East London Amil has been removed

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East London Amil has been removed


Unread post by qjbj » Sun Mar 08, 2020 10:59 am

See attached letter they sent to SMS. I believe the East London Amil has been removed. May be someone from London can confirm. This Amil had been in London for a long time and was very shrewd. He made lots of money from London bakras and has lots of real estate and properties so he is still laughing all the way to wherever they have moved him too.


Subject: Serious concerns of Mumineen in East London

I am writing to let you know of the growing displeasure of the mumineen in East London
with the presiding Amil (Shk Mohammed Haroonali Adamjee) and his unjust demands and
behaviour. I have spoken with a large proportion of mumineen and the local population here
is on the brink of revolt. This is very serious and can manifest in very disturbing ways.
I will bring a number of incidents to your attention.
1. You may be aware of the recent Shitabi, organised by a group of local behno, where
due to high demand for salaam (money) a shitabi had to be cancelled. The Amil (of all
people) was the least troubled that Ma Fatima Zahra's name will not be taken. He has
brazenly stated that he intended for this Shitabi to not happen as he did not approve
of people involved. Who, by the way are just regular mumineen trying to practice
what our Aqa Moula has painstakingly taught us.
2. His behaviour towards mumineen is not as a humble representative of Aqa Moula but
rather someone imposing his own authority and dominion. Due to this behaviour the
number of people attending the miqats has dropped significantly. As a shocking
example, only 2 thaals were present at Moula Burhanuddin’s urus. Where there can
be over 20. What is most worrying is that the young do not want to be associated
with him. This goes directly against what Aqa Moula has indicated as the single most
important thing (to keep our young ones involved in the dawat).
3. Incidents of shouting during Miqats and singling out people for their failings which
can be addressed privately. I remind you of the incident during Ramadan where he
shouted in the muwaid because there were children in his thaal. All this while the
children were there in the thaal.
4. Due to Shk Mohammed Haroonali Adamjee the children attending madrassa has also
declined. Children are constantly asked to perfrom salaam (money) on all occasions
without making any progress in taleem. Some have resorted to going to London
jamaat and some have stopped altogether as the travelling is not feasible. And yet
other have resorted to non bohra teachers for their children to learn the Quran.
5. You will also be aware of how people have refused the khidmat guzaars (for ohbat)
from coming only because he accompanies them and makes demands on protocol
which are explicitly prohibited by Aqa Moula. Result? Even fewer people taking part in
Ohbat and lower attendance during Ashara.
6. A large proportion of people have stopped attending altogether and the situation
after the Shitabi incident is very delicate. I do not want anyone from East London
Jamaat to do anything which will bring the Dawat into disrepute. But the current
climate is such that people are willing to use public channels to voice their frustration
as they cannot see any hope. Most concerning is talk about approaching authorities
which will create much wider issues.

This is putting the Dawat at risk.
We deserve an Amil who we can trust and who is wise enough to know when and how to
react. And most importantly, someone who believes and practices in the teaching of the
du'at. I cannot stress how important these issues are to the local mumineen and their
children and how frustrated people are with the current Amil.
We (mumineen of East London) have worked very hard to form this Jamaat and it will be
devastating to see that the Markaz is now just as empty as the chapel it has replaced.

Jaffer Abbas
A concerned mumin of East London
Mufaddal Moula Zindabad
East London Compliant.pdf
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Re: East London Amil has been removed


Unread post by RedBox » Thu Mar 12, 2020 2:24 am

Amil was doing noting extraordinary, these qualities are present in Mufaddal himself and 99.99 of all the so-called royals...

people have stopped not because of Amil but because now people are aware of what is going, in reality, in this dawat which is not in any association with true Islam or deen.

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Re: East London Amil has been removed


Unread post by SBM » Sat Mar 14, 2020 2:05 pm

His behaviour towards mumineen is not as a humble representative of Aqa Moula
Really, seems like the Aamil learnt from his Master :D :D