slogan of the Khalistanis, is was a historical slogan that Khalistanis tried to misuse. And that is why it was not deemed seditious by the Supreme Court in the Balwant Singh versus State of Punjab case. The term "Khalsa" is used for the good teachings of all the Gurus and it also denoted the good governance of Maharaja Ranjeet Singh. And yes, as a proud Nationalist, I will scream aloud for "Raaj Karega Khalsa" to wish for the real spirit of Khalsa, which saw the Gurus give their lives to protect India and its inclusive culture from the culture of onslaught.

Yes, I am a proud nationalist because I am discomfited by the sloganeering and violence at Patiala Court. I do not see it as an act of Patriotism. A majority of proud nationalists Indians (shall we call them PNIs?), including me, said on social media that lunatic lawyers or a certain violent idiot BJP MLA should be taken to the cleaners by the court because they are not above the law and criminals should be allowed to hide behind the guise of patriotism. And no, I am not supporting anyone in power who tries to protect these violent lunatics. Glad that we have a common ground between us on this issue.

Now in similar fashion, anyone in support of Parliament terror convict Afzal Guru can be taken to the court and let the court decide. The courts are indeed the only one to decide on "Afzal Hum Sharminda Hain; Tere Katil Zinda Hain"; simply because the "Katil" in this "Tere Katil Zinda Hain" case is the Supreme Court of India. It's the SC that decided to hang the terrorist Afzal Guru.

I once again agree with you that these speeches are primarily an anti-government tirade. But it is the government of India, not a government of the BJP. Should we see the students as potential terrorists or as political sympathizers of the azadi sentiment? Well, it depends. If you visualize a young Afzal Guru raising similar slogans twenty years back, you might not have an easy answer to it. And is that ideological support enough to brand them as jihadis who must be charged with sedition? Again, it depends. If you deem the slogan "Jo Hindu Hit Ki Baat Karega, Wahi Desh Par Raaj Karega" as communal and spreading enmity between communities, as you do, I guess "Bharat Tere Tukde Honge; Insha Allah; Insha Allah" could also be regarded as such?

You see, it's all struck in branding somewhere. And freedom of expression is not really a one-way traffic. It works both ways. I opposed the arrest of Kanhaiya because I am convinced that his speech was politically brilliant and absolutely harmless. The real "anti-national" culprits are on the run. They should have been charged with sedition, not Kanhaiyya.

Yes, I am a proud nationalist because in a plural democracy I also believe we must have a dialogue with Kashmiri separatists as we must with those in the North-East who seek autonomy. I remain the only pollster to have travelled to all the corners of the 'troubled' Kashmir to poll the locals. We had no hesitation in putting it on the cover of The Week magazine that majority of Kashimiris believe that polls will be "rigged" and that they don't think a solution is possible within the Indian Constitution. Yes, I am a proud nationalist and I'm also the only journalist who generated empirical data to give statistical voice to people in Kashmir Valley that don't wish to be part of India. We tried to give a concrete number to their sentiments on what would happen if a plebiscite were carried out.

Yes, I understood that it's a society in conflict and transition, and venting "anti-India" slogans was a good way of protesting what they saw as "Indian Occupation". But I also understood that the issue of "Kashmiriyat" has been very interestingly wrapped over by the Jihadi ideal of world peace, if you know what I mean. Even the Hurriyat leaders now regretfully concede this in private conversations.

Yes, I am a proud nationalist who worked for 20 years on a peace-poll to give statistical voice to the "Idea of Kashmiriyat". Be it in Sri Nagar or in New Delhi or for that matter even in Washington DC. But I refuse to be that anti-national who would give legitimacy of dialogue to Jihadi ideas under the garb of freedom of expression. Every human being must have a right to freedom of expression. But not Jihadi terrorists. Why? Simply because it's a right given to humans.

Yes I agree on all your assertions that prosecute all those who break the law, incite violence and resort to terror but don't lose the capacity to engage with those who dissent. As long as those who dissent don't also support the terror attack on our Parliament. Yes, the right to dissent is as fundamental as the right to free speech. Shouting down "alternative views", be they on prime time TV or on the street, is not my idea of India either. But which alternative views, to be precise? Are we really going to offer the "alternative" of "Bharat Ki Barbadi Tak, Jang Rahegi Jang Rahegi"? Well, I don't think that alternative should be on the negotiation table. Yes, I agree with you that if support for Afzal Guru is to be seen as 'sedition', then at least half the erstwhile cabinet in Jammu and Kashmir, where the BJP is in Coalition with the PDP, would be held guilty. But the prudent journalist in me knows that the PDP's stated position has been to protest Afzal's hanging as a miscarriage of justice. But are they shouting for "Bharat Ki Barbadi Tak"? Arguing "travesty of justice" is different from shouting "Bharat Tere Tukde Honge, Insha Allah Insha Allah". Yes, as a proud nationalist, I do feel that the Hindu Mahasabha turns criminal in glorifying Nathuram Godse. And yes, when they observe 26 January as black day, I do consider them an anti-national organization in that context. You might be surprised to know Rajdeep, that most proud nationalists also feel the Sadhvi Pragyas, Sakshi Maharajs or for that matter even the Pravin Togadias end up being anti-nationals by spreading their utterly stupid and divisive message.

Yes, I agree with you that definitions of nationalism should not be shaped by the convenience of power politics. This is why I openly wished that the confrontation with the pro-Afzal gang in JNU and in all other campuses in the country should have been picked up by the student wings of other political outfits--the NSUI, AISA or CYSS; not by the self-appointed champions of nationalism. The day NSUI and CYSS picks up the confrontation with Afzal gang in all the campuses, we will not be defining nationalism by the convenience of power politics.

Yes, I am a proud nationalist and Hindu and although I don't wake up to the Gayatri mantra, I do observe certain other personal practices. For instance, even though I travel around the world, I don't eat beef and pork. Because beef was never served on my family's dinner table and pork has never been served at the homes of innumerable friends and colleagues. What's the point of eating something that I can't share with my family, friends and colleagues? But this is my own personal decision and I don't at all subscribe to anyone, including BJP minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, who wants to link diet and treason.

Yes, I do celebrate the rich diversity of my country through food, knowing and respecting fully well that the largest religion of India finds beef offensive and the second largest finds pork offensive. Resist the temptation for a moment to typecast me as a typical vegetarian Banarasi Brahmin. Having been virtually raised at the home of our Bengali neighbors, the De family, I am pretty emotional about my Doi-Maach. And having been blissfully adored by my nani jaan at our neighbours', the Atahar Nabi family in Lucknow, I know how the real shami kebabs melt in the mouth.

