effects of barkati muwaid thali

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effects of barkati muwaid thali


Unread post by think » Thu May 18, 2017 11:03 am

No thali for the next 15 days in Karachi . Bohri's are awe stricken and the kothar wants it that way. They have cultivated this habit of rely on kothar to serve your every need you just slave yourself make money and pass it on to the mullas. Ramzaan is approaching and different committees are being formed all over karachi to grab mumineens money. I say , do not give these , coming out of the woods; gunda committees any of your money. Spend it on the poor and needy. Also come back to the normal way of life . Cook and eat at home what ever you like . Do not become a number and loose your identity and your own family ways of doing things.

I Rizwan
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Re: effects of barkati muwaid thali


Unread post by I Rizwan » Fri May 19, 2017 1:58 am

15 days off was given world wide, I think muffy was trying to make people realize how thali is making their life good or worst...most free loaders missed thali and most kamchor aurto also likes this concept of ready made thali...so he was basically testing waters.

Shk Mohammed Yamani
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Re: effects of barkati muwaid thali


Unread post by Shk Mohammed Yamani » Sat May 20, 2017 6:26 pm

Emails are going out to all the slaves and baandiyo of the self proclaimed leader of the Dawoodi Bohras to write a brief letter to HASRAT AALIYA WA QUDSANIYA, DARBARE ILAAHI, the effect of not having BARKATI THAALI FMB JAMAN for 15 days, what did they miss most in those 15 days? 3 options were given, PHOONK MAARELU JAMAN, DUA OF AQA MOLA or TASTY VARIETIES THEY GET TO EAT DAILY.
My entire family chose the option 2, DUA OF AQA MOLA, In fact the entire slave population choose the option 2, so from now on, slaves of Muffy Muffin will only be fed with faakhir Dua of their Master, pet bhari ne dua jamjo muminin..

Bohra spring
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Re: effects of barkati muwaid thali


Unread post by Bohra spring » Mon May 22, 2017 12:34 am

Maula bhukmaro famine a kya gunna sabab pariksha

Our wives have forgotten to light cookers, we had forgotten the price of batata and daal.

Roti round hoy ke square...

Amara chota chota farzando bhuka suse

A to ramzan karta ziada taklif...ramzan has iftari if biscuits and chai followed by global menu..

Here i go home see my wife looking over cold cooker tears in her eyes and flour dough on her face tears...maula Maula ek nazar....

Please whatever price start thali

Munafikin dushmano whatever say Thali to Thali che.

Have global economy GFC thase zalzalo....zikra karo...lanaat bolo...but bring back the thali....15 days kem pasa thase...15 kalak thali wagar duniya upside down..

This is all because of reformists and dushmano....mafi khula pagee misaq desu...fgm mgm farithi karsoo...maula ni hunting mashkari ney kare...shikar goti apsu lion hoy ke dinosor je Maula ni khushi...

Thali na ban karjo...a safinu dubi jase

Khalh ni jooti perausu and e joti so hamara matha par marjo abde abde haza batal keyne