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Breaking News! Bohra Leader Says 'Mai Kharab Chu'

Posted: Sat Nov 01, 2014 8:49 am
by Liberalguy
SMS (Short for Syedna Muffy Saifuddin) confessed he is the bad guy on Oct 29 (6th moharram). He was found saying 'Mai kharab chu' in front of his fans (short for fanatics).
The Bohra head uttered the word on 6th day of chest beating ceremony organised in Surat. He said 'mai kharab chu addressing his rival group head SKQ accusing and cursing him for not attending the funeral of late syedna.
Some have criticized media for taking the quote out of the context but many said his deeds justifies the news anyways.

SMS was also found laughing for no apparent reason in previous moharram waaz. As expected the crowd also began giggling with him shouting moula moula alongwith. Such mood swings raises suspicion that either the new head of Dawoodi Bohra (well majority of them consider him to be) is either on antidepressants or worse on Drugs! He has been known to furiously shake his body and seat in feat of anger shouting 'kai ordinary manas che'.

Bohras observe nine days of moharram in remembrance of Imam hussain where the Bohra head tells them Imam Hussain cannot save them without his (current syedna) permission. Surprisingly most bohras believe it just like they believe all other things their head says without using their own head.

He also Taught a new controversial method of doing ziyarat to his followers which involved waving your hand towards the graves and kissing it back. He said 'Ghana em bhi Kare che, Ghanu achhu che. Saglani Ziyarat ek sathe thai jae'.

Many bohras who are already confused whom to choose their leader are now more reluctant to side with Muffy as he is Showing signs of insanity. A weak leadership and inability to talk properly has made the rival leader Syedna Khujju Qutbuddin easy target against SMS. Many believe one must have some level of insanity to be a Dawoodi Bohra or you'll go fully insane with the amount of nonsense one has to hear living in the community.