The right to food of choice of my friends, colleagues and family is absolute and I choose to respect them by not eating certain things. It is again a freedom to respect their sentiments. I cherish this freedom to respect them and I celebrate it by not consuming anything that might offend them, be it beef or pork. Giving that respect makes me a proud nationalist. Yes, I am a proud nationalist because I will also fight lawless lawyers who attack women journalists in the name of 'Bharat Mata'. And I also don't forget Kashmiri Pundit women who were targeted by "sympathizers" of the cause of Azadi. I am a proud nationalist who, just like you, admires the sacrifice of our jawans, which is why I love the idea of the Indian flag flying high in university campuses. What is the point in admiring the jawans if you can't admire the cause they give their lives for--to protect the 'Aan-Baan aur Shaan' of the tri-colour? I am a proud nationalist and that is why I support gay rights. I might also be against the death penalty on principle, but I don't protest against the penalty "selectively" when the criminal happens to be a terrorist working for the cause of "Azadi". If one is against the death penalty in principle, then one should have the guts to oppose it when a serial rapist or murderer is taken to the gallows. Unfortunately, I didn't find anyone in JNU taking out a procession to protest against the hanging of Dhananjay Chaterjee or Auto Shankar. Why that is all such voices "against the death penalty on principle" get amplified only when the person taken to gallows happens to be an Afzal or a Kasab or a Yakub Memon? As a proud nationalist, I also find any violence in the name of caste, religion or gender unacceptable. This is why I find it ridiculous when Brahmin votes are caste politics but Yadav votes are merely community consolidation. I do find it weird when Hindu polarization is termed communal and Muslim polarization is termed by the same intellectual brigade as the great secular strategy. I hate to be "Selective" in such criteria and find both of these phenomenon as communal and casteist. And yes, just like you, I like raising these inconvenient truths in the public domain.

But above all else, I am a proud nationalist because I believe in Ambedkar's concept of a republican constitution that places the citizen and rule of law at its core with Uniform Civil Code. I also agree that no one has the right to impose their vision of 'cultural nationalism' on a diverse society in the guise of 'one religion, one culture'. But yes, this is certainly 'one nation' for sure and I am not apologetic to state that. The law of this nation should be equal to everyone, regardless of gender, religion or culture. We love to highlight this, barring the occasions when a case like Shah Bano flies in our face and we are left with our "constitutional duty" to make minority women suffer secular injustice, just because it makes it politically incorrect to take a morally correct stand on this issue.

The wound of atrocities that have been inflicted on the oppressed classes in our country for centuries need affirmative action to heal. That's why I am a proud supporter of reservation policies. I hate when 'menstruating" women are considered "impure" and not allowed to enter any place of worship. The pinned tweet on my profile says "If Women can fly planes, conduct open-heart surgeries & shoot at the border wearing sanitary napkins, they can go & pray in any temple as well". Yes, I say all of this due to my conviction that being a proud nationalist makes it necessary to do so.

I would love to seek solace in the legend of your original icon, Muhammad Ali. I am glad you mentioned that piece of history. But you forgot to emphasize that Muhammad Ali did not threw his gold medal into the river screaming "Amreeka tere Tukde Honge; Insha Allah Insha Allah". He did it for the much larger cause of equality for all fellow citizens under the same national flag of the USA. As he lit the torch at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, it was America's way of apologizing for all the inequalities that its "laws as per the constitution" allowed to happen. But I don't see any such case of "institutional" or "constitutional" inequality in India. And if you are asking me to give equal and similar space to "Bharat Ki Barbadi Tak" due to freedom of expression, I am sorry, I just can't.

I am sorry that I am unable to find anything worth being apologetic about for being a proud nationalist, which you have portrayed as a source of everything that is wrong with this country. You are asserting that you are an anti-national by claiming all the right virtues for yourself, while demeaning and belittling my feeling of being a proud nationalist, even though I subscribe to all the right virtues that you listed. I hope you realize your folly and say sorry one day.

No, I am not communal and you are not anti-national.

With affection and regards

Post-script: I kind of disagree with you that the right to free speech must include the right to offend so long as it doesn't incite violence. Not all forms of violence are physical. Words can leave the deepest wounds. ... 90564.html

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Re: The Menace Of RSS And Hindutva.


Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Fri Mar 11, 2016 6:12 pm

JNU Row: Unraveling Truth About The Viral Anti-National Video

In this video we unravel the truth about the much talked about anti-national video of JNU which went viral and how 3 different videos were brought together to try and create a misleading impression.

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Re: The Menace Of RSS And Hindutva.


Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Fri Mar 11, 2016 7:04 pm

The unfolding Modi-BJP-RSS-ABVP nexus in India is but a replay of the Zia ul Haq-Jamaat e Islami-Islami Jamiat e Talaba axis in Pakistan in the 1970s

Ideologically speaking, the ‘Hindu nationalist’ Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) with its Hindu Rashtra agenda is the mirror image of the Abu Ala Maududi’s Jamaat-e-Islami with Islamic state and Shariah law as its goal. It should not be surprising then that the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) – the student body floated by the RSS – is beginning to look more and more, and ominously so, like the Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba (IJT) – the student wing floated by Maududi in Pakistan.

“If you want to change a country, change its students,” noted American writer and journalism, Dan Brooks in an article, ‘Know your theocrats: Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba’, which he wrote in 2011. The RSS wants to “change India” just as the Jamaat-e-Islami is trying to “change Pakistan”. If the ABVP is the former’s instrument for ‘changing students’ in India, the IJT is the latter’s tool for “changing students” in Pakistan.

The comparison does not end there. The RSS and the ABVP claim that the latter’s real growth in numbers took place during the years that the Congress-led UPA governments were in power, that is, before Narendra Modi’s rise to the top. The Jamaat-e-Islami and the IJT too can make a similar claim. Read, Nadeem F Paracha’s excellent 2009 essay, ‘Student politics in Pakistan: A history, lament and celebration’.

Though left-wing student unions retained their dominant position in Pakistan’s colleges and universities through the 1950s, by the early 1960s the IJT had started “to emerge from the sidelines of student politics and materialise as an affective right-wing force on the campuses”. Until then, though the IJT had been around for more than a decade “it was almost completely overshadowed by DSF (Democratic Students Front) and the NSF (National Students Front),” Paracha writes.

In tune with the movement worldwide, the 1960s are often referred to as the “golden era of student politics” in Pakistan. According to Paracha however, “it is the 1970s that one can truly call the golden era of student politics in Pakistan”. It was in the latter decade that Pakistan witnessed the emergence of a state-party-student nexus. What we are witnessing in India today is a replay of the same devious plot.

“When [after ousting Zulfikar Ali Bhutto] President Zia [ul Haq] brought in members of the Jamaat-e-Islami to form his first cabinet (to help him ‘Islamize Pakistan’), IJT’s notorious ‘Thunder Squads’ that were formed in the 1960s at the universities of Karachi and Lahore to challenge leftist student activists, went on a rampage, harassing and physically manhandling their opponents”.

What the Zia-Jamaat-IJT did in the campuses in Pakistan in the 1970s is exactly what the Modi-BJP-RSS-ABVP has been re-enacting in India’s premier educational institutions in recent months— Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), IITs, Hyderabad Central University, JNU… The difference: In Pakistan the IJT was fighting the “enemies of Islam”; in India the ABVP is fighting “desh drohis”, or put differently, the “enemies of Hindu Rashtra”.

Though ideologically a mirror image of Pakistan’s Jamaat-e-Islami, the RSS has chosen a different organisational path. The ABVP may not need to form its own “thunder squads” since the RSS has already put in place complementary fronts for the purpose: VHP, Bajrang Dal, sundry other Hindutva-inspired outfits, even rogue lawyers as witnessed in the Patiala court recently.

FULL ARTICLE :- ... inously-so

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Re: The Menace Of RSS And Hindutva.


Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Fri Mar 11, 2016 7:22 pm

No Muslim in Maharashtra's list of national heroes?

The Bombay High Court has been petitioned against a Maharashtra government order leaving out Muslims from its new list of national leaders and heroes for celebrating their anniversaries and special days.

The government circular, Ja.Pu.Ti-2215/279/PrKr/285/29, was issued on November 30, 2014, with a list of 26 days when celebrations and functions would be held in honour of various national leaders/heroes.

Senior activist-journalist Sarfaraz Arzu has filed the public suit, naming Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, Minority Affairs Minister Eknath Khadse and Chairman of State Minorities Commission Amir Hussain among the respondents.

"It is unfortunate that the government has not been able to find a single great figure from the Muslim community...It's in national interest that students and the masses should know that Indian Muslims have done service to the Motherland and humanity, but somehow what the people come to know is the gloomy past of some misguided Muslims, creating a false Islamophobia," the petition said.

It pointed out that the government has become completely blind to freedom fighters like Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, Dr. Zakir Hussain, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Paramvir Chakra awardee Company Havildar Major Abdul Hamid, religious leaders like Khawaja Garib Nawaz, Maulana Shaukat Ali, Shahnawaz Khan, Sir Badruddin Tyebji, Tipu Sultan, Bahadur Shah Zafar, Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan, Ashfaqulla Khan and many more.

"The National Heroes who are Muslims have been deliberately forgotten and suppressed and the common young Indian is kept ignorant of their greatness and contributions," Arzu said.

He pointed out that the government in power, which swears by the constitution, is expected to take all sections of society in the task of nation-building and public space cannot be appropriated by any one section to the exclusion of the others.

He had earlier written letters on the issue to Fadnavis, Khadse and others, highlighting the grouses of the community. ... uNS_3197IV

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Re: The Menace Of RSS And Hindutva.


Unread post by qutub_mamajiwala » Tue Mar 15, 2016 3:48 am

A Brilliant Article by An American on Why India’s Minorities Need To Stop Fearing RSS… ... aring-rss/

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Re: The Menace Of RSS And Hindutva.


Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Tue Mar 15, 2016 5:33 pm

qutub_mamajiwala wrote:A Brilliant Article by An American on Why India’s Minorities Need To Stop Fearing RSS… ... aring-rss/
Once again an RSS mouthpiece full of lies and deceit....... and you thought that by replacing the Khakhi 'Chaddi' with full pants meant that this facist organisation has changed its evil ideologies !!

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Re: The Menace Of RSS And Hindutva.


Unread post by qutub_mamajiwala » Wed Mar 16, 2016 4:59 am

may be lies and deceit--they are no holy souls--but still better than hypocrisy spread by their opposition.
if they are fascist, then who are its opposition---double standard opportunist?

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Re: The Menace Of RSS And Hindutva.


Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Wed Mar 16, 2016 4:41 pm

qutub_mamajiwala wrote:may be lies and deceit--they are no holy souls--but still better than hypocrisy spread by their opposition.
What opposition and what hypocrisy ? Please be specific.
qutub_mamajiwala wrote:if they are fascist, then who are its opposition---double standard opportunist?
In your hatred towards Muslims you fail to understand that there are equal number of non-muslims and even Hindus who oppose the satanic RSS.

You have proved beyond doubt that you are not only 'Anti-Wahabi' but actually an 'Anti-Muslim' and you use the wahabi rants to get even with Muslims in general. Otherwise how could any Muslim ever defend the RSS and saffron brigade whose anti-muslim activities are well documented and accepted worldwide unless he is a 'Double standard opportunist' and 'Hypocrite' like Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, Shahnawaz Hussein, M.J. Akbar and Zafer Sareshwala.

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Re: The Menace Of RSS And Hindutva.


Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Wed Mar 16, 2016 5:33 pm

On “World Cultures” And Godmen

By Raja Swamy

Two events stand out in the last few days that tell us something about the character of the present government. Spokesmen for a government ministry stated bluntly that their ministry did not recruit a single Muslim “as per government policy.” The Modi administration had created a Ministry of Ayush (traditional medicine) in 2014, even as it slashed health budgets and raised the prices of essential drugs. Now this ministry is run under the stricture that no Muslim may be invited, recruited, trained or sent abroad. This is a testing ground for what is to unfold in the coming years as a Modi government led effort to literally build its “Hindu Rashtra” on the rubble of the Indian state. A second event centered on the godman Sri Sri Ravishankar's extravagant “World Culture Festival” held on the banks of the Jamuna in Delhi. Not only was the organization of this event notable for its devastation of whatever remains of the fragile ecology of the river, its eviction of farmers in order to make way for parking lots and pavilions, and its utter disconnect with the actual needs of the people, it also is notable for its attempt to hoodwink the world by creating the impression that an extremely influential Hindu “godman” close to Modi, is leading an inclusive, all-embracing convergence of “world cultures.” Yes they invited Robert Mugabe, Boutros Boutros Ghali (whose name appears on the program despite the fact that he passed away three weeks ago), and a bewilderingly heterogeneous array of political figures from around the world. Many of these folks backed out, citing among other things the lack of adequate security and protocol arrangements.

What is interesting about the selection of heterogeneous guests is the manner in which it loudly conveys a message of “inclusion” even as its obvious heterogeneity is more notable for its lack of any coherent common ground than it is for its diversity. How might the organizers explain the inclusion of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe alongside the Minister of Sports from Japan? What is the notion of “world culture” that is being promoted under the shadow of a government that explicitly states that it will not allow Muslims to be part of a central government ministry, a patently illegal act under the constitution no doubt, but a jarring reminder that Modi's friend, the nauseatingly underwhelming 2xSri, stands on slippery, muddy ground on the question of diversity and inclusion when he cannot and will not say a word about the unmistakable stench of Hindu supremacy enveloping India today. In fact one can easily see that this event is intended to create the impression that the current dispensation – Hindu supremacy – which 2xSri is heavily invested in, is welcoming of “world cultures.” Such a move was witnessed in the United States in 2003 when the RSS's American affiliates of the VHP-A (Vishwa Hindu Parishad – America) and HSC (Hindu Students Council) organized something they called the “Global Dharma Conference.” There they invited such a hodge podge of individuals – from Dalai Lama to the actress Goldie Hawn - creating the impression of “diversity,” and thereby promoting the myth that Hindu right organizations were “inclusive” of difference, even as they carefully ensured that the Hindu right and its message remained prominent. The BJP's Murli Manohar Joshi was the chief guest at that event, a veritable celebration of superficial similarities (what exactly is dharma?) and a tacit endorsement of exclusion – no Indian Muslims, Christians, Dalits, others are not part of the wooly notion of “Dharma” that these self-proclaimed representatives of India defend.

What “world cultures” and “dharma” in either case convey is the notion that a section of the parasitic upper castes who coalesce around godmen and spiritual gurus on the one hand, and harbor a staunchly supremacist politics of Brahmanism and Hindutva on the other, are attempting to subvert real questions of diversity and inclusion – questions made all the more urgent precisely as a result of this growing supremacist movement which threatens to further assault Indians of non-upper caste Hindu persuasions – by fronting a false chimera of inclusion and worldly communal amity. This is the ideological import of the so called “world cultures” event in Delhi. It is no wonder then that Modi, his entire cabinet, and a host of rightwing personalities attended the event, shared the dais with the godman, and poured praise on him. Modi called the event the "Kumbh Mela of culture," while his External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj anointed the godman “India's cultural ambassador,” declaring that “he is the symbol of our soft power.” The Home Minister Rajnath Singh went even further declaring that the event was a symbol of the country's “big heart and tolerant culture.” Unmistakably the event is pushing the fiction that India under the rightwing persuasion is exactly the opposite of what it really is. Given the predilection of India's infamous godmen and gurus to turn reality on its head, this is no surprise. What is astonishing is the extent to which seemingly liberal individuals like Vandana Shiva and Arvind Kejriwal abandoned any pretense of decency and shamelessly endorsed this horrid circus of upper caste, ruling class pomposity.

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Re: The Menace Of RSS And Hindutva.


Unread post by qutub_mamajiwala » Thu Mar 17, 2016 1:43 am

[quote="ghulam muhammed"Otherwise how could any Muslim ever defend the RSS and saffron brigade whose anti-muslim activities are well documented and accepted worldwide .[/quote]

are they worldwide like muslims also?
documented by whom? by terror sympathisers world wide as there are miniscule of them outside india.
and even if they are anti-muslim so what? r u not anti--them? so it equals out no?
why blame one only?
if he is mass murderer-- of how many--only 2000?
u support nivedita menon who supports mass murders and justifies it also openly of lacs?

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Re: The Menace Of RSS And Hindutva.


Unread post by SBM » Thu Mar 17, 2016 11:32 am

are they worldwide like muslims also?
Yes Hindu Maha Sabha is registered as World Hindu Council in USA as 501(c) 3 and many IT companies used to match their employees contribution but now has rescinded after many Civil Right Organizations in USA exposed Hindu Maha Sabha as partner of RSS.
Now if you think RSS is not a communal organization and are not involved in Mass Murder then there is no reasoning with you.

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Re: The Menace Of RSS And Hindutva.


Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Thu Mar 17, 2016 5:03 pm

qutub_mamajiwala wrote:and even if they are anti-muslim so what? r u not anti--them? so it equals out no?
RSS is an 'Anti Muslim' organisation whereas I and other right minded people (obviously not you) are 'Anti RSS' and NOT 'Anti Hindus', in fact I have more Hindu friends then Muslims.... So better understand what the opposite person is saying before defending your bosses in Nagpur.
qutub_mamajiwala wrote:if he is mass murderer-- of how many--only 2000?

Now which other boss of yours are you defending ? Is he from your parent organisation RSS or its offshoots like VHP, Bajrang Dal or Hindu Mahasabha ?
qutub_mamajiwala wrote:u support nivedita menon who supports mass murders and justifies it also openly of lacs?
Have you seen any of my photographs with Nivedita or have you seen me in any of her dharnas ? And before making vague statements, please justify your comments with evidence.

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Re: The Menace Of RSS And Hindutva.


Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Thu Mar 17, 2016 6:50 pm

SBM wrote:
are they worldwide like muslims also?
Yes Hindu Maha Sabha is registered as World Hindu Council in USA as 501(c) 3 and many IT companies used to match their employees contribution but now has rescinded after many Civil Right Organizations in USA exposed Hindu Maha Sabha as partner of RSS.
Now if you think RSS is not a communal organization and are not involved in Mass Murder then there is no reasoning with you.
RSS – Funds of Hate

Official RSS site claims that “The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (Sangh or RSS as it is popularly known) was founded in 1925 by Dr. Keshava Baliram Hedgewar on Vijaydashami day. Its influence is growing ever since it was established in 1925, before India got its independence. It is one of the biggest voluntary organizations of the world having over 50 lakhs Swayamsevaks. It is engaged in uniting Hindus and thereby is aimed at taking India to its pinnacle of glory.

To propagate its own brand of Hindutva ideology the AFFILIATES of the Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh have been receiving millions of dollars from corporates in the United States and it has been exposed by the ‘Campaign to Stop Funding Hate’ (SFH), a group of professionals, students, workers, artists and intellectuals. They have identified that the India Development and Relief Fund (IDRF), a Maryland-based charity organisation established in 1989, has been a the key fund-raiser for the PARIVAR in the U.S. SFH says that the IDRF, which was set up to provide funds for `relief and development work’, has been funding RSS-initiated projects all over India. In 2000, around $1.7 million was channeled to Sangh Parivar organisations such as the Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram (VKA), which has been linked with anti-minority violence. Between 1994 and 2000, the IDRF disbursed close to $4 million to Sangh Parivar organisations all over India.

Some other long-term recipients of IDRF funds include the Vikas Bharti (Bihar), the Swami Vivekananda Rural Development Society (Tamil Nadu), the Sewa Bharati (New Delhi), the Jana Seva Vidya Kendra (Karnataka), the Girivasi Vanvasi Sewa Prakalp (Uttar Pradesh) and the G. Deshpande Vanvasi Vastigrah (Maharashtra). While organisations like the Sewa Bharati are openly identified with the RSS, others like the Swami Vivekananda Rural Development Society profess to work for the development of tribal people, though in reality they lay stress on teaching the tribal people the `Hindu way of life’. Collectively, these organizations have been supported by the IDRF since its establishment.

The SFH launched a `Project Saffron Dollar’ to check the activities of the IDRF. The group released a 91-page report titled “A Foreign Exchange of Hate: IDRF and the American Funding of Hate” in New Delhi. The report reveals how the IDRF obtained considerable amounts from leading U.S. technology companies such as Cisco, Sun Microsystems, AOL-Time Warner and Hewlett Packard and distributed it among RSS affiliates. While 83 per cent of the funds went to the RSS, the (VHP) and other Sangh Parivar organizations, only 2 per cent went to secular organizations.

When collecting money, the IDRF professes that it is doing so to `fund relief and development work’. Actually, the funds are distributed among RSS organizations dealing with re-conversion programmes. For example, the IDRF’s website claims that it is a charity organization that has helped the victims of the Gujarat earthquake of 2001. However, the fact remains that it used the funds to help only Hindu victims. The anti-minority stand of the IDRF is not new. In the past, IDRF in supporting organisations like the Sewa Bharati and the VKA, which is accused of using violence against Christians in Madhya Pradesh in 1998.

Biju Mathew, Professor of Information Systems at Rider University, said: “We are now disseminating the results of our investigations amongst the NRIs and U.S. corporations. Our report clearly establishes the link between the IDRF and the RSS.”

How does the IDRF operate in the U.S.? The most active fund-raisers of the IDRF are the Indian migrants to the U.S., especially professionals working in the software sector. Such IDRF sympathisers encourage their companies to put the IDRF on the corporation’s list of grantees. The swayamsewaks working in U.S. corporations project the IDRF as the `best’ and the `only’ way to provide funds for `development and relief’ work in India.

New report exposes HAF as the newest arm of the global Sangh

Foundation Uses Civil rights and Pro-Democracy Veneer To Advance Supremacist Agenda


Washington D.C, Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Coalition Against Genocide (CAG - ), today released a new report Affiliations of Faith: Hindu American Foundation and the Global Sangh - that documents HAF's deep imbrication within the Global Hindutva movement. Hindutva refers to a Hindu supremacist movement that originated in India in the 1920s. The movement has a presence today in several countries across the world including the US. The Hindutva movement was responsible for the assassination of Gandhi, the demolition of the 16th century Babri Masjid mosque in Northern India, the 2002 anti-Muslim pogrom that claimed over 2000 lives in Gujarat, the massacre of Christians and the destruction of churches in the state of Odisha and the ongoing atrocities against Muslims in the district of Muzaffarnagar (U.P). This new report releases for the first time archival material from the internal email communications of the global Sangh to show HAF's deep links to this violent and intolerant movement.

"The HAF is a third wave Hindutva organization in the US," said Professor Biju Mathew, whose pioneering article 'The Protean Forms of Yankee Hindutva' (with Vijay Prashad) defined the study of Hindutva's growth outside India. The first wave organizations imitated the Sangh outfits in India and built mirror organizations in the US and UK in the 1980s. A decade long transition of the 1990s then saw the Hindutva movement both try to create space for the second generation and build organizations responsive to US political frameworks. The current third wave of the 2000s has witnessed organizations like HAF that are deeply rooted in Hindutva use an American discourse of civil rights and multiculturalism to advance their agenda" he added.

Announcing the release of the CAG's new Spotlight Series, Dr. Shaik Ubaid of the CAG noted that "the spotlight series on the violent supremacist movement will help draw attention of the world to the international expansion of Hindutva. It should raise grave and urgent concerns about Hindutva attempts to take over Indian and Hindu spaces in the US and to infiltrate US power centers such as the Congress and local legislatures."

The HAF report Affiliations of Faith is the first in the series. The next report is scheduled for release in early January. ... ae52806b34

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Re: The Menace Of RSS And Hindutva.


Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Mon Mar 21, 2016 6:32 pm

2 Muslims herding buffaloes thrashed, hanged in Jharkhand

In an incident reminiscent of the Dadri lynching, two Muslim men herding eight buffaloes on their way to a Friday market were beaten up and hanged to death from a tree by suspected cattle-protection vigilantes in Balumath forests in Latehar district, 100km from the state capital, early on Friday.

The deceased, Muhammad Majloom, 35, and Azad Khan alias Ibrahim, 15, were cattle traders and related to each other. Their bodies were strung up with their hands tried behind their backs and their mouths stuffed with cloth.

"The manner of their hanging showed that the assailants were led by extreme hatred," said Latehar SP Anoop Birthary.

Local MLA from the Jharkhand Vikas Morcha (Prajatantrik) Prakash Ram claimed that Hindu radicals were behind the killings. Reports said villagers who protested the deaths claimed the victims were targeted as they were cattle traders.

The situation poses a serious political and law and order challenge for the BJP government in Jharkhand. In the case of Dadri case when a Muslim man was killed over rumours of beef eating, BJP had said law and order was under the SP government. But in the Jharkhand incident, the buck stops with the state and central leadership.

Sources said protesting villagers have periodically claimed that assailants have targeted them in the past because they are engaged in cattle trade. "Four months ago, a group of men tried to kill a cattle trader in Gomia village of Balumath. The man managed to escape," Latehar MLA Prakash Ram said.

Local MLA Prakash Ram from the Jharkhand Vikas Morcha (Prajatantrik) party led by former BJP member Babulal Marandi alleged a group of Hindu radicals was responsible for the attack on the cattle traders. "They are supported by the police who do not act against them,"

The MLA's claims appeared to tally with statements of villagers who blocked Latehar-Chatra National Highway after the killings. ... 465433.cms

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Re: The Menace Of RSS And Hindutva.


Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Tue Mar 22, 2016 5:26 pm

Hindutva’s hidden agenda behind the ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ patriotism-test

The Hindutva camp led by RSS despite its anti-national, anti-egalitarian and de-humanised world view and ideological commitments survives and thrives due to idiotic and devoid of common sense statements of characters like the All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) leader from Hyderabad, Asaduddin Owaisi.

The RSS knows it very well that Hindutva flag-bearers betrayed India’s glorious freedom struggle against British rule and its credentials about loyalty to a democratic-secular Indian polity are highly questionable. It keeps on trying to raise issues like singing of Vande Mataram song which neither the RSS nor the Hindu Maha Sabha led by Hindutva icon, VD Savarkar ever sang against the British rule. Recently Mohan Bhagwat, RSS chief has come out with yet another issue to remain a contender for nationalist tag.

While speaking at RSS headquarter, Resham Bagh, Nagpur on March 3 he declared: “Now the time has come when we have to tell the new generation to chant 'Bharat Mata Ki Jai' (Hail Mother India). It should be real, spontaneous and part of all-round development of the youth”. Bhagwat while demanding chanting of 'Bharat Mata Ki Jai' also stated that this was necessitated as some forces are telling the youth not to say 'Bharat Mata Ki Jai'.

It is true that the RSS which is inimical towards a secular polity has been adding more and more conditions for Indian nationality. It was not long ago that beef eating was made a condition for denying Indian nationality.

It is as true as daylight that the ‘Bharat Mata’ which the RSS dreams of did not came into being on August 15, 1947. ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ in fact, is the slogan with which the RSS oath (pratigya) ends. It is mandatory for all members of RSS to take this oath once a year.

It is to be noted that in the functioning of the RSS this oath and its prayer (prarthana) are the two texts which express total commitment to the building and nurturing a Hindu Rashtra (Hindu nation). As we will see in the following original texts of both, ‘Motherland’ is referred to as the ‘Land of Hindus’ and it is for building a ‘Hindu Rashtra’ that RSS members have ‘girded up our loins’. Moreover, one becomes a member of RSS “to achieve all round greatness of Bharatvarsha by fostering the growth of my sacred Hindu religion, Hindu society, and Hindu culture.”

RSS Prayer:
“Affectionate Motherland, I eternally bow to you/O Land of Hindus, you have reared me in comfort/O Sacred Land, the Great Creator of Good, may this body of mine be dedicated to you/I again and again bow before You/O God Almighty, we the integral part of the Hindu Rashtra salute you in reverence/For Your cause have we girded up our loins/Give us Your Blessings for its accomplishment”.

RSS Oath:
“Before the all powerful God and my ancestors, I most solemnly take this oath, that I become a member of the RSS in order to achieve all round greatness of Bharatvarsha by fostering the growth of my sacred Hindu religion, Hindu society, and Hindu culture. I shall perform the work of the Sangh honestly, disinterestedly, with my heart and soul, and I shall adhere to this goal all my life. Bharat Mata ki Jai”.

Thus according to RSS sacred documents all members are committed not to a democratic-secular Indian polity created by the Constituent Assembly but building a Hindu Rashtra like Muslim Rashtra of Pakistan. RSS has always been steadfast in its opposition to India which came into being on August 15, 1947. When Indians were celebrating Independence of a democratic-secular nation, it was RSS which denigrated it and all other symbols defining it.

Just a day before the Independence of India, the English organ of the RSS, Organiser (August 14, 1947) openly denigrated the choice of the Tri-colour as the National Flag in the following words:

"The people who have come to power by the kick of fate may give in our hands the Tricolour but it will never be respected and owned by Hindus. The word three is in itself an evil, and a flag having three colours will certainly produce a very bad psychological effect and is injurious to a country."

The same issue of Organiser went on to reject in totality, a composite and democratic India using following harsh words in an editorial, ‘Whither India’:

“Let us no longer allow ourselves to be influenced by false notions of nationhood. Much of the mental confusion and the present and future troubles can be removed by the ready recognition of the simple fact that in Hindusthan only the Hindus form the nation and the national structure must be built on that safe and sound foundation […] the nation itself must be built up of Hindus, on Hindu traditions, culture, ideas and aspirations”.

Democracy and egalitarianism are the two important pillars of Indian polity. Both have always been on the firing line of the RSS. Guru MS Golwalkar, the most prominent ideologue and second RSS supremo after founder Hedgewar decreed as early as 1940 debunked democracy. While addressing 1350 top level cadres of the RSS at its headquarters at Nagpur in 1940, he declared:

“The RSS inspired by one flag, one leader and one ideology is lighting the flame of Hindutva in each and every corner of this great land.” This slogan of one flag, one leader and one ideology was directly borrowed from the programmes of the Nazi and Fascist parties of Europe.

RSS and other Hindutva organisations make no mistake in equating Hinduism with casteism. They oppose an egalitarian India which promises to provide social, political and economic equality and discard casteism. For them the Manusmriti – which condemns lower castes and women to a sub-human life – should be the constitution of Hindu Rashtra instead of the democratic-secular Constitution. When the Indian Constituent Assembly adopted a democratic-secular Constitution under the guidance of Dr. BR Ambedkar. Savarkar the icon of Hindutva politics declared:

“Manusmriti is that scripture which is most worship-able after Vedas for our Hindu Nation and which from ancient times has become the basis of our culture - customs, thought and practice. This book for centuries has codified the spiritual and divine march of our nation. Even today the rules which are followed by crores of Hindus in their lives and practice are based on Manusmriti. Today Manusmriti is Hindu Law”.

When the democratic-secular Indian Constitution was adopted by the Constituent Assembly on November 26, 1949, the RSS mouthpiece, Organiser, complained in an editorial on November 30, 1949:

“But in our constitution there is no mention of the unique constitutional development in ancient Bharat. Manu’s Laws were written long before Lycurgus of Sparta or Solon of Persia. To this day his laws as enunciated in the Manusmriti excite the admiration of the world and elicit spontaneous obedience and conformity. But to our constitutional pundits that means nothing”.

Opposition by the RSS to an egalitarian Constitution of India was the outcome of its eternal belief in casteism. Golwalkar, the highly revered RSS chief declared that casteism was synonymous with Hindu nation. According to him, the Hindu people are none else but:

"the Virat Purusha, the Almighty manifesting himself… [according to purusha sukta] sun and moon are his eyes, the stars and the skies are created from his nabhi [navel] and Brahmin is the head, Kshatriya the hands, Vaishya the thighs and Shudra the feet. This means that the people who have this fourfold arrangement, i.e., the Hindu People, is [sic] our God. This supreme vision of Godhead is the very core of our concept of ‘nation’ and has permeated our thinking and given rise to various unique concepts of our cultural heritage.

It is to be noted that according to Manusmriti (chapter 1 and verse 91), “One occupation only the lord prescribed to the Sudras, to serve meekly even these (other) three castes.”

It is unfortunate that our ignorance (specially the ignorance of the parliamentary parties opposed to Hindutva) about the anti-national, anti-egalitarian and dehumanised ideological moorings of the RSS has provided RSS and its supporters enough space to confuse the nationalist and patriotic Indian discourse. An organisation which is fully committed to overthrow a democratic-secular polity is allowed to rule India.

It presents the most lethal danger to our nation and unless patriotic Indians rise up to unmask and challenge its criminal designs we will not need any foreign criminal gang to undo India. Hindutva organisations are surely working over-time to fulfil this unholy task but patriotic people of India, loyal to a democratic-secular polity and with sound knowledge of the nefarious designs of RSS will not let them succeed. ... otism-test

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Re: The Menace Of RSS And Hindutva.


Unread post by ghulam muhammed » Fri Mar 25, 2016 7:21 pm

Veer Savarkar : Brave By Half

One is aware that any objective discussion on Savarkar is filled with lot of emotional outbursts as he has been iconized amongst sections of population as the brave freedom fighter. He also gets the prefix of ‘Swatantra Veer‘ (Brave warrior for Freedom), which is only half true.

One needs to look at the trajectory of his life to understand this transition from anti-British revolutionary to the ideologue of Hindutva. Savarkar’s life underwent major transition during his confinement in Andamans. He was a changed man after the period of his jail life. He was a committed anti-British revolutionary prior to his deportment to Andamans but later he never associated with any thing even remotely sounding as anti-British.

Why did British government release him? How is it that after his release the track of his politics totally changed and he came to adorn the mantle of ideologue Hindu Rashtra? How is it that later he never undertook any anti British agitation? How is it that he never joined and supported the major movements of those times like Quit India movement? How is it that instead of being the part of freedom struggle, he chose to help the British in recruiting Indians for their army? One can have ones’ own inferences but his compromise with British hides lot of messages about the nature of his politics from then on.

It is also worth remembering, that murderer of Gandhi, Godse was his ardent follower. Savarkar himself was the co-accused in Gandhi murder, but was let off as Godse took the whole responsibility of this murder totally on his own self.

FULL ARTICLE :- ... e-by-half/

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Re: The Menace Of RSS And Hindutva.


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Have You Passed the Nationalism Test?

SOMETIMES A SMALL event with an almost harmless beginning becomes a hyperbolic space for discussion. In fact the trigger has little or no connection with the fate of the discussion. An almost mundane comment becomes the source of a major witch-hunt and then one realises that it is not the original text that is important but the contexts of discussion and interpretation. The events around the interventions of the AIMIM MLA from Aurangabad in the Maharashtra Assembly provide one such example.

Imtiaz Jaleel was responding to the governor’s speech referring to plans to construct memorials for Shivaji, Bal Thackeray and Babasaheb Ambedkar. Jaleel’s speech was not a personal reaction to any one of the local icons. All he wondered or asked was, should public money be used for the construction of memorials? Jaleel later pointed out to the ironies of the time where banks hounded farmers who haven’t repaid their loans but could not stop a Vijay Mallya for defaulting on Rs 850 crores. He added that a Mallya would have said, ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ after landing safely at London airport. But what was presented as what economists would call a Guns versus Butter debate became a War Memorials versus Bread debate, between bread as the political economy of everydayness versus sacrament.

Jaleel’s speech was a red flag to the members of the Assembly. They immediately savaged him amidst a chorus of vilification. The BJP MLA Ram Kadam complained that Jaleel had no respect for national heroes. He asked him to recite the slogan Bharat Mata Ki Jai. Jaleel refused, adding that he would not say it at Kadam’s request. He however offered to say Jai Hind. To this refusal, the other members, in a concerted act of Pavlovian nationalism, immediately labelled him traitor and anti-national. The Congress and BJP were happily in tandem. The Congress MLA piously commented that the AIMIM MLAs had no respect for martyrs and added that they should be suspended if they could not chant the national slogan. The BJP MLA Ashish Shelar added that freedom of speech did not include national slogans. He contended Jaleel’s suspension will be a service to the nation.

The counter-response was that reciting Bharat Mata Ki Jai was not a litmus test of loyalty nor does the Constitution require it. There were different dialects of loyalty and citizenship in the Constitution and it did not say some were more equal than others. It was adequate if the citizen could summon any of them. The Assembly as a chorus suspended the MLA, adding to his sense of isolation.

BEING A MUSLIM in India is no longer easy. A student of mine explained, “Try being a Muslim woman in India. You need to be everything except yourself.” She added that it was not truth that matters but political correctness. To be politically correct is to become a yes woman, a stamping pad, a stencil, loyal to an opponent’s stereotype. It is stigma that you have to overcome daily to qualify as a citizen.

Politics for a Muslim as a citizen is not an even playfield. The idea of citizenship does not flatten anything. It makes you more exposed and vulnerable. It is like playing a game with an opponent who also insists on being the referee and the vigilante. Anything a young Muslim says, my student added, “becomes either a security issue or a law and order problem. I cannot enjoy my citizenship or my femininity. Our critics even choose our exemplars. Kalam is the favorite Muslim for the RSS.” A certified ISO/RSS citizen.

Another student, a young Kashmiri, complained that he did not know what to do with memories. “As a Kashmiri child, I felt at home. Then the Army came and I knew I could not be a citizen without an ID card.” Citizenship, he claimed, was now one of identification, not belonging. It becomes an exercise of certificates and clearances. If one protests, the charge of treason is added. “If I complain about violence, I am the problem, not a citizen with the problem, not a citizen with a legitimate complaint.”

The two anecdotes and the event in the legislature forces us to examine the idea of citizenship as a framework of thought and ritual.

Today the discourse, especially when dealing with minorities, margins and dissenters, creates an unstable idea of citizenship, reducing it to a test, a certification that a surveillance society carries out continuously. It is a topsy-turvy world where one is a suspect and citizen simultaneously.

One was reminded of the British MP Enoch Powell claiming that Indians who are English citizens should cheer for the English team to prove their loyalty to their new country.

In the Assembly, Jaleel was performing an act as a citizen yet he was subjected to loyalty tests. Citizenship has to allow for debate. However, when citizenship reduces participation to the level of a loyal jingoistic spectator, the fan club and the vigilante crowd provide the index of citizenship. Society becomes an excessive search for scapegoats. Belief becomes behaviouristic and instead of citizenship, what we create is a society of mimic rationalists.

In fact, loyalty tests have become knee-jerk. There is something about the Pavlovian test about loyalty rituals where one expects citizens to salivate like dogs when the bell rings.

A society based on differences does not need the instantaneity of loyalty tests. All it might need is the rationality, and the plurality of conversation. After the governor’s speech, when Jaleel raised his fears, legislators could have answered him quietly and reassuringly. Sanity and rationality could have saved the day. Sadly, a simple question got blown out of proportion. A question in a democratic Assembly triggered the possibilities of a witch-hunt. The sadness of democracy begins there. ... m-test#all

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Re: The Menace Of RSS And Hindutva.


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Nailing the sangh parivar’s lies: How the Naujawan Bharat Sabha is doing it

In Mankhurd, a Mumbai suburb, the RSS is faced with a grassroots problem. Undeterred by the local police’s attempt to act at Hindutva’s behest, activists of the Naujawan Bharat Sabha (NBS) in the area have been distributing leaflets in the area and in local trains exposing the fraudulent bid of the sangh parivar to claim Shaheed Bhagat Singh as their own.

When threats did not scare the NBS, the sanghis got the local police, and even the anti-terrorism squad to intervene. The police raided the NBS office, confiscated the anti-RSS leaflets and tried to intimidate the activists. Not to be so easily cowed down, the activists challenged the police to explain under which law of the land it was acting to prevent the NBS from exercising their constitutional right to free speech and democratic dissent.

Recognising the blatant illegality of their act, the police had to back out, for the moment at least. Notwithstanding the continuing veiled threats from the sanghis, the NBS activists have printed a fresh lot of their leaflets in Hindi and Marathi and have resumed distribution of the same in Mankhurd locality and in the local trains.

Written in simple language, the opening para of the leaflet reads: “Brothers and sisters, all over India some people have appointed themselves as the sole custodians of patriotism (deshbhakti) and nationalism (rashtrabhakti). These are the same people who played no role in India’s freedom struggle. These are the same people who had conspired with the British against young Indians like Shaheed Bhagat Singh ready to stake their lives for freedom’s sake. These are the same people who took their inspiration from Hitler and Mussolini and who before independence bowed before the Imperial Queen. Since when have they become the custodians of patriotism”?

Shockingly, they (police) answered that although there is nothing wrong in those pamphlet but people belonging to RSS do not want these pamphlets to be distributed. Finally, when the police could not come up with any substantial argument they had to release me.

FULL ARTICLE :- ... a-doing-it

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Re: The Menace Of RSS And Hindutva.


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Vikaspuri slum dwellers claim attempt to create communal divide

Hindus allegedly incited by RSS workers to chase away Muslim residents; Sangh terms the gathering a ‘routine meeting’ of its local Shakha

Residents of a JJ colony in Vikaspuri in West Delhi claimed that workers of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) allegedly tried to incite the Hindus living there to “chase away” Muslim residents on Sunday evening. The slum has been in the spotlight following the lynching of a dentist last week.

The slum dwellers alleged that the RSS workers gathered in the area around 4 p.m. on Sunday and made inflammatory speeches against the Muslim residents. However, the police quickly arrived and dispersed the gathering before the situation could take an ugly turn.

Following the incident, a good number of policemen were deployed at the slum as well as in the locality where dentist Pankaj Narang was beaten to death by a mob in the intervening night of Thursday and Friday. A senior police officer said that some mischievous elements continued to visit the slum even on Monday, but the policemen deployed there did not allow them to cause any trouble.

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh termed the gathering as a “routine meeting” of its local Shakha and claimed that no attempts were made to chase out the Muslims, as has been alleged.

“We are saying that the entire colony is illegal and needs to be removed from there irrespective of the religion of its residents,” Rajeev Tuli, the RSS’ Delhi spokesperson told The Hindu .

But, the local residents, including some Hindus, gave a different version of the Sunday incident. According to Yamin, a local resident, around 50-60 men held a meeting inside the local Radha Krishna temple before gathering on a vacant ground nearby.

“They were RSS men and had ‘tilaks’ on their foreheads. One was wearing a saffron head gear. They were addressing scores of Hindu residents whom they had called out of their houses. Within minutes, 400-500 persons from the slum and nearby areas gathered there. The entire incident was recorded by a Hindi news channel, which had arrived with the RSS workers as well as by some locals,” alleged Yamin.

According to Amresh Kumar, who claimed to be associated with the RSS until a few weeks ago, the “organisers” of the gathering allegedly included some Hindu slum dwellers too. “The elders from our slum have taken those youths (accompanying the RSS workers) to task and explained to them that creating discord within the colony would affect them as well,” Kumar told The Hindu .

“Those addressing the gathering were telling the Hindus to chase away the Muslims from the slum if they wanted the colony to exist in the future,” alleged Chhote Khan, an elderly Muslim resident, who claimed that he requested the organisers to keep away from the slum.

“They chased away anyone with a beard or a skull cap. When I requested them to stop inciting the slum dwellers against each other, they threatened to apply ‘tilak’ on my forehead. I moved away to avoid problems,” alleged Khan.

The situation was brought under control by a police team which arrived at the spot. “We chased away everyone and have been camping here since then. There has been no trouble after that,” said a police officer.

The slum dwellers said they have been talking to the residents to foil any attempt to create a discord. “Hindus and Muslims have been living here peacefully for the last 27 years. We attend weddings and funerals at each others’ homes. We know we have to remain united,” said Amarjeet, a resident. ... 407357.ece

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Re: The Menace Of RSS And Hindutva.


Unread post by qutub_mamajiwala » Wed Mar 30, 2016 3:14 am

when dadri happend--the victim was muslim
when vikaspuri happend --the victim was dentist(not hindu)

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Re: The Menace Of RSS And Hindutva.


Unread post by asad » Wed Mar 30, 2016 3:37 am

qutub_mamajiwala wrote:when dadri happend--the victim was muslim
when vikaspuri happend --the victim was dentist(not hindu)
There is a reason for that

In Dadri it crowd was instigated from a Temple loud speaker to go and kill Akhlaq as he has butchered a cow and is eating that in his house. Killers were Hindus who ganged up to kill Akhlaq only because of his religion

In Vikaspuri it was a road rage and killers include equal number of Hindus and Muslims